Best 3D Pens. Ranking And Reviews

▷ The best 3D pens. Ranking and Reviews

3D Pen – Buying Tips, Rankings and Reviews

Looking for a good 3D pen, but you have no idea how to choose the most effective? Compare these two, which exceeded our judgment: QPAU AB002 has the LCD screen to display the chosen material and the temperature. It works with ABS and PLA 1.75 mm, is ergonomic, easy to handle, non-slip and can be purchased at a great price. Very pleasing was also the AERB 3D Pen, complete with two filaments and LED display that provides a good control of functions. The cost is valid in relation to equipment provided, such as the USB cable that allows you to quickly recharge.

Ideal for a new hobby or to make an original and innovative gift to a child, the 3D pen is a nice accessory for those who love creativity. But which one to choose among the many available on the market? Read the chart with review of the most popular models this year, you may soon find what works for you without further research. But first check out our guide to learn more about this object.

▷ The Best 3D Pens. Ranking And Reviews

What is and how it works

On the surface looks like a pen bigger than normal and generally has a power cord that accompanies it. The results allows to obtain are incredible: it really is a small three-dimensional printer that costs a few tens of euro.

The operation is similar to that of a hot glue gun to where you have to insert the solid stick which is then melted. Here, however, it is necessary to introduce a filament material which can be ABS or PLA.

It is in both cases of plastics readily available at a very low price in the form of spools with 1.75 mm diameter and more rarely than 3 mm.

The PLA is a bioplastic, when blends produces a sweet smell, unlike Abs that instead emits an odor of burnt plastic and should be used in a ventilated environment. The ABS melts at a higher temperature and not all the pens are compatible. It is also more flexible and less brittle PLA.

The market of the filaments, however, is very active and there are interesting innovations that have been used for three-dimensional printers could soon also be compatible with the 3D pens.

All you have to do is plug the pen into a power outlet, waiting to reach the melting temperature – about 1 minute – press the button to enter the filament and the one to choose the material. Et voila. The pen is ready, makes no noise, not cluttered, you do not need the computer, you do not need a complex design, only a lot of imagination.

What can you do then, with a 3D pen? In just a base on which the plastic does not adhere: you can draw in pencil what you want and then trace with the pen.

The pens of the best brand you can adjust the speed of the filament emission: top speed is ideal for filling, the minimum to “draw” vertically.

The limit is your imagination: you can draw what you want from the Internet and you can download hundreds of template: for example, you can create individual pieces to be assembled later.

You can decorate in an original objects and surfaces, at Christmas the house will be filled with nice red ornaments. The filaments are available in many different colors and a couple of rolls should already be included in the so immediately begin the first project of the pen pack.

Of course you can draw not only horizontally, in a traditional way, but also in height: the heat of the molten plastic just will fix the new parts created.

Animals, toys, decorations for backpacks, purses, wallets, bracelets, repairs, real works of art: the list of possible creations is practically endless.

▷ The Best 3D Pens. Ranking And Reviews

For professionals and children

The 3D pens can be adoperate by children as well as by professionals, of course you need to choose the right model. Simply compare prices to notice the differences.

A pen for children should be particularly easy to handle and have a tip that does not overheat excessively.

Those professionals may provide for a battery and then you can use it anywhere, even away from a power outlet. They are also compatible with different filaments, not only PLA or ABS; allow to set a continuous release of the material without pressing the button and ensure more precise designs.

The 5 Best 3D Pens – Ranking 2020

To facilitate and speed up the purchase of the best 3D pen for your needs check out our buying advice. Here you can find models for all needs, including a short review and a link where to buy the products at the best market offers.

1. Tecboss Pen 3D, 3D Printing Pen with LCD Screen

▷ The Best 3D Pens. Ranking And Reviews

Main advantage:

Thanks to the LCD display of this 3D pen Qpau, you can control both the melting temperature of the plastic material, both the extrusion speed, so you will have everything under control. In addition, the realization of materials and refills are skin-friendly, and environmentally friendly. This means that this 3D pen will be a good gift for all ages.

