Best Bathroom Scales. Prices And Offers

▷ The best bathroom scales. Prices and offers

Scales Bathroom scales – Buying Guide and Comparisons

If you do not know how to choose a good scales and do not want to run into any unsatisfactory purchase, grant us to give you some valuable advice about. Today the models on the market and there are many devices, both mechanical and electronic both, which may offer more useful features beyond the simple detection of body weight. We invite you now to take a look at Kamtron ZTC-B, an intelligent digital scale, designed for those who want to keep fit and always want to monitor their state of physical health. If you love the less technological devices, Medisana 40461 PSD could be for you. It is a mechanical scale with a vintage design that will meet the needs of the most nostalgic.

The 8 Best Bathroom scales Scales – Ranking 2020

If you read on, you will find those who in our opinion is the best bathroom scales of 2020. Find out where to buy the best-selling models on the web and evaluated which device can fully satisfy your needs.

Libra digital bathroom scale

1. Scale Weighs person Impedenziometrica Digital Wireless Intelligent

▷ The Best Bathroom Scales. Prices And Offers

If you are into sport and are looking for a good digital bathroom scales, the ZTC-B Kamtron model certainly will attract your attention. It is a cutting-edge device, thanks to an innovative technological system and practice app “Feelfit” (free download from Google Play and Apple Store), it can provide different data useful addition to body weight.

All information can be saved to smartphones or iPhone, so you’ll be able to constantly monitor your physical health status.

The machine detects accurately the body information, such as body mass index, basal metabolism, metabolic age, visceral fat, fat mass, lean, protein and bone.

If you follow a workout, the balance will allow you to view in real time all the effects of the exercises on your physique. If you just want to know your weight, we suggest you buy a simpler model.

The product price is in line with the number and quality of services offered and is accessible and beneficial.

Multifunction: Thanks to an innovative system of measurement, the scale is able to detect with accuracy less than 11 bodily values, so you can always keep under control your physique.

Practical: The device is devoid of switches and buttons. In fact it is sufficient to get on the scale to obtain the measurement of your weight, with annexes many other bodily indices.

Reliable: The model is well made and has a maximum capacity of 150 Kg. It is also highly precise and detects the weight with a margin of error of 0.1 Kg.

Sophisticated: The scale is easy to use but may be too sophisticated for those who want to detect only your own body weight.

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Mechanical weighing scale

2. Medisana 40461 PSD Bodyscale Mechanics with Retro Design

▷ The Best Bathroom Scales. Prices And Offers

If you’re looking for a traditional and mechanical bathroom scales, because you do not trust digital ones, the model 40461 produced by Medisana PSD could be for you.

It is an analog device with elegant design and retro, that does not need batteries to function and therefore does not require much maintenance.

The device structure is made of solid stainless steel and the weighing plate has a non-slip coating, so as to ensure adherence to the surface even when wet.

The weight display is clear and legible and is equipped with a manual controller to calibrate the zero lancet. Some users have complained that the scale must be reset frequently, because the indicator does not always realigns independently zero.

However the balance is efficient and performs its job well, although we can not count the product of those sold at low prices.

Design: The design of the model is retro and reminiscent of the old scales than once. This aspect revisited vintage allow you to place the device even in a modern setting.

Analog display: The clear analogue display is clearly visible, so you’ll be able to instantly detect the exact weight of your body.

Structure: The model is solid and durable and is made of stainless steel. The weighing surface is coated with a layer of non-slip material, to ensure maximum safety.

Indicator: At times, it may happen that after a weighing, the lancet does not realign in a precise manner to zero and therefore should be recalibrated with the appropriate manual regulator.

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Lay weighing scales

3. Lay Libra PS1054 Electronic weighing scale 180 kg

▷ The Best Bathroom Scales. Prices And Offers

If you want to control your weight but do not yet know which scales to buy, check out the electronic model PS1054 Lay.

The device comes with a sleek minimalist design made in Italy, making it an ideal piece of furniture to place in a modern home.

The device is simple to use, the LCD display is large and legible and switching on and off are automatic. The model works by using a replaceable lithium battery, so you can change it once exhausted.

The weighing plate is made of solid tempered glass 6 mm thick; there is also a conversion button unit of weight from kilograms to pounds and vice versa.

The device accomplishes well his duty, even if sometimes it might have a gap of 500 g and not be 100% accurate.

Ultimately it is an essential and functional balance, sold at a low price and advantageous, recommended for those who do not want to spend too much.

Price: It is an efficient and economical model, sold at a very attractive price, ideal for those who do not want to spend too much money on a scale.

