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Dies – Opinions, analyzes and Buying Guide

If you love yourself in all its forms, but still do not know the material processing with dies, what you need is to take note of the information contained in this guide. To introduce this technique so varied and to give details about necessary tools and materials, we selected eight articles that we think are best for yield, quality and price. We also added more information to buy this item for you: among them anticipate Sizzix Flower Asian Thinlits Tine, a classic of this technique and a product that satisfies everyone. there is also Wowoss Dies for Felt Paper Star Shape, a true eight-piece set designed to Christmas decorations and more.

The 8 best buying – Ranking 2020

We begin our tour guide with some of the views of users about some examples of punches, which were among the best online.

Fustella per Sizzix Big Shot

1. Sizzix Thinlits Tine Asian Flower

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We start our guide to know how to choose a good punch, with this article signed Sizzix and obviously designed for all lovers of DIY. The model in question repeats the outline of an Asian flower size of about 5 x 1.5 cm.

The die is made up of different shapes you can choose from three combinations, depending on what are your project and your artistic desire. The company points out that it is cutting dies Sizzix Big Shot, but which can also be adapted to other models of the same brand.

The materials on which you can work are many, ranging from cardboard to cardboard, from various types of fabrics to aluminum, the felt some plastic types, provided that thin. For the precision with which this can be achieved, users consider themselves more than satisfied.

They observe that only a single pass may not be sufficient for the realization of a complete flower and that in most cases it is necessary to resort to subsequent steps.

To deepen what has been said now analyze what are the advantages and disadvantages of this, which is one of the best sellers of the web.

Accuracy: With a single step, clear and flawless, you can also get well-defined shapes with different materials.

Versatility: In this sense it is versatile dies for both the large number of compatible machines of the manufacturer, and the variety of materials with which to be able to make use.

Choice: If you are undecided and do not know yet what the best model for you, the company gives you the opportunity to choose between three different configurations.

Completeness: With a single pass you might not realize all the pieces that are needed for a complete flower and is therefore required, most of the time, a higher number of steps.

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2. Buying Wowoss for Felt Paper asteroid

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If all you have punches for felt and have intentions to make Christmas decorations and more, what you need is this article, chosen after careful comparison between different web offers.

It is eight metal stars of varying size, from the largest to smallest and suitable for different types of machine. The material used is high-carbon steel and this is rather hard and resistant, so that it does not lose its original shape after the various uses.

Users state that the best activity is that of embossing, especially by hand, because the final effect is not as accurate as typical of punches. The materials on which works best are precisely the felt, but also various types of cardboard and crepla rubber.

The only trick to have regard to the initial phase of the stars from one another division, which can be difficult. We enclose once again a list of the pros and cons of this article so popular on the web.

Size: If you are undecided about the type of construction and do not have clear ideas, with a single purchase you will receive at home eight stars of different sizes, in order to customize your creations.

Robustness: The material used for the construction of the stars is steel, so it is durable and long lasting even after prolonged wear.

Dual use: Whether you have a compatible punching machine, whether you prefer the hand-embossing, with this purchase you will have complete freedom of choice because it fits both uses.

Accuracy: The users argue that the net effect on the different materials is less precise than what can be achieved with similar products on the market.

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3. Tine Sizzix Bigz Christmas balls Retro Style Stainless Steel

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We continue with the search of the best punches of 2020 with another article Sizzix to use for Christmas. It is actually shapes inspired by the classic Christmas themes such as the characters of the Nativity, the stocking of the Epiphany or any other items that can be made to decorate the house during the holidays.

With a single sheet of paper in a short time you will achieve different shapes and once again it is confirmed the extremely high quality manufacturing company with regard to cutting precision, on many types of material.

As we saw in fact, this tool fits perfectly both on different types of paper, and on other materials such as thin aluminum or cork, so perfect in order to have maximum choice in terms of colors and materials.

The users are very satisfied and claim to have graced their home in a truly original way, although they expected larger for a final effect of surprise.

We describe as usual also its strengths and weaknesses and add the link to find out where to buy this, which is one of the best selling items online.

Accuracy: The company is once again confirming a guarantee with regard to the cutting precision and the total absence of burrs.

Compatibility: This item is compatible with different models of die cutting and so allows you to be able to make use from purchases made.

Variations: To give ample space to the imagination and to avoid monotonous achievements, the manufacturer offers several options to choose from, to decorate the most of your home during the holidays.

Dimensions: Those Molds are very small and allow realizations that often did not satisfy the users.

