Best Metal Detector. Comparison

▷ The best metal detector. Comparison

Metal Detector – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

Sometimes you see them in the middle of nowhere or on crowded beaches: staring down and a strange contraption in his hands. Someone laughs at them, others look intrigued. Not everyone knows who that guy, for some wacky, and even less what he has in his hands. We tell us. First, the type is not odd, second, is a detectorista, third, between the hands has a metal detector. What is this device? A look metals, hopefully valuable. Some people do it for just a passion but the metal detector is also employed in serious matters, even in any police investigation or, for example, to detect mines. Intrigued? Then how about taking a look at our guide? We will explain many interesting things about this particular instrument and of course we will propose some models you could buy like these two: Intey metal detector is cheap and has the opportunity to spend some nice moments parent children to hunt for treasures, perhaps on the beach, while the 400i Garret ACE is an entry level for the most demanding detectoristi aspirants.

The 10 Best Metal Detector – Ranking 2020

Following are metal detectors that we have selected, we invite you to make a careful comparison between them and compare prices. The items are sorted according to our ranking staff and each item comes with a review that highlights strengths and weaknesses. We stress that our conclusions are also the result of the invaluable assistance provided by the views expressed in the network by customers. Want to know where to buy low price one of the metal detector we have chosen? Just click on the link below.

1. Intey Metal Detector with Dual Mode Detection, LED

▷ The Best Metal Detector. Comparison

Lets get this metal detector is an entry level tending to children’s toy. It is certainly a good way to spend some ‘time having fun with their children, perhaps by organizing a treasure hunt. Valid for use at the beach, more exactly on the bank as it is equipped with waterproof search coil. In theory you could also try, for example, its bottom of a pool, shame that in this case the display should be removed because, unlike the coil, it is not waterproof.

The use of metal detectors gold is very simple, but do not expect to find. metals below the 5 or 6 cm deep, this seems to be the upper limit encountered by users. Included in addition to the bag there is a small shovel but its quality has been defined by several customers as embarrassing bends. More generally, it is an economic tool and this is inevitably reflected on the quality of materials.

Waterproof Coil: It features a water resistant coil, then you can venture in your research even in the sea.

Cost: The metal detector is sold at an affordable price, which makes this a potential and fun gift for you and your children.

Search Depth: The metal detector does not go very deep, the search depth was estimated by different users in five or six centimeters.

Pala: In each room there is a small shovel but this has a lot of disappointed because it is made with questionable materials, bends easily and is useless.

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Metal detector professional

2. Garrett ACE Metal detector 400i

▷ The Best Metal Detector. Comparison

We can not say that the new ACE 400i is a professional metal detector but it certainly is a great entry level that will please those who are approaching the world of metal research. Of course, the economic investment required is not trivial, but on the other hand we believe that the sum could easily be amortized over time as hardly feel the need to switch to another model after testing this.

On the control panel there are six pads for changing various settings. We would like to emphasize two functions in particular: the first is the frequency shift that allows you to change the operating frequency in order to limit the effects of electromagnetic interference that may be caused by other metal detectors or, for example, the lattices of current.

The other feature worthy of being brought to your attention is the Iron Audio. This can be activated when it is deemed appropriate and is very useful when trying to land with a lot of rusty scrap metal: the sound emitted type distinguishes it from most interesting metals or as they say in the jargon, noble.

Frequency Shift: This function limits the operating frequency in order to avoid, in part or completely, the risk of electromagnetic interference arising, for example, from other metal detector nearby.

Iron Audio: This function can be deactivated, it emits a different tone depending on the presence or mere scrap of precious metals, although these are close.

Well balanced: Light, is properly balanced: the weight is distributed optimally and armrests is well designed, comfortable.

Price: Considering that we are still talking about an entry level metal detector, the cost may scare some novice.

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Metal detector Garrett

3. Garrett ACE 250 Metal Detector, Giallo

▷ The Best Metal Detector. Comparison

The metal detector Garrett ACE 250 is one of the best selling models of those entry level is the reasons are easy to understand. After Garret is among the industry leaders. His favorite search fields are dry sand and farmland. On the display you can read the information about the object detected and how deep it is.

It features three different audio identification (by the way, the volume can not be changed, and some say it is too strong) and five of discrimination and research programs. The materials are of good quality but you will test the solidity of the instrument at the time to have it in your hands. Following a number of test users have detected a certain difficulty of the metal detector to detect the gold, so we’re sorry, but do not become rich with the ACE 250. A second problem is the excessive sensitivity to electromagnetic interference: just another metal detector in close proximity to have trouble.

Information: The display gives basic information such as the type of object detected and how deep is buried.

