Best Foosball. Comparison

▷ The best foosball. Comparison

Table Football – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

In the age of FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer and the console still makes sense to speak of table football, also called football? For kids today can affect an article like or it is just a game for nostalgic vintage men who remember wistfully their idle days spent at the social club, the bar or the summers spent at sea where the foosball table was not lacking in any beaches? We are convinced that even today this object retains its charm and if it did we would not be so many manufacturers activities, also because they are more and more people by providing sufficient space, decorate their personal recreation room or the garden with an object gender. In short, the table football is alive and well and we’ve now prove it with two very interesting articles: Roberto Sport Pro Winner 2.0 is solid and immovable by virtue of its 73 kg while the Garlando Soccer Table F-200 Evolution as well as being of good quality, also has a very attractive cost.

The 7 Best Table Football – Ranking 2020

The wait is about to end, below you can read our opinions on the selected table football. We ordered our preferences according to a ranking. In addition, for each table football it is a detailed review with which we highlight all the strengths and / or weaknesses of the model in question. Compare prices decide accordingly.

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1. Roberto Sport Pro Winner Professional 2.0 Calciobalilla

▷ The Best Foosball. Comparison

It is a professional table football which we are sure will give a lot of satisfaction as well as lots of fun. It is a solid object, weighs 73 kg, therefore, be assured that it will not move while you play, even if you do it with all the enthusiasm you have.

The quality of materials is excellent; in particular for the mobile it has been used for poplar plywood. On the upper part there is anodized aluminum that protects the wood against water ingress and from the sun’s rays. Mind you that this does not mean it is a foosball table for outdoor use.

The playing field is covered with a tempered glass with 5 mm thickness. The rods are telescopic, so there is no danger for children; They have dual chrome plating in order to prevent the formation of rust. For the knobs latex rubber has been chosen which ensures a good grip. There are adjustable feet, useful in order to cope with a possible floor height difference. The excellent quality of mirrors at a heavy price. The assembly requires a bit ‘of time, though not complicated.

Materials: It is a football table that makes quality of materials a boast: made of plywood, a feeling that can last long.

Weight: Very important for a football; in this case we are about 73 kg and thus difficult to move during the game.

Safe for children: Having the telescopic rods, then those that do not come out, there are no dangers to children so they can have fun with the great.

Mounting: Although not complicated the operation requires at least one hour to be completed properly.

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Table football Garlando

2. Table Soccer Garlando F-200 Evolution with Auctions Outgoing

▷ The Best Foosball. Comparison

The Garlando table football is one of the best-selling models, even under a cost not excessive. Clearly this is not a professional football but for home use it is still a very valid solution which we are certain will not give rise to second thoughts whatsoever.

It weighs about 50 kg, then we are talking about a fairly stable object. The rods falling flow well, even if the thickness of 16 mm is not the best that you might have. That said, they are still solid rods and should not give problems of deformation.

The introduction of the ball can be made from both sides, through the appropriate hole. Of course, nothing forbids to put the ball in the game with the classic method, ie manually throwing the ball on the opposite bank. By the way, the supplied balls are ten. Too bad you can not adjust the height difference of the football.

Price: It will not be a professional football but it costs at least half. It is our opinion that the quality / price ratio is very good.

Solid: The strength of this football is not at all questioned if well maintained will last a long time.

Suitable for children: He covered the rods that are the right choice if the children have to play well: for them is safe, there is no danger of getting hurt.

non-adjustable height: You can not change the height of table football accordingly if there is a difference in height of the floor must strive to remedy it.

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Folding Table football

3. Samax Foosball / Soccer Table / Folding Table Football

▷ The Best Foosball. Comparison

Although it is not really very small, table football recommend this only for children, provided they have a height that does not get hurt with auctions because they are loops; foosball weighs just 20 kg, four adults could do it easily move during the games.

It is a folding table football, definitely positive feature because it saves space when you do not play. It does not escape, then, the price is minor for a foosball table. As for the negatives, let’s start by saying that there are the raised corners, which never fails in semi and professional billiards.

