Best Airsoft Guns. Comparison

▷ The best airsoft guns. Comparison

Airsoft Gun – Reviews, Analysis and Buying Guide

We have prepared an article that will capture the interest of softgunner or aspiring who haunt our pages. That is, since 1980 (the birth of airsoft from that year and more specifically, in Japan) to water today is something passed under the bridge and those who were mere toys, with the passage of time, have evolved, refined to become excellent reproductions of real firearms. The game has become increasingly popular, and in the early 90s had spread a bit ‘all over the world and Italy was no exception. So, let’s see what are the most interesting innovations in the industry and in particular with regard to guns. We know, first to focus on reading our guide as you want a preview now our tradition. There are two models more than others we have hit (not in the literal sense of the word for luck): France Defense Pack Beretta APX 0.5 is an official replica of the famous weapon of Italian production, sold at a very affordable price that includes a convenient carrying case. Alternatively you can take a look at Cyma G18C that in addition to being well-made, good quality / price ratio.

The 7 Best Airsoft Guns – 2020 ranking

Below is our selection of guns organized according to a ranking. The review written for each gun will reveal the pros and cons. Not only dwell on the best brand models because there are several interesting articles on the market, just know how to find. Too busy to do it? Then we tell you where to buy, you bother to compare the prices of online selling models.

1. France Defense Pack Beretta APX 0,5J Co2

▷ The Best Airsoft Guns. Comparison

The weapons produced by the Italian company Beretta are of high quality both in construction level is fine. This replica shows a design faithful to the original and with highly resistant materials that make it predictable for target shooting for both the soft-air.

The precision is guaranteed by the mobile carriage which offers a great recoil and weight similar to the original weapon. The ergonomic handle allows you to shoot holding the gun in the right position without letting it slip from the hands, also using the safety you will not do as accidental shots.

If you are a collector, you will be delighted by the presence of the various logos on the replica. The product is sold with a handy carrying case, ammunition for softair and compressed air refills.

Design: The faithful replica of the original with all the logos will enrich your collection of weapons for airsoft.

Recoil: The trolley runs after each shot, just like the original weapon. That way you can shoot with extreme precision.

Materials: Strong and solid, give the gun a similar weight to the original allowing you to calibrate better aim.

Endowment: The price includes a transport case, bullets for airsoft and CO2 refills for compressed air.

Charging system: Some users would appreciate a different system than compressed air, since after forty shots tends to lose power.

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Electric Airsoft Gun

2. Cyma G18C Airsoft Electric Gun 16+

▷ The Best Airsoft Guns. Comparison

The Cyma electric airsoft gun gave us pleasant surprises. It is playing a Glock made of ABS good quality; The structure is robust and sufficiently heavy gun, we are about 700 grams. The hop up is adjustable but be careful because for the first shots is a bit ‘sketchy then you put on the right path.

We open a parenthesis to explain to novices what I hop up. It is a mechanism whose function is to increase the range of the dot and improve the accuracy; all without altering the power. We would use the pellets of the best quality because otherwise the risk that someone may get stuck is concrete. You can shoot both the hit single is the flurry. Too bad it lacks scarrellamento; recharging the battery is fast.

It is certainly a good secondary weapon, perhaps to use when weather conditions (low temperature) do not recommend the use of the weapon gas. Ultimately we believe the excellent quality / price ratio.

Quality / money: Spend a little and get your hands on a good airsoft gun, is what will happen if you decide to buy Cyma G18C.

Robust: The gun has a robust structure is sufficiently heavy and comfortable to hold: we are very satisfied.

Accuracy: Is there some small defect HOP Up, if the defect can speak cold is a little sketchy.

It jams: It happened that the gun is inceppasse but this is mainly due to the use of poor quality pellets.

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Gas Airsoft Gun

3. Colt 1911 HPA Culasse Metal, Max Cybergun

▷ The Best Airsoft Guns. Comparison

This gas airsoft gun is a beautiful replica of the Special Combat in 1911 and is among the best-selling models. It is made with excellent materials; mostly metal with the exception of the handle which moreover ensures a good grip. The power is impressive, even if within the law: someone has gone to sconsigliarla for the game or at least avoid using it at close range to avoid injuring the opponent.