Main drawback:

Writing to a low-speed extrusion, the 3D pen may crash due to the formation of air bubbles, or a potential solidification of the filament.

Consider that of Qpau one of the best 3D pens in circulation, thanks to its ergonomic grip, and an affordable price, as well as the exquisite attention is also paid to the smallest.

Buy on (€ 47,99)


The cartridge compatibility

If you consider the use of a 3D pen very similar to that of a gun hot glue, then you are able to make an initial idea of ​​what you need because this Qpau model functions properly.

Inside the box you will find, in addition to 3D pen and the instruction booklet, the filaments are compatible with which to begin using it. Fortunately, unlike other products of this type, the AB002 model can be used with both the bioplastic PLA 1.75 mm, which is used to release at high temperatures a pleasant fragrance, with both the ABS filament, no weird smells and very less brittle.

In this way, which is used by experts or beginners, adults or children, will have a better choice in terms of cartridges to be used, allowing them to show off the creativity with a wide selection of colors, shades and textures.

▷ The Best 3D Pens. Ranking And Reviews

Safety and functionality

Tools like the 3D pen easily overheat and, therefore, may cause irritation or burns if used incorrectly. On the body of the product is present a display, a built-in accessory that will be useful to get under control the temperature and the extrusion speed, since each filament requires specific degrees of fusion.

For example, the PLA melts at 160/180 ° C, while the ABS to 180/210 ° C, therefore, to prevent jamming definitively, follow the right steps of use. Manufacturer, to reassure you and offer you the best experience in terms of security, combined with elegant design features a self-protection, which not only blocks the extrusion after 8 consecutive minutes of use (to resume printing press on the button will only serve “charge”), but retracts the filament.

In this way, the 3D pen does will jam and you do not you risk burning yourself.

Last but not least, it is to emphasize the use of skin-friendly materials, that is free of chemicals that can cause allergies, even with a wink to the ecological aspect, since they are easily biodegradable.

In addition, AB002 is a model equipped with an ergonomic grip, coated with non-slip silicone. In short, a combination that allows you to combine utility and functionality, in addition to the comfort during use.

It will be an excellent gift for you and the little ones, as it allows you to create, in a totally safe, 3D designs, and developing the artistic sense, but also decreasing stress through the use of quality materials.

Basically it is a product suitable for all ages, since it puts a focus on health, comfort and your wallet.

Buy on (€ 47,99)

2. AERB 3D Pen Print, With LCD Screen

▷ The Best 3D Pens. Ranking And Reviews

The 3D pen AERB is a product designed for both large, but for the little ones, so they can get closer to the world of objects in three dimensions, to be created in total autonomy. The materials with which it is made are indeed free of harmful substances, so it can be handled by all.

Compatible with ABS and PLA filament contains two random colors that allow you to put it right into the action. Thanks to the LED screen can check the temperature and functions, to be managed using the buttons on the body.

Enjoy the ease of use and charging, using the USB cable included in the package, a little ‘less for the instructions, which appear incomprehensible, and for some manufacturing defect that the door does not work always in the right way.

But there is the 18-month warranty and you will also have 30 days to decide whether to return it, whatever the reason, a security with a cost of media entities.

To all: Thanks to the security of manufacturing materials and intuitive to use, this 3D pen AERB is suitable for adults and children alike.

Screen: The one here present is LED, and allows you to view different parameters, such as temperature or the setting function.

Filaments: In the box you’ll find one PLA and one ABS, to get started with your new purchase.

Equipment: In the package there is also the USB cable for charging and a penholder, which helps you to keep the object in the right position.

Instructions: Who needs it can not rely on those annexed, which are unclear, according to many users.

Cons: Has anyone encountered defects in the factory, which forced him to return the product, making use of the guarantee.

Buy on (€ 40,99)

3. VictorStar 3D Pen with 5 Paper Stencil & 1 Screwdriver

Among the best 3D 2020 pens Victorstar we find this model is also one of the top selling online.

