Best Graco Pack N Play Mattress

Little One’S Pad Pack N Play Waterproof Mattress Cover – 27″ X 39″ – Fits Most Pack And Plays, Playards And Foldable Mattresses – Fitted, Comfy And Soft Mini Crib Mattress Protector

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The Little One’s Pad Pack N Play Waterproof Mattress Cover is the perfect crib mattress cover for your Pack N Play or portable crib mattress. This high-quality cover is made from soft, quilted peach microfiber fabric that is machine washable and dryer safe, and it will protect your mattress from liquids and stains. The cover is also ultra soft, quiet, and cozy, and it provides just the right amount of support for your baby to have a restful, soothing sleep. Furthermore, the cover doesn’t make any crinkling sounds and it doesn’t bunch up. Finally, quality you can trust is backed by our world class customer service.

Best Graco Pack N Play Mattress

Best Graco Pack N Play Mattress

How We Chose Our Favorites

For you, we searched all the reviews online to find the best play and pack mattresses. For you and your baby, we also sought out real parents to assist us in choosing the best play and pack mattresses.

Hiccapop’s compact Tri-Fold Pillow and Play Mattress Pad are ideal for anyone who needs a portable option. It is lightweight, foldable and can be taken with you. If you’re traveling or on the move and in need of a portable sleep option, you’re likely also looking for a portable mattress option, too.

This convenient bag is easy to carry around and has handles so you can grab it quickly. A dual-sided mattress allows for your child to grow. The mattress can have a firm side for an infant and soft side for a toddler. Pack and plays create a portable sleep area for more than just infants, and having an option that will last throughout the years will save you time and money.

Find out more about the “Great Product” by reading reviews. The mattress is reversible, so it provides comfort and safety for small children. I researched some other mattresses and people were complaining that the memory foam was too soft for young babies to sleep safely, but this one solves that problem. This mattress is perfect for our Graco Pack n Play, and it leaves no spaces. It is light and compact so you can take it with you on your trip.


It initially has a chemical smell, which fades quickly after a while.

The memory foam mattress I bought for my four-month old son is THE BEST.

I did a lot of research, and I found this!

Dimensions of the Dream on Me Foam Pack and Play Mat: 37.5″ x 25.5″, x 3′. Check price at Amazon. The ideal Graco Pack n Play cushion should be light, comfy, yet affordable. Dream On Me Foam Pack & and Play Mattress measures in at 25.5 inches across, 37.5 inches long, and 3 inch high. The plush 3-inch foam mattress is constructed from premium materials to create a cozy environment for babies and toddlers to play or nap.

The easy-to-maintain mattress is constructed of 90 percent foam and 10 percent vinyl, the perfect combination of comfort and function. Your child will not come in contact with dangerous germs thanks to the bacterial waterproof cover. The mattress has passed all tests to ensure that baby can safely snooze in the playpen.

This GreenGuard Certified GreenGuard Certified Play Mattress and Dream On Me Foam Pack has over 2000 5 star reviews on Amazon. It is loved and used by many parents

Best Graco Pack N Play Mattress

Here are some key features

Amazon currently has almost 2000 reviews with 5 stars – the Dream On Me bed is well-liked and loved by parents.

It is made from an antibacterial material and has waterproof lock stitch binding, which prevents the growth of mold and mildew.

This mattress is easily cleaned thanks to its waterproof cover.

GreenGuard Certified products are those that have low levels of chemical emissions.

Parents claim the mattress is too hard.

Great fit for my Graco pack n ‘play

Yes, it’s firm, but it’s a vast improvement over the pad that comes with the PnP.

NapYou Pack n Play Mattress Fold and Grip Dimensions: 37.5 x 26, x 1.5 in. Amazon Check the Price. NapYou Pack n Play’s portable solution for best mattress to Graco Pack n Play? The NapYou Pack n Play. After testing this product, we found it offers numerous advantages over its competitors. This mattress is the first Pack-n-Play to fold easily for transport. It also includes a convenient travel bag for easy transport. The bag is hypoallergenic, and does not contain any harmful chemicals.

