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Best 5 Tablets For Osu To Boost Your Gameplay

So, you got hooked on OSU and want to take your hobby to next level. Then, consider having an OSU drawing tablet. Using an OSU drawing tablet enhances your gameplay. Better accuracy and quick answers! But no old tablet would do for OSU gaming. You may ask, what’s OSU’s best tablet? Well, I’ve got answers! There are a few things to look for. I’ll quickly summarize key factors in this comprehensive guide. Then I’ll share some nice tablets for OSU, anything for every budget! Stuck in the OSU tablet buying guide.

best tablet for osu

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Huion H420 Osu

Their original intent is to allow more control in digital art applications, enabling the user to draw or paint on the screen as if using a pencil or paintbrush. The greatest advantage a tablet has is that it has full monitoring. This implies that each tablet point corresponds to a specific screen point. If you raise the pen beyond the sensitive range, then position it on another tablet part, the cursor will “jump” to that spot.

This is opposed to mice, depending on relative tracking osu’s largest tablet selling point! That’s utter monitoring. No other parameters including pressure levels, tilt sensitivity, barrel rotation, etc. will affect your osu! Play the game. These features are for digital art, where, for example, the tablet will feel stuff like the pressure you apply to create a darker pencil mark.

Only specification will affect your osu! Gameplay LPI (lines per inch). This is basically the tablet surface’s “resolution” or how little to move to detect the tablet. If a tablet has 100 LPI, then shift at least 1/100th of an inch to register movement. Even the lowest LPI should be much higher than any display you’re likely to play on, so higher numbers have a largely unnoticeable gameplay impact.

In short, tablets are an optional device to play the game differently. Originally intended for digital art, they performed well while playing osu!. Most requirements in osu! won’t change. Huion H420 Huion H420 is an outstanding tablet for playing OSU without breaking the bank. It’s affordable, but it works well, offering excellent value for money. This tablet for graphic design and illustration. It’s pretty sensitive, as you’d expect! True, it doesn’t have the quickest response time compared to other models.

But you can improve that by downloading the Hawku engine. The active area is small at 4 x 2.23 inches, but it’s not necessarily a downside. This tablet isn’t new, but it works well. The Huion has convenient express keys to take shortcuts while playing games or drawing. One thing to remember is the pen takes batteries, which makes it heavier.

A Great Low-Cost Drawing Tablet For Osu

The Tablet Is Slim


And Lightweight

The Pen Is Quite Heavy Due To The Batteries

If you’ve noticed that most Pro-level OSU players use Wacom tablets, and there’s a good reason for that. Wacom is a reputable brand that rendered graphics tables for over a decade. Their drivers are stable and function perfectly. That’s crucial because the last thing you want to do is fiddle with tablet settings to see why your tablet doesn’t work properly. The Wacom Intuos model has been on the market for a very long time, with many updates over the years.

The new Wacom Intuos (CTL 4100) comes with an improved design, quicker response time, and better quality overall. The tablet has two versions, small and medium. The medium size Wacom Intuos is a little too big for OSU, so we just suggest that you get the Wacom Intuos Small as it has a great size. The Wacom Intuos also has a wireless version, but we do not recommend it as wireless tablets introduce input delay that is not good for a fast-paced game like OSU The only drawback of the Wacom Intuos is that it falls on the expensive side compared to other tablets on the list. But in exchange, you get an outstanding piece of hardware that most certainly serves you well a long time. Purchase Amazon

Check Price On Huion Store Amazon

It’ll suck. The first time you try it, you do not like it, it may slow you down. You’ve been using a mouse for a long time, and it takes time to develop muscle memory when you turn to a tablet. The transition period will be difficult for the first week. But as you play more you’ll slowly start gaining pace and you’ll feel right at home with your new tablet after a few days. You’ll experience a big pace boost and rocket up your ranks.

