2024 Guide: Easy Apple Watch Setup & Use Without iPhone Pairing

Set Up Apple Watch Without Pairing Iphone

Set Up Apple Watch Without Pairing Iphone

How to Reset or Erase Apple Watch without Iphone: Erase all content and settings

A video can be found to show you how to unlock and lock an Apple Watch. Scroll down this article to get a Video source.

You should make a backup of the Apple Watch before you erase all settings and content. [Apple Watch Take automatic Backup to paired iPhone before start Erasing Process]

Apple Watch Locked:

  • Press and Hold on the Side button until you see the Power off Option on the screen. Do not use any options and continue with the next steps.
  • Charge your Apple Watch. Next, Press and Hold on the Digital Crown button, and your apple watch will see the “Erase all content and settings” Option. It will appear when you tap on it.
  • Reset the device by selecting Reset and confirming it again.
  • Next, it will only take a few seconds to set up the apple watch with another iPhone. Your iPhone will prompt you to enter your Apple ID to unlock the lock. This prevents unauthorised use of your Apple Watch after you Erase Apple Watch without iPhone using the Step that you performed.
  • Video Guide:-

    Apple Watch Unlock

    If you don’t have an iPhone, but want to erase all content and settings on your Apple Watch

  • To reset your device, tap on Reset and then on all content.
    • That’s it. Now, Setup and make pair your Apple Watch and iPhone again when asked, restore from a backup.
  • That’s it. Now, Setup and make pair your Apple Watch and iPhone again when asked, restore from a backup.
  • This real official way even you forgot Apple watch Passcode then reset with iPhone running latest iOS.

      Step 1. launch the Watch App on your iPhone Home screen.
  • Launch the Watch App from your iPhone’s Home Screen.
  • You’re done!

    What do you think about the factory reset Apple Watch? Do not hesitate to contact us via the comment section. If you lost your Apple watch Passcode; erase your Apple Watch with iPhone and with iPhone.

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    Set Up Apple Watch Without Pairing Iphone

    What can Apple Watch do without an iPhone?

    We thought it would be best to first discuss what Apple Watch cannot do without iPhone. So, if you don’t own an iPhone but are still considering buying Apple Watch, keep in mind you won’t be able to connect to the internet at all. Apple Watch receives all its GPS and data signals via the iPhone. You will be unable to use many apps such as Siri, Mail and Phone.
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    The majority of existing third-party applications also depend on an iPhone to provide an active GPS or data signal. They can’t deliver interactive experiences, notification, glances or anything else beyond an interface without the iPhone. Apple Watch will only work best when connected to an iPhone. Apple Watch and iPhone are designed to be used together.

    Apple Watch isn’t quite as powerful as iPhone but it still has plenty to offer.

    Alarm clocks and timers

    Apple’s smart timepiece – believe it or not – can actually tell time without requiring your iPhone. Who’d have thought? Even more, you can set stopwatches and alarms as well as timers. You can also see the calendar. Without an iPhone, you’ll just miss out on the odd ping that ensures time kept on the smartwatch matches the time set by a global standard. It’s not a big deal, is it?

    Exercise and Health

    Apple Watch can track a lot of your health and fitness stuff, including heartbeat, step taken, stairs climbed, and stand-sit ratio, but without built-in GPS functionality, Apple Watch won’t ever be able to track your distance on its own. Apple Watch will store all of this information locally and attempt to sync the data to Health app if you own an iPhone.

    If you do not have an iPhone, you can track your workouts with the Workout App and you can track all of your activities using the Activity app.

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    Apple TV, iTunes

    Apple’s Remote app has been ported to the Watch, allowing you to control your Apple TV from your wrist. If that’s not cool enough: you can also use the app to control iTunes and iTunes Radio on your computer.

    Enjoy Music and Pictures

    Apple Watch let’s you locally store up to 2GB worth of stuff. Even if you don’t own an iPhone, you can use wireless Bluetooth headphones to hear stored music playlists. Without an internet connection though, you won’t be able to stream music via services like Spotify. That said, just like it can play your music, Apple Watch can showcase your photos. You’ll also able to view up to 75MB worth of local photos from iCloud Photo Library.

    Apple Pay and Passbook

    This one is a bit of a cheat. You need to set up Apple Pay in the Apple Watch app, but then the service will continue to work when an iPhone isn’t around. You can use it to pay for things in US shops, for instance. A unique token that acts as your card number is stored on Apple Watch, allowing you use Apple Pay even while you’re away from your iPhone, basically.