The materials no surprises in the sense that confirm the suspicions that inevitably gives rise to such a low price: to want to be good, we define them modest. The problem affects not only the timber but also auctions that under the weight of the players may be bent, as recounted in some reviews written by disappointed customers. We close with mounting: also complicated due to unclear instructions.

Foldable: Even if you have little space, it is not a problem because the Samax is a folding table football which, when closed, it remains upright.

Economic: The price will surely capture the attention of those who are looking for a foosball table that does not cost too much and can entertain.

Materials: Several users have been disappointed by the quality of materials: such as wood because the rods do not meet properly.

absent raised angles: The table football does not have the classic raised corners which allow to speed up the ball when it ends in that area of ​​the field.

Editing: Accomplices also of unclear instructions, assembly is difficult result to more than rightly expressed their disappointment.

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4. Fas Pro Italy Calciobalilla

▷ The Best Foosball. Comparison

The table football Fas is among those semi-professional with the most attractive price. Entirely made in Italy, it has size regulations and really differs very little from what you can find in bars and game rooms.

The cabinet is made of MDF, the field is covered by tempered glass with 5 mm thickness. No shortage of angular sides and raised corners to speed up the game. The rods are telescopic, made of steel and with 16 mm diameter. The stability is excellent thanks to its 60 kg weight, sin is not possible to adjust the height in order to be assured of play on a perfectly straight level, therefore eye to the slope of the floor.

He convinces little wallet balls located on the bottom of the door: if you leave as the balls inside, every goal you risk falling out that those accumulated.

Quality / money: Customers report their satisfaction with the value – cost that distinguishes the Fas table football.

Stable: The table football is very stable, after all weighs 60 kg, and it is to be excluded that it can move during the game.

Raised sides and angles: The ball rushing in every area of ​​the field thanks to the banks and the raised corners, just like the professional billiards.

balls Pickup: Does the ball on the door every time you goals or else those that accumulate end up falling on the ground.

non-adjustable Height: It is not possible to adjust the height of one or more legs in order to compensate for the slope or obviate the slope of the floor.

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Table Table football

5. Garlando Soccer Table F-Mini Table

▷ The Best Foosball. Comparison

Garlando offers a tabletop foosball. It is a clearly designed for children, although nothing precludes the possibility to spend some nice moments between parents and children (not suitable for children younger than 5 years).

The material quality is decent, though in line with the price. One aspect that just did not like is the absence of midfielders; auctions, in fact they are three on each side and six players per team: play two against two seems really uncomfortable in these conditions.

The foosball table is not very stable when placed on the table. The assembly has been difficult to most, partly because of unclear instructions. Comfortable to put away: simply place it upright.

Vertical Position: When not in use the table football can be left in an upright position in order to save space.

Assembly: Many people feel that the installation of the table football is far from simple and the instructions do not help.

Shortly stable: Foosball not appreciated for stability: very often moves during phases of the game and it is quite annoying.

There midfielders: Auctions are only three in part because there are no midfielders, so the players are just six per team: in these conditions is uncomfortable to play two against two.

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Table football Children

6. Villa Soccer Toys in Two Auctions, Table Soccer Foosball

It’s a football that only allows children to play one on one because the rods are two on each side while the players on the pitch are three per team. There’s the scorecard on the doors but it moves along a plastic base that tends to deform easily.

If on the one hand the supporting structure is quite solid on the other components are very fragile, in particular the players are not very firm due to poor quality of screws and bolts which tend to come unscrewed, the thread, moreover, tends to be damaged, therefore, screwed carefully.

Apart from these defects observed, it seems that the children we do not mind and indeed much enjoy themselves playing with it then that is the most important thing. We conclude that in the light of the abovementioned problems, the price is a bit ‘high.

Frame: The frame is sturdy enough, certainly adequate for the small players who enjoy the football.

Editing: Users have found mounting the football operation that does not present any difficulty.

fragile components: There are several elements to improve starting with the screws, we suggest to replace before assembly.