It is an object with an extremely competitive price, ideal for those who want to spend as little as possible. It is a product especially designed for children ages eight and older, for whom could be a fun gift, creative and original.

It is very easy to use, of course, a bit ‘of practice is necessary because it is not how to draw on a sheet of paper; the manual in a still uncertain Italian helps to better understand the operation and the three different colored filaments in the package allow you to get to work immediately.

It is an essential pen, without display, but allows the use of ABS is that PLA. It is light and handy, perfect for children. But not only.

The cheapest model, among those that we compared in this guide, is the VICTORSTAR RP100A, an ideal 3D pen for beginners and children ages eight and older.

For beginners: It is an essential ultra-cheap model, free LCD display, but great as a tool for beginners and children from ages eight and up, to start to practice without spending excessively.

Accessoriata: The range of accessories includes, in addition to the pen and to the power adapter, also a mini screwdriver and three spools of filament ABS from 3 meters each, of different colors.

Compatibility: Can be used with both the ABS filament with both the PLA, and this is definitely an advantage since generally the cheapest 3D pens work with one type of material.

Instructions: The Italian translation in this user guide was hurt and, unfortunately, is not well understood.

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4. Meterk Pen 3D Print PLA Fliament September

The 3d pen Materk stands out from the others for a number of functions that allow the user to give free rein to their imagination. We speak, in particular, the possibility to adjust at will the service temperature and the speed of extrusion of the filament in ABS, using the buttons on the side of the device, so as to allow the child to perform precise work since the early approaches.

Thanks to its particular shape, it is easy to handle even for those not have much familiarity with tools of this type, which is good because it is a product intended primarily for children.

The filaments of ABS included in the package is 1.75 mm, then designed to draw too upright, although in these cases many users recommend you to set the device to a higher temperature to obtain a three-dimensional object of the right consistency.

The LCD display allows to check at any time the set parameters, while the supplied base plate proves to be useful to keep the object always at hand and to avoid that the heat produced from the tip ruin the work plan.

Easy to use: The ergonomic and lightweight design of the pen MK42 3d Meterk makes it extremely comfortable and easy to use, while the availability of different colored filaments in the package allows it to be ready for use.

Display: The presence of the LCD screen has been particularly appreciated by users, because it allows you to have an eye on the set parameters.

Refills: The package includes sixteen filaments in ABS of different colors, so you can use the pen without having to buy the refills.

quality / price ratio: The materials used for the realization of the product proved to be of good quality and especially robust to ensure a greater resistance during the various game sessions. But the beauty is that, despite the many advantages, is offered at a very affordable cost.

It overheats: Although the tip is equipped with a security system against overheating, however, tends to reach temperatures high enough, which forces us to pay more attention during use to minimize the risk of painful sunburn.

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5. Uzone 3D Pen, LCD Screen, Of Temperature Control

We now turn to another product at low cost but was able to win the favor of users by virtue of a number of benefits that you can offer. First, in the package are twelve refill PLA, but since it is a question to be compatible with most of the filaments on the market, you can also use with those of ABS, to ensure a good level of versatility.

Again refills are 1.75 mm and the door insert them where it is fairly easy to use, to allow the child to work with different colors without having to ask the help of an adult being replaced.

The object’s design looks to the convenience of use for the user, all facilitated by an ergonomic grip that provides a firm and secure grip even in case of intensive use. The ability to adjust the temperature and the extrusion speed of the filament allows for a wide margin of customization, so as not to arise no limit in the realization of their works of art.

Solid: The main advantage offered by the pen Intelligent 3d Uzone is the goodness of the building materials that were sufficiently robust and durable to withstand the manipulations of the most rowdy children.

Quality / Price: Although the market you can find cheaper models, the price at which it is sold is not excessive, but rather we believe that in the face of good yield constructive is very balanced.

Refill: The package contains twelve o’clock in PLA filaments of different colors, and once completed will be able to also use those made of ABS, so as to ensure the user with a wide margin of choice.