This mattress is 26″ wide and 37.5 inch long. It fits in all Pack n Plays. The mattress comes with a waterproof, food-grade liner. It is laminated for extra protection. You can also remove the cover easily. What makes the mattress truly unique? It’s extremely light, and it even comes with its own bag.

This organic cotton NapYou pack ‘n Play mattress is foldable for easy transport and can double as a sleeping mat

Top Pack N Play Selections of Mattresses 2021

Written By Better Slumber

Last updated September 29, 2021

It is essential that your child has a place to play or rest. Playards or packs n plays are a common choice for parents. They provide safe, secure solutions that can be used in many situations. A playard is a great option for parents who frequently travel. It provides security and comfort as well as portability. However, not many parents own a mattress, much less a quality one.

Parents are used to calling them “pack n play mattresses”, but in essence, it is a playard mattress, pack n, or playpen mattress. We’re all familiar with the term pack n play, as it was a popular model of baby-playard that was created by Graco. So, these mattresses all work in a pack n play, playard, or playpen, depending on the dimensions.

These mattresses can be used to offer baby napping while on the move. Unfortunately, this pack and base mattress is very cold, hard, uncomfortable, and can become extremely difficult to move around on. For this reason, an additional mattress can be added to the pack and play base to provide extra comfort. The cushioning will help make the area more comfortable and habitable for your infant.

There are many factors to take into consideration when selecting the right pack n play mattress. They vary in thickness, price, quality of construction, etc. Here are the top seven pack n’ play/playpen mattress choices for 2021. You will also find the best mattress for your child, while still getting great value.

Best Graco Pack N Play Mattress

Top 5 Best Mattresses For Graco Pack N Play

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Alex Savy

Read 22 minutes. Last update on February 28, 2021. Your baby’s comfort is our top priority.

That is why, wherever they are located you want to provide the most comfortable and secure environment possible.

In today’s post, I will give you some shopping tips and share reviews of the 5 best mattresses for Graco pack n play that will guarantee comfort and safety for your little ones.


waterproof covers;

The best level of support to both play and sleep;

Safe materials

Dream On Me is our number one choice when it comes to the best Graco Graco pack n Play mattresses. This mattress has a thickness of 3 inches and provides maximum support regardless of your baby’s weight. The playard mattress is made mainly of dense foam and only 10% vinyl. The mattress will offer your baby optimal comfort. It is firm yet soft and gives them a warm, fuzzy feeling.

These features are in addition to the mattress being anti-microbial and freshening up quickly. The cover is waterproof. It’s also very easy to clean. The Dream On Me does not include any acidic or flammable materials, so it is perfect for your baby’s tender skin.

Overall, this foam model does provide great support for your child and takes care of the noise from tossing and turning. The foam model will keep your child safe and comfortable during the day as well as during sleep.

Special care is needed for babies who have sensitive skin. Dream on Me mattresses don’t cause irritation for babies with sensitive skin.

Frequent use . This playard mattress is made of heavy-duty materials and can easily withstand long playing sessions and regular sleeping. The mattress is waterproof and simple to clean so it can be maintained in a good condition.

Indoor use . Because the Dream on Me can’t be folded, it may prove difficult to transport. However, it makes a truly great and comfortable play area for your kids indoors.

plastic linings can start to break down over time.

Best Graco Pack N Play Mattress

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waterproof and removable covers;

Foldable with carrying bag.

can withstand years of active use.

Millard’s Millard model is now available to add to my collection of top-rated Graco packs and playmats. Because it can be folded, parents are able to take it with them. It is amongst the most thin of these mattresses but provides the best comfort. With a soft, comfortable cover that ensures optimal comfort, the foam is just as firm for infants as it should be.

This tri-fold, pack n play mattress can be easily maintained because it has a waterproof, removable cover that you can put in your washing machine. The cover is made from polyester, meaning it is designed to last, and able to withstand harsh conditions. The mattress was also covered with a fireproof lining to reduce the risk of fire erupting near your child.

