Best Drones. Comparison

▷ The Best Drones. Comparison

Drone – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

The drones are now between us and more and more people start to use them not only for labor issues but also for sheer fun. To meet the needs of the market have sprung up online so many manufacturers and devices. If you do not have time to read all the reviews you can consider the products of our comparative table, including Parrot find Anafi, drone designed for those who want high-quality video through support to 4K and the High Dynamic Range, and DJI Mavic 2 Pro, which costs not exactly cheap but among the most professional products on our list, with Hasselblad lenses and quiet engine that can push the drone up to 71 km / h.

The 8 Best Drones – Ranking 2020

1. Parrot Anafi Base Drone con Videocamera HDR 4K

▷ The Best Drones. Comparison

One of the most interesting devices from those being sold online is the new Parrot drone Anafi, defined as the best device for quality / price ratio by users who have got to try it. It is available with different sets of accessories, the basic one, with drone and remote control, as extended, which includes a carrying case, batteries and additional propellers and finally the work with additional replacement batteries never run out of battery life.

Taking into account just the sets available, you can understand that it is a professional product, designed for those who must make quality shots. The on-board camera allows photos to 21 megapixels with a 2x digital zoom without loss of resolution and video in HD and Ultra High Dynamic Range.

The USB-C intelligent battery ensures a full 25 minutes of flight, also thanks to the lightness of the drone equipped with ultra compact carbon frame.

Skycontroller: The remote control which engage the smartphone is compact and foldable, with a capacity of up to 4 km and two hours of battery life. You can also just use the phone via the application Freeflight 6.

Ultra HD: The quality of photos and videos is extremely high. The latter may be registered in 4K keeping all the details and the colors guaranteed by the High Dynamic Range.

Design: The appearance of the drone is breathtaking thanks to a carbon shell lightweight and ultra compact, detail from which one can easily perceive the professionalism of the product.

Stability: While under normal conditions the product will be able to fly without problems, some users reported instability in windy conditions also just two meters from the ground.

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Second DJI Mavic 2 For Drone Quadcopter

▷ The Best Drones. Comparison

Among the offers that you find in our ranking, the product DJI Mavic 2 Pro falls into the category of the most expensive ones. The reason is very simple, we are facing a professional drone, thus suitable for all those who need a high-tech device.

The Mavic Pro 2 is indeed equipped with a Hasselblad camera L1D-20c, with HNCS for taking 20 megapixel aerial photos, retaining definition, realistic colors. Taking advantage of design improvements that reduce the power consumption and noise while in flight, the UAV is able to fly smooth and quiet, to achieve spectacular movies in 4K.

To view them, you can connect it to a TV screen that supports Ultra HD technology and 10-bit HDR panel to play with the right shades of color, brightness and contrast points that distinguish the High Dynamic Range. The package includes, in addition to the drones, remote control, two extra control stick, intelligent flight battery, three pairs of low-noise propellers, chargers and adapters for micro and Type C USB cables, a respectable endowment.

Autonomy: The Mavic Pro 2 has a range of 31 minutes to a maximum speed of 72 km / h, a high-performance product for all users who need long-backs to large spaces for documentaries videos.

Camera: The Hasselblad L1D-20c is equipment that could be called luxury, considering that this is the same company that provided the optics for space missions, especially those of the Apollo program.

Endowment: The package contains an equipment respectable with remote control, extra control stick, battery, low noise propellers and all necessary connection cables for connection.

Price: The cost of DJI products, being a professional drone, is very high and should therefore be considered only by those who must make a specific use.

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3. DJI Mavic Air Drone pieghevole, Video 4K

▷ The Best Drones. Comparison

The drone DJI Mavic Air, if we make a comparison with the Mavic Pro 2, it may be slightly dated in terms of design. However do not be fooled by the exterior as it is equipped with onboard instruments of exceptional quality from the integrated camera with CMOS sensor and 12 megapixel lens with an equivalent focal distance of 24 mm.

The internal software of the drone is able to unite 25 pictures in 8 seconds to create a 32 megapixel spherical panoramic, and much sharper impact than individual, a characteristic that those who love the scenery from above will find extremely interesting.

In addition to taking quality photographs, Air Mavic satisfies lovers of movies since you can record video in HD Ultra, both at 30 FPS is in slow motion. The DJI device thus able to earn a place among the best of 2020 drones.

