Best Nintendo Console. Comparison

▷ Best Nintendo console. Comparison

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The 8 Best Nintendo – Ranking 2020

Console Nintendo Switch

1. Nintendo Joy-Switch With Gray

▷ Best Nintendo Console. Comparison

The Nintendo console Switch is one of the most sold in recent years, considerable success that has allowed the Japanese software house to recover after the legendary ‘flop’ of the Nintendo Wii U. The innovative design of this console is the union between a mobile device and a docking station that allows you to connect it to your TV to play wherever you are.

Switching between handset mode and ‘docked’ is disarmingly speed, any time you can remove the console from the ‘docking station’ and keep playing. Similarly the practical joypad can be joined to an additional piece (included), apply to the console to the portable mode, or split into two in order to play with a friend. As for the games, you can either download them from the Nintendo Store or buy them physically.

A video quality is defended quite well, with titles that run at 720p in portable mode and 1080p ‘docked’ mode. When it is the best Nintendo consoles, although given the much lower power compared to PS4 and Xbox One should expect some downgrades in the third-party games with the latest graphics.

Versatile: You can either use it as a portable console is connect it to your TV to play comfortably on the couch. The process is practical and devoid of any loading or waiting.

Quality: Both in portable mode is ‘docked’ you can play with a very high-quality graphics ranging from 720p to 1080p.

Memory: If you intend to download games we advise you to purchase an SD card to expand the console’s memory, not very large base.

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2. Nintendo Wii Fit Plus con Balance Board

▷ Best Nintendo Console. Comparison

The Nintendo Wii has been a commercial success, as with its MotionPlus control system has earned people of all ages who would otherwise hardly would be interested in video games.

Precisely for this console Nintendo has equipped the different accessories available separately as the Balance Board can be used with the game Wii Fit Plus. Taking advantage of this Wii Fit program can keep in shape at the same time have fun with the whole family.

This version also includes fifteen balance games and six training activities, and you can plan your training, selecting a number of objectives to be achieved and the amount of calories you burn. To use the Balance Board will need a Wii console and four AA batteries.

Funny: You can keep fit and have fun at the same time thanks to the various balance games included in the new version of the Wii Fit program.

Training: It will be possible to program the workout according to your needs, seeing the achievement of objectives and storing them on the screen on the console.

Price: An accessory for a two console generations ago could be cheaper, but then you know that Nintendo is unlikely to product discounts.

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3. Nintendo 3DS XL Nero

▷ Best Nintendo Console. Comparison

Among the best of 2020 Nintendo consoles could not miss the evergreen 3DS, still appreciated by many fans to the games of the Pokemon series. Compared to previous editions, the XL version comes with a powerful processor that can speed up the loading of the games.

When not using the Nintendo DS £ you can close it to keep the screen and controls protected against dust. If you do not know where to buy the console, click on the store link, reported shortly after our usual pros and cons table.

Powerful: Compared to previous versions, this has even more computing power that allows you to load games faster.

3D: The three-dimensional feature is very stable thanks to facial tracking technology to follow your movements.

Controls: The new controller scheme is easier, faster and more intuitive, useful for reflections competitive games or those where a high accuracy is required.

Essential Package: In the box is missing the charger, you must purchase separately. Although not cost much, this absence did turn up their noses at several users.

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▷ Best Nintendo Console. Comparison

Among the offerings in the field of video games this year, the Nintendo DS comes with a very attractive price, ideal for a gift to a passionate although the model reviewed here (pink) could have greater appeal to boys and girls .

This handheld console has reached a good popularity due to several cool games (not included) as Nintendogs, Animal Crossing, Ace Attorney and Pokemon titles that can fascinate people of all ages.

Price: Among the various Nintendo consoles, the DS is one of the least expensive and therefore ideal if you do not want to spend too much to do or make a nice gift.

Charger: This release includes the charger that allows you to always keep the console ready for use when you are not using.

Games: Not included in the package, but the 3DS has an extensive library of highly entertaining games for all ages and tastes.

Color: hot pink might not like just to all users and addresses the console towards a female audience.

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Mini Nintendo console

5. Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System

▷ Best Nintendo Console. Comparison

Retrogaming enthusiasts may enjoy reliving their favorite classics with this Mini Nintendo console with 21 classics included. It is a faithful reproduction of the glorious SNES, which depopulated in the 90s and which has virtually revolutionized the world of video games.

The games can be selected from a practical menu and among them you will find timeless masterpieces like Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario World, Super Metroid and Final Fantasy III. The biggest fans will be happy to find the unreleased Star Fox 2, followed ever published of the famous shooter with vector graphics.

Retrogaming: The old owners of a Super Nintendo can relive the moments of their childhood with this mini console.

Games: Among the 21 games included in the console software are some milestones of gaming like Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid and Final Fantasy III.

Power supply: Nintendo sometimes makes sly, in this case by not including the power pack to the power outlet, please purchase separately.

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The Nintendo Wii Console

6. Nintendo Wii U Console 32 GB Nintendo Land Premium Pack

At the time of its release, the Nintendo Wii U console has not been particularly successful because of its design a bit ‘too bulky and a potential that developers have failed to fully exploit.

But if they have always wanted one and you were stopped by the excessive introductory price, you can take the opportunity now to purchase it without spending too much. The model here present has 32 GB flash memory that allows you to buy games on the Nintendo Store and download them directly on the console to play them right away. Do not miss the opportunity to connect to online multiplayer games and use other apps Nintendo.