Overall, this fold-and-go mattress feels very comfortable, ensuring a balance between firmness and some padding. The rounded edges make it easy to fit in your Graco pack-n-play. It is also affordable and easy to transport.

Active parents. Milliard Mattress folds and can be taken anywhere.

Babies that have learned to roll. This playard mattress is recommended for babies aged 6 months or more.

Outdoor use. Outdoor play is possible with this waterproof polyester cover.

Top Products From Our List

You will love the portable DreamOnMe Foam Mattress Milliard Trifold N’Play Mattress NapYou Trifold N’Play Mattress (With Carrying case) Spring spirit Trifold Waterproof bamboo Mattress Topper Biloban Waterproof and Anti-Slip Mattress Protector For Pack N’Play Sleepah Triple-Fold Memory Mattress for Pack N’Play Stuffed Trifold N’Play Mattress. Greenguard Gold Certified, it is durable and well-crafted. The mattress gives your baby a comfortable place to lay on. It is also waterproof and antibacterial so there are no mold, mildew, or smell issues. With a vinyl wrap, the whole surface can withstand liquids and stains. Cleaning is easy using warm water. Conforming to the highest standards of flammability and being tested for lead, this 3-inch-thick mattress is free from phthalates, toxic substances, or other harmful substances.


Weighs 3 pounds



Rounded edges

Resists Bed Bugs

Can Support up to 25 Lbs

DIMENSIONS Milliard Tri-Fold Pack N’ Play Mattress This high-density foam mattress is the perfect fit for any standard playpen. It measures 1.5 inches thick and is hypoallergenic. The cover can be easily removed to clean the machine. This tri-fold design allows it to be carried in the included case and can also serve as a separate sleeping mat for toddlers who need to take a break from playing outside. Ideal for little ones above the age of 12 months, this is a supple and highly durable option made of certified safe and non-toxic materials. The packaging suggests that foam be allowed to expand for at least 24 hours. However, most foams can usually be assembled in just a matter of minutes.


Best Graco Pack N Play Mattress

About this item

Safety first – Our mattress is Greenguard Gold Certified. This certification ensures that you have the most safety, comfort and health possible. Our mattresses have passed all flammability tests (16 CFR1632/1633), phthalate and lead tests and are CPSC-tested.

Comfortably fits most common playards – Dream On Me 3′ Foam Pack n Play Mattress can be used with almost all brands of playards, including the Graco Pack n Play. Dimensions: 37.5″ x 26.5″x 3aEUR

You can rest assured that your child will enjoy the best balance of support and comfort. However, we don’t recommend it. You can read the reviews below.

You can create a healthy environment for your child. Simple to clean; Use mild soap and water.

All our mattresses are proudly made in America aEUR

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What if you put your mattress inside a Graco Pack N’ Play?

Yes. The 1 inch mattress is what you should use. Graco recommends against using additional mattresses. They can lead to entrapment and suffocation. It is perfect to use the playard sheets with the 1″ mattress.

Which mattress is the best for packing and playing?

BEST OVERALL (EDITOR’S PICK) – The Organic Dream Pack n Play Mattress.BEST BUDGET PICK – The Pack n Play Mattress by Hiccapop.MOST PORTABLE – NapYou Foldable Pack n Play Mattress.BEST FOR INFANTS AND TODDLERS – Milliard Elite (2 Sided) Pack N Play Mattress.More items…

What if you put a heavier mattress into a Pack N Play box?

The playard’s flexible sides are different to traditional cribs. They have playard-specific mattresses that prevent children from getting trapped between the pad and the side. May 28, 2021

Are Pack N Play Mattresses Safe For Infants?

Avoid using pack n’ play with infants. It is not a good idea to have any of the parts of your child’s pack n play cause an injury, particularly if they roll over or can’t breathe. January 20, 2020

.Best Graco Pack N Play Mattress