Best Controller For Ps4. Review

▷ The best controller for ps4. Review

Controller for PS4 – Buying Tips, Rankings and Reviews 2020

Every enthusiast PS4 player can not give up on having a good controller that is able to offer controllability and comfort during gaming sessions. The Sony Dualshock 4 is definitely one of the best selling online controller and comes with major improvements over its predecessors. The touchpad and integrated LED bar offer better control of the game and thanks to the ergonomic handle will be able to better enjoy your experience to gamers.

Players using the PS4 can not give up a valid controller to make the experience more exciting and engaging game. But which model to choose among those present on the market? Check out our guide to the review that make consumers compare prices and features and you will have a clearer idea on the most suitable controller to your needs and your budget.

▷ The Best Controller For Ps4. Review

worldwide reference point for the Playstation 4 is the latest of Sony controller, the DualShock 4, which records significant changes from the previous version. The players are instantly in love with improved manageability that comes from the redesigned ergonomic design that also ensures greater accuracy and control.

Even the motion sensor has been optimized to ensure an unprecedented sensitivity with previous models.

The buttons and levers have been modified and improved, for example L2 and R2 are curved, and the advantage for the player is far superior accuracy that helps to defeat the enemy because it avoids losing precious seconds to recalibrate the shooting or movements. Among the most obvious benefits to be mentioned the addition of entirely new keys like Share lets you share on Facebook snapshots or movies, even live, the game that you are playing to involve friends or other players.

Dualshock 4 is a wireless controller, but can also be used via a USB cable that also has the battery charging function.

Another new aspect is the high quality built-in speaker that, thanks to the incredible sound effects, helps to make the game even more realistic.

But the most outstanding feature is the touchpad, not present in previous versions, with which the player access to new game levels. The LED bar also makes the instantly recognizable characters and allows you to also know their health status.

For all driving games on PS4 optimum performance is achieved with a good steering wheel and the best brand for you might be the one that provides the best compromise between quality and price. The various brands – compatible with PS4 – compete on more land, for example, the design that in some models is extremely attractive and aggressive. In other cases, the steering wheel is appreciated, especially, for the upper level of the coating and for the comfort offered by the handle. The most demanding players sometimes feel the need to replace the pedals supplied with a high quality but, of course, you have to be willing to put your wallet.

The levers of the integrated exchange should be durable and always very fluid but there is the possibility to integrate the manual transmission – sold separately – for an even more realistic driving.

▷ The Best Controller For Ps4. Review

Although the Sony is the brand to the top of the ranking of the top selling controller to the world, is not the only one present. The same Japanese company has partnered with other companies to create special models designed for professional players.

These controllers, while maintaining the Sony classic lines, however, have the particular characteristics such as, for example, additional triggers and removable levers, which ensure a response of the upper keys and contribute to improve the overall experience of the game. You can also set custom profiles and modified to adapt the controller to the individual player style.

▷ The Best Controller For Ps4. Review

The new Dualshock 4 presents interesting new features compared to previous models, especially the touchpad and integrated LED bar. Only with these two precautions to ensure a totally different game level which ensures greater control and involvement.

Main drawback

The analog sticks may wear out faster than you would expect.

The controller has been completely redesigned and now appears more comfortable and easy to maneuver, thanks to the new design and optimized key. The Share button lets you share a picture or video, also live on Facebook to involve friends and other players like never before.

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Description Main

Touchpad and lightbar

Enthusiasts have found the new controller PS4 Dualshock 4 a valuable ally. Advancements over previous versions are significant and help to make the game more captivating experience. For this reason it is one of the best selling models and appreciated by the players.

The major innovation compared to previous is the presence of the touchpad, placed instead of the Select and Start keys. The advantage is that now the control is even more precise and, moreover, are possible entirely new ways to play and interact with games.

The touchpad is transparent and one can see a bright light bar – another powerful innovation – which further extends the options available to players. The old controller appear now very outdated and belong to another era. The bar is illuminated differently according to various game situations. Thanks to LEDs, today it is possible to identify more easily the different players: the light matches the color of the characters so that you can find in a much more intuitive. Not only that, with this innovation, the player can now see information about the health of his character and know, for example, if he was injured severely.

▷ The Best Controller For Ps4. Review

According to most reviews of Playstation 4 fans, the times when your character ran in the wrong places and aimed to unwanted targets for endless seconds, those critical of the most exciting phases of the game are over. And all this thanks to the new buttons and levers that have been optimized – L2 and R2 are now curved – and allow you to control the actions of the game with greater accuracy than ever before.