We must say that the positive points are different, for example, never jam occurs, has the scarrellamento and takes full advantage of the can of gas or to put it in other words, has a good battery life. The gun has a predisposition for mounting a flashlight or a laser pointer.

In terms of the negative aspects there is little to say except that you lose something in precision shot less than 0.3 grams. But what is the real problem, highlighted by multiple users, regards the trigger: they say it’s too hard.

Quality: Playback is well crafted, very faithful to the original. This convinced fans to buy it for their collection.

Good materials: The build quality of the gun is not to call into question: is mostly metal while calcium provides a comfortable grip.

Trigger hard: The main complaints expressed by users regarding the trigger. In their opinion it is too hard.

Accuracy: The gun may be slightly inaccurate when using dots below 0.3 grams.

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blowback airsoft gun

4. Cybergun Taurus PT99 Pistola Full Metal Scarrellante Softair

▷ The Best Airsoft Guns. Comparison

The Taurus is well constructed: it is a full metal blowback airsoft gun. Good weight, excellent balance. The fidelity has impressed the airsoft enthusiasts. The range is commendable: reaches about 50 meters if conditions are favorable.

In addition to the single-shot mode also it has the burst but be careful because it seems that in this way the gas runs out too quickly. By the way, provided there are 20 with CO2 cartridge. The scarrellamento is fast, accurate and dry. The rilletto is not too hard. The feelings of those who have challenged the gun are those of a real gun. But let the little flaws: the paint is not very strong in the area of ​​scarrellamento, for the rest we have very little to complain about.

Robust: The gun can boast of excellent build quality is incredibly strong to last long if well maintained.

Reach: That of this weapon is impressive: if you are good and with the right conditions, you can hit a target even at 50 meters.

Gas consumption: If you set the burst mode shots, you will notice the rapid consumption of gas in the cylinder.

Painting: The point out is a venial fault but the paint tends to come off quickly enough in the scarrellamento area.

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Airsoft Gun Beretta

5. Umarex Beretta 92 FS 6 Mm Pistola Airsoft

▷ The Best Airsoft Guns. Comparison

The airsoft Beretta gun is a fairly accurate reproduction. The materials are good, is made of metal and the weight gives a feeling of realism. The mechanism is spring-loaded and on the short distance has a good accuracy. It lacks in power, but after all it is not gas weapon. We do not believe can meet the needs of the most experienced players, although it can be useful as a backup weapon to wield in an emergency and for close combat.

It is exempt from the typical economic pistol defects. If you remove the magazine with which alcora ball, you will see them fall to the ground, also happen that the weapon jams while the power is really not much. Ultimately we believe that the best use made of it can do is to marksmanship, provided that this is no more than ten meters.

Playback quality: One of the clear strengths of this gun is its fidelity of reproduction, surprised even those who possessed a true version of the weapon.

Cost: The sale price is not excessive, just a few tens of euro to take her home and start now to play.

Charger: Not convincing, especially its ability to retain the dots: If you pull still loaded, you will see the falling ammunition. Furthermore, the gun jams.

Power: A big problem highlighted for this gun is its low power makes it pretty useless at long distance targets.

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Pistola softair full metal

6. Cybergun Pistola Colt 1911 Full Metal Scarrellante Softair

Gun softair full metal to well crafted this Cybergun gas. The fidelity of reproduction has fulfilled all buyers who have not failed to do this during the review. Every detail was taken care of, for example logos are original and Colt are engraved on the truck. The non-slip knurled grips ensure a secure grip. It has the Hop Up and rail under barrel for attaching a laser sight or a tactical light.

The loader, metal like almost all of the gun, it has space to accommodate 17 dots but according to some, the spring is too hard and this makes it difficult to insert the pellets it is good to say, once inside remain firmly without the danger of escape . The accuracy is good as well as the power. It is not economic weapon, it must be said.

Accuracy: For this gun was taken care of every little detail in order to make it as original as possible. We must say that the result is excellent.

Materials: We can be very pleased with the quality of materials: the weapon is very solid, well-built and reliable from all points of view.

Precise and powerful: While airsoft gun look accuracy combined with the power, then stop here and meditate seriously to buy this Colt.

magazine Molla: Some users were a bit ‘confused about the magazine spring: they believe it is too hard to insert easily the dots.