Price: We believe that a number of defects found for this article do lower the real value of the toy than the asking price.

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7. Smoby footballWe MultiGame 4 in 1, 7600640001

The real strength of table football Smoby is that it is something more. The small, in fact, has four games available: in addition to football can entertain themselves with table tennis, hockey and billiards. This does not necessarily result in something unwieldy: the spaces are optimized to the maximum and all games are stacked on each other.

The supporting structure is very strong, perhaps you are a bit ‘tight play in four with table football but it is a surmountable problem. As for the assembly it is to lose his head and in many they have complained it is too laborious: virtually be mounted absolutely all parts, nothing is pre-assembled and then you lose a lot of time.

People said they were expert in such things it took them at least two hours. The price seems excessive.

4 games in 1: Having four games at once is certainly a good thing, and this will not get bored.

Solid: The Smoby is a lot of solid play, at least as far as the backbone: resists even the liveliest children.

Editing: You requested a too laborious installation since there are no pre-assembled parts to be mounted every little piece and it takes a long time.

Price: We believe that the cost of this game, even though four in one, is excessive in relation to its actual value.

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for table football Balls

Sooner or later you have to replace for foosball balls, either because you are lost because they are ruined.

The set contains 10 balls Garlando, they are excellent: run fast on the field and have a good bounce on the banks.

There are standard sizes and in all respects identical to those used for professional billiards.

Not cheap, I must admit, but at the same time we believe that the money spent on them worth every last penny.

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In a moment we will give you all the information that will help you understand how to choose a good table football. Among the many deals available in the market we did a rigorous comparison in order to offer those that we believe are the best table football in 2020. We have not only focused on the best brand, aware that even the lesser-known producers may hold some pleasant surprises since it can offer a cheaper but equally good quality football. So if you want to know where to buy low price your new table football, you have no choice but to continue with the reading. We are quite optimistic that arrived at the end of our guide you will find the article for you among those sold online.

A little ‘as with all objects, the choice of materials is crucial: the quality of the football is totally dependent on raw materials. So the question, rather than being what foosball buy, it must be: what material to buy the foosball table?

There are several options, let’s see. In plywood, chipboard, MDF and thermoplastic resin. Of the above materials, the multilayer for characteristics is certainly the most robust. Chipboard and MDF are less robust with respect to the multilayer. The MDF, then, does not withstand even a little ‘water therefore absolutely can not be outdoors. Compared to multilayer, however, MDF and particleboard are heavier, an important feature for a pinball, as we shall see in a moment. As for the thermoplastic resin, it is a very resistant material to weathering.

The best table football must have a proper weight; this should be between 50 and 80 kg. A foosball table below this weight is likely to move while you play. But there is another question to be evaluated. If your reasons you will often need to move the table football, in this case, the best choice is a lighter model, but you’ll have to accept the possibility that this move during the game.

We said that the weight should be between 50 and 80 kg, now can we explain a functional criterion for selection to the weight of table football. If you play, usually, have four adult and powerful people: the choice should rest with the 80 kg model while but if the players are the family, so parents and children or adolescents, 50 kg are more than enough to ensure the necessary stability.

The football can mount one of the following types of auctions: those passers-by and those falling. The passers-rods (also called outgoing) are constituted by a single tube that passes through the bushings and protrude. These auctions are not recommended if you also play football with the children as they may be affected and become seriously injured. The rods falling or telescopic not protrude. They are composed of a small and one large pipe that flows around. For children, these are by far the safest auctions.

We can say that one is better than the other? We can not say too much at this point, it is certain that the second logic the through rod, being constituted by a single tube, is more robust, but as mentioned earlier, it lacks in safety if there are children playing with the football.

Game in your home or garden?

We must make a difference between indoor and outdoor soccer. But what differentiates an outdoor soccer for one to be kept indoors? Basically it is a matter of materials: an outdoor football must be able to withstand weathering. In this case may be in marine wood or polypropylene reinforced with glass fiber. A pinball from outside, then, has the screws in stainless steel while the rods are several times chrome.

