▷ Highest shower mixers. Ranking and Reviews

Shower mixer – Buying Tips, Rankings and Reviews

To get a quick idea of ​​what it can offer the market begins to read the reviews of the two best mixers for us. We refer to Grohe Precision Joy, with a pleasant and elegant tubular design, and Grohe Start Eco, which differs not only for appearance, but also for the anti-drip device and the ability to adapt to the tanks. Both are finished to maintain luster over time thanks to StartLight patented system.

Taking a shower is one of the most enjoyable times of the day, it does not matter that you’re used to it just wake up in the morning or evening to relax after work. However, it is important that the water temperature is easily adjustable.

For this reason we have developed a guide in which we have highlighted the various aspects to be taken into account when choosing a mixer. To complete the overview, then, we also offer reviews of the best models on the market in our opinion.

▷ Highest Shower Mixers. Ranking And Reviews

Until a few years ago the standard solution to adjust the shower water flow was represented by two knobs, one for the hot and one for cold. Rotating it you had to calibrate the amount of one and the other so as to obtain water at the desired temperature.

This method is still used but all the best brands of products of this type are addressed on the single mixer, or a knob that manages the flow of hot water and the cold, helping you find the right temperature.

To be truly effective, the mixer must be able to exploit a sustained water pressure, so as to obtain a flow of the right power and facilitate the achievement of the desired heat. In contrast, a little powerful jet will complicate the task and make it difficult to find the right balance between hot and cold.

Compared to the “old” models with two knobs, the mixers are made also preferable for the convenience and simplicity of use, since they can be operated and adjusted with one hand (or even with only one finger!). Moreover, the ease with which you can get the right temperature brings a host of benefits also economically, because you will waste less water in the desired heat-seeking.

The thermostatic model

Technological development also involves the mixers industry and by comparing the prices of various models are known as thermostatic ones are the most expensive. The reason is obvious, given that it is equipment capable of adjusting the water temperature in an automatic and consistent manner.

Typically the thermostatic mixing valves are characterized by a graduated knob that reports a temperature between 20 and 50 degrees centigrade. Once selected the desired one, the device will keep it constant, even in case of pressure drop.

Normally these devices are equipped with an anti-burn system that prevents water from exceeding temperatures that would be harmful to the skin but can possibly be circumvented, by pressing a dedicated button.

▷ Highest Shower Mixers. Ranking And Reviews

In the ranking of the aspects to consider before you choose the right model is undoubtedly also the design, since all manufacturers of mixers dedicated to the shapes of these objects a lot of attention.

The simplest and most economic models have knobs with rounded lines that make them nonetheless pleasing to the eye and at the same time ergonomic. The more expensive mixers have a more pronounced refined design, with square lines and bold combinations.

Never as in this case, the main discriminant is represented by personal taste also paired to your spending power, because the more aesthetically refined models are also those with the highest price.

The 5 Best Mixers for shower

In this article we want to give you our buying tips to choose consciously the best shower mixer 2020, in order to avoid you unpleasant surprises or unpleasant thoughts when purchased the product.

1. Grohe Thermostatic Mixer Shower Chrome Precision Joy

▷ Highest Shower Mixers. Ranking And Reviews

Main advantage:

It is a thermostatic mixing valve and that is a model that brings out the water always at the same temperature. No more sudden changes with very hot or very cold jets ruining the shower.

Main drawback:

It is a mixer head and shoulders above the other from many points of view, including the price.

Grohe is a German company known for the quality of its products, to which this model is no exception. Technologically advanced, it ensures a significant water saving and boasts a chrome level that remains unchanged over time.

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Description Main

The experts and the fans know: Grohe is a brand that rarely disappoints, and, even in the case of this shower mixer, customer satisfaction was highest. Of course, these models have a much higher cost than average.

One of the advantages of this Precision Joy is to be a thermostatic mixer. What it is the biggest hassle when you want to take a shower? Wasting time and water up to the desired temperature. Who has not ever suffer a sudden jet of water very cold or very hot which spoils those pleasant moments?

This depends on the pressure differential that occurs when other taps are opened simultaneously. A thermostatic mixing valve as this solves the problem because it has an internal valve – in this case extremely sensitive – for which the water temperature is always the same from beginning to end, even if you open all the other taps in the house.

