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A child’s learning Begins the day that they are born. These first couple days the first couple years of their lives are really important for discovery, learning, imagination and what not. As we grow and mature we learned a lot about ourselves and the world we live in.

Technology today allows us to teach her kids in many different ways. We no longer are limited to teaching them with her all the time you can use tools around us to help and aid in teaching our kids. One of these examples or musical books, these books play different rattles Bells beads that really get the child’s brain going, make connections and go beyond the basics. There are toys that play phrases, sing lullabies, teach ABCs and 123s.  Television and young children is a touchy subject and has a lot of debate around it,  some people say it’s okay with people highly discourage it  I’m not going to speak on the matter of Television but that there are a lot of different educational shows that that really do teach your kids something whether they get them repeating phrases, words Etc.

Role of a parent in the development of a kid and the role of technology in the education of a kid is an interesting topic. Parents can use technology to maximize a child’s learning, parents can also use technology to hinder kids learning.  Middle schoolers and teenagers have a hard time in school due to video games computers social media and other distracting devices.