Italian Design: The device has an all-Italian design, essential and minimal, suitable for all the houses decorated in a modern style.

Easy to use: The scale is simple and practical to use. In addition, the LCD display is large and easy to read.

Accuracy: Some users have found that during a weighing, the device could be inaccurate, until you have a gap of about 500 g.

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Libra scales Beurer

4. Beurer BF Special Edition Scale Diagnostics with flow rate, 180 kg

▷ The Best Bathroom Scales. Prices And Offers

By making a comparison between the various bathroom scales sold online, the model Beurer BF Special Edition has caught our attention for its good quality / price ratio.

The device is presented with an attractive modern design and a solid and reliable structure made of stainless steel.

The device is able to detect not only the weight but also the body fat mass index, the level of liquid, the muscle mass index and caloric requirements (AMR).

The scale allows you to transfer all the acquired data to a PC via a simple USB cable and special software “HealthManager” which allow you to monitor the state of your physical fitness. This way you can plan a workout and manage schematically your fitness progress.

The LCD display is clear and legible, although the data do not remain visible for a long time. On average, the device may have an error margin of 10%, however it is a good electronic product, sold at an affordable price.

Multifunctional: The scale has five levels of activity and is able to detect body weight, fat mass index, muscle mass index, fluids and energy requirements.

Data Storage: With the software “HealthManager”, guests can transfer all data purchases from your device on your PC, so you can store them and consult them in time.

quality / price ratio: The product has an attractive and modern design. The structure is made from solid stainless steel and the price is advantageous and accessible.

dispaly Timer: The data remain visible on the display for a short time, despite being shown twice.

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Libra scales Imetec

5. Imetec BS5 500 Bodyscale Electronics LCD

▷ The Best Bathroom Scales. Prices And Offers

If you are looking for an electronic compact scale to put in the bathroom, the model proposed by Imetec BS5 500 might meet your needs.

The device is designed with an ultra-thin design that does not take up much space and it goes well with a modern setting.

The LCD display is large and easy to read and thanks to the new “4G Sensor” detection system, the balance is able to acquire the body weight in a precise and immediate.

The weighing surface is made of tempered glass and has a maximum capacity of 150 kg.

The product runs on batteries (included in the kit); In addition there are two indicators, one of which will warn you when these are discharged and the other warns you if you are exceeding the maximum flow rate limit.

Be careful to place the scale on a surface that is level or you risk getting a given altered.

The price of the product is available, so you can take home a reliable measuring instrument without svenarvi.

Weighing system: The innovative “4G Sensor” technology allows the balance to detect the weight in an accurate and immediate.

Compact design: The device comes with a modern design and ultra-thin, ideal for those who want a compact and essential balance.

Robusta: The weighing base is made of solid tempered glass and has a maximum capacity of 150 kg.

Margin of error: If the balance is not placed on a perfectly flat surface, it may detect the body weight with a margin of error of 200 g or more.

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Libra scales Soehnle

6. Soehnle Comfort Select Bilancia Pesapersone, LCD

If you are looking for the best bathroom scales and are willing to spend a little more, the model produced by Soehnle Comfort Select 63760 could be for you.

The device of the invention is technologically advanced and is able to detect all the important bodily values ​​such as: body weight, fat mass index, the level of body fluids, muscle mass, the caloric requirement and mass index body (BMI).

All acquired data can be easily viewed on a wireless mobile terminal provided in the kit. You can also send information to your PC via USB connection system. At this point, the detected measurements can be managed on your computer through a practical software is provided on CD by the company.

The weighing surface is solid and durable and has a maximum capacity of 150 kg.

Unfortunately the price is quite prohibitive and could desist different users purchase.

Detection values: The balance is able to detect more bodily values ​​such as weight, fat mass index, fluids, muscle mass, the energy demand and the body mass index (BMI).

Portable Terminal: All purchases data from the device can be displayed on a practical mobile terminal, so you will have a way to keep under control the measurements at all times.

Data transfer: The captured information can be transferred to PC via USB cable and be managed easily with a special software provided by the manufacturer.

Price: Since this is a fairly sophisticated electronic balance, the product price is very high and therefore could discourage other users.

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Balance pesapersone Tefal

7. Tefal PP3020 Atlantis Bodyscale

You need an electronic scale for the whole family? Tefal offers an interesting model that could meet your needs.

Atlantis is a device with clear and legible digital display, capable of storing 4 different profiles, so you can monitor the weight of 4 users, without having to take notes.

The scale can automatically recognize the person who is using it and after having found the weight, indicates the difference with the one stored last time.

