Discover 2024 MacBook Air Microphone Location: Find Your Mac’s Mic Easily

Where Is Microphone Macbook Air

Where Is Microphone Macbook Air

What is the Microphone on Macbook Pro and Macbook Air?

To get the best audio quality from your Macbook microphone we will explain to you where the mics are located and also share some tips and fixes that might be helpful to you in case you ever have any issues regarding your microphone.

Keep in mind that we will detail the locations of the microphones on some of the Macbook Air and Macbook Pro models but this location can vary if you are using an older model perhaps. There is no reason to panic, as we’ll share some helpful tips to help you locate your microphone.

Even when it comes down to mics, technology has advanced a great deal. Today’s microphones are smaller and deliver better sound quality than the older models in laptops.

The mics are so small that they can be easily hidden in the Macbook’s build and do not affect the aesthetics. Apple has three mics built into some Macbook models because they are small and easily hidden.

Knowing the exact location of the microphone will make it easier for you to communicate during video conferences and meetings. You can speak more clearly and loudly into the microphone.

Where Is Microphone Macbook Air

What is the location of the microphone on a Macbook Air?

The newer MacBook Air design drew much attention when it first came out. People were curious about the new features and changes. Apple did not cool down the Intel processor correctly, and users reported high temperatures.

Sure, the new screen bezels and thinner design were nice, but people were furious that Apple was selling an underperforming computer. This changed with the introduction of the M1 chip.

Apple’s new MacBook Air will be released in 2020. This is just six months after the release of the Intel MacBook Air 2020. Apple designs this processor, a significant improvement over the older model.

What is the biggest difference between them? It has excellent performance and low power consumption, so the system can work appropriately without dissipating a ton of heat.

Besides the screen bezels, the speakers and microphone were the main changes in the 2018 design. Apple has added two grills, one each on either side of the keyboard to allow for front facing speakers. And Apple also removed the (clearly labeled) microphone grill on the left side of the old MacBook Airs.

What happened to the microphone?

Apple says there’s a whole array of microphones on the newer MacBook Airs, and it’s located pretty much in the same spot as before, but you can’t see it. It’s on the left side of your laptop, right next to the speaker grills.

This is a reference diagram:

You can find your MacBook right here.

With the new microphone array and software upgrades, video calls, voice notes, and Siri will have better audio quality.

Some users have complained that the MacBook case hinges seem to block the microphone. If you’re having trouble hearing your voice during video conferences or online meetings, try removing your case and see if that helps.

Or make sure you’re not covering that side of your MacBook, particularly with any accessory, to get better sound quality.

Where Is Microphone Macbook Air

What is the Microphone on the Macbook Pro?

The microphone on a MacBook Pro may be found in the right upper portion of the speaker and keyboard section. Most models of the 15-inch variant will have at least one or two microphones hidden under the right speaker casing. For newer MacBook Pros (2018 or later), there are actually three microphones built-in, so make sure to look around the right side of your Mac.

For Older MacBook Pros (2017 or earlier models), the microphone is a bit harder to find as there aren’t any speaker grids. The MacBook Pro microphone is usually located in the bottom left corner of the case, above the ESC button.

If you’re still not sure where your model’s microphone is, it’s always a good idea to check the Apple Support website for more specific information. You’ll know where to find your microphone and how it should be used.

See how easy it is to find the microphone on your MacBook Pro? You can use all the features of your MacBook Pro once you find it.

iPhone XR Location of the Microphone

Where Is Microphone Macbook Air

Here are the possible reasons why your Macbook Air’s microphone might not be working:

  • Your device may have low input volume. Open System Preferences to change this setting–the app will give you instructions from there.
  • The microphone may be set to a different input than its actual one. Open System Preferences again and follow the instructions there to make this change.
  • The physical microphone itself may be damaged or defective–if this is the case, you’ll need to send it in for repair or get a new one altogether. (We don’t recommend this unless absolutely necessary.)
  • A physical object such as dust or dirt might be blocking your microphone’s input port; if this is the case, use compressed air to clean out any debris and then try testing again.
  • A software object such as an app might be “listening” through your built-in mic without your knowledge–this could include anything from Apple’s own Dictation feature to third-party apps with access privileges for listening through audio hardware like Skype or Zoom.
  • Where Is Microphone Macbook Air

    What is the mic on Macbook Air?

    Mics and speakers are the two main design changes that have been made to 2018 models.

    The first design is the older model (till 2017), in which the microphone is located on the left side of the laptop, and it is very easy to find it as it is right next to the headphone jack port.

    In the second version, which is for newer models (2018), the microphone is placed next to speaker grilles. It is not visible, and these models don’t have only 1 microphone but three dedicated built-in microphones.

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    Where Is Microphone Macbook Air

    Macbook Microphone Not Working Skype

    Skype is one of the professional video conferencing software that is available on all devices and OS Version. So, Below are the Skype settings for Mac when you make an audio or Video call and Send an Audio message. In this type of fo Conversation, we have a valid or working Microphone on your Mac System, That might be either an Internet microphone or External mic (Headphon on Bluetooth Earbuds).