Ultra HD: For those who want to record video in 4K, Air Mavic proves one of the most interesting drones by the recording to 100 Mbps. It is excellent for taking pictures with HDR algorithms that regulate the exposure depending on the lighting conditions.

Memory: The drone has a slot for microSD cards, however, if they do not have it and this fills quickly while the device is in flight, you can take advantage of internal storage space of 8 GB.

Overviews: The most interesting feature of the product is definitely the one to take photo spheres of the landscape by combining 25 shots and returning an image of 32 megapixels.

Battery life: The battery has a long service life, as reported by consumers is around 16 minutes. If you want to achieve long video in one session may not be the drone suit your needs.

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4th DJI purely Tello Mini Drone

▷ The Best Drones. Comparison

Afterwards we have a mini drone once again proposed by DJI. The cost came in a band that could be called entry level, this is not a toy but does not offer professional services, revealing a good choice for anyone who is approaching for the first time to the world of drones.

Ryze Tello can be used to transmit video at a maximum resolution of 720p, the classic HD and 5 megapixel aerial photography. To control it you will not necessarily need a remote control, but you can use your smartphone with the free app TELLO. Among the advantages of the device users they have stressed the small size and the weight of only 80 grams, factors that make the drone easy to carry with.

If on the one hand the weight content is an advantage, on the other hand one must also take into account the weather conditions, therefore being too light will not fly in the presence of strong wind. There is not an internal GPS system, heed therefore not lose sight of it.

Low prices: The cost of Ryze Tello allows us to enter the drone in an entry level without considering it as a simple toy.

Photos and videos: The first can be taken with optics 5 megapixel while the latter can be recorded and sent to your smartphone in a maximum quality of 720 pixels.

Smart: To control the drone will not need any remote control, just use your smartphone after installing the app free Trello.

Geolocation: Not having an internal system of GPS, lose sight of the drone could be a gamble because if the battery becomes depleted, it would be very difficult to find him.

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5. Potensic T25 Drone GPS Camera 1080P Professional

▷ The Best Drones. Comparison

The drone FPV Potensic and one of the best sellers on the market, thanks to its competitive price and can be used easily even by less experienced without the fear of being able to inadvertently destroy a device that costs thousands of Euros. One of the most interesting additions that you can hardly find on drones of this price, is the onboard GPS, through which you can get accurate information about the drone location for safekeeping. The RTH function, which stands for Return to Home, automatically returning the drone at the base when the battery is low or the signal is weak during the flight.

A board is mounted an HD camera with a resolution of 1080p adjustable up to 75 degrees downward with wide angle lens 120 °. Less exciting is instead the flight time, which is around 10 minutes.

RTH: The Return to Home feature is very welcome because it allows you to focus on the shoot without keeping an eye on the battery level. The drone will come home as soon as the level will drop below a certain threshold.

GPS: Being built will not have to be afraid of losing the drone, you can always check the last recorded position to recover it.

Full HD: The recording of video in 1080p is an advantage that not many other drones in the same price range can match.

Battery life: The battery lasts for about 10 minutes and takes 24 hours to recharge. So this is not a drone for people who must do a lot of takes in a day because you can not replace the battery with a spare.

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6. Syma X5SW 4CH 2.4G 6-Asse Giroscopio RC Wifi

In a much more accessible price range than the previously viewed products are the drone Syma X5SW. The onboard camera is 0.3 megapixel, we must not therefore expect quality photographs. You can send photos and videos recorded through Wi-Fi, connecting to an iOS or Android smartphone even if it is not the main application.

The purpose of the drone is to act as an aid for learning to fly with these devices, you will not have to load any lithium battery but it will be enough to insert four AA batteries in the compartment to power the drone.

According to the opinions expressed by consumers it can not be used in the presence of wind because of its light weight and little resistance to atmospheric phenomena. Who is still uncertain which drone buy because they do not want to spend too much, then you might consider the product Syma. To find out where to buy X5SW you can click the link below.

Wireless: The drone in question is equipped with Wi-Fi for the transmission of photos and videos recorded smartphone while in flight. It should be recognized that they do not have an excellent quality.

Autonomy: To be a low-end drone has good durability, it speaks of about 10 minutes with four AA batteries. To avoid high consumption is recommended the purchase of rechargeable batteries.

Price: The very low cost allows us to consider the Syma apparatus as a gift for their children, who can play well in flying a drone without too much effort.