Important innovations compared to previous models have also affected the six-axis motion sensor – in particular, three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer – which ensures maximum sensitivity, being able to intercept every little movement and rotation of the Dualshock 4.

Even the new ergonomic design of the controller that has been redesigned allowing a more comfortable and secure grip that results, ultimately, in better control of the movements and actions of the game.

Another great innovation found on this controller is the presence of the Share button – at the top, left corner of the touchpad – which allows you to take pictures and videos of the most significant moments of the game and share them on Facebook. Not only gaming but also clips already gone live video; all at the press of a button and without interfering at all with the current game. It is a trick much appreciated by players who can increase the fun because it can involve simply friends and other enthusiasts.

Other characteristics

The advantages of the new Dualshock 4 did not end there. It should be pointed out, for example, the new design is not only ergonomic and more functional as mentioned, it is also more attractive from an aesthetic point of view. Its matte finish makes it more elegant and also is available in a wide range of colors to choose the one closest to your own tastes.

Among the features that most impressed the players should also be remembered that the new engine produces multiple vibration improved able to ensure greater involvement and expression.

It is striking, then, the quality of the built-in speaker that is capable of producing significant sound effects both when it is connected to a TV that to the controller. Thanks to the input 3.5 mm jack for headphones, you can also listen to the voice clarity of friends in voice chat and grasp more clarity the details of the game like shooting or other noise for a more immersive and engaging entertainment.

As for connectivity, the Dualshock 4 is a wireless controller and uses Bluetooth technology but it can also be used with traditional cable with micro-USB and USB output. Not only by connecting the controller cable – not included in the package – the Playstation same or another source you can recharge simultaneously with great comfort.

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The presence of next-generation console market has set in motion videogame fans of the first and last time. For those who want to buy a second controller to share a challenge in local or online mode, we have included in those notes key points for a correct use of the game support.

▷ The Best Controller For Ps4. Review

Check compatibility

At the time we suggest you pay attention to this possibility in the technical specifications of wired or wireless controllers in question. Not all models are suitable and are recognized by the console.

Connect the controller to a power source

In order to maximize the power of the device it is to verify that the internal charge is at maximum or in such an extent as to allow to play the necessary time.

Do not soiled or wet the controller

Be careful not to play or use the pad with wet and dirty hands. In the long run the remnants of dirt and cloying or greasy substances can ruin the inserts and preclude the proper operation of the controls.

Make sure the device has been recognized

For those using the WiFi models sometimes it happens that the connection has problems. Before thinking about a change of media that you check the battery status and connection signal is working.

Do not scratch the touchpad

Do not use pens or pinned materials in the sensitive zone to the touch, you might spoil the surface sensitivity in a definitive way.

Follow the instructions

The controller allows you to change parameters and console settings. Understanding well the proper operation of the keys and buttons can help you to better customize the game experience, navigating through menus and apps.

Make use of the wireless mode

If you disconnected from the power cord that connects to the console, it is possible for those who have purchased a WiFi controller eliminating the wire and cable problem, playing any distance will. Use this feature if you want more freedom of movement in all phases of the game.

Use the analog sticks

For a gaming experience more immersive and precise we encourage, where possible, to take advantage of the two levers to control the middle or your digital alter ego in the course of a game. The commands and the simplicity of certain actions it will benefit.

Check the color of the LED

With the addition of a brightness line placed in the lower part of the pad, the user can monitor the status of his own player and identifying from the color profile which has been linked.

How to load the PS4 controller?

In the models without cable, but there is a mini USB port, much like those encountered in smartphones. Usually you simply insert the plug in the space provided and connect the USB to a wall charger. In the case of Sony controller should turn on the LED so as to signal that the media is charging. Then there are also ad hoc basis, which act as dedicated charger for the controller in question.

How to connect the second PS4 controller?

Whenever you want to connect a new controller is necessary to go through the recognition of the same by the system. Therefore in case of a new connection must plug the cable into the USB port of the PS4 and then wait for the console identifies support. Make sure the console is turned on when you insert the cable for the recognition.

How to eject a disc from PS4 controller?

The procedure is simple and does not involve special maneuvers. First, press the PS button on the controller. You will enter the console management screen.

With the arrow keys you must at this point select the image of the inserted disc and press the Options button. This will open on the right a screen with different voices. Always select with the arrow keys one that says Remove disc and you’re done.

How to connect the PS4 controller to the PC?

