Best Dryer. Prices And Offers

▷ The best dryer. Prices and offers

Dryer – Buyer’s Guide and Comparisons

Time is money, so why not use a dryer for your beautiful garments and ready? In our guide you will find some guidance on how to find the one most suitable for you. In the ranking, however, we have included all the models that have deemed invalid. The best for us is T8DBE851 AEG, a free-standing model and featuring a special program for wool, which prevents felting items like that. He also believes WTW855R9IT Bosch, which offers no less than 9 kg load available and can count on a substantial energy savings, thanks to the energy class A ++ membership.

The 11 Best Dryers – Ranking 2020

Here are the products we have preferred among those sold online. Take a look at their characteristics to determine which are the best dryers of 2020.

1. AEG T8DBE851 Dryer Front Loading 8kg A +++

▷ The Best Dryer. Prices And Offers

If your problem is mainly woolen garments, so you do not know which to buy clothes dryer not to ruin them, to AEG may be just the thing for you. Thanks to AbsoluteCare system, in fact, the internal temperature will not spoil their texture, avoiding felting and keeping them soft.

Aside from this obvious advantage, it is a free-standing model, which requires no moving recessed and which can therefore be placed anywhere you want. A +++ This dryer is also indicated to save on your bill, not just thanks precisely to their class but also for the heat pump system.

The cost is naturally quite high, for those who can spend, while the instruction booklet is not very good for those who need extra help to understand how they work.

For wool: If you are concerned for your woolen garments, this dryer, thanks to AbsoluteCare system ensures great respect and maintains the softness of the fibers, preventing the felting.

Free standing: It is not be built-in, so you can place it wherever you want in the house.

Energy Class: Belongs to A +++, thus reduces fuel consumption, also because it exploits the heat pump and not the electrical resistance.

Cost: The price is high, so not suitable for those seeking a deal to be seized.

Instructions: Who needs additional signs to understand how it works, can not rely on those included in the package, not exhaustive.

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2. Smeg DHT83LIT-1 Front Loading 8kg A +++

▷ The Best Dryer. Prices And Offers

Fuel consumption is a big problem for many users, who can not afford to wait too long to wear their clothes washed. Why opt for a dryer A +++, such as Smeg, is the right solution in such cases.

The 8 kg capacity is what convinced those who have a large family or has a lot of clothes to wash and dry every day. Nothing new if it is not the cheapest product in circulation, given its characteristics, but despite what for many is the best dryer for its quality, albeit a little ‘too noisy.

Efficient: Thanks to the heat pump system, the method for drying is very fast and inexpensive, also saw the possibility of exploiting the energy class of membership which is the A +++.

Free installation: Who has a well-defined space in the home can choose where to place it, without being forced to use a mobile flush.

Capacity: The product can accommodate up to 8 kg of clothing, compensating for the needs of an entire family or individual who needs to have every day a large amount of ready garments.

Cost: If you are looking for a product at low prices, this is not what you’ll have to orient yourself on which, with expenditure to be addressed is important.

Noise level: Several users claim it is a dryer a little ‘too noisy, so not suitable for all hours of the day.

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3. Bosch Series 8 WTW855R9IT Dryer Front Loading 9kg A ++

▷ The Best Dryer. Prices And Offers

A product that has won positive opinions of many users is this dryer Bosch, one of the best sellers because of its great quality features. We speak of a front loading model, with a porthole in a very large glass and a capacity of 9 kg, which meets the needs of a large family.

Exploiting the heat pump, for which consumes relatively little: you add to this belonging to the class A ++ and a speed in performing its functions, often equal to about an hour and a half.

The LCD display is large and easy to set up, thanks to the knob that lets you choose the desired program. It also hurts the winning aesthetics, which also justifies an elite price. Too bad that spare parts are very hard to come by, in case of failure or breakage.

Capacity: Bosch This model offers no less than 9 kg load capacity available in order to make up for the demands of the whole family.