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Gun spring softair

7. Beretta M92 FS Gun Softair A Molla

The airsoft gun spring that we propose is a reproduction of the famous Beretta M92. Playing, which we believe is sufficiently successful. Since this is a gun spring does not expect a long range. Although the accuracy is not great. However, these defects are consistent with the price range in which falls the weapon that is little more than a toy.

The charger contains twelve shots, not many real and keep in mind that the weapon might jam. One thing that has puzzled more than one person is the absence of the red cap, then we invite you to leave the house with the weapon as in the case of a police control may get into trouble because toy weapon must be clearly distinguishable by a real red cap it does just that.

Good play: Aesthetically we are satisfied of the quality of reproduction: probably only a trained eye would recognize the difference between this and a real Beretta.

Shortly precise and powerful: The gun lacks in precision as much in power, with distant targets over 10 meters really is of little value.

Red cap absent: The absence of this element could be a source of trouble with the law: do not leave home with Beretta.

It jams: In use, the gun happens that this becomes jammed, then put it into account before deciding to purchase.

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Umarex 30 Pieces Cans CO2 Airsoft

If you have a gas gun is essential to possess a good supply of cans to be used on the battlefield. In this case with a few Euros you can have available a full 30 badged Umarex.

Needless to say, the quality / price is good.

IN media with a single charge able to use two chargers in single shot mode.

We have to say that although initially the power is great, towards the middle of the charge, this decreases visibly.

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What to buy airsoft gun to beat your rivals? The weapon can make a difference but also counts your ability. These are two faces of the same coin, and if one is weak, it will inevitably also the other. You can completely rely on your gun because chances are you will find yourself alone, you hunted by the enemy and she is the only way to defend yourself.

For this reason, do not look too much savings because if you buy the cheapest model is the risk that is cheating at the climax. But do not despair because there are still attractive offers that allow you to buy good weapons at low prices and we will help you find them and evaluate them carefully. We will make a precise comparison of guns available in the market.

To understand how to choose a good airsoft pistol that is well suited to you is important, first of all, know the working mechanism. Basically there are three to choose from. The best softair gun of 2020 with an electric mechanism has a motor powered by a battery. It is operated by a system of gears that push a spring; at the end of the piston stroke expels the projectile. Such guns are automatic and high performing, for this reason are more choices by players.

A good number of fans they also have the guns with gas operation. In this case the projectile is expelled as a result of the gas thrust. There are two types of gases to be used with the best airsoft gun: the Green and CO2. Both gases have strengths and weaknesses. The Green Gas, for example, it is also useful to preserve the gun as it contains lubricants elements, but is affected by the temperature from 15 ° down. In these conditions occurs the narrowing of containment nozzles and consequently the gas escapes.

A gun with gas CO2 must be lubricated but at least there are no problems with the temperature. We must add that the gas guns are scarrellanti, which favors the reproduction fidelity of a real weapon. Finally there is the manual operation mechanism. It is a very simple system: there is a piston which, driven by a spring, fires a bullet at a time. Loading is manual.

Choosing the right pellet is important and can determine the outcome of a game in one direction or another. Weight, quality of materials, goodness of the invoice, type of surface, affecting the trajectory and distance. The most common are those dots from 0.25 grams. Some people prefer the pellets 0.80 g but these are best suited for close combat because their range is lower than the lighter ones.

The key issue is the pellets surface: smooth ones have better performance over long distances and is less likely to jam. The dots having a rough surface, are used by more experienced and are more suited for melee players. Both the range that the accuracy are minor.

Airsoft is a game, the goal is to have fun and you can bet that injury is not funny. It must be adequately protected. Fundamental glasses or masks for the eyes and the face. For the rest there is no need to grow heavy with further protections: the guns shoot pellets with an output of less than one joule hence also affecting the skin, do not feel pain, however you can wear clothing that covers the entire body, many prefer the camouflage , just to get more into the character.

What is the mechanism of the airsoft gun?

The softair guns may have one of the following three mechanisms: electrical, gas and spring. In the first case the weapon needs to be powered by a battery. Is operated by a gear system that drive then a compressed air spring starts the fail. In the case of gas guns is its leakage that allows the ball to be shot.

There are two gas that can be used: o Green and CO2. The green gas, containing lubricating elements, has the advantage of preserving the weapon, however, is too sensitive to temperatures that if less than 15 °, the containment nozzles shrink: this entails loss of gas. The CO2, however, does not have this problem, but does not have lubricating properties.

