Bluetooth aux adapter for car

Upgrade Your Vehicle With a Bluetooth Aux Adapter If you choose to improve your vehicle’s musical experience, a Bluetooth auxiliary adapter is for you. To locate the best device for your needs, search through the broad variety of affordably priced Bluetooth aux adapters on eBay. To assist with your buying choices, here is some fundamental… Continue reading Bluetooth aux adapter for car

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Bluetooth audio receiver

Turn your old speakers or Hi-Fi into Bluetooth, Airplay and Spotify receivers with a Raspberry Pi and this step-by-step guide Last updated: 6 October 2020 This project is for you if you have an outdated Hi-Fi or sound device with AUX input. Try balenaSound, a starter project to add Bluetooth, Airplay and Spotify Link and… Continue reading Bluetooth audio receiver

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Oscilloscope types

Measure Electronic Waves: Waveforms Seen on an Oscilloscope When you deal with electrical circuits, there are four specific types of waveforms that you can run into over and over again. The signature patterns commonly taken by oscilloscope traces are waveforms. These variations illustrate how the signal voltage varies over time, whether it rises and falls… Continue reading Oscilloscope types

Digital storage oscilloscope

What basic factors should I consider when purchasing a DSO? Depending on the case in usage, you may require a more or less precise oscilliscope. For instance, you would require a more precise oscilliscope that could cost more if you calculate raise times or to extract qualifying data. If you only use it to estimate… Continue reading Digital storage oscilloscope

Test probe

Hybrid AC/DC current probes Alternating current probes As transformers may be used, alternating currents are reasonably simple to calculate. For calculating alternating currents, a current transformer is widely used. The current to be determined is pushed through the primary winding (often a single turn), and by calculating the voltage through a current-sense resistor, the current… Continue reading Test probe

Electronic test equipment

Frequency Devices – counters / timers, generators, oscillators, calibrators, modulation meters A broad variety of frequency instruments, like counters/timers, generators, oscillators, calibrators and modulation meters, are calibrated by JM Test Systems. To guarantee that your instrument produces proper frequency measurements and to avoid any expensive errors, it is important to ensure that your frequency devices… Continue reading Electronic test equipment

Tektronix analog oscilloscopes

Why does my digital oscilloscope have more noise then my analog oscilloscope? Most users believe that the optical oscilloscope has a greater degree of vertical noise when compared modern oscilloscopes with traditional oscilloscopes. The trace will look fat” with digital oscilloscopes relative to its analog oscilloscope counterpart. Tektronix Analog Oscilloscope Oscilloscopes & Vectorscopes for saleDoes… Continue reading Tektronix analog oscilloscopes

Scotch Laminator

Scotch Laminator VS AmazonBasics Laminator: A Teacher’s Perspective For years, I’ve had my Scotch Brand Laminator. In reality, I’ve had it for so long that they don’t even market it anymore! My best mate, though has this one and we agreed that any system upgrades are very small and almost difficult to detect. A Teacher’s… Continue reading Scotch Laminator

how to laminate at home

How To Laminate Cards, ID’s, Photos, (anything) with an Iron! Other excellent ideas 5 Unusual But Incredible Applications For Apples Lemonade Kool-Aid as Dishwasher Cleaner Use Aluminium Foil as Dryer Sheet Use Shaving Cream to Scrub Bathroom Mirror Use Lemons to Render Soggy Lettuce Crisp How to Purchase a Laminating Machine Tempted to Fix A… Continue reading how to laminate at home

Heated roll laminator

What is the difference between roll laminators with heat shoes and roll laminators with heat rollers? Heat shoes are “shoes” in cylinder form with an electrical heating element within them; the film is drawn through the heated shoes and friction is exerted by the rollers, triggering the adhesive on the film and allowing it to… Continue reading Heated roll laminator