The unit is intelligent and is equipped with the ignition system and automatic shutdown.

Unfortunately, the display is not lit, so to view it you need to be in a lighted room.

The scale is rugged and can withstand up to 160 kg, although it must pay particular attention to the four corners of the glass base; an accidental collision against a wall could seriously damage the platform.

The instrument is reliable even if it is not the cheapest electronic model among those on the market.

Profiles can be stored: The scale can store up to 4 profiles, so you’ll be able to monitor your weight and compare it with the previous one.

Resistant: The device is manufactured with high quality, durable materials and the maximum flow rate is equal to 160 kg.

Energy savings: The device is equipped with an automatic ignition system on and off, so as to optimize the battery power consumption.

platform angles: The glass of the platform corners are not rounded, so it is necessary to pay attention not to bump the edges against the walls, in order to avoid damaging the device.

Display: The display is not lit, so to see the data, you should weigh yourself in a room with natural or artificial light.

Buy on (€ 28,47)

Libra scales Rowenta

8. Rowenta BS1063 premiss Bodyscale with Digital Plate Glass

If you do not want to spend much to buy an electronic bathroom scales, check out the model BS1063 premiss of Rowenta. The price of the product is profitable and competitive, and the performance is good.

It is a device thin and simple design, ideal to keep in the bathroom without taking up too much space.

The weighing pan is wide and is made of tempered glass, resistant up to 150 kg in weight. The surface is smooth and easy to clean, so you will not lose too much time for maintenance.

The device is equipped with an automatic shut-off function, not to run the risk of forgetting turned on. The LCD display is large and easy to read, and the lithium battery is long lasting and is included with the product.

Overall the balance works well, even if the measurement system may not be 100% accurate and be a bit ‘approximate, with a gap of about 0.5 kg.

Low price: The model is sold at a very cheap and competitive price, so it is ideal for those seeking an electronic scale of the cheap brand.

large Plate: The weighing pan is large enough and can withstand a maximum weight of 150 kg.

Display: The digital display for the weight display is clear and legible, and not have to get too close with his eyes to detect the measurement.

Accuracy: The balance performs its job well, even if the measurement is not really accurate and may vary from the actual weight of 0.5 kg.

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The bathroom scales have always been present in our homes, and even if they are simple measuring devices, over time followed a major technological evolution. The fact the market, you can find very sophisticated electronic models that are able to provide different physical data in addition to body weight.

The purpose of this guide is just to update users on the various devices on the market and their functions, so as to compare multiple products to find out which scale can be your choice.

Before purchasing a bathroom scale, it is good to understand what kind of data you want to detect during a weighing. If you have special demands, you could opt for a simple analog model with mechanical operation system that detects only your weight.

If you are a sports types and intend to constantly check the body values, you could choose a more complex and sophisticated electronic device.

In the market there are digital scales capable of measuring the body mass index, the level of liquids, the fat mass index, the energy requirements and many other useful values ​​to monitor their state of health.

For example, people who care so much the physical form, could be interested in a very precise model, capable of measuring more biometric data, which otherwise would need to calculate by hand.

Clearly those who follow the special diet, need to consider more body values, in order to better control weight and diet.

The market is also plenty of models equipped with sensors that measure heart rate.

Many modern scales can transfer data acquired on a PC, smartphone, iPhone, and other electronic devices. This makes it possible to process and store all the information, or send them to your dietitian or nutritionist to get professional advice.

In short, let us say that for balances, technological progress has had and continues to have some weight …

Whether it is an analogue or electronic scale, simple or sophisticated, different users attach great importance to the exterior of the device and therefore the design is a factor that should not be overlooked at all.

If you have a modern and well-finished bathroom, opt for a minimal and essential model, able to integrate well with the rest. Consider the shape, size and color of the product, so as to create a certain aesthetic harmony in the environment.

Many models come with ultra-thin design and compact, ideal for those who love the simplicity of objects.

If present in the bath are different elements and finishings in stainless steel, it is advisable to buy a device made also in the same material.

If you have classical tastes, your choice could fall on the more traditional scales, perhaps with analog weighing system.

In sales, you can find ultra-modern scales, classic, fun, retro, monochrome or color with vivid fantasies and turned on; the choice is very personal and it’s up to you to understand what product can do for you.

Another aspect not to be underestimated is the display to show the weight and other body values ​​acquired. People with poor eyesight and the elderly may be interested in the models equipped with large screens, and why not readable, backlit.

Regardless of whether it’s an analog or electronic scale, always opt for the devices with large display, clear and easy to see.