What does it mean airsoft gun?

It means that it is a faithful replica of fire real weapons that instead of bullets they use plastic pellets which are expelled from the barrel under the pressure of a gas which can be air, propane or carbon dioxide.

What is the Hop Up?

It is a mechanism that may be present in softair guns having the purpose of increasing the range of the dot. The operation is as follows: by acting on conspicuously regulator on the weapon is lowered from above a grommet into the barrel section. When part of the stroke, the strip dot on the rubber: the contact imparts an angular velocity that for the so-called Magnus effect gives rise to a direct lift and opposite to the gravitational field; by virtue of what the ball stays in the air for a longer time.

The airsoft guns are dangerous?

No, if that were the case they would not be freely sold. This does not mean that they can do a reckless use. So you have to be aware that they are not toys for children and who do not go betting to face. When you play it is vital to wear protective eyewear.

The weapons Airsoft and paintball are the same thing?

No. The difference fundamental and most obvious is that the airsoft guns as well as being faithful replicas of real weapons, firing bullets and weapons from paintball paintballs and when they hit it is impossible not to notice.

How much are airsoft guns?

Much it depends on the operation and the quality of materials in addition to the fidelity of reproduction. The cost ranges from a few tens of Euros for spring guns to several hundred for those in better-quality gas.

After buying your first airsoft gun poses the problem of how to use it to have fun. Well, it would be appropriate to put upward two teams that will battle it, or maybe play one against all. Meanwhile others to join your passion, practice a little ‘target practice but not until you have read our advice.

Security is always a key issue. While airsoft guns are not real weapons, you can always get injured hurt. For this reason it is vital to wear safety goggles to protect your eyes. Being hit on the skin by a dot does not cause unbearable pain, but those who want to avoid hassles can wear long pants and shirts.

However, we repeat, the ball feels just unless it is shot at point blank range, but in fact we talked about responsible use. Besides, it is advisable that when surprising the opponent a short distance you hit state by voice.

The cleaning and therefore the maintenance of a softair gun must not be so regular as in the case of a real weapon because unlike the latter are not affected by carbon deposits from gunpowder. The barrel therefore remains clean even after firing hundreds of rounds.

However, there are signals to grasp that tell us when it is time to take action. An important signal, and when you notice that the weapon has become less precise as it was before. In this case, just a soft cloth and a silicone spray while they are prohibited lubricated petroleum-based solvents and aggressive detergents. To clean the inside of the barrel you have to arrange an auction that are on sale in specialist shops. To lubricate the charger used the aforementioned silicone spray in small quantities.

The choice of shot is important: the most common are those of 0.25 but there is also those who prefer 0.3 or 0.20; in any case we must always be taken into account for what kind the gun was designed. The important thing is that the dots are of good quality might otherwise jam in the weapon and damage it in the long run. In many do but it is not recommended: the once fired bullets not be reused because they deteriorate.

Many guns have the talent to assemble some accessories such as tactical light and laser pointer. The light comes in handy if you play at night or in dark places while the pointer will facilitate the task of hitting the target.

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These products are among the most recommended, but at the moment are not available

Revolver Softair Dan Wesson 715-6

The new model airsoft pistol CO2 Dan Wesson is a candidate to be one of the most coveted by fans revolver. Playback is very faithful and the materials are top notch. The feeling is to have a real weapon in his hands. The gun weighs 900 grams but it should be added that of the gas canister which is housed in the handle.

The weapon is balanced and accurate at the time of firing. The charger is drum, shoot pellets 6 mm. Made of metal it has a great build quality in our opinion; the feeling of realism that transmits is incredible. It cost a lot but we believe that it is worth all the money spent. Only note emerged from users’ opinions is that upon firing the love is too noisy, what is felt especially when you are indoors.

Faithful reproduction: We were very impressed by the fidelity that characterizes the revolver in question was did a great job.

Precise: The weapon is appreciated not only for its design but also for its precision that satisfied those who have decided to buy it.

Balanced: The pistol is well balanced, a key feature in order to hit the target.

Noisy: It was only a note moved to the Dan Wesson revolver when shooting is heard too, especially if the fire occurs indoors.

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