One of the main advantages and the most appreciated of the Wii U is its backward compatibility with the previous accessories and games console (Wii). The package includes the ‘Nintendo Land’ game, a perfect virtual amusement park to understand the potential of the console.

Price: If you ever wanted a Wii U then this is a good opportunity to buy up a potervene at an affordable price.

Backward Compatibility: The Wii U is backwards compatible with Wii games and accessories, so if you own it, you can take advantage of this very appreciated feature.

Games: Wii U has a playground signed limited to Nintendo titles. Those produced by third parties are scarce because the console does not fully convinced at launch.

7. Nintendo 2DS Console

If you do not know where to buy Nintendo consoles and want to spend as little as possible, the Nintendo 2DS is the one with the lowest price. Its main feature is the ability to run the 3DS games but without using the three-dimensional effect that some users can cause dizziness and vision problems.

The dual screen allows you to fully exploit the capabilities of all games for the Nintendo 2DS console, also the controls are very intuitive and responsive. The console is sold under the title New Super Mario Bros 2, you can now begin to enjoy.

The package is also included the power pack for charging with the power outlet that can also be used with other portable console of the same line.

Economical: If interested in 3D you can not bet on this version of the DS much cheaper and especially suitable, if you want to avoid hassles at the sight and dizziness caused by the three-dimensional effects.

including Game: New Super Mario Bros 2 is pre-installed in the console, so you can start playing right away once received.

Graphics: The very low screen resolution of 240p could be annoying to purists of graphic, indeed it is a handheld console in 2013.

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Nintendo 90

8. Super Nintendo NES console

In the ’90s Nintendo shocked the gaming world by presenting its first 16-bit console that was immediately a worldwide success. The gamer more ‘elderly’ will remember the console war with the Mega Drive (or Genesis) produced by Sega and the infinite number of available titles by Nintendo and third parties.

The games now can only be found at flea markets, on online auctions and at various fairs dedicated to gaming, so we advise you to properly evaluate whether to buy the console or not. However, if you are real retrogamer or maybe you have old Super NES games to resurrect, then this is the right Nintendo console.

Obviously it is a used product, so no packaging, but complete with instructions, two pads and a power cord.

Retrogaming: This console is suitable for retrogamer hardcore, collectors of hi-tech relics or for owners of older games Super NES and wants rispolverarli.

Accessories: The product is sold with two pads, power cord and instruction booklet.

Games: Being a dated console, the games cartridges may be purchased only by a few specialist dealers or perhaps through some online auction.

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Have you read our reviews, but do not yet know how to choose a good Nintendo console because they confused by the different models sold online? In fact, the Japanese firm has produced very many portable consoles and home, putting on the market different versions for each of these.

Among the compatibility of the games and the various functions is not easy to make a comparison between offers, why we propose to do a little ‘light and help you navigate the wide world of gaming. First you need to make a distinction between the handheld and the normal ones, making a special reference to the new Nintendo Switch combining the two types. Second, it is very important to evaluate the amount of games available for the console, and especially if they are still exploited by Nintendo, or if you have been abandoned.

Even if you are not particularly gamers, probably in recent times you have heard of the Nintendo Switch, it advertised almost anywhere. This is the console that has allowed Nissan to get back into the game after the flop using the Wii U. The experimentation has always been home but this time, instead of trying their luck with alternative control systems, Nintendo has found a good formula that apparently will keep even for his future projects: the hybrid console.

The Nintendo Switch fact can be used either as a handheld console, and attaching it to a screen. This feature is its main strength, because it allows you to switch between handset mode to docked in a few seconds. You may find, however, to fully utilize this function. Before you buy ask yourself how many times it might happen to want to bring the console with you out of the house. It’s handy to have the ability to play your favorite titles on a long journey or when you go to bed, but if you’re not a hardcore gamer then you might find this feature a bit ‘superfluous.

We remind you that the Nintendo Switch playground is very broad, with titles worthy of Nintendo designer known as the beautiful Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the excellent Super Mario Odyssey, but the power of the console is much lower PS4 and Xbox One, and then the multi-platform titles undergo substantial ‘downgrade’.

Nintendo has stopped producing games for these consoles, so if you buy know that you will not find recently produced stocks. This is because, like Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo also promotes the production of the latest games, in his case the aforementioned switch. But if you’re a fan of Nintendo and you failed to buy Wii or Wii U at the time of the price too high, then you can take advantage of it, since they are sold at an affordable cost.

That of ‘handheld’ is a field where Nintendo has never disappointed, however it is by the legendary Gameboy times that continues to make the school the portable gaming. At the moment the most popular consoles are the Nintendo 2DS and 3DS. What is the difference between these two? The 3DS uses a screen capable of projecting three-dimensional images without forcing the user to wear glasses.

Despite the high degree of showmanship proposed, many preferred the 2DS to avoid the classic problem that 3D can cause such as dizziness and visual disturbances. The 2DS is able to run the same games of the 3DS … without 3D. Both consoles feature a wide range of games, including several titles in the Pokemon series for which the DS line has become very popular in Japan and abroad.

Recently, Nintendo has marketed Limited Editions Mini Mini NES and Super NES. These are miniature replicas of the legendary console years 80s and 90s who have practically made the history of video games. These models feature software with about twenty pre-installed games including no shortage of the Nintendo classic.

You can not add more titles to the library, so once you buy the console you will have only those titles. Alternatively, if you love retrogaming or have any old cartridges of NES or Super NES, you can search for related use console.

As