Best Gamepad. Ranking And Reviews

▷ Best gamepad. Ranking and Reviews

Gamepad – Buying Tips, Rankings and Reviews

The fun, when it comes to consoles and gaming devices, finds one of its reason for being in the command prompt response during a match on their own or with friends and online opponents. Which gamepad buy then? If you have doubts and want to compare prices and different products, a good start can be reading this guide. We put under x-ray products from the best brands and types that are able to meet different expectations of gamers, whether professionals or simple users who want to get away for a few hours. EasySMX EG-C3071 is proposed as a first alternative for those who want to add a second gamepad for new challenges with friends, either a PC or TV using Box or Android systems, falling into the category of USB gamepad. Then we find a WiFi version, EasySMX – wireless. The body paunchy and a dongle from good coverage, ensure afternoons and evenings on the couch, without the mess of cables and wires ready to become wrapped around something.

How many have the desire and time to devote to comparisons between products, they can follow the notes in the comparative table that we have drawn up and a ranking with review of the most valuable equipment. In summary emerge with force strengths and weaknesses of each individual product present on the market, with a conclusion that arrives to make the point about what was seen just above.

▷ Best Gamepad. Ranking And Reviews

For those who love fighting games classic gamepad might be not fit for purpose. In this case it is better to focus on the dedicated stick, specially designed to allow the player to perform quickly and accurately moves choice.

For all other rather choose from the best of 2020 gamepad should be less complicated and burdensome. A good grip is essential for those who usually play a long time, so as to prevent the hand over overdrive during the game. The greater comfort and the gamepad will be an extension of the hand of the player.

One point on which often they insist gamers are the response times and the feeling transmitted when pressed the play buttons. In many appreciate the Rumble function, ie the vibration transmitted in the case where firing of the shots or you are playing a driving simulator.

The possibility of a free configuration through the game options is an unavoidable aspect, as well as the right distance of the keys with respect to the cross-directional or to stick to the movement. The shoulder buttons can not miss the call, in fact, improve the feedback and are an integral part of the gameplay experience.

How to choose a good gamepad? The question of greater or lesser compatibility with different gaming systems could tip the balance on one side. Being able to leverage a pad is to play on PC and on consoles is often the norm among longtime players, who thus take advantage of the build quality of the product for a multiplatform game.

▷ Best Gamepad. Ranking And Reviews

Cable or wireless? This the difficult choice that many players are facing when buying a gamepad. Some models solve the mystery using a set of rechargeable batteries and a double profile, able to contemplate on one hand the Wifi connection and on the other the possibility of a cable when the charge gets low.

In this way the game experience can continue without consenten problems with player satisfaction.

The 5 Best Gamepad – Ranking 2020

Go in search of the best gamepad has brought us to a confrontation between the industry historic brands and newcomers. The rained deals on the net but for this we must let our guard down and make concessions to the voice quality and resistance of the object.

Among the products listed, the idea is to give an overview in which action could be the best of 2020 gamepad, also from the point of view of the relationship between quality and price. Among the criteria the good response from the public is an issue on which we focused, trying to balance the issue, with a comparison of low cost, appreciation of the community of players and results on the ground.

1. Easysmx PS3 Wired Gamepad per Microsoft

▷ Best Gamepad. Ranking And Reviews

Strong of a vibration system can be activated at will at any time by the user, the controller EasySMX bases its reputation on a captivating and an adaptable cost profile in different game contexts. It connects exploiting the USB socket and the cord that forms the natural continuation.

In terms of compatibility owners of Windows and Android operating systems have nothing to fear, while the object is not designed for consoles like Xbox 360, Mac and iOS. The colors to choose from ranging between white and black. It has two joysticks perfect for games in first or third person, with a response and sensitivity that have met a number of people.

Leveraging then the micro USB port connects the pad to a telephone or a TV Box, grinning more widely than the operating mode and game situations.

The versatility is the strong point of this object; practical to assemble and among the cheapest in its class. Let’s look in more detail the characteristic features, end with a link analysis on where to buy.

Compatibility: Many confirm the proper performance of the product, with good functionality on Windows and Android systems. The device is recognized without problems.

Keys: The game buttons covering the different functions that can be found on a product of this type, enabling the user to manage matches maximizing the functions of the game.

Colors: For lovers of personalization have colors to choose from allows greater diversification, ranging from black, white and some shades of gray.

Cables: Some users report issues related to the quality of the contacts, with sporadic cases where the pad does not send the best inputs.

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2. EasySMX ESM-9013 Game Controller without Wires

▷ Best Gamepad. Ranking And Reviews

Taking advantage of a small wireless receiver, the model shown here is free dall’impiccio cable to give more freedom to the player. The shape then is reminiscent of the famous gaming counterparts, with a curved line around which to wrap the best hands.

The grip and the object seal return a good game feeling, while the cover is that it also keeps from a long distance. Triggers then have the vibration, an specify this that gives a feeling and a feeling of immersion even stronger and more addictive.

The high compatibility with Android devices resulting directly in the gaming capabilities through smartphones, and entertainment systems based on this operating system. Once turned on, and connected to, the gamepad proceeds from only installation. Once this procedure does not take much for it to be recognized at a later date.

The rounded shape and wireless connectivity have made the success of the product, earning a place in a guide to choose the best gamepad.

Connectivity: After positioning the dongle into the USB socket the pad is quickly recognized, transmitting with good precision and fidelity the movements imparted by the player.

Line: Many have enjoyed the new object’s shape, with a rounded shape that evokes more famous counterparts, capable at the same time provide adequate entertainment to the user.