Clearly, in the electronic models, the smooth operation of the screen and all the weight detection system, is closely related to battery life. Usually certain types of scales are powered by lithium batteries; so make sure that they are replaceable or rechargeable by means of a suitable electric cable.

Make sure that the balance is safe and built with solid and resistant materials. Check on the data sheet of each device which is the maximum flow rate to avoid buying an unsuitable model for your needs.

Assess whether to choose a device with smooth weighing platform, padded or non-slip; clear the last of the three options it is the safest and most appropriate to avert untoward incidents.

By virtue of all parameters analyzed so far, get an idea of ​​scale which could fully meet your needs and take a look at our list of products so you can orient yourself on the most appropriate model to you.

How to fix a bathroom scale?

If you have a digital scale and find that the measurement varies greatly between a weighing and the other, probably the electronic system may have a fault.

Not always an error on the display or a malfunction is due to a serious injury or a manufacturing defect; often it is a small problem that you can solve by yourself without much alarmed.

The balance may need to be reset and re-calibration, so you need to reset all the default settings of the device.

First you need to turn off and on the device with the on / off button which will vary by location depending on the model. Usually, to reset the weighing system it is sufficient to overturn the appliance and wait approximately one minute to return to zero each value.

Make sure that the balance is resting on a stable, smooth surface, possibly in plan.

After this phase, check the correct operation of the device, weighing of the different objects of which you already know the exact weight, type of packs of 500 g of pasta or from 1 kg of sugar packs.

If the fault persists, contact the assistance company, if the model is still under warranty or a service technician.

How does the bathroom scales with body fat?

The scales that are capable of detecting the level of fat mass, thanks to a work impedentiometric system installed inside the device. In practice it is a device that emits a small electric current shock (harmless and imperceptible), which crosses the body and provides the balance a series of data that describe the entire physical composition in terms of muscles, bones and liquids.

The impulse starts from the weighing platform and it is precisely for this reason that it is necessary to climb on the barefoot device, so as not to block the passage of current through the body.

How much does a bathroom scale?

The price of a bathroom scale is closely related to the type of device, the quality of materials, the number of functions, trademark and design.

A basic model, which has only the body weight function can cost 15 to 20 euro. The situation is different if the principal service also add the memory of multiple profiles or impedentiometric detection of lean mass, fat mass, level of liquid, energy requirements, etc..

In this case the price of a good multifunction electronic model can start from € 25 to over € 100.

On the market there are also devices that can transfer data acquired on a PC, smartphone, iPhone, tablets and other devices. In practice today, the digital scales have become real computer, capable of monitoring all body values, especially useful to those who follow specific diets, those who make fitness and to those who practice competitive sport and not.

Once you understand how a regular bathroom scales are ready to monitor your weight and to constantly monitor your fitness.

All we have at home such a device but many fail to use it properly. Below we give some small suggestion to exploit this useful measurement tool in the best way, regardless of whether they are of an analog or electronic model.

Analog or digital?

The first rule to properly use a bathroom scale is to purchase a good quality model, because it would not make sense to acquire erroneous measurements from a poor and unreliable device.

Remember that digital scales are much more accurate than analog, although more delicate and less resistant.

On average, an electronic device is able to detect the weights with an accuracy ranging between 95% and 100%. Clearly we speak of good manufacturing products, tested by the market and appreciated by consumers to the performance efficiency.

For this reason, always read the reviews about the model you intend to buy and make an idea of ​​the characteristics of the device.

Use the same scale

When you weigh yourself, always use the same device, since the weight could vary from scale to scale and therefore could be confusing. This way you will follow the same data and you will have an exact idea of ​​the loss or increase in pounds.

This will be especially useful if you are following a diet or a workout and to have cognizance of any weight fluctuations.

This is an extremely important condition, as a balance, to function properly, it must be placed on a regular floor and above all devoid of gradients, which should be only to alter the measurement of the actual weight of the body.

In addition, the surface must be hard and not soft, because a little stable support does not allow the instrumentation to detect the data in a precise manner. For example, a scale resting on the carpet is never accurate and can distort the result of 10%.

As many measuring devices, also the scales may lose its accuracy with the passage of time and after many uses. Therefore we recommend to periodically check the appliance and the occurrence of reset to calibrate correctly.

Usually, it’s easy to do and often is stated on the instruction booklet of the model.

Unless you’re a competitive level of sports, who need to weigh yourself frequently, we suggest you to locate your weight once a week.

According to some scientific research would help not to be obsessed with weight loss and to better maintain their fitness.

In a nutshell, do not be a slave to the scale, but use it correctly to reach your goals.