Adjustment: The device allows to adjust at will both the speed of the filament extrusion both the action of temperature, in order to perform precision work without encountering difficulties.

Screen: The set parameters can be checked on the display LCD present on the front part of the pen, but the lack of visibility of the same could make it difficult to work in environments characterized by a reduced illumination.

Buy on (€ 42,99)

Tecboss Pen 3D, 3D Printing Pen with LCD Screen

Ready for your first three-dimensional pen? Then take a look at this model, highly appreciated by consumers.

It should be good for everyone, for experts and for those less skilled, including children. As emphasized in the majority of users, it is a practical and convenient object to hold in hand thanks to ergonomic shape and non-slip handle rubber coated.

The presence of the LCD screen is a great advantage because it allows to check at any moment the chosen material and the temperature.

The pen is compatible with ABS and PLA, and the package includes both strands of 1.75 mm to be able to immediately begin to create three-dimensional objects.

It is also possible to adjust the material issuance speed; in any case the instructions they help us to understand immediately the operation.

Performing and easy to use, it could be a great gift for anyone who does not know how to choose a good pen 3D.

In our guide to choosing the best 3D pen, the model AB002 manufactured by QPAU it occupies the first place because it is the most appreciated by consumers for its excellent performance and extreme ease of use.

Ergonomic: The handle design, ergonomically shaped, and handle covered with non-slip rubber pen make it very convenient to use, offering a perfect instrument control.

Display: A further convenience is represented by the presence of an LCD display, which indicates the type of material loaded and allows to keep tight control on the temperature of the melting point and the extrusion speed.

Compatibility: The 3D pen QPAU is compatible with both the polymer of lactic acid PLA, with both the thermoplastic polymer ABS, and comes with both types of filament, to start work immediately.

Low speed: At low speeds not extrudes in a linear manner and occasionally creates air bubbles that interrupt the flow.

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The 3D pen is a latest generation accessory that allows you to create three-dimensional objects by releasing the creativity present in all of us. If you have never had the pleasure to try it and do not know how it works, in this article you will find useful information that will help you make the best use.

From an aesthetic point of view resembles a real pen, slightly larger and an attached power cord. It is a sort of 3D printer, technological but economic, that lets you create anything, or almost. If you have used guns hot glue, use the 3D pen will be a breeze because its operation is very similar.

Just connect the pen to the power outlet and wait for it reaches the melting temperature. At this point you choose the material and color to use and you can start working. The great advantage of this accessory is its simplicity, it does not need a computer or a priori study to use it, just a lot of creativity and imagination.

To use the 3D Pen serve the filaments of ABS or PLA, or special plastics that overheating change their texture to facilitate the creations, and harden when their temperature drops.

The ABS is very durable and flexible, melts at high temperature and must assess the compatibility with its own pen. The PLA is characterized by a sweet smell when it burns, it is less resistant compared to ABS but usually is compatible with most models on the market.

Recently, the 3D printers use the latest materials and will soon be compatible for the three-dimensional pens.

To start using a 3D pen you first have to choose a surface that does not adhere to plastic. The best quality pens allow you to adjust the speed of the filament emission, so as to be able to draw slowly in the vertical and subsequently fill the high-speed drawing.

You can download many templates from the web and using different colored strands, you can create individual pieces needed to create a small sculpture. You can draw horizontally or vertically, paying attention to the fastening of the pieces.

The 3D pens can be used by professionals but also by the children and this is their strength. Baby models should be manageable, with the tip and does not heat too much.

In contrast to the versions professionals are generally equipped with a built-in battery and can also be used with the latest generation of filaments that deliver high-precision creations.

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These products are among the most recommended, but at the moment are not available

There will be a professional 3D pen but close enough. As confirmed by many satisfied customers, performance and ease of use are high.

It is a model recently renewed and improved in which lacks the practical display that indicates the temperature and the material used.

