Top 5 Best Osu Tablets of 2024: Optimize Your Gameplay with Premium Wacom Picks

Top 5 Best Osu Tablets of 2024: Optimize Your Gameplay with Premium Wacom Picks

Top 5 Best Osu Tablets of 2024: Optimize Your Gameplay with Premium Wacom Picks

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So you have played OSU for a while now and want to take your skills to the next level. You see popular players using tablets. It seems to improve speed and accuracy. So you decide to give it a try.

You then start searching for the best OSU tablet. But you are overwhelmed with literally hundreds of choices and you have no idea which tablet to pick.

This is where we come for help. There are no good options for picking a random tablet that will give you great results. You need to have the OSU tablet meet certain specifications in order to achieve the best results.

We have handpicked some of the best tablets for OSU that will boost your speed, help you be more accurate, and climb up the ranks.

These are things you must know before you make a purchase for an OSU tablet

The size of your tablet can have a significant impact on how you play.

If you get a tablet that is way too small, you will lose accuracy. You will also find it tiring to swipe your large tablet too frequently, making your wrist ache.

Most players agree that medium-size tablets are perfect for playing OSU. Aside from size, the form factor and surface texture play an important role.

All these elements were considered when making the list. Now let’s move on.

BEST OSU tablets (updated)

Each tablet brings its own special feature. Some offer a larger tracking area, others have better scratch-resistant surfaces while a few are slim and compact.

  1. Wacom Intuos CTL 4100 (CTL 4110) – This tablet is hands down the most powerful OSU device.

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  • Active tracking area: 6.8 x 3.7 inches
  • Hover distance: 7 mm
  • Good inputlag
  • Pen: Battery-Free
  • Pistachio, Black

The Wacom Intuos tablet is the perfect choice if you are looking for a high-quality tablet capable of handling intense OSU sessions.

Wacom Intuos has one of its greatest advantages: it responds faster with minimal input delays. You will also find a greater LPI (resolution), giving you more accuracy.

This tablet features a great build quality and a well-designed design. The tablet’s top surface is made of a more scratch-resistant material than generic tablets. It protects against scratches from pen marks.

Wacom tablets are the most popular choice of pro-OSU players.

Wacom tablets have been used extensively by OSU Pro-level players, and it is not surprising. Wacom, a well-known brand in graphics table manufacturing for more than a decade is known worldwide.

They are stable, reliable, and perform flawlessly. You don’t want your tablet to stop working.

The Wacom Intuos model has been in the market for a very long time and they have got several upgrades over the years. Wacom Intuos CTL4100 is updated with a more modern design, quicker response times, and overall higher build quality.

There are two sizes available for the tablet: small and medium. OSU may not like the medium Wacom Intuos. This is why we recommend that you only get the Wacom Intuos Small.

Although the Wacom Tours has a wireless option, we don’t recommend it. Wireless tablets cause input delays which can be problematic for fast-paced games like OSU.

Wacom Intuos has one drawback. It is more expensive than other tablets. You get a great piece of hardware that will last a lifetime.

  1. One by Wacom CTL 472 – Cheapest Wacom tablet that can be used to play OSU

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  • Active tracking area: 6 x 3 inches
  • Hover distance: Unknown (7-10 mm)
  • Good inputlag
  • Pen: Battery-Free
  • Color: Red, Black

One by Wacom can be described as a simplified version of the Wacom Intuos. It is a great option for those who want all the features of the Wacom Intuos without that hefty Price tag.

OSU only requires an adequate playing space and faster response. And that is what you get with One by Wacom.

All the other features such as buttons on the tablet are non-essential and not present on this tablet. This simple design helps to bring down the price while maintaining the same level of quality and performance.

Wacom Intuos has the exact same high-quality scratch-resistant surface as the track surface. You will also be impressed by the speed and resolution of your tablet.

The USB cable allows the Tablet to be connected to the computer. You can comfortably reach your CPU with the cable’s length.

Wacom’s One-by-One is available in Red, Black, and very thin profiles. The active tracking area is represented by the dotted surface pattern.

  1. Huion H430P – Smaller size compact design

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  • Active tracking area: 4.x 3.0 inches
  • Hover distance: 10 mm
  • Input Lag: Good
  • Pen: Battery-Free
  • Black

Huion is the second most popular brand when it comes to graphics tablets. The Huion H430p is one of their entry-level compact tablets.