Materials: On this front Garret does not disappoint because the instrument is robust and it is understood from the beginning to have in my hands something well built.

Problems with the gold: Bad news for the gold diggers: there are users who did some testing and have had difficulty in detecting the precious metal.

Interference: The metal detector is affected by too much interference from magnetic fields arising: if you come out with other detectoristi, better to stay at a safe distance.

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4. Garrett Ace 150 – Metal detector

▷ The Best Metal Detector. Comparison

Those interested to practice metal detecting, but have never owned a metal detector before they should show interest in the Garrett Ace 150 and not only because of its good quality / price ratio. It is suitable for a little ‘for all types of terrain, including the beach but not the shore.

It has a good display with beautiful graphic indicator shows that gives information about the buried metal objects. Very useful the depth indicator for coins, in short, if there is too much to dig better not to waste time and leave them considered that if there is good it is 2 euro. By setting the maximum sensitivity, if you are wearing metal objects, there is a risk that the metal detector gives a false alert discovery.

The instructions are clear and there is also an interesting DVD attachment that explains how to use the device, it should be said, it is still easy to use. The materials are, in our opinion, adequate for the price. The rod is telescopic but annoys the fact that extended to the maximum of its possibilities, wobbling. As accessories are included headphone and a backpack for the transport of the metal detector.

Applications: The metal detector works well on all types of ground, good for meadows, mountains and even on the beach where people always lose so many coins.

Simple operation: The Ace 150 is very user friendly, however there are clear instructions, detailed and top it off in the box you will find an explanatory DVD also useful.

Wet: The metal detector is not suitable in the wet so do not use it on rainy days but not even on the shore.

Auction: While not impairing the functioning of the metal detector, is annoying the fact that the auction if extended to the maximum wobbling.

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5. Garrett ACE 300i Metal Detector Cercametalli

▷ The Best Metal Detector. Comparison

We think those who need a good metal detector entry level must at least take a closer look at the ACE 300i because we consider it a powerful device and very interesting. The display is well made with all the appropriate information clearly indicated. The use is very simple and that is always important in the case of devices for beginners.

The fields of application are the various types of land, plowed fields, beach and mountains. It is not suitable for wet conditions. The metal detector works with a frequency of 8 kHz which is the one indicated for the average conductive metals and therefore also the gold. In any case the frequency is adjustable so as to distinguish the objects of interest from the old irons. The plate works very well and achieves good depth.

Excellent battery life, need four stylus. The instrument has interesting and accusateci accessories as well to be insatiable if we complain about the lack of a bag or backpack for the transport of the metal detector. That said our impressions are very good about the accessories starting with the headset comfortable to wear and with a good sound. Well even the cover display that prevents you ruin with dust, sand and rain. Finally there is also an adhesive. Nothing to complain about the quality of materials, good for as we see it. We conclude that the metal detector has a good balance.

Frequency: The metal detector operates on the 8 kHz frequency, this is perfect for those interested in prospecting for gold.

Accessories: In addition to the device there are three useful accessories like a good headset, comfortable to wear and with great sound, a display cover and a cover plate.

Material: From the beginning we understand that this metal detector is not a toy, the materials are good, everything is very solid, also a metal detector is well balanced.

Carrying case: There would not be sorry to find like a backpack accessory or a bag to carry the instrument comfortably.

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Metal detector subacqueo

6. Viewee Metal Detector Impermeabile 10M Subacqueo LED

It is an underwater metal detector for beginners. Lets get one thing: say it is underwater does not mean it can not also be used on land, more simply, you can also search metals in the sea but beware of mines and bombs. The range of detection in water is 10 meters. It lacks a display, there is only a LED light that signals detection.

Users have appreciated this model on the ease of use and lightness, characteristics that make it a perfect tool for children. In this regard, we must say that many users have not hesitated to call the Viewee as a toy. It is certainly a good item to have fun in the company of children, but spending a little ‘more you can definitely find better.

Underwater: With this metal detector you can venture in the search for precious metals even in water, regardless whether it is salty or sweet.

Ease of Use: The use of the metal detector in question is quite simple and straightforward, talent to be reckoned with if you want to give it to a child.

No: It lacks a display, which we believe is an important accessory in its place there is a LED light that signals the presence of metal.

Toy: The most critical users have not hesitated to label the metal detector Viewee as a toy or a little more.

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Metal detector Fisher

7. Fisher F22 Cercametalli Metal Detector

The metal detector Fisher is a tool for beginners can also search in water. Please note that the sole plate can be immersed therefore not talking about a metal detector to be used in deep sea. The search modes are four that are jewelry for the precious metals, coin for coins, artifacts and custom.