    To pay, wave your watch at any Apple Pay-compatible terminal. The built-in NFC radio will kick on in order to transmit and confirm your payment. Apple Watch also has Passbook, which means that any scannable items, such as loyalty cards, gift certificates, boarding passes and electronic tickets can be synced to the Apple Watch.

    And that’s it.

    Set Up Apple Watch Without Pairing Iphone

    Set Up And Pair Your Apple Watch With Your Iphone

    WARNING: To avoid injury, read important safety information for Apple Watch before using your Apple Watch.

    Wear Apple Watch on your wrist. Adjust the size of the band to ensure that it fits comfortably and closely on your wrist.

    Wait for your iPhone to display the Apple Watch pairing page, then click Continue. Open the Apple Watch App on your iPhone and tap Pair New Watch. Tap Set Up for Myself.

    Upon seeing a prompt, immediately position your iPhone so that your Apple Watch appears in the viewfinder in the Apple Watch app. The two Apple devices are now paired.

    Follow the steps on both your iPhone and Apple Watch.

    Tap Get to Know Your Watch to learn more about the Apple Watch. On your iPhone, you can read the user manual, learn about Apple Watch’s tips and see what is new. You can access this information after your Apple Watch has been set up by opening your iPhone’s Apple Watch application and tapping Discover.

    Set Up Apple Watch Without Pairing Iphone

    Reasons To Avoid The Cellular Apple Watch

    First off, a cellular Apple Watch isn’t generally a way to avoid owning an iPhone. You’ll still need an iPhone unless someone else in your family is setting up the Apple Watch on their iPhone. And as I mentioned, watches using Family Setup lack some potentially welcome features.

    Apple Watch Series 7 aluminum is priced at $399. The cellular version is priced at $499. That’s a $100 or 25% increase. But it’s hard to make apples-to-apples comparisons across the Apple Watch line. For the $279 Apple Watch SE, cellular adds only $50–about 11% more. Apple Watch Hermes and Apple Watch Edition are only cellular models, simplifying things. So you can see–from a cost perspective–why I recommended the cellular Apple Watch SE but not the cellular Apple Watch Series 7.

    The monthly fee is around $10 per calendar month, or $120 extra per year. Taxes and other fees are also included. You’re good to go if you choose one of the Big Three US carriers, AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon Wireless. However, only a handful of smaller carriers, MVNOs and MVNOs support Apple Watch and even fewer support Family Setup. So if you’re like me or others who prefer to work with an MVNO that resells access to another carrier’s network, a cellular Apple Watch may not be an option (see “Consumer Cellular Offers Cheap, No-Nonsense Access to AT&T’s Cellular Network,” 12 July 2021).

    Let’s say you buy a cellular Apple Watch Series 7 and pay for service for 4 years. That would increase the cost from $399 to $979–a $580 difference. If you plan to use the connectivity, then it is your money. Otherwise, there’s no point.

    Note that you can buy a cellular Apple Watch but choose not to activate it. Adam Engst did this several years ago, when he purchased an Apple Watch Series 5. (See “Upgrading an Apple Watch Series 2 into a Series 5,” January 20, 2020). That gave him the flexibility to pay for the cellular connectivity if it ever became useful to him (it hasn’t) and so he could pass it on to his wife Tonya, who relies heavily on the cellular capabilities of the Apple Watch (alas, she opted to buy a new cellular Apple Watch SE instead). The cellular capability might still improve the trade-in or resale value, and it will still call 911 if that ever becomes necessary for him.

    Many people buy and activate a cellular Apple Watch only to change their minds later because the benefits don’t end up justifying the cost. Apple Watches are a great way to track your fitness and stay in touch with friends. For instance, you might think it would be helpful to be able to call an Uber from your wrist if you twisted an ankle while on a run, only to realize that Uber and other developers have given up on Apple Watch development.

    Set Up Apple Watch Without Pairing Iphone

    How To Pair Your Apple Watch With An Iphone

    To pair a brand new or recently reset device, strap it onto your wrist. If your iPhone is also new, make sure to complete its setup process. You will need to connect the phone to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to begin.

