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Mcdonald’S Vip Card (What It It, Benefits + Can You Buy One)

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McDonald’s VIP Card (What It It, Benefits + Can You Buy One)

You’ve probably heard about the McDonald’s Monopoly event as it’s a popular and fun game where you can win a ton of prizes and delicious McDonald’s food, but do you know about the McDonald’s VIP card?

  • The McDonald’s VIP cards are now available! We’ll be sharing all the details below about it, as well as the benefits, so stay tuned to find out more about this McDonald’s exclusive prize.
  • McDonald’s VIP Card In 2022
  • McDonald’s Monopoly’s top prize is the McDonald’s VIP Card. If you’re lucky enough to find one of the 1,000 cards, then you will get a free weekly meal from McDonald’s for a year. The card’s value is greater than any free fries and drinks you get from McDonald’s.

  • Continue reading below for even more facts and cool reasons why the McDonalds’ VIP Card is so great!
  • What’s a McDonald’s Gold Card with VIP Gold?

    The newest prize in the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion is the McDonald’s VIP card. It’s a valuable loyalty card that you should have.

    You can also get free McDonald’s food if your McDonald’s VIP Gold Card is activated. However, the meal must be ordered through McDonald’s App.

    In addition, this VIP Gold Card offers a unique way to impress your friends with the special prize.

    McDonald’s VIP Card (What It It, Benefits + Can You Buy One)

    How do I apply for a McDonald’s VIP Pass?

    You can get the McDonald’s VIP Card by playing the Monopoly game during the limited-time Monopoly event, which, as you know, is a yearly promotion from McDonald’s.

    Simply order McDonald’s food as normal and then continue to collect as many street sets you can, much like the Monopoly game.

    You can play the game and get a McDonald’s VIP Cards, but not every McDonald’s product.

  • Furthermore, there will only be 1,000 VIP Gold Cards given away during the Monopoly promotion, so the only way you could land one of these special cards is to keep playing the game!
  • What are the Rewards of a McDonald’s Restaurants’ VIP Card?

  • The biggest benefit of the VIP card from McDonald’s is that it’ll entitle you to a free meal every week for a year!
  • Although you may get free Big Macs and apple pies from McDonald’s Monopoly – the VIP cards can be coveted and are worth much more.

    Additionally, bragging rights are yours everywhere you go. There’s a small amount available, so it’s always fun.

    McDonald’s VIP Card (What It It, Benefits + Can You Buy One)

    Can You Purchase a McDonald’s VIP Card?

    Unfortunately, there is no way to outright purchase the McDonald’s VIP Card since it’s a prize given away during the Monopoly event.

    Monopoly is an easy way to encourage you to spend more at McDonald’s. You collect Monopoly bits every time you order food. And the more Monopoly pieces you have the better your chance of winning great prizes.

  • However, even if you don’t win the McDonald’s VIP Card, you have a chance to win some valuable items such as cash, vacation trips, gaming consoles, and even cars!
  • How Do You Store Your McDonald’s Monopoly Pieces?

    McDonald’s continues to offer a way to keep your Monopoly pieces safe and sound online with the McDonald’s Monopoly website.

    This is a great addition since you no longer need to physically keep all of the pieces and have the fold-out Monopoly board, which takes up space and is annoying to constantly pull out.

    McDonald’s VIP Card (What It It, Benefits + Can You Buy One)

    Are There Any Ways You Can Enter McDonald’s Monopoly Promotions?

    There are several ways you can take part in McDonald’s Monopoly.

    Most of the instant win prizes are for free food and drink items and are available for redemption immediately after you’ve peeled the winning sticker.

    You can also collect game pieces, and you should try to accumulate as many sets of them as possible. This is where you will find the highest prizes.

    McDonald’s Monopoly offers an online entry with a code. You have the best chance to win cash.

    To find out more, you can also see our related articles on how to get free stuff at McDonald’s, whether or not McDonald’s accepts coupons, and the McDonald’s student discount.

  • Conclusion
  • If you play McDonald’s Monopoly, then you’re going to have a chance to win the McDonald’s VIP Card, which is just the newest prize addition to the beloved Monopoly game.

  • This McDonald’s VIP Card will allow you to eat a McDonald’s dinner every week throughout the year.
  • Monopoly is limited to 1,000 VIP Cards. If you win, this makes the prize even more unique.
  • However, you cannot just play Monopoly to earn your VIP Card.

    Additionally, several other great prizes are available in the McDonald’s Monopoly event, so even if you don’t win the VIP Card, you can win cash, gaming consoles, cars, and free food or drinks.

    What does a Mcdonalds VIP Card do?

    To stay at the forefront, the McDonald’s Gold Card allows you to get a free McDonald’s meal each week. A previous version of the Gold Card was only offered to players in the McDonald’s Monopoly game.

    How Long Does A Mcdonald’S Gold Card Last?

    These Gold Card winners will have the opportunity to receive a complimentary medium dinner every week for 12 months through My McDonald’s App. The Monopoly VIP Gold Card is an instant win item and will be awarded as vouchers on the My McDonald’s app.Aug 11, 2021

    .Mcdonald’S Vip Card (What It It, Benefits + Can You Buy One)