Like all the best models, this is also compatible with PLA and ABS and thus allows to adjust the temperature for each.

There are manual, the support base and two filaments ABS to be able to immediately begin to carry out their projects.

You can also adjust the speed of emission of the material on eight levels to get exactly what you want.

The pen is very light and easy to handle; the nozzle does not reach high temperatures and so it is safe for those who use it but, of course, need to pay attention considering that inside there are about 200 degrees. It can be used by everyone, young and old.

Where to buy a 3D pen, high-performance but by the content cost? The new model produced by the company BlueSmart, might just be the right answer to this question.

Performance: Even the 3D pen BlueSmart is a model with excellent performance, lightweight, easy to handle and with an extrusion speed that can be adjusted to eight different levels.

Secure: The nozzle does not reach high temperatures, but also the internal heat can exceed 200 degrees, so that the 3D BlueSmart pen is equipped with a safety switch that switches off automatically after 8 minutes of continuous use.

LCD Display: Very useful to continuously monitor the temperature and extrusion speed, also also indicates the type of filament used, since it is compatible with both ABS or PLA.

Thermal resistance: According to some purchasers, the thermal stability is not high, and the heat generated from the pen is perceived more than you should, either both from the nozzle handle.

DIKI IV 3D Pen for 3D Molding Intelligent

Another tip for those who do not know what 3D pen buy is Diki this model. By making a comparison with other similar pens, stands out the excellent relationship between the performance and the price.

It’s a subtle pattern, easy to handle, suitable for adults and children over eight years of age.

The rubberised grip and grooves allow you to use it safely even to those who are left-handed.

There is no display but the two LEDs indicate when the melting temperature is reached in order to begin to use it. The package also present PLA filaments of two different colors to get started right away.

Although the manual is not in Italian, the operation is very simple and there are instructional videos on the net. The pen can not extrude the ABS so you can only use PLA.

According to consumer opinions, the DIKI IV is a 3D pen suitable for those who have special demands, since it can only be used for PLA filaments, especially appreciated for its affordability.

For beginners: Even the 3D pen produced by DIKI is an ideal model for beginners, light, handy and equipped with rubberized grip suitable for both right-handed and for left-handers.

PLA: Unlike ABS, which once reached the melting point emitting an intense smell of cooked plastic, the PLA is an organic substance that emits a sweet odor; it is also suitable for children, provided they have between eight and older.

Accessories: The accessory equipment includes two strands of PLA by 5 meters each, in different colors, to begin work immediately.

Instructions: The instructions, unfortunately, they are missing altogether; in any case you can find videos on Youtube, showing how it is used.

Elegiant Stereoscopic 3D Intelligent Pen

If you are looking for a 3D pen Children look at this product. As you can see by clicking on the link suggested, it hits the unbeatable price which allows you to make an innovative gift to two or more grandchildren ages eight and older.

It is one of the most models sold on the market and, despite the price accessible to all the pockets, is equipped with a display in order to adjust both the temperature and the type of material: in fact allows the use of PLA and ABS.

Not only that, you can also adjust the extrusion speed with a slider, in short, nothing is missing even for the most demanding artist, including the filament to begin now to “write.”

Slightly more voluminous than other similar pens, however, it is handy and easy to use. Basically, it costs little but it works like other more expensive.

We close our guide with another model belonging to the category of goods at low prices: 3D pen produced by ELEGIANT, slightly more massive than comparable models, but just as easy to handle.

Secure: The main advantage is given by the dimensions: it is thicker than other pens and thus maintains better the thermal resistance, and this is an especially good for children, who can use it without risk.

Economic: Although it is not the absolute economic, stands still in the range of products at low prices, a factor that has made valuable by many consumers.

Compatibility: Despite being an economic 3D pen, has the advantage of being able to work with both the filaments in ABS and with those in PLA, thus offering a good level of versatility.

Consumption: According to some buyers, unlike other similar 3D-end pens, the Elegiant the filaments tends to consume a bit ‘too quickly, which makes it expensive.

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