Why Pro-Osu Players Mostly Use Wacom Tablets

Wacom Intuos Art — Most stable tablet Huion OSU tablet — Best line XP-Pen StarG640 — Best option HUION H420 — Best start tablet Wacom Bamboo CTL471 — Best Wacom tablet for Osu Hardware CTL4100 — The most significant features are precision tracking and pressure sensitivity. If you’re looking for an OSU tablet that just plays the game, the shortest, smallest models with decent accuracy will do the job. The computer, however, is also great for those in the illustration or design realms and helps them to do much more than a mouse does. Even then, the most expensive model isn’t needed. Single out your needs and find the best choice on the list below.

Osu! Osu! The fast-paced music rhythm game witnessed a growing player base. After playing it for a few minutes, you know you have to abandon the conventional mouse and keyboard style to really evolve and conquer. This game is both addictive and competitive, so if you want your name on the leaderboard, you need the right equipment. Playing with a mouse will only get you so far. That’s why you’ll see higher-ranking players climbing leaderboards using tablets. These tablets are similar to tablets, but, when playing Osu! Your top priority is to bear in mind a few things. Without further adieu, let’s dive right in and find out which tablet is best for tablet for osu

Best 5

The First Few Weeks Of Owning An Osu Tablet

Looking for an OSU tablet? If so, we’re here to help. We have the best OSU tablets to purchase today. OSU tablets are fun, perfect option if you want better control than a mouse. If you use a drawing tablet, these best OSU tablets will help you. If you’re a beginner, we have some of the best beginner drawing tablets to buy for your drawing work. In this guide, we’ll help you buy the best OSU tablet. We listed all the famous OSU tablets in this list based on various graphic artists’ reviews, recommendations, and opinions. But, you know, we’re still trying to give our readers more value in the form of best tablet reviews and purchase guides.

Best Osu Tablets

Absolute tracking Good OSU tablets have this absolute tracking feature that saves time. It’s different from your mouse’s relative tracking. This will help immediately shift the cursor to a new location. You need to get the OSU tablet with a wider active area so you can have more control over the designs and structures. It’s also a really important feature if you’re looking for an OSU phone. Any great tablet artist NGOs with lower response time and parallax impact. Here in this blog post, all OSU tablets with the best response time and parallax effect can benefit you.

Best Osu Tablets To Buy In 2020

OSU can be addictive and highly competitive. As you get better at the game, you realize a mouse doesn’t let you do your best. The answer is a graphics tablet used by top players. An Osu tablet’s desired attribute is its absolute tracking and pressure sensitivity. So if you’re going to use it to play the game, you should look at tablets without other unnecessary features. However, digital art and illustration may also use it. You don’t need the most costly tablet or the largest screen.

If you want the best OSU tablet for your unique needs, you’ve come to the right location. In this post, you’ll find information on what to look for in an OSU tablet and how to select a tablet according to your needs. You’ll also find the reviews we think are the best Osu tablets. Best osu-settings! Customizing osu! Gameplay & audio output settings can be a major factor. With the right options, you can achieve steady frameration and latency reduction. In this post, you’ll learn optimal settings to boost your osu! First stuff, you want to configure the settings inside the osu! Possibilities

Features Important For Osu Tablet:

A tablet’s pressure and tilt sensitivity mimic drawing on paper by pressing or tilting the pen. These features are totally unnecessary to play Osu, however, are key features in drawing. Touch Capability is an option that enables you to use the graphics tablet as a laptop trackpad if allowed. Conclusion Osu stopped selling tablets, recommending other graphics drawing tablets.

This results in many players struggling to find the right one because Osu’s not just drawing tablets. However, Osu-suitable tablets may not be great for musicians, and thus pose a problem for users who need one that enables them to do so. In conclusion, nothing fits anyone perfectly. Which Osu’s best tablets depends on your requirements and the allocated budget. Therefore, it’s advisable to evaluate your needs thoroughly as the first step to buying an Osu tablet.