This last mode is customizable. The sensitivity can be adjusted in ten levels. Adjustable is also the volume. The waterproof display is easy to read and the tool is very simple to use. The metal detector is balanced well and is lightweight: the reach of adults but also for children who can take the opportunity to get passionate in search of metals.

Easy to use: The Fisher F22 is straightforward to use: it’s all very simple and straightforward so much so that it is also suitable for children.

Adjustable: The metal detector sensitivity can be adjusted according to ten levels, a feature that has been evaluated positively by users.

Adjustable volume: Unlike other models, the Fisher 22 has an adjustable volume as well as meet the needs of all, especially not to disturb other detectoristi when not using headphones.

Unprofessional: While having good characteristics remains an instrument suitable for a single use for amateur who is in his first metal detector.

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8. Duration of Metal detector 9.8 “LCD Display

The metal detector Intey will appeal to those interested in buying the first instrument of this kind, then we talk about beginners. The price seems good but it’s go into more technical discourse. Let’s start from the display that is 9.8 inches; It is visible and shows all the necessary information. There is the function that stores all settings before switching off and the volume potentiometer.

With the Disc mode one can identify the different types of metals while that Notch excludes the useless scrap. For metal detection There are three tones. The setting is not immediate. The search coil is waterproof, then you can do your research on the seashore or perhaps on the bed of a stream. This does not mean that you can perform underwater research.

It is a lightweight, but in our opinion the armrests lacks adequate padding. Provided there is a shovel which, however, having regard to its fragility, it can only be used with the sand.

Cost: Users were very satisfied with the sales price, judging the metal detector as cheap and affordable.

Display: The display is very large. With adequate lighting displays effortlessly all the information.

Setting: More than one user has found it difficult at the time of setting: serving a bit ‘of practice before the operation appears smoother.

Pala: The one provided is not strong enough: can certainly behave decently with sand but with the ground is not good.

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9. Xp Metal Detector Xplorer Deus Light Cuffia WS5

The Deus metal detector is suitable for professional use, so it is good to clarify right now that it costs a lot ‘of money. Beginners would do well to start with a tool less powerful and packed with features but also less expensive. Deus is wireless, very light. We propose the light version so be careful not to get confused because in this case you do not find the remote but only headphones.

Versatile, can adapt to any type of soil or sand. At the beginning we said that it is a metal detector Wireless, now we try to understand how it works. All information is digitized and analyzed at the source using the appropriate chip in the plate. The information is processed in real time and transmitted. The selectable frequencies are five; the rod is telescopic for more comfortable research and materials are good.

Professional: It is a metal detector that is right for detectoristi of those experts that make intensive use maybe also for professional purposes.

Lightweight and durable: The good quality of the materials is evident: the instrument is light, convenient to use and very importantly, strong.

Expensive: Such a package, intended for a particular professional or otherwise detectoristi to experts, inevitably has a high price.

absent Remote Control: This model is the light version, meaning you no remote control that should be placed on the rod to provide the data and parameters visually.

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Metal detector Minelab

10. Minelab Go Find 66 Metal Detector

The Minelab metal detector is an entry level that delivers good performance. Among his best attributes is its lightness; It is easy to carry, even if maybe you usually travel by bike to go hunting for treasures, you’ll be fine at least until you find the chest full of gold, then you will need something more than just a bike.

It has a good sensitivity. The Magic Coin ID function you know what’s under the ground before digging. The by 25 cm coil is watertight up to 60 cm deep. Thanks to the app Go-Find Pro guests can interface with Google Maps and view on the map the terrain already explored. You can also store the position of the objects found. Its use is very simple and to make it even all the more immediate is the manual written in Italian.

Lightweight and foldable: When designing this metal detector you have taken into account the needs of those who also transports walk: lightweight and foldable can fit in a backpack.

Magic Coin ID: This feature allows you to know what’s under the ground before digging, so if it is not worth it, you can forget it.

Application: Very useful app Find Go-Pro, which interfaces with Google Maps to display portions of land already surveyed and memorize the position of the objects found.

Materials: Not that they are to be thrown away but in our opinion the quality of the materials is not great: sometimes it all seems to be too fragile.

Buy on (€ 299)

A “sport” for everyone and for the whole year

A little ‘forcibly we can compare the metal detecting in a sport but in most cases you do not need a physical training or adequate physical. Go in search of metals is possible throughout the year, of course, perhaps to avoid in case of rain. When you approach for the first time in this practice, it can be a bit ‘confused, especially if you do not know someone who can give good advice on the best brand and the most popular models on the market. Here we come in, or at least we try. However, we are certain to be able to present some interesting offers and help you decide which metal detector to buy among those sold online.