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4. Tine Sizzix Bigz poinsettia Ripped Stainless Steel Flowers Stracciati

If you are looking for punches flowers not just for Christmas creations, but also for small jobs throughout the year, Sizzix has once again what it does for you. Needless to say, the materials on which to work are among the most varied and that the dies are compatible with many models of the same company.

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The flowers that you will find vary in size from 7.9 x 7.9 cm and 2.5 x 2.5 cm. These Bigz dies are made of stainless steel and for this reason they have strong and also resistant to a distance of time.

According to users’ opinions it is a valid purchase and satisfying, which strikes for its precision cutting and the final effect on the various types of materials. The fact that they are fustelle antiwaste, namely that with a single passage can achieve a whole creation is certainly an advantage, on the one hand, but in certain cases compels the use of a single color.

This particular, according to the users, it is not always congenial to realization.

We see once again the strengths and weaknesses of this new article signed Sizzix.

Forms: For maximum versatility and creative for the undecided, once again the company offers many combinations so you can choose the best one for your needs.

Accuracy: The quality stainless steel and the guarantee of a company like Sizzix ensures that results are always very accurate on thicker materials and different from each other.

Dimensions: The final effect looks very minute and dimensions given online do not match up to those who then actually in the article are received at home.

Compatibility: Not always the models listed as compatible online so too were in fact, sometimes making unnecessary the purchase because it unusable on certain machines.

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5. Darice Folder Embossing Folders Embossing Mask Pois

We continue to search for the best web die with this article suitable for the practice of embossing and used with embossing technique. These are plates with embossed finish and polka dots, spaced about 1 cm from each other and from the diameter of about 2 mm.

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They are ideal to impress particular patterns of letters and envelopes from gift cards and have better performance on heavy card stock. You can choose between two different sizes, depending on what you intend to accomplish and in both cases the users say they are more than satisfied.

The only detail about the compatibility with die cutting machines that are much less than shown on the web; weigh up the size and specifications of your car and of this article, to confirm the fact whether they are suitable to your needs.

The final accomplishment is still impressive and allows you to create large and small DIY jobs in a simple and imaginative. We add as usual list of merits and faults of the just described.

Formats: If you’re not sure what you want to accomplish or if you want to experience the creations, the company allows you to choose between two formats, differing in size and therefore made on materials.

Quality: The final effect is, according to many, very impressive and the quality of work is precise and tidy.

Design: Users especially appreciate the arrangement and the size of the dots, making the creation of a real simple but elegant design work.

Compatibility: Think carefully about the measures of the mask and its thickness and compare it with the data of your punching machine, because the compatibility does not happen with all machines as described online.

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6. Santoro Gorjuss Fustella for Gorjuss Rosie paper 12 pieces

If you still do not know which die buy, but you have a passion for Gorjuss, take a look at the description of the article to see if it is the right one for you. It is a set of 12 pieces of punches theme and each made of steel in high quality carbon.

For this reason, the shapes will not change over time and the cut will always be as precise as the first use. The company lets you choose from many themes: you just have to combine them with each other, so as to achieve original creations and all yours.

The users are satisfied and have completed their work with other decorative items of the same company. But note that it is possible to use them exclusively with the paper and therefore the lovers of the felt or rubber crepla must give up the attempt. We add in the form of pro and cons list also of this article so popular on the web by Gorjuss lovers.

Theme: For lovers of this famous character and his adventures, these punches are the best way to achieve small themed creations, exclusively DIY.

Accuracy: The cut is precise and flawless, and allows you to create small operations with maximum results.

Material: If you love die cut with felt or other material, this article could not do for you because it only works with the paper.

Low prices: The fame of this character can be seen on the final price. The article in question in fact is certainly not the cheapest and, for the same amount and the possibility of realization, much less valid for other items on the market.

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7. Sizzix Thinlits Fustella Spazzola Capital Alpha

Ideal for small and large projects and to personalize gift cards, these dies are designed to recreate names and phrases with ease. Each letter is separated from the other, so you’ll have maximum savings in terms of waste because you can also use small scraps.

The line is Thinlits, so the materials that can be used are just as thin as paper and cardboard, although some users have noted that, even on very thin layers of felt or rubber crepla, the results are pretty good. You can optionally refine the whole with a cutter if the margins are poorly defined.

Compatibility with the Sizzix machines is maximum and the company cares to list them all, so that you are certain of the actual feasibility of your projects. The silhouettes of the size changes depending on the chosen letter and are around 2/3 cm in height.

We list what are the advantages and disadvantages of this article so popular on the web.