For those who wish to take advantage of the controller also on the computer, for those who want to go directly to the USB connection you do not have to anything but a free socket on your computer or laptop. Once in fact connected to both Steam is another application such as playstation now recognize in a few minutes the controller. For those banks which wish to go via wifi will have to purchase a dedicated adapter separately.

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PS4 Controller compatible with the PC

1. PowerLead Controller wireless per PS4

Among the purchasing advice we have decided to include a place clearly in this model. Made with care and with the desire to get as close as possible to the PS4 controller compatible with the PC, the object right now returns a good feeling when challenged. The fingers reach without too much trouble is the front buttons and those backbones.

The same organization of Shares and Options buttons and D-pad looks to the original model Sony. Also present was the central touchpad for precise touch control and 3.5mm input for headphones. 3D acceleration and the internal gyroscope help regulate the power, with a level of versatility that works in both a shooter and during a race track.

The presence of two small motors, finally ensures the vibration effect, with a feeling of presence and movement that the game is going to be transmitted directly to the hands.

Design: The line chosen by PowerLead respectfully emulates the shape of the original controller PS4. The feel of the keys and the precision of the analog sticks do not disappoint even the most hardened gamers.

Connectivity: With the Bluetooth 2.1 protocol, the controller connects to the console in a moment, so start playing and have fun gaming experience, comfortable and uninterrupted.

Price / quality: In terms of convenience, the PS4 controller keeps its promises. Thus was a winning combination between investment and results once challenged the pad. Excellent and backward compatibility with the PS3 and laptops and desktop PCs.

Vibration: For those accustomed to the type of vibration offered by the Sony model, the response and the presence of this controller may be less restrictive and more powerful than the original.

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2. BuFan PS4 Controller USB

Good compromise between quality and durability, the PS4 Pro controller is characterized by the presence of a USB connection cable. The length is 1.8 meters, so as to be convenient for those who are used to playing from a distance. The structure and the line is more rounded than the original Sony controller, recalling in some ways the most from Microsoft pad.

With the exception of a design that moves away from the classic, there are the two analog sticks, the cross and the four directional keys. The rear part then also found the two triggers and the upper frets. The coloring of the keys in the central part draws on the opposite color of the original fees.

This way the player is not likely to be confused and maintains good control in every phase of the game. It is thus a good pad in comparison with others sold on line ensures several hours of play alone or with friends.

Versatility: One of the most interesting aspects emerges the good connectivity, realized through the USB connection and a cable along the right.

Answer: The buttons return a precise feedback, which corresponds to that of the original model. Speech also similar for the analog and the shoulder buttons levers.

Convenience: For those who want a second controller, BuFan model represents a balance between spending and performance in the match. After connecting the USB cable to the console, the pad is recognized immediately and you can begin the game.

audio jack: unfortunately the missing link that allows you to connect headphones to the pad, so as to hear even better the game audio without disturbing other people in the house.

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3. Scuf Infinity 4PS Pro Knights Controller PS4

The search for the maximum level of customization and design of a controller, has found one of its most effective incarnations in the Infinity Pro 4Ps model. Among the best of 2020 controller, represents excellence in the construction sector, with a series of adjustments without They may be missing in a product for real Pro gamers.

Thanks to the EMR system, SCUF has developed a technology with which it is possible to literally remap each of the eight buttons on the pad. In this way each player can go to create a specific profile, more suitable for a racing game or a shooter.

The analog sticks can be modified, with the upper part concave or convex, and the variable height so as to bring it closer to the base. In the area of ​​the cross-directional you can be placed an additional ring made of rubber, thus improving adherence and precision of movements.

constructive Excellence: The pad is one of the spearheads of the American brand. One aspect which once again demonstrates the excellent work done during the design phase.

Customization: Several items that the user can change, thus giving a very particular and unique look to the own controller.

Answer: All the buttons and levers to behave better during a game. Thus we see the great work done and the results at your pad.

Costs: The cost to bring home a gem like this could render desist fans and the hardcore gamer. For the few and not for everybody, so we could summarize the object level.

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4. Sony PS4 VR Aim controller

Among the best controller of 2020, the VR Aim model offers an attractive line and a choice of game that situated in the comfort of the support and in the rendering in game two distinctive points and two winning note. The ergonomics of the design heightens the sense of involvement of the player, plus the typical controls of a classic pad PS4.

Lightness is another point to consider, and which promotes the feeling and the feeling during every game. Do not miss then also the vibration. The connection to the console occurs rapidly, thereby making this device an essential element for those who love the titles designed for virtual reality.

The shooter and the first person shooter are fully included in this category, so if you want to launch yourself into the challenges the controller PS4 Aim controller is the object that might actually be for you.