Consumption: They are very low, both for the system heat pump, and for membership in the energy class A ++. It also fails a certain speed in the end of the drying cycles.

Spare parts: It seems that, in case of failure, it is not easy to get spare parts, so the product becomes difficult to adjust.

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4. Bosch Series 8 WTW855R8IT Dryer Front Load 8kg A ++

▷ The Best Dryer. Prices And Offers

This product in particular stands out for its quietness, a highly valued aspect of who has a small house. For the same reason, the fact that it is free-standing helps not having to find suitable space in which to place it.

The system heat pump reduces fuel consumption, already low thanks to the class A ++ membership, and allows you to make warmer in the winter environment, without having to use your home heating system.

The 8 kg capacity is sufficient for a nice load of garments, although you’ll be prepared to spend a little ‘more to have this among your dryer Bosch appliances.

Silent: A look much praised by users is the noise of this product, which can thus also be used at night and be placed near the sleeping area.

Consumption: They are reduced, thanks to the class A ++ and the heat pump system, which also allows you to heat the house without using the heaters.

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5. Candy GVS4 H7A1TCEX-01 Asciugatrice Slim, 7 Kg, Classe A+

▷ The Best Dryer. Prices And Offers

Having enough space for all the appliances from home is not always possible: who has a small apartment can in fact be very difficult to optimize the space available. In such cases, you should opt for a dryer slim as that of Candy, can not clutter but to offer great efficiency.

Its measures 46.5 x 59.6 x 85 cm in fact are not prohibitive, and many users, for this very reason, you also get them to put it on top of the washing machine, so as to create a single utility room.

The screen and the knob will help you adjust various functions, while the very large basket makes it easier to fill. The heat pump system helps to reduce consumption, together with the energy class A +.

Good 7 kg capacity, a compromise for a small family or a single looking for facilities. The price is lower than average: Click on the link below if you do not know where to buy this model, even if the service does not seem always very efficient in case of failures.

Dimensions: The dimensions of this object are reduced and then you can also enter in a small space, without creating clutter.

Consumption: are reduced thanks to the heat pump system and the energy class A +.

Capacity: The 7 kg available are sufficient for a single or two-person household.

Price: Compared to other models, it has a very affordable cost, so it is not bound to a narrow range of users.

Support: It seems that customer service is not very efficient in case of malfunction or failure.

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6. Honey TDD 230 WP, Dryer, Load Front, 8 kg

The one in question is the Miele dryer among the favorite by users, because it has features that distinguish it from other similar models. This is also a free-standing product, for which it may be the space you have available.

There is the front loading and an 8 kg capacity, which can make up for the needs of a family. These characteristics, however, joins the presence of an ideal filter for the removal of fluff and a special department, in which you can enter a fragrance, which your odoreranno leaders.

At the energy class A ++ joins the Ecodry technology, which takes advantage of the heat pump system, in order to ensure low power consumption and shorter production times. Despite this, there are those who would have preferred much faster programs than are present.

The conquest valid operating many consumers, who prefer to others on the market.

Filters: What specific to the fluff helps to remove well all the residues of the leaders, while that for the insertion of a fragrance allows to smell the clothes preferred.

Capacity: With its 8 kg provides the right space for the clothes of the entire family.

Savings in fuel consumption: The Ecodry technology exploits the heat pump and the energy class A ++ to greatly reduce power consumption.

Programs: Some are a bit ‘too long for users who would have preferred a faster model.

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Dryer Electrolux

7. Electrolux EW9HE83S3 Dryer Front Loading 8kg A +++

Among the products that we examined, the Electrolux dryers offers good performance provision in respect of a cost in line with its own characteristics. Its measures 60 x 60 cm make it a compact model that can easily fit in your home or in the room used as a laundry.

The door, placed on the front, allows a front loading and 8 kg capacity is such as to ensure an abundant coverage, for quite a number of animals. The energy efficiency class A +++ is the ideal if you are looking for a product that just consumption.