So an outdoor table football can leave year-round outdoor under the sun, rain, hail and snow? If you want to last long, the answer is no. It should keep away, after all, never get out to enjoy a game of table football while it’s snowing outside? Imagine not, therefore, also by virtue of the fact that there will use it in these conditions, keep it protected.

Where to buy balls for table football?

The easiest and fastest way to buy for foosball balls is online since it is not easy to find a physical dealer. On the web, however, choices abound.

As howls of table football

To pull foosball strong need to apply the technique called shake shot which involves taking love to open. In this way, the slat is rotated by increasing the rate of fire. Attention because this is not a rolled (prohibited) as the player comes into contact with the ball before they have made a 360 ° turn.

Who invented the table football?

Reply with absolute certainty is impossible. According to some sources, the table football was invented by the German Broto Wachter in between the first and second world war, but other sources trace the game’s authorship to an unidentified French man who worked as a laborer at the Citroen. In England this Harold Thornton Sea in 1922 register the patent for a game that could be the table football. Even spain is credited with the invention Alejandro Finisterre but the patent of his invention dates back to 1937.

How to play foosball?

The table football can be played one on one or two against two. There are rules, then, that apply in some countries but not in others. From this point of view, in Italy there are more restrictions. With us, in fact it is not allowed to pass from one player of the same line, for example by a midfielder to another. Prohibited, then stop and shoot, without balls and drag. All these prohibitions in international competitions are not there.

He is allowed to serve the ball to their advantage?

Indeed yes: Use the ball is allowed, after all, even in football alternates the kick-off for the first and second time. It is therefore important to learn how to give the ball a spin as to take advantage and gain possession.

Hands up who does not remember the afternoons spent challenge friends at table football … ok maybe the younger you are not 40 years but nevertheless, this game still resists technological innovations in recreational field and table football they produce and sell still in good numbers, and perhaps many of you will be amazed to learn that there is also the International Federation of table Football (ITSF). Let’s see how you play.

Know that exist a federation there is also a precise regulation, but this, quite rightly, is not applied in informal games which we are accustomed. That said, every stick, or at least should be, a few rules during friendly matches. In particular, the midsole material is prohibited.

As with the kick or throw the ball? It should be launched at the height of the median line and before being playable is customary to wait until the ball touches the opposite shores. Here is a topic of discussion quite widespread and is as follows: Who throws the ball can benefit trying to throw the ball in order to gain possession? Yes, it is permissible, because it must be done, or at least should be done, the field changes so both teams have the opportunity to take turns to put into play the ball.

There are ways to do but the important thing, as mentioned earlier, is not to run the auction. This may be challenged, recommended especially when it is defending, or may be held with only the palm of the hand to hurl powerful shots. The shot on goal can be done by any little man, even by the goalkeeper. Also you can mark the bank that if executed properly puts in trouble the goalkeeper especially if done with the two defenders or by the goalkeeper.

Do not look away from the ball

When you defend must always secure the ball, a bit ‘as in real football, and not take the bait to fake. This task falls to those who play on target: with defenders should be careful to close the shooting angle, so not only with the keeper.

The table football requires little maintenance but it must be done. The rods to be lubricated in order to always slide to the fullest. The field should be kept clean, small amount of dirt would affect the trajectory of the ball, you can use alcohol and a sheet of newspaper to clean the glass that covers the green rectangle. Even the balls should be cleaned because they can collect dirt and small debris, keep in mind that often fall to the ground. Again okay alcohol. If you notice any scratches, better replace them.

Play on an upright piano

It is important that the table football rests on an upright piano, the floor in most cases. Some models allow you to adjust the height in order to be certain that football does not suffer slopes that would change the trajectory of the ball. Otherwise you have to make do the best maybe raising a little ‘putting the football between his legs something that makes thickness. To verify that there are no gradients, help yourself to a level.