The temperature decides on the user, it can always be changed by turning a knob but can not exceed 38 ° because there is an automatic lock, ideally in the presence of children.

Another gem is the possibility of stopping for a few seconds, for example for soaping or put the shampoo, and then reopen the shower and find it the same, pleasant temperature.

▷ Highest Shower Mixers. Ranking And Reviews

A thermostatic mixing valve as this in itself provides a significant water-saving because it avoids to wait for the arrival of water at the right temperature.

Grohe has also studied a technology, called EcoJoy, which adds an additional savings because the mixer integrates an effective aerator that reduces the flow of water and never exceeds 5.8 liters per minute, introducing microbubbles of air, but without compromising the pleasure of the shower.

The EcoButton knob called with flow restrictor is another element that contributes to keep down the consumption of water.

The mixers and all products of the German Grohe considerable success not only for performance but also for design, a cut above the others.

Here we have clean lines, modern, no protrusions, and an overall model easier and faster to clean.

A strong point is definitely the StarLight technology called namely especially the chrome coating quality that lasts for years, making it more durable mixer and attractive.

Buy on Amazon.it (€ 206.38)

2. Swift Grohe single lever mixer for External Tub / Shower

If you are wondering how to choose a good mixer for bath, our buying advice is the Grohe Start Eco, lever device to be installed externally and suitable for both showers than baths. Among the products of the German manufacturer known, this mixer is primarily distinguished by its design, which manages to combine a modern design with ergonomic shapes and rounded, in a perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality. The Eco Start mixer, like the other products of the last generation signed Grohe, maintains over time the initial brightness due to the technology of StarLight finish, exclusive invention of this brand.

▷ Highest Shower Mixers. Ranking And Reviews

The product complete with a flow limiter that is sold must be adjusted by the user. In the package, in addition to the mixer, it is supplied the relative fittings and the practical instruction booklet for easy installation and for a proper use of the device. The lever for dispensing is easy to handle and fluid.

It is no coincidence if the Grohe products abound in our guide. The German brand is reliable and also this new product is the confirmation. We will list the pros and cons and of course we will suggest where to buy it.

Instructions: The instruction booklet for the installation is simple, clear and detailed. This will wipe your doubts and in no time you will have your beautiful Mixer ready for use.

Control lever: Very sweet and soft, with a push you can move it to the desired mode. Everything will make the most welcome shower and even more desirable time to relax.

System anti drop: will avoid those unpleasant hassle of having to hear your faucet drip, thanks to this system that automatically closes the outlet from the tube.

Design: According to the opinions of some users, the design is a bit ‘older. The Grohe has created the most innovative and original mixers from the aesthetic point of view. But maybe you’ll be a different view.

Buy on Amazon.it (€ 54.96)

3. 34143000 Grohe Grohtherm 1000 Thermostatic mixer for shower

The Grohe 34143000 Grohtherm 1000 is found to be among the best for online sellers shower mixers, and not only for its excellent value for money. This product, in fact, concentrated in itself all the technology of the German manufacturer with a guarantee of high security which makes it the most suitable mixer at presence of children or elderly people. The Grohtherm 1000 is characterized by the essential lines, clean and elegant enhanced by the long-lasting gloss obtained by means of StarLight finish, patented by Grohe.

It can also be installed on a bathtub and allows to contain the consumption of water by means of the innovative EcoButton that, once activated, it saves up to 50% of the normally used water resources. This mixer is equipped with the technological SafeStop button tested by Grohe which prevents children or elderly inadvertently raise the water temperature above 38 degrees, thus avoiding unpleasant accidents.

Not only sophisticated and aesthetically flawless, but also safe. The Grohe keeps its products and surprises us again with the mixer, whose competitive price, considering its characteristics, should not escape.

SafeStop Button: If we consider the side of children and the elderly this button is very useful. It places a limit on the water temperature up to 38 °. Even if you wanted your little one will get hurt.

EcoButton: Energy saving today is important, telling us we do not do that but this mixer responds to concretely. It saves up to 50% of the water normally used.