Savings: Since the letters are all disconnected from one another, you can use cutouts and small scraps for the realization of your work, thus minimizing waste.

Compatibility: Any Sizzix punching machine will be fine for buying these effects are excellent on each of these.

Definition: Some letters are unclear and the small size makes it not always easy readability.

Materials: Being an article Thinlits line, you can not make use of other materials except paper and cardboard, risking in some very fine layers cases of crepla rubber or felt.

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8. Sizzix Bigz Pro Tine shaped lantern

We conclude our research with a final punch that you can buy if you want to party in the construction of a small lantern. With a single cut in fact you will get a real box to be filled, that fits as a placeholder, candy and more.

The quality is typical of Sizzix and since this is an article of Bigz line, we already know that the majority of materials are well suited to cutting and shaping such as pressed cardboard, cardboard, but also leather or jeans.

The net effect is appreciated by most users only observe the final minute in size, that are not imaginable even by a careful reading of the instructions on the web.

Overall, however, a more than satisfactory article that has a higher cost compared to other products of the same company. We end as usual with a list of advantages and disadvantages linked to the purchase of this article.

Originality: Sizzix amazes still achieving a punch that alone is already a small building and you can embellish and customize your own way on many occasions.

Accuracy: The quality of the dies of this company is already known, but we want to stress once again that, with a single step, you will get a clean, neat shape.

Price: The total cost for an article of this type is quite high, especially when compared with other similar in the same category and brand.

Dimensions: The lantern is very small, so might not suit everyone’s needs.

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Identify what is the best die for you may not be easy, because in the market there is a wide range of specifications and variants which can often be confusing. With the description that follows, we want to identify the main characteristics, thus simplifying your choice and direct you to the right purchase.

Use punches to carve silhouettes on different types of materials requires a first punching machine. It is a kind of roller or press, inside which are going to enter the die, the layer of material chosen and other components designed to give thickness and vary from model to model.

The die is then no more than a hollow shape and cutting edge which, in contact with the underlying layer, it will create the most various forms. In the market there are several types of machines and it is important that you choose the most suitable to you.

These vary according to the size of the die to be inserted, the usable materials and the level of pressure that can reach. Of course, buying an advanced model can mean having great freedom in this sense, but it is very important that you have a look at compatibility with the various punches.

Buy a machine that allows a choice too limited silhouettes may not be the best idea and it is for this reason that it is important to inquire before on the die-machine compatibility.

Once you have purchased your machine punching machine you can pick with the choice of the best templates for your tastes and your accomplishments. The most common theme is certainly that of Christmas; flowers, stars, templates for the Epiphany decorations and stockings are just some of the models that you can find.

They will allow you no doubt realize placeholder or small thoughts for parties but if your passion for die-cutting also extends the time of year, you could find your way to floral arrangements, which allow the creation of real decks to be placed as centerpieces or other corners of your home.

Do not be afraid to experiment and combine however you like different components although from different kits. Some models then allow a single cut the realization of shapes that, once mounted, they make real 3D models of lanterns, small houses, gift bags and more.

What distinguishes a type of die other hand it is also the variability of materials compatible with it. Depending on how they are realized in fact, the dies can cut paper, paperboard or cardboard, and get up to the cork, leather, aluminum and more.

The greater the number of compatible materials and the higher the cost of the purchase, but it will certainly bigger your satisfaction, in seeing the creation realized on very different materials.

Groped to use punches for the paper pannolenci or cork can be difficult or sometimes useless, with the right level of pressure can be cut, but the margins will never be clean and free of inaccuracies as it should be.

Obviously, the compatibility of the materials is a fact that must be taken into consideration even in the phase of the machine choice itself because, as we have seen, not all models allow the same possibility.

In many confuse the technique of punching with that of the embossing. In fact, the materials and tools for both are similar, but what changes is essentially the final effect.

As we have seen, the die-cutting allows to cut in a single pass more or less large silhouettes on thin materials.

The goal is therefore to create forms that would be too difficult to cut with normal scissors and obtain silhouettes can sew or paste where most preferred. The embossing instead is a decorative technique that makes use, however, of a pressure machine, but that has not as a final product a shape or a form detached from the sheet that you are going to use.

The final effect is therefore that of a sheet, the same that have entered inside the machine, which will be imprinted on the imagination itself reported on for embossing mask that you have used.

Small dots, drawing the edge and more will figure so well imprinted on the foil portion of your choice and characterize in a unique gift cards, investments and so on.