    If not then select microphone from Mac’s System Preferences [Click on Apple Logo () From Top Mac Menu] > System Preferences > Sound > Input Tab > Test Internal Microphone sound.

  • Forcibly close and re-launch Skype on Mac.
  • Skype for Mac: Quit Skype.
  • Drag the Skype app to the Trash in the Applications folder
  • If possible, restart your Mac after emptying the Trash.
  • This problem can also be caused by third-party applications, which is why I suggest uninstalling outdated and unused Mac apps.
  • Re-install MacOS [fix 8 in this article].
  • Launch the Terminal and type the following code,
  • sudo killall coreaudiod

  • To confirm your action, you will be asked for the administrator password.
  • Allow Skype to access your Mac’s microphone
  • Firstly, make sure your MacBook Pro/Air has been given access to the Skype app to use the microphone. Sometimes due to bugs, these permissions are turned off automatically.
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  • Click on the Apple Logo menu > System Preferences.
  • Click on Privacy in the Security & Privacy section.
  • The Skype application will be listed in the Microphone.
  • Check the box of the Skype app and if it is already checked, then uncheck and recheck the option.
  • That’s it.

    It’s an unfortunate condition when we were talking business on Skype and the microphone stopped working on MacBook Skype. Our MacBook Pro and MacBook Air both have microphones built-in to support several features like FaceTime and Skype. But if Skype for business web app microphone not working mac, at that time you need to check out a few workarounds and fix the issue.

    Where Is Microphone Macbook Air

    About The M1 And M2 Macbook Air’S Microphone Array

    That’s right! It’s possible you can’t see, but underneath the MacBook Air M1 and M2 case, is not only one, but an array of microphones. This means there is more than one microphone it uses for audio input.

    Three separate microphones make up the MacBook Air microphone array. The three microphones work together in what is called beamforming technology. This means all three mics pick up your voice simultaneously and then send the audio signal to the processor.

    This beamforming technology helps to create better quality voice pickup, not only for your Skype meetings or Facetime conversations, but to provide better voice recognition for things like Siri and converting speech to text.

    Where Is Microphone Macbook Air

    What is the location of the microphone on Macbook Pro?

    Three microphones are actually included in the MacBook Pro.

    They are difficult to find because the three microphones blend into the body of your laptop. This can make it difficult for you to record audio or make video calls in some cases.

    Apple has changed the location of these microphones many times over the years, which only adds to the confusion.

    The three microphones can be found in the right upper corner of your keyboard, and on the speakers of the MacBook Pro.

    Where Is Microphone Macbook Air

    Can You Use External Microphones With A Macbook Air?

    You can indeed use an external mic with the Macbook Air. You can easily connect a USB mic to your laptop to improve audio quality.

    An external microphone is the way to go if you want to record in a quiet environment or in a loud room.

    An external microphone will make sure that even over all that background noise, your voice is crystal clear and easy to understand.

    A USB mic is perfect for all digital devices, including laptops and tablets. The USB microphone is the perfect solution (and it’s simple!) It plugs directly into your device, without the need for extra cables or software.
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    Check the product specifications before purchasing a microphone to ensure that it is compatible with your device.

    Where Is Microphone Macbook Air

    What Is the Mic Location On Macbook Air 2017 And Older?

    The 2017 and older models still have the old design that has lived with us for years since Steve Jobs introduced the first Air in 2009. That’s right, the 2017 model is the same as the original one, just with many hardware upgrades under the hood.

    These models have the same location of the microphone as the more recent ones. But it’s not hidden, and you can easily see it. The label is right next to the port for headphone jack.

    If you’re wondering, here is how the picture looks:

    Where Is Microphone Macbook Air

    How do you use a Bluetooth microphone with the Macbook Air?

  • Set your Bluetooth Microphone in Pairing Mode.
  • Make your microphone detectable by Bluetooth-compatible devices.
  • Make sure that your MacBook Air microphone and battery are fully charged.
  • Click on the Apple Menu Icon in the upper corner of your MacBook Air screen.
  • Click System Preferences, and then select Bluetooth.
  • Click on the + symbol in the lower-left corner of the window to add a new device.
  • Select your microphone from the list of devices, and then click Continue.
  • Type in a name for your microphone, and then click OK.
  • Where Is Microphone Macbook Air

    How To Clean Microphone On Macbook And Imac

    Finding Microphone Mic is hard to find on Apple Mac Devices, Here’s the below picture that will help in finding “Where is Microphone location on MacBook and iMac”, That use as an Internal mic or microphone. We’ll Clean Up the Correct Way, This will help you remove Debris from the Microphone Grill and a thin layer of viscous substance.

      Mac Display
  • Mac Display
  • MacBook Pro/Air

    You should not use harsh actions like heavy water flow, sharp objects or hard rubbing on the Microphone input.

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