Materials: As always, when speaking of Grohe, the materials appear solid and quality. Time will only prove this assumption and surprise you their strength.

Seals: Those included not seem the most appropriate in terms of sealing. Maybe you should arrange with others.

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4. Grohe 33636000 Single lever shower mixer

If you are trying to unravel among offers to finding the best thermostatic mixer shower, we recommend the Grohe Essence 33636000. This product, in fact, presents technical and aesthetic features that highlight among the many mixers known manufacturer German. One example is the integrated and patented SilkMove technology which, as you can guess from the name, gives the movement of the ignition lever device a fluidity and a unique softness.

Another positive note from an aesthetic point of view and the duration of Grohe Essence 33636000 is its special plating which remains unaltered over time due to StarLight finish, the result of the manufacturer company research. From sleek and sophisticated design, this single lever mixer for shower tip cylindrical, essential lines that are well suited to environments furnished in a cosmopolitan, minimalist style. The device finally integrates in its modern structure a practical adjustable flow limiter.

With our advice, we try to entice you make the right choice, considering the quality but also the price cheaper and more convenient. Why spend more than you have to?

Size: Small compared to other mixing valves, it does not occupy space and not cluttered in your shower, but it will be a pleasure to the eye.

water adjustment: Sensitive and rapid adjustment of the temperature and the water flow.

Knobs: They are made of plastic and disagree a bit ‘with the elegance of the product. Maybe there is a reason why it was used this material, but we will display one discordant note.

Price: A bit ‘high, despite the parent company is an example of reliability and German precision. Why not turn it down a bit ‘the price and make the product more attractive?

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5. Amzdeal Thermostatic Shower Mixer with Security Protection

There is a wide choice of shower mixers, but among those that we believe may be for you there Amzdeal. It is an intelligent thermostat that allows to stabilize the flow of water and adjust the temperature from a minimum of 20 ° C up to 50 ° C, while also avoiding waste, thanks to the automatic fire extinguishing system.

The dimensions of this model are 30.4 x 8.6 x 8 cm, so not much space in the shower occupies and is also easy to install. Moreover, among its features, outstanding quality of materials, ease of installation and cleaning.

The latter is especially emphasized by the PVD coating which prevents the water droplets to settle. However, the mixer structure is not very resistant to thermal shock, in fact, the company recommends to press the key before stabilization of the temperature variation.

PVD: It’s easy to clean because, thanks to PVD coating, tends not to accumulate on the surface of water droplets and stains caused by steam.

Technology: The company has decided to equip this mixer of an automatic shut-off technology and heat stabilization at 38 ° C. One aspect that will appeal to those of you who love mild temperatures during the shower and want to avoid waste.

quality / price ratio: With a low price and the quality of materials such as brass and chrome finishes, this product is fully part of the best available on the market of this kind.

Dimensions: For many a problem is the space in the shower to be allocated to the thermostatic mixer. With this product you will not have to worry about, because thanks both to the dimensions and both the structure that develops in length, it is easy to install even in confined spaces.

Poor resistance: The structure is not very resistant to thermal shock and also to limestone, therefore requires more attention.

Buy on Amazon.it (€ 38,99)

Grohe Thermostatic Mixer Shower Chrome Precision Joy

It is one of the external mixers Bestsellers shower, and one of the latest additions to the company Grohe, a leading brand in the industry, for bathrooms with modern and cosmopolitan style. Its design, in fact, is sleek and minimalist, with its clean and linear shape. The high efficiency and reliability are guaranteed by the high standards expected of German production. It is a mixer with a compact structure and the brilliant chrome, thanks to the innovative finishing patented StartLight by Grohe that keeps the surface of the shiny mixer over time.

We are facing an element for compact shower which reveals a concentration of technology: it is, in fact, equipped with advanced functions such as, for example, the Turbostat which allows to keep the water temperature constant during its dispensing, or the EcoButton triggering which reduces power consumption by up to 50%. Thanks to SilkMove technology designed by the German company, operated by the dispenser lever is sweet and smooth.

Our guide today deals with shower mixer Grohe and this model could be for you. Pay attention to the characteristics and we will indicate you decide if you should buy it.