The digital display and dial help set these functions, among which is also a delayed start, up to a maximum of 20 hours. The drying system is uniform, as is detected the moisture of all the heads, so that no risk of spoiling.

However it seems that the clothing they need an ironing, contrary to what ensures the company, or that the fibers are stretched and then will not need further actions.

Front Load: The window in the front is large and it ensures to be able to exploit the entire capacity of 8 kg.

Consumption: Thanks to efficiency class A +++, this product ensures low fuel consumption, which will not create a big impact on your bill.

Functions: Stand out the delayed start, adjustable up to a maximum of 20 hours, and the humidity detection of the garments, which allows a uniform drying.

Ironing: Although the company argues that there is no need to iron, because the fibers are well drawn, many users believe however this action necessary.

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8. DRY833CI Dryer Beko Front Loading 8kg A +++

The dryer Beko is one of the low-cost products that can please your pocket, especially if you’re not going to spend too much for a similar item. Despite this, it offers performance that have little to envy to the most prestigious brands.

It contains two filters, which cooperate to maintain it even more clean, while the porthole door can be mounted from one of the two sides. The new but is noted to be a bit ‘of users is the noise level, even when using specific programs, such as “Night.”

Cost: The price of this product is much lower than similar, which does not imply a waiver of very good performance.

Consumption: They can be reduced thanks to the energy class A +++ and the possibility of exploiting only half load, in place of all the 8 kg of capacity.

Noise: Although if you decide to use the program dedicated to the night, the noise produced by the machine is still high and therefore quite difficult to bear.

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9. Beko DRX722W Free standing Front Loading 7kg A ++

The drum capacity is 7 kg and allows the appliance to dry a good amount of clothes but, of course, consider how we can accommodate your washing machine to see if the dimensions are adequate. As for performance, we can only express our satisfaction, provided that you choose the correct drying program, an operation facilitated by the presence of several ways, depending on the type of fabric.

The Beko appliance is equipped with a sensor that is able to understand the laundry drying level and eventually stop the process in advance, with a great saving in terms of consumption, also because the energy class is A ++, very good but not excellence. Among other things, the role, as well as dry, leaving little wrinkled, so that some can be stored without having to stretch.

As for the less convincing aspects we point out the lack of a timer to program a delayed start and the presence of an instruction manual really deficient and poorly translated. Defects that, overall, do not affect the judgment on the device, even allowing for a very attractive price.

Quality and price: The money is great, because the dryer Beko is appreciated for the quality and effectiveness despite a cost that is decidedly cheaper.

Sensor: Integrated That is able to better manage the workload, since it can identify the level of the laundry drying and possibly prematurely terminate the spin cycle.

Timer: You can not set the delay start time but then some sacrifice, considering the price, you have to accept it. Poor translation into Italian of the instruction manual.

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10. Candy CS H9A2DE-S/ Asciugatrice, 9 kg

Designed for a household rather large, this dryer produced by a company renowned as Candy has a basket from well 9 kilograms which allows to combine it with the vast majority of washing machines on the market but especially to deal with high levels of laundry mole. We speak of a model with a heat pump which results both highly effective both in an energy class A ++, not the absolute best but still more than adequate to ease the burden on the bill.

Among the noteworthy features is the Easy Case system, or a container, easily removable, in which converges the drying so that water can be emptied without difficulty and eventually used for other purposes, such as for example for ironing.

The available functions are many, both for the drying programs, and for the possibility of Smart management through dialogue with your smartphone thanks to dedicated app, which requires a certain “grace period” before being able to master the most of the appliance. Considering size, functions and efficiency, the Candy H9A2DE CS-S is sold at a price that seems absolutely in proportion to what is offered.

Quantity of laundry: The basket has a capacity of no less than 9 kg, which makes it particularly easy to dry the entire load of the washing machine of a medium-sized family.

Hi-Tech: To the rich features and wide range of drying programs it adds the ability to manage the appliance remotely, using your smartphone and your wireless connection.