  • Hold the side button down until the Apple Logo appears. Wait for the pairing screen to appear (a bunch of dots).
  • Center your watch face in front of your iPhone, so it appears in the highlighted area in the phone’s viewfinder. The two devices will be automatically paired. Once paired, tap Set Up Apple Watch and follow the instructions on your watch and iPhone to finish the process.
  • A message should be displayed on your screen after a few seconds confirming that the pair has been made.
  • From there, you either select Set Up as New Apple Watch if this is your first Apple Watch or Restore from Backup if you’re upgrading to a new watch or a replacement. Apple may also ask you to update the Watch to a later version of watchOS. Follow the instructions onscreen.
  • You may be asked to log in using your Apple ID at this stage. If not, you can sign in later in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. If Find My Service isn’t activated on your iPhone you will need to enable Activation Lock.
  • Apple will now ask which features you’d like to enable on your Watch, including Route Tracking, Siri, or a passcode to use Apple Pay. You will also be able to use Wi-Fi calling, Location Services and Diagnostics on your Watch if you have these features enabled on your iPhone.
  • After you have selected all of your Apple Watch preferences, it will take a few minutes for the watch to sync. You will receive a chime alert when it’s complete.
  • If you are upgrading from an older watch with a cellular plan, you will also need to remove the cellular plan in the Watch app on your iPhone and through the carrier.

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    Set Up Apple Watch Without Pairing Iphone

    Follow These Steps To Setup Family Setting On Your Iphone Or Apple Watches For Your Family:

  • There is some confusion here–at this time, only cellular models work with Family Setup.
  • Each cellular watch requires an add-on Apple Watch mobile plan and its own phone number.
  • It is possible to use a plan with a carrier other than that of the family planner. Check that the carrier offers stand-alone plans for Apple Watch-some require that you also have a mobile phone plan while others do not.
  • Check here for carriers that support Apple Watch family setup.
  • While Apple says a cellular plan isn’t strictly required for a family member’s Apple Watch, it is necessary for many features such as phone calls, messaging, and location sharing when outside the vicinity of the family iPhone. We recommend getting a wireless cellular service plan for each watch.
  • You must be either the family organizer or parent/guardian in your Family Sharing group to use family set up on your iPhone.
  • What we love about Apple’s Family Setup plan is that it allows parents to use older cellular model Apple Watches (like Series 4’s and 5’s) and pair them directly to the parent’s iPhone. Before watchOS 7 and iOS 14, each Watch needed its own iPhone to pair to-but no longer.

    Set Up Apple Watch Without Pairing Iphone

    Unboxing and Setup

    Apple’s products are known to be polished and beautiful. The box that contained the watch and the band was hard to open, but it was easy to remove everything else. The simple instructions in the box direct you to complete the setup on your iPhone. You are guided through the steps by your phone. This is easy enough for someone tech-savvy but might be a frustrating experience for those who aren’t as comfortable with technology.

    For the cellular version, the Verizon in-store rep told our tester to make sure she was connected to WiFi when setting up the Watch. After the Watch paired successfully, we had to create an Apple ID. This is easy to do through the iPhone if you have access to an email address for the family member.

    Apple’s “few minute” estimate of signing the Watch onto the Apple account for the family member was not accurate. The Watch is stuck. We decided after more than an hours to remove the watch from its original setting and begin again. The process was completed in less than one minute. We were creating a Watch for the first time, so the screen walked us though the settings.

  • Watch passcode
  • Cellular setup
  • Location sharing
  • Using Siri
  • Apple Analytics Sharing
  • iCloud messages
  • Allowing the iPhone to view the health information of the Watch-user
  • When setting up a Watch for a family member, you use the watch to change or add new watch faces.

    Our tester was able to turn on the Fall Detection feature on the GPS + Cellular Watch app using the iPhone after some fumbling around. When she set up the GPS-only Watch on her phone, it prompted her to turn it on. Note: Fall detection is automatically activated if you are 55 years old or older when setting up your Watch or Health App.

    On something as sophisticated as the Apple Watch, it’s easy to forget to set up everything you need. Sometimes, you only remember when opening an app for the first time, which means set up time could take days if you wanted to be thorough and open all apps and use the watch like anyone would to make sure you understand its capabilities and have everything set up properly.

    For instance, to receive a notification when your loved one falls, you must designate yourself as an emergency contact on the watch (with your loved one’s permission, of course). To do so, you have to navigate to Settings>Health>Medical ID and add yourself as an Emergency Contact.

    The Share during Emergency Call feature allows you to also share Medical ID details of the Watch users. First responders can use this information to help them in their responses. It includes primary languages, allergies, reactions and medications, and medical conditions. Apple says the wearer’s photo is not shared with the Medical ID info.

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