You have to know that the metal detector uses magnetic induction to detect the presence of metals. In its most basic version metal detector consists of an oscillator which produces alternating current. This alternating current flows in a coil in order to create an alternating magnetic field.

In the case in which a conductive metal should be near the coil, the object produces an alternating electric field as shown by the law of induced currents or eddy. Another coil acts as a magnetometer: the change of the magnetic field, and then, detects the presence of metallic object.

I tipi in metal detector

To learn how to choose a good metal detector is important to know the various existing types. The detector is distinguished according intended use and technology. The most common and simple and the manual metal detector. This is carried by one person and is used for research such as mine of coins.

The metal separator, however, is nothing more than an electromagnet capable of attracting and retaining the metal object. Clearly it does not work with those non-magnetic metals such as, for example, stainless steel, bronze and so on. You can easily find in the sea, rivers or lakes using the underwater metal detector.

How deep search

When choosing the best 2020 metal detector must also take into account the depth of the instrument is called to look for. It is essential to have the shape and size of the object concerned to seek clear: you will agree with us that it is not the same as what to look for a coin or carcasses of cars and illegally disposed of land covered by a mound.

It should be taken into account also the type of metal that look interested. As we have seen the operation of metal detectors is based on the metal conductivity. A microprocessor processes the signals sent by the search plate converting them into acoustic signals which vary depending on the identified metal.

Another thing to consider is the type of soil and mineralization: These are characteristics that affect the research. But let’s cut to the chase: to look for coins buried under fifteen centimeters of land is enough metal detectors cheapest and the best metal detector is able to detect the presence of money even at a depth of half a meter.

How much does a metal detector?

Much it depends on the model. For example there are the entry level ranging from one hundred euro to 400 euro and more professional models that can easily exceed one thousand euro. Keep in mind, you spend one hundred euro or so to buy a metal detector means something very close to a toy as a good entry level it requires a minimum spend between 300 and 400 euro.

How to build a metal detector?

To build a metal detector of luck you can use a portable radio and a calculator. Set the radio to the highest AM frequency. The calculator functions as a search dish. This must be turned on and placed with its back against that of the radio: you have to place the duo objects so as to hear a constant noise.

Once the correct position, make sure the two devices against each other with adhesive tape. After that connected radio and calculator at an auction; It may be fine a broomstick. Before going out in search of metals, test the device. To do this you just bring it closer to a metal object: if you notice a change in sound, then the metal detector works.

What detect metal detector

To simplify everything we could say that the metal detector detects metal but the response would be incomplete as not all metals are equally detectable. Much it depends on the electromagnetic characteristics and dimensions. In other words, a metal detector detects metal depending on how they are conductive and magnetic.

What sounds the metal detector at the airport?

All metal objects or alloys. Take for example the steel which by its nature is non-magnetic and low-conductive. At the airport, being the steel objects hidden under the ground, and thanks to the high sensitivity of the employed monitoring tools, steel is detected.

Where to search with a metal detector?

Wherever it is not prohibited. For example, the law prohibits the use of metal detectors at archaeological sites. Even in the privately owned land it is not allowed without permission. If your metal detector is suitable for the purpose, you can also look in the water.

The first approach with the metal detector can be difficult. Understandably, you are in the presence of an instrument never used before, completely new and functions that had no knowledge before purchase.

First, avoid getting into trouble. There are places where it is absolutely forbidden to use the metal detector. The law is absolutely forbidden to use this tool in the archaeological areas, especially what to avoid important findings not yet emerged theft. In the privately owned land. Clearly without the permission of the owner you commettereste a violation.

Rechargeable batteries or not?

Especially those who often uses the metal detector and willingly tried by the use of rechargeable batteries in order to save a little something. It must be said that rechargeable batteries have a lower voltage than traditional alkaline and this can adversely affect the performance of the instrument. The Board, therefore, is to rely on common alkaline, always having a good supply.

One of the first things that an aspiring detectorista must learn are the working frequencies. Basically we can distinguish two: those low and high frequencies. The low frequency penetrate the soil more easily but they are effective only with objects that have a sufficiently large area.

A pact to exclude small objects, low frequencies are ideal on highly mineralized ground and researched in depth. In contrast the high frequencies penetrate the ground with a harder but they are very suitable for small items.

The metal discrimination

The metal detector have an important function which is that for the discrimination of metals. But it is always good to use it? It depends. If you are looking in an area rich in ferrous waste, the use of discrimination is inevitable, if not best avoided if you are not looking exclusively of noble metals.

When it detects the presence of a metal

As soon as you hear the signal, you go around the target if you do not experience the signal changes means that you have located the exact point where the object is located and you can start digging. If the tone of your signal changes with your move, chances are beneath you there are more objects.