Not easy: The functions are many, many possibilities of use and then there’s the app on your smartphone. So before you “know” this best of Candy model you’ll need a bit ‘of time.

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The model proposed by Hoover, taking into account the load capacity of 7 kilograms, is certainly not one of the cheapest present in our ranking but part outlay is justified by the reduced dimensions (the depth is 46 centimeters), the result of a good job in terms of design by the American company engineers. Rich endowment of available programs, as they are fifteen, suitable for any type of item of clothing, and among them being the mode that allows you to store your clothes in the closet directly, without the need to iron them.

The energy class is A +, decent but nothing more, which does turn a little ‘nose taking account of the sale price, as we have mentioned, it is not particularly cheap.

Dimensions: It is a model designed to meet the needs of those without a lot of space in the house and therefore seeks a dryer not too cumbersome. In this case the depth is 46 centimeters.

No Iron: Among the numerous programs available (all are fifteen) is also what allows you to pull out your laundry and put it directly in the closet, no need to iron it.

Energy Class: A + We speak of a dryer, not just the ultimate in savings on electricity consumption, which clashes even allowing for a sale price not exactly cheap.

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If you are considering buying a dryer, no doubt aware of suffering from non-small figures: these products in fact they involve a total expenditure of the convenience they bring and the simplification of fairly demanding chores.

A basic model, which ensures good performance, can not fall below the 350 €, but if you prefer the most, you can also opt for a product that exceeds 800 euro. Much also it depends on the budget you have available: better but spend a little more to not settle for cheesy solutions.

When we talk about spending we can not refer only to that to deal with the purchase of the machine: When starting up, in fact, uses electricity and therefore causes an increase in your electricity bill.

How to tell if you can limit this outlay? Easy, just check the energy rating. Our advice is to not fall below the A, rather than opt for one with A +++, which ensures the maximum reduction of energy use.

The models in the heat pump, in addition, are less costly, in terms of consumption, compared to those with electric resistance: another advantage that make is to heat the room, often making avoid turn on the heaters.

But if you still do not want to spend a figure exaggerated and are willing to compromise, there are the centrifugal models, which do not actually squeeze it dry clothes so much that just have very little time to have them ready.

To determine the price combine the functions which, if reduced, can bring down the cost of the chosen model. Who wants the maximum should instead go to seek special ones that allow you to customize the type of drying or occur when items are actually ready, turning off the machine automatically.

This involves not only a further savings in the bill but also avoids that the most delicate garments are treated interim, with the consequence of ruining their plot. We think of silk but also to wool, which often risks infeltrirsi.

For these leaders can also choose the special programs that deal with care the most delicate fabrics. A function, finally, much appreciated is the timer, which allows you to program the operation of the dryer at a time when you consume less, even if you are not at home at the time.

Another factor to consider is the amount of items that you need to dry in a short time if it is a small number, you can opt for a less capacious model and therefore more economical.

For a single fine a capacity of 6 to 7 kg, while for families it is not does not fall below the 8 kg. There are models that can work even with half load: this way you can use them both for the heads of those who live with you, but for some clothing that you need to have ready in no time.

The space at home certainly determines the size of the dryer to choose the one who lives in a small apartment will have to opt for a slim model or to one built-in, it can find its place within a video cabinet.

If the problem does not exist, go-ahead to bigger dryer and probably able to deliver higher quality in its functions. This, however, is not always true, as many compact models do not sin in performance.

Except some fortunate accident, the dryers always carry with them a great deal of noise, making it impossible to place them in specific places of the house. Think of the sleeping area, which would only cause trouble, especially if operated in the hours of rest.

Check sound levels and also the views of other users, who can testify whether this is a noisy or not product. In this case it will be better orient themselves in the living area and in any case not to activate it when you are at home or in the immediate vicinity.

What does condensation dryer with heat pump?

In the market there are two different types of condensing dryers: those with resistance and those with heat pump. The term “condensation” indicates that the water collected from the clothing is, in fact, condensed milk collected in a specific container.