Line: The form recalls in every way to take up a weapon to be conveniently to make a clean sweep of virtual opponents.

Interface: When connected it is immediately detected by the console and can be set in a few moves. In addition, it also presents the different buttons that are found on a classic controller.

Entertainment: In combo with the VR helmet, Aim controller proves an object for which definition is the best leisure and entertainment. Once connected with titles designed gives each game a unique feel and un’immersivita.

Optimization: it complains a reduced ability to better manage aim for titles that do not allow a practical adjustment of values ​​and centering the internal gyroscope.

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5. Nacon Compact Controller Blu  PS4

Very similar to his older brother to Sony brand, the pad is configured as a compact solution, with the addition of certain compactness that does not hurt and which is a distinctive note of PS4 Nacon controller. Very interesting coloring in blue, with a vibrant hue and a cable with a maximum length of three meters.

In the front we find the Sony logo and the Share and Option keys. At the center of the touchpad then stands by good flowability, while in the left part there is the cross directional and one of the two analog sticks.

The surface is soft touch, designed to return the best fit and does not tire the player’s hand even after several hours of play. The two engines, located in the lower part of the pad close to the fingers, return the right vibration depending on the type of game that you are facing.

Dimensions: Already as its name indicates, is seen as the controller almost completely reflects the size and measurements of the classic Sony pad. A compact but detract from the pleasure in the game.

Settings: The choice of the support for soft touch and a series of buttons and comfortable keys and placed as in the original, greatly simplify the life of the player, which is so comfortable.

Build Quality: The brand is among the few to maintain logos and symbols Sony home. In fact Nacon was responsible for the construction of the controller under license from the Japanese parent company. These aspects are reflected on the impact the final and I fully confirm expectations.

dorsal Keys: The choice of the brand to produce these parts in shiny material has led to the formation of small signs that are seen against the light and that not everyone liked.

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6. Sony Dualshock 4 Controller PS4 V2

If you are wondering how to buy a good controller for PS4, the choice of an original product labeled Sony could put in place and prevent surprises and compatibility issues.

In this case the model is the PS4 V2 controller, where the letter and number indicate the most recent version, and with improvements in that time have involved the object. Speakers and built-in touchpad, with the entrance to the ear as well as benefit from a super immersive audio.

The loading of the controller has been improved, with reduced timing and a reading system and reliable wireless connection and stable. The rear part which houses most of the hands is made with a rougher texture, so as to promote and maintain the best match in the socket.

Materials: The Sony brand has created an object that is accompanied calmly to the classic pad, with many small improvements that can make a difference to some competition.

Connectivity: The system of connection between the console and controller uses the wireless network to provide the user the maximum freedom.

Settings: The different settings, as well as capture screen images and sharing via the Share button, are comfortable and intuitive than ever.

No USB cable: The lack of this cable in the package for loading has forced some users to opt for a stopgap solution with which to address the problem.

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7. Razer Raiju Controller Officer’s Playstation Game 4

With a control system of triggers and a typical construction quality of the Razer brand, it includes the success of the controller between the most demanding players. Reliability which is also accompanied by a wired connection that relies on a strong thread and the ideal length for casual players as well as for professional e-sports.

The quality of aluminum and steel, materials chosen to provide the ultimate in strength and tightness in the game, allows you to manage and try different styles, from the quiet of a strategic shift, through the most hectic of a brawler or a racing game.

The brake system of levers and the Hair Trigger mode of this PS4 Razer controller further favor the personalization and the game mode.

Build quality: Razer has realized a solid controller, with the presence of four additional keys, so as to access the different screens passing from a personalization system.

Audio: The attention to a high-end product, can also be seen from the socket 3.5mm. On the one hand you can use it to connect the gaming headphones, the other functions as a microphone for multiplayer games.

Ergonomics: The choice of the shape and amplitude of the controller are the ideal extent that comfort and seal in the game coexist perfectly.

Familiarity: Emerges as the product needs some time to tune in to the player, given a slightly larger shape and ergonomics to be approached with care.

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Cover per controller PS4

Pandaren Studs silicone non-slip cover

Not everyone loves the materials that make up the Sony controller. This is why choosing a product that wraps around the main body, giving better grip and a more reliable grip, certainly does not hurt. Pandaren proposes on this line, a silicone cover that wraps the controller like a glove.

In the lower zone, in correspondence with the fingers holding the pad, they are inserted zones in relief, so as to stop the best hand. In addition, the cover also carries a pad protection function, which is also less exposed to the risk of scratches and bumps.

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