Design: The Grohe is a guarantee of quality, but here you do not forget the aesthetic side. The essential and linear shape makes it an elegant addition to bathrooms in a modern and sophisticated style.

Turbostart: Ensures that the water temperature remains constant throughout the dispensing. You will not have to rush problems while you’re in the shower and just chilling out.

Gloss: The brilliant chrome are not likely to become opaque over time, the Starlight Grohe finish is designed to do just that.

graduated knob: The safety stop at 38 degrees will be designed for good purposes, but it appears a limit and perhaps some will like a hot shower.

Buy on Amazon.it (€ 206.38)

To make the time of the shower is really nice, you have to choose a mixer suited to our needs and, therefore, use it properly. In the time of purchase so we have to take into account a number of parameters, which will simplify or, on the contrary, to complicate our daily habits.

Remember the old taps? They had two knobs, one for hot water and the other for the cold, and to find the right temperature needed to rotate and search for a perfect balance between the two. Almost everyone today prefer to use the mixer instead of the old taps: consists of a single lever (or knob) can handle both hot water is that cold. To ensure that it is truly efficient, however, the water flow must have a good power, then the pressure must be high enough; with a small jet, in fact, it becomes difficult to find the right temperature.

This system is more convenient to use, since it can be operated with one hand, and the ease with which you can not find the right balance between cold and hot jet allows us to waste less water, which means also have an economic benefit. Who wants to replace the old taps with a newer mixer must check that the holes permit, while the clutch is standard.

Inside or outside?

Wanting to make a great first distinction between these items, we can divide them into two categories: internal and external mixers.

The external model in addition to showing the knob also has to view the two water outlets, a more simple solution to assemble, economical, that does not require large works of masonry and the easy maintenance. This model, however, is more cumbersome so it is less suitable for small shower.

The internal mixer, however, is the recommended solution for precisely these narrow spaces, because we will have to view only the knob, while the rest will be hidden from the tiles. As you can imagine, from the point of the yield aesthetic view is definitely better, but the assembly is more complicated, because it is necessary to remove and then reposition wall tiles (and therefore so is the maintenance), then one must be prepared to face a charge greater.

In general, we can say that the choice of one category or another is mainly based on the aesthetic result, but those looking for a technologically advanced and reliable product should point to a thermostatic mixing valve.


The thermostatic mixer allows us to accurately set the water temperature and ensure that it is constant throughout the duration of the shower. There are two knobs, one to regulate the flow and, in fact, for the temperature. These control valves make the time for much more relaxing shower, because we will not have unpleasant surprises.

With control valves, of which this model is equipped, also use taps in other rooms of the house will not be a problem. Because it avoids the annoying fluctuations in temperature, the water heater will not enter often in operation (as is generally the case), thus obtaining also an energy saving. In addition, they are usually provided with a safety lock which do not allow to exceed 38 ° C.

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These products are among the most recommended, but at the moment are not available

Grohe single lever mixer Loop Start Cash Tub / Shower

Among the various deals available on the web, it may not be easy to choose which mixer for recessed shower buy. From a comparison of the products on the online market, we advise not to make mistakes in the model of the German Start Loop 29085000 Grohe, in itself a guarantee of innovation and quality. It is a great single-lever shower installed so much on how much of the tub.

Made in Germany you can be recognized in this product above all by the advance integrated and patented technology from the parent giving this mixer, seemingly simple and straightforward, the added value of innovation. We refer, for example, to Grohe SilkMove technology that enables you to operate the mixer so soft and fluid by means of the lever which reacts without resistance to the movement impressed on it by the user. The simple design of this model makes it a versatile product that fits well in all types of bathrooms.

We arrived at the product with the lowest price. This does not mean compromising the quality and reliability. Is not that what works Grohe, the top brand with regards to this kind of products.

Simple: A simpler model than others, but at the same time elegant and well finished. Sober and delicate, each bathroom will make her figure.

Chromium: The Starlight, a trademark of the German factory, make gleaming and shiny over the years your mixer.

Instructions: The wall is built of the simplest and most intuitive and instructions are not ideal to facilitate the task of those who will mount.

Stains: After use, it seems that the water becomes opaque a little ‘material and must always pass a piece later, to return its brilliance.

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