Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address

Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (What To Do, Refund + More)

Amazon has many perks, like Prime or free 2-day shipping. Amazon delivers in almost all cases.

  • However, there have been occasions when customers discover that their package went to the wrong person and don’t know what to do. You can read my blog to discover what I found out!
  • Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address
  • Customers who received their package to an incorrect address must notify Amazon Customer Service at 1-800. Amazon will refund the customer for any inconvenience caused due to delivery issues. However, this may vary if the customer accidentally selected the wrong address when ordering.

  • Continue reading to learn how to receive a return on a package that has not arrived or what to do if wrongful delivery occurs.
  • Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (What To Do, Refund + More)

    Why was my Amazon Package delivered to the wrong address

    There are a few main reasons why an Amazon package was sent to the wrong address.

    One of the most common reasons is customers may have misspelled their address, so the courier took the package to the address that matched it.

    Another reason is if a customer has recently moved and neglected to update their address.

    Unfortunately, most delivery errors can be attributed to the courier not understanding the Amazon label.

    However, customers should review the address page to confirm that it has been entered correctly.

    Amazon Will Refund Sending Packages to an Unapproved Address

    Amazon allows customers to request a full refund if their package is not sent or received at the incorrect address.

    Customers can request a refund by doing the following:

    Log in to to view your orders. Click on the wrongly shipped order to locate it and choose the “Problem in your order” option. Once you’ve selected “Problem with Your Order”, click “Request Refund” to enter your issue. For an updated status on your refund request, hit “Submit”.

    Amazon Customer Service can be contacted to resolve any delivery problems.

    Customer service representatives may offer to exchange the item ordered for a new one, but this will vary depending on who the customer is talking to.

    Amazon is not likely to offer a full refund for customers who provide inaccurate information about their address. These may be different.

    Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (What To Do, Refund + More)

    Amazon drivers held responsible for wrongful deliveries

    Amazon’s majority of delivery drivers are independent contractors and therefore cannot be held responsible for damaged packages.

    Amazon delivery services may contact them if an error is reported. They may also notify their drivers and hold them accountable for the items they delivered.

    Amazon claims no responsibility for the actions of delivery companies they partner with.

    Prime deliveries may be subject to change. Prime deliveries are usually fulfilled by Amazon-hired drivers.

    Amazon Holds Sellers Responsible for Faulty Deliveries

    Customers who purchase items from third-party sellers on Amazon are only responsible for any form of abuse or violation.

    Therefore, sellers are not generally held accountable for issues with shipping and handling.

    Customers may however, contact the seller directly to report the delivery issues if the third-party seller is involved.

    The seller may provide a replacement or refund if they are responsible for the issue.

    Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (What To Do, Refund + More)

    Do I have the right to keep Amazon package sent to my address by mistake?

    Recipients of Amazon packages that they did not order are advised to contact customer service immediately in case they receive the package.

    Amazon can sometimes send tracking notifications to customers if the package is lost or stolen. They may also be contacted by a delivery driver asking questions about their package.

    Customers must notify Amazon customer care about any misdelivery. You can call them or send an instant message to

    What is the best way to return a package I didn’t order from Amazon?

    Customers can notify Amazon customer service if they receive a package by mistake from Amazon. They will need to give them tracking numbers, the recipient’s name, and the address of the package.

    Amazon may be able track down an original order. If so, a delivery driver will pick up the package at the home of the recipient and mail it to the correct address.

    However, if Amazon cannot rectify the situation, customers are allowed to simply keep the package. Customers are also allowed to attempt to telephone the customer and set up a private exchange if their phone number is on the parcel.

    Amazon customers are advised to call them first to protect the identity of those who place orders. If they cannot resolve the problem, contact them directly.

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  • Conclusion
  • Amazon can assist customers with packages that are sent to the wrong addresses by calling 1-877-586-230. If the customer is unable to find the original item or they need to return it, Amazon customer service will help them.

    If a customer is sent a package by Amazon and it arrives without their authorization, they may notify Amazon customer support and provide the tracking number, the recipient’s name, and the home address. If this is not resolved, recipients may be allowed to keep their order.

    What happens if Amazon parcel is delivered to the wrong place?

    Amazon can assist customers with packages that are sent to an undeliverable address by calling 1-877-586-230. If the customer is unable to find the original item or they need to return it, Amazon can either recover the package, refund the customer, or ship a new package.

    How can I return an Amazon order that was not my fault?

    Amazon can be reached through your Amazon account to report the matter and resolve it as soon as possible. Amazon will provide a pre-paid shipping label to you in the event that you have been incorrectly charged for an order you did not place. Amazon pays the return shipping cost.

    .Amazon Delivered To Wrong Address (What To Do, Refund + More)

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