It boasts a total surface area of 4.8 x 3.8 inches. This makes it an excellent choice for those who prefer to play on smaller devices such as laptops.

The tablet has four fully programmable buttons that can be programmed from both the left and right sides. The stylus has 4096 levels pressure-sensitive and 2 buttons to its side. The tablet settings allow you to turn off the buttons if necessary.

It is an excellent generic tablet and does a great job. Many OSU professionals use it as their primary tablet.

  1. XP Pen Star G640 – Ultrathin tablet to OSU

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  • Tracking area active: 6.0 x 4.0 inches
  • Hover distance: 10 mm
  • Good input lag
  • Pen: Battery-Free
  • Color: Black

Imagine if all your electronics are pushed to the corner of the tablet. You’ll get a paper-thin tablet. It provides comfort for the user’s hand and is an advantage over a thick tablet.

It has a 6-x4-inch tracking area with a USB connector on the top.

You can find cheaper tablets on the marketplace, but the tablet offers a pleasant combination of features and prices that makes it a top choice for OSU beginner players.

You can use the stylus included in creating custom OSU skins or graphic designs. It has 266 RPS (Reports Every Second), and 8192 pressure levels.

It is lightweight and battery-free, making it an ideal choice for OSU sessions.

This tablet also comes in a smaller and cheaper variant called Xp Pen Star G430S, which is very similar in looks and features.

  1. Gaomon’s S620 – Value for money (Popular selection)

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  • Gaomon’s S620 – Value for money (Popular selection)
  • Zone of Active Tracking: 6.5 x 4.0 inches
  • Hover distance: 10 mm
  • Good Input Lag
  • Pen: Battery-Free
  • Black is the color

Gaomon S620 tablets offer a wide range of functions at an affordable price. The design of the tablet is very appealing with buttons to the left and minimal bezels on both sides.

The pen that comes with the Gaomon S620 has the right balance of width and weight, it is neither top nor bottom-heavy. The pen has a slightly tactile plastic front for better grip.

The surface of the tablet is marked with small dots that represent the active area, similar to Wacom tablets. There is a standard size for the tablet, which measures approximately 4 inches in vertical and 6.5 inches in horizontal.

The tablet’s back has four rubber pads that are large enough to hold it on a flat surface or desk.

This tablet is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android.

If you are on a tight budget but want to get high-quality tablets with a premium feel and look, then this option is for you.

  1. Huion H420 – The Cheapest OSU Tablet

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  • Tracking area active: 4.17 x 22.3 inches
  • Hover distance: 6 mm
  • Inputlag: Decent (better for Hawku driver).
  • Pen: Battery-Powered
  • Color: Black

You might have wondered what the cheapest tablet you could use to do OSU. The answer is in the Huion 420. This tablet is great for those just beginning.

It’s an older tablet with some old-generation features. It is powered by a battery, which can be annoying.

This latency is slightly lower than what you get from the newer tablets. The Hawku tablet driver, which improves its response speed is recommended by some players.

While the build quality may not be very good, this tablet is still quite affordable. Huion H420 tablet is almost as good and half the price of comparable tablets.

Huion h420 is a great option if your budget allows for a lower quality pen.

Why pro-OSU players mostly use Wacom tablets

If you have noticed most of the Pro level OSU players use Wacom tablets and there is a good reason for it. Wacom is a reputed brand that has been making graphics tables for over a decade. Their drivers are the most stable and work flawlessly.

What Tablets Do Osu Pros Use?
Wacom tablets are most commonly used by pro-OSU players If you’ve noticed that many of the top OSU players are using Wacom tablets, there is a reason. Wacom is a reputed brand that has been making graphics tables for over a decade. Their drivers are the most stable and work flawlessly.

Which Osu Tablet is Best?
Huion H420 Osu.Huion 420 Osu.XP-Pen G640 6×4.Wacom CTL4100 Intuos. GAOMON S56K Ultrathin OSU Pad.Jan 5, 2021

What do Tablets For Osu mean?
Graphic Tablet HUION Inspiroy H640P OSU Drawing Tablet, 6 Keys Shortcuts, Digital Drawing Tab with 8192 Battery-Free Pen Tilt Function and Glove, 18 Pen Nibs included.

Which Osu Tablet Reddit is Best?
Best is cth480, cth471/472 are very close. The XP Pen G640 Tablet is the most affordable, and also works great. Wacom CTL/CTH480 is now out of stock, however, it was still the best tablet. Huion h610pro v2, subjectively.

Best Tablet For Osu

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