Remote control: According to users the remote control does not take place in a very simple and intuitive, causing some problems then during flight.

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7. Helifar H803 Drone for Children

Being a children’s drone, the H803 Helifar has a very low cost, which allows us to qualify it as the cheapest product on our list, ideal for those who want to make a gift to their children or simply want to try without spending a drone that go beyond the hundred euro.

The device is equipped with an infrared detection to avoid obstacles to 10 centimeters in distance, thus avoiding collisions that could damage it. Although you can control it with a remote control is not strictly necessary since the drone can be launched into the air and begin to fly autonomously, in case the device is still in the air it can move forward bringing the hand to the drone that identify an obstacle , it will move in the opposite direction.

So this is a fun game for children rather than a professional device. The package includes two batteries and spare propellers.

Low prices: Hardly able to find a cheaper drone that proposed by Helifar, the ideal choice if you have children who want to play with such devices.

Controls: To control the drone can use the included remote control or just use your hands thanks to infrared sensors that comes with that also allow you to not hit objects.

Dimensions: You can define a mini drone in effect since it can fit in the palm of your hand. Convenient to carry around without taking up space.

Connection: Attention to use the product outdoors because some users have complained about the loss of connection with the remote control, which has led the drone to fly away on the same trajectory.

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8. Drocon Bugs 3 Powerful Brushless Motor Quadcopter

He could not miss on our list a drone for GoPro, and specifically designed to support an action cam quality for photo and video recovery from the high resolution. Bugs 3 Drocon has a maximum duration of 20 minutes in a conservative mode while in normal use the autonomy conditions is reduced to about 15 minutes, if we consider that satisfactory products from the cost even double fail to achieve the same duration due to the camera internal.

You will not need to buy a support for installing the cam action since it is already present and installed in the lower part of the drone, not only compatible with GoPro but Xiaomi, Xiaoyi and other popular brands.

According to reports from consumers, the drone is free of stabilizer, which makes it difficult to control, so you have to have a bit ‘of experience to avoid damaging both the drone is the action cam.

Brushless: The absence of brushes for the engine is a valuable because it increases its service life, reduces maintenance and does not emit the same noise of a motor with brushes.

Autonomy: The duration is more than satisfactory, we speak of 20 minutes in a conservative mode and 15 minutes at medium-high speed.

Economic: Being devoid of inner camera, the device is much cheaper than proposed by others brand. If you have a GoPro or similar proves to be a good buy.

Controls: The drone is not one of the easiest to fly, you have to have a bit ‘of previous experience to manage it better because of the absence of stabilizers.

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If you have never used one of these products and do not know then how to choose a good drone, please keep in mind our purchasing tips to avoid wasting your money.

Choosing a drone can not be done randomly, but you have to consider first the destination of use. If you are a novice who just want to learn to fly with one of these trinkets, you can opt for devices very low cost, with no more than about 50 Euros.

Keep in mind, though, that the drones in this price range are little more than toys, with a reduced range of about 10 minutes and without the ability to take pictures and video satisfactory. The drones low-end, therefore, are also ideal as gifts for children, who may play without the fear of breaking a device to several hundred euro.

In the next price range, one that goes from 100 to 200 Euros, are the drones that can be considered entry level. Such devices are usually equipped with camera and camcorder able to record video in HD, or 1,280 x 720 pixels, or even in Full HD, 1,920 x .1080 pixels. Autonomy is not much higher than the drones lowest cost, even in this case we are talking about products that can stay airborne for about ten minutes.

However, the difference lies in the technology used. The most efficient are in fact equipped with onboard GPS, for ever figure out where the drone even if the battery drains completely. In this way you will not have the fear of losing it, but you can just check the last recorded position to achieve it.

To control them, usually you use your smartphone connected to a remote control provided by the manufacturer. By downloading the application reference you can manage various settings and take pictures and video to be saved in the internal memory of the drone or on a microSD card if this is supported.

The drones entry level are intended for people who want to start using these devices so amateur, for the overhead shots or to learn to fly with the most advanced tools, thus ensuring greater stability of flight.

The drones that exceed € 400, may generally be regarded as professionals drones. Such products are distinguished from other categories for the quality of the materials with which the body of the drone is made, usually with compact and light metals, advanced on-board systems and high autonomy.