Vibration: Once activated Rumble mode you can fully enjoy the sensations transmitted by the object, with an interesting set that amplifies the in-game atmosphere.

Connection: Some users complain about an occasional jitter, with momentary loss of control over the course of a match.

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3. CSL Wireless Gamepad per PC Computer Dual Vibration

▷ Best Gamepad. Ranking And Reviews

The gamepad shape resembles an old Sony controller model. In this case, however, the connection is via USB, using the good product compatibility with Windows operating systems, current and even older.

The pad is equipped with rumble effect, for games where the action’s dynamism is reflected directly on the player. The game buttons offer a good response and are unlikely to get stuck or have latency problems in the response.

From the opinions of different users is a combat pad, maybe to combine with a more powerful model or to be used only on certain occasions. For a reduced cost compared to other competitors remains an option.

From the views collected on pad performs well, providing an attractive low price, for all those players who want to invest a little for a gaming session with a friend, or to have an economic backup always at hand.

Buttons: These Committees have reported the object responds well to user commands, closely following the direction and management of keys, plus the vibration effect that never hurts.

Compatibility: From what we saw this product is well suited to the needs of PC users, especially those who have installed Microsoft operating system.

Convenience: The gamepad has a shape which recalls the pads of the Sony, with a coating and an effective grip, which hold well and leave no slip his hand during the games.

Sensitivity: For some users, the level of response, especially the levers, is too delicate, forcing the player to careful calibration.

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4. Tronsmart Mars G01 Gamepad Bluetooth 2.4G

Thanks to Plug and Play controller eliminates wires and enjoy in comfort and without limits different gaming sessions. The letter T, which stands at the center of the gamepad, allows on the one hand and on the other, the device initialization and recognition of the device in case of problems.

Connectivity is ensured by the wireless protocol to 2.4 GHz, which in practical terms means stability and quick response of the controls. Inside the box are placed several cables, enabling the recipient to engage in play sessions even via smartphone or tablet. The side of the pad is shaped to fit the hand that is not afraid inaccuracies or falls in the middle of a match.

The analog sticks and buttons respond well to the player controls and a comfortable velvet pouch allows you to store it without damage or excessive dust.

A quick connectivity and a suitable ignition system. These are the trump cards that the gamepad falls on the pitch.

Bluetooth: Leveraging the connection protocol to 2.4 GHz, the pad is connected to devices, both Android and PC, providing the right support during the games.

Design: The lateral grip allows to play always having everything under control, avoiding slips or an imprecise command.

System Plug and Play: In the central area of ​​the device is inserted a button, with the letter T, which stands out clearly visible. Just the pressure to allow the identification of the support, in a short time and with a signal seal.

Manuals: In many confirm the scarcity of instruction available, with a wrong choice by the manufacturer in not invest in clarity.

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5. Lioncast Controller Joystick for Arcade Fighting

If you are aiming at the best gamepad in circulation this model could be a surprise and disorientarvi side. In this case we speak of a stick game, ideal for fighting and for scrolling 2D games typical of the past.

The good compatibility allows you to exploit it with PS3, PS2 and PC. The production company then decided to create an object open to customization and modding. Every single button can be removed and replaced if they want.

The configuration and setting of the buttons are in the hands of the player. This way you can create specific profiles, challenging friends and the computer with the style and key combinations you prefer. At the top of the Turbo Rapid mode and functions have been placed so as to further increase the rate adrenaline challenge after challenge.

Suitable for fans of fighting games, the Lioncast ranks among the low-cost options for lovers of the genre.

Compatibility: For PC owners and Sony PS2 and PS3 console, stick it proves a good choice, especially during games of platforming and fighting games.

Customization: The good level of adaptation of the keys to match the needs of the players, with a set by the potential for the ideal profile of each wrestler.

Resistance: Once you open the box and tested the product, known as the general idea is to provide support that can withstand well to furious gaming sessions, with buttons and a sensitive lever the right.

Instructions: Several users would welcome a clearer paper, with notes and a manualistica able to deepen each of the stick component.

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The door of the gaming world often involves awareness of a precise and practical management of the devices. From this point of view, to have and to know how to make the most of available gamepad has a major impact on the experience and quality of a game. In these lines we decided to include tips and guidelines that look to a conscious use.

Check the connections

The first step looks at the goodness of cables or wireless receiver to the user. It is best to check that the cable will not roll in an excessive way, going to form any nodes that in the long run can create false connections or even internal ruptures and the impossibility of controlling what happens on the screen.

Read the instructions carefully

In the medium / high-end products is usually present an instruction booklet with all the notes of the case for the connection and activation of the gamepad. We suggest that you read them carefully, so as to have full knowledge and understanding of how the control system has to offer.

Once the game session, we suggest you check that the controller is turned off. This reduces battery consumption and you do not find yourself the next time to have to connect the pad to the game console, in part by limiting the freedom of movement for those who like to play away from the screen.

Get to know the tool

With a good accessory you can customize buttons, adapting the most of every single match to the requested challenge. Check that the keys do not jam and become familiar with the shape and the grip of the gamepad. Doing so will have a way to “feel” the good response of the keys, the analog levers and the cross-directional, for a game in which the gamepad becomes an extension of the player’s hand.

Do not dirty the object

The precision and a good response to various stresses are aspects on which no player likes to make concessions. In this regard it is appropriate to separate any drinks and food from the gamepad. It risks over time that small residues are cramming into the interstices or around the buttons, with an uncomfortable feeling for those holding the device.

Arrange the best gamepad

Once concluded the match we suggest you put the pad in a quiet place, perhaps using the interruption to reload if it works via wi-fi. Do not let too much time between the powder, better protect it inside a box, also away from direct light.