A final aspect to keep in mind concerns the dimensions, in the broadest sense of the term. For although companies are very clear about the final size of the cut shape, it often happens that users remain unsatisfied because they are too small compared to what they expected.

Analyze well this data to be certain to choose the most suitable item to your realization and also keep in mind that is better than a die that allows the least possible waste of material and the widest freedom of placement of the shapes.

What are the punches?

The silhouettes punches are built with different materials which, through the use of a special machine, allow the creation of shapes and designs. The pressure of the machine on this shape and on the layer of material chosen causes this to be engraved by the sharp edge of the cutting dies.

For this reason it may also be made of stainless steel, so that even the commonest use do not go to deform them in any way. The shapes and sizes of dies can be varied and still need to be compared to the compatibility of the machine that you have or you want to buy.

How to Use punches without Big Shot?

The Big Shot is probably one of the best die-cutting machines currently on the market. Its quality is that it is compatible with most of the punches in circulation and with most of the materials.

However, in the absence of the latter, it is said that you can not make use of your punches, because many other machines performing the same task, albeit on less extensive scale.

Experts from the dinking also teach that, in the absence of suitable tools, press with force on ductile materials such as rubber crepla can lead to the same result can be obtained with the machine, especially on simple and inexpensive detailed silhouettes.

What cut the buying Thinlits?

About with machines and materials compatibility, Thinlits line Sizzix is ​​specific for all those sheets which are thin and light. For this reason it will be impossible to use them with leather or aluminum and will instead be very satisfactory the effect on paper, cardboard or possibly even thinner layers of felt.

In the latter case it may happen that you need to refine the edges with a utility knife or scissors for a cleaner effect and free of imperfections.

How do buying craft?

The construction of a craft punch is very complex and requires tools that are not always available except in specialized laboratories. For this reason that we propose are alternatives to new construction of a craft punch, but will have the same typical taste of DIY.

First, if your desire is to create a punch that has a fantasy or a personal design, there are some possibilities. Many specialty shops fact realize personalized punches and probably even the company website of the punching machine, you already have, deals with the same service.

What you need is the design of the size you require, which must be made with a special paint program and found easily on the web. The most famous is certainly Autocad, but there are different types and they are generally quite easy to use.

A more rudimentary solution, but in many cases can be of help, is to use the typical molds of cake design and going to make a lot of pressure on the layer of paper or cardboard that you have chosen to use.

Remember to protect the underlying surface and to use an intermediate layer which can be easily etched.

Finally our guide we list what are the steps to follow to make precise shapes and forms with your new punch. We will try to diversify the treatment according to the type of material and the chosen model and according also to those which are possible realizations.

Disposition of the layers

Each punching machine has its own rules in terms of layers and pressure. We know that consists of a real roll, very similar to what is used to make homemade pasta, and requires the entry of materials in a certain order.

After choosing the die, the material to be cut and having checked the compatibility of the latter with the same machine, you just need to arrange the layers in the most appropriate manner. The general rule is as follows: plexiglass layer, die-cut with the blade facing upwards, the material to be cut and another layer of plexiglass.

The two cited plexiglass layers are always included inside the package and have dimensions equal to those of the opening of the machine. They are used for safety reasons, which allows the entire structure to remain stable and steady during cutting.

It is not necessary to use sheets of cardboard and paper of the same size, it is crucial that the die is completely covered by the material chosen, so that the cutting takes place in a complete manner.

Use of the machine

Once you positioned everything you just need to proceed with the use of the machine. The models on the market can be vertical or horizontal, manual or electronic. In case you’re holding a manual model, it will definitely provide a handle which, when turned, will allow the flow of the layers.

In electronic models instead, this operation takes place thanks to a simple button and scrolling will start automatically. If you are using punches of different brands from that of your machine, it is possible that the total thickness is not sufficient or, on the contrary, is excessive for the slot you have available.

In these cases, you can adapt all using thick stock, or as replacement of plexiglass, both as an additional element if there was too much space between a roller and the other.

Finishes and details

At this point you should have gotten the final result. If the punch is of good quality and the materials are in good condition, the outline should be ready for use and automatically detach from the paper.

Otherwise you may need help with other tools to refine the contours or to facilitate the removal of the form from the rest of the sheet. A good technique to die but should make obtaining accurate shapes without any additional steps; if this does not happen, it means that the system is operating incorrectly.

It may be the lack of pressure, the lack of thickness or the wear of the materials to contribute to this eventuality and it is therefore important to always carry out a careful phase of maintenance and control of their instruments.