On drones of this price range you can find quality optics, capable of recording video in 4K or Ultra HD and support for the high dynamic range for bright and rich color shots. The batteries are extremely high performance, usually with a duration of not less than 20 minutes, in order to sustain prolonged flight sessions with overhead shots.

The choice of the most suitable product for your needs, therefore, does not pass only the price but also for the characteristics of each single drone. If you are still undecided power can browse our reviews, which found higher. We have analyzed the most popular products by consumers, highlighting pros and cons to further simplify the choice.

How much is a drone?

The cost of a drone is highly variable, it can range from a few tens of euro to over one thousand. To choose one suited to your needs please read our buyer’s guide that you can find more about. If you have no time to lose, it’s good to know that products that are priced below 100 Euros can be considered children’s toys, the ones that go from 100 to 300 Euros are drones entry level, for those who want slightly higher performance, perhaps with cameras and onboard GPS. Finally, the drones that exceed 400 euro are considered professional and should be taken into account by those who need quality shots and great stability and autonomy during flight.

How long does a drone?

The duration or autonomy of a drone in flight phase depends greatly on the type of battery used by the device. Those who use high-capacity batteries, usually professional products, can be up to 25 minutes of battery life while the products that use simple AA or AAA batteries, typically have terms ranging from 5 to 10 minutes.

How does a drone?

The drone of an operation is very simple, it is a sort of miniature helicopter usually provided with four or more propellers. Please turn it on via a remote control, you can do it off the ground and ensure that it starts to fly. The commands are given via bluetooth connection or wi-fi, so the more powerful must be the indoor module and the greater the distance reached by the drone without losing the signal.

In addition to flying, the drones can also be used to take photographs and record video. Some have support for external cameras, such as the action cam, while others, usually the more expensive ones, have their own optics that are always remotely controlled by the remote.

How to build a drone?

If you buy a drone ready for use not for you and you are interested to build one from you, you’ll have to set you up to a lot ‘of work, a lot of patience and you need to buy. First, it is important to choose the body of the device, also called “frame”. These can be “+” or “x”, between the two does not change much if the aesthetics, feel therefore free to choose the one that suits you best.

Switching to electronic components, we must obtain a esc, four engines for the propellers, a battery, a control board, propellers and a remote control. With everything you need at hand, you must first food esc, connecting it to the control board, while the latter is then connected to the battery. The other end of the ESC is then connected to the four engines that will operate the propellers. The last step is to perform the flight configuration, during which you will have to choose a flight software, like MultiWii.

If you purchased your new drone but do not know how to use it, do not lose heart since it is much simpler than it may seem. First you have to make sure the battery is charged. then Power the drone with the USB cable or, if you have a AAA or AA batteries model, procuratevene of new, possibly rechargeable so you will avoid continually buy with a considerable expense.

After charging the internal battery or the rechargeable batteries, munitevi instruction manual and, if the drone can be controlled by smartphone started to download the application recommended by the manufacturer, usually free, through the virtual shops of iOS or Android systems.

How to calibrate a drone

Before you start flying it is important to calibrate the device. Place the drone to the ground steering it towards the north, possibly in an area free from any electromagnetic interference such as in a garden or a park. Take care to remove the propellers and disconnect the battery and only then turn on the transmitter and connect the battery.

Wait being carried out pairing, or the coupling between the drone and the remote control before starting the calibration procedure that consists in moving both analog sticks according to this scheme: left joystick in the upper right, right joystick in the bottom center. After this first procedure will need to lift the drone in flight and repeat the procedure, but moving the left joystick on the top left and right always at the bottom center.

As piloting a drone

Before you begin to pick any with your drone, you may want to perform the exercises to learn to fly, especially if you are neophytes and you’ve never done before. Choose an open area, possibly without obstacles such as trees and buildings, make sure the batteries are charged and if there still feel confident of paraeliche installed to prevent damage if the drone falls to the ground upside down.

When everything is ready, start from takeoff, one of the most simple tasks that can be done by lifting the left joystick. Soon after, rather than start flying like mad, trying to stabilize you, keeping the drone property to two meters above the ground. After a few seconds try to land, trying to get down as gently as possible.

By repeating these exercises already able to acquire greater security and will then dedicate yourself to lateral movement, moving the right joystick after you stabilized. These are very basic exercises which you can then add more complicated tasks, such as following the trajectories, making the tail head and so on to become real professionals.