What differentiates the two models, however, is the drying process: the former have a lower cost because they are based on an electrical resistance which emits heat and a fan that turns and diffuses inside.

Those heat pump, however, work a bit ‘as an air conditioner: inside it there is a liquid coolant, the gas that absorbs the heat, a compressor and a heat exchanger.

With a coil, the machine heats the leaders and the pump pushes the heat outside, right where there is moisture. This element is eliminated through a filter, which can also retain any lint.

Where does the humid air? In a collecting tank, once it becomes liquid, which must then be emptied manually. The advantage is to employ less power, even if, on the contrary, the maintenance work will be a lot.

What not to put in the dryer?

Although the temptation to put everything in the dryer is so great, given the convenience offered by this appliance, it is not always possible to obstruct any type of garment. Consider, for example, to swimwear: the material that constitutes them would only sformarsi due to excessive heat.

Even bras, equipped with straps often elastic, can be irreversibly damaged by this appliance. The tights can take the risk of getting caught up in it and also smagliarsi.

Do not forget the shoes, especially leather or plastic components that would be damaged by the heat produced by the machine. Even the tire placed under the bath non-slip mats in danger of the same fate: so make sure that the leaders to be included are not made of materials that.

How much power a dryer?

Much it depends on the energy class: the higher and the lower the consumption. Let’s say that a model A +++ usually employs 1 kWh per cycle, while one C 4 it consumes.

To understand from an economic point of view the annual expenditure, we make an example: if you run 200 drying cycles at a cost of € 0.20 per 1 kWh, what are the actual consumption to the classes they belong?

An A +++ consumption does not exceed about 1.5 kWh per day: not so consumption will exceed 50 € per year. Of about 60 euro are those of a model A ++ as a class A reaches 2 kWh per cycle and then arrives at a cost of 80 Euros per year.

It goes without saying that one of class B will consume 3 kWh and therefore the cost will be approximately 120 EUR, while a class C reaches 4 kWh, and then to 160 euro. Finally, those of class D are 5 kWh and involve an annual expenditure of about € 200.

The preferred appliance for many users is precisely the dryer, which allows you to have all the necessary garments ready in no time. To ensure that consumption is reduced, it is appropriate to use it in the right way: we’ll explain how.

How does the dryer?

First of all it is important to understand the operation of this product, which appears in every way similar to a washing machine. There are two models on the market: those in deportation and condensing boilers.

In general, these machines are constituted by a fan that sucks air from the outside, then heated by a resistor, to finally pass into the drum, where the cloths are positioned.

Use it to better

Including this, here are some steps to be taken to make the most of your new machine. In the first place it is important to optimize the laundry, or fill the basket with the maximum load, so that the dryer is expressed with all its power.

Before placing the clothes in it, use a good juicer, so that the product work is reduced to a minimum, so as to reduce the cost of electricity. Another caution to be taken is to set the appropriate program for leaders who want to dry: not only will be handled with care, but there will be no need for further action.

If you do not want to have to spend all the time on ironing, a clever method is to place the well-tended garment in the dryer, so that there are more folds or are reduced to the maximum.

In addition to opt for the model belonging to the highest energy class (A, for instance), there are other precautions that may help to further reduce power consumption. One is to take advantage of the intelligent mode, which functions designed to optimize machine performance.

There are dryers can understand when the moisture has been reduced substantially, and then turn off automatically, with considerable savings in terms of power, if it were not for you can always be nearby.

To help them work better, it is advantageous to periodically clean the filter, which will allow the machine to strive to a minimum and to ensure excellent performance.

Although the manufacturer guarantees the quietness of the dryer you have purchased, the noise in the works will always be quite annoying. For this reason, we should place it in an isolated part of the house, if you do not have a room designed specifically for laundry.

With regard to the time of use, except to prefer those in which consume less, it is preferable not to choose the night, especially if you live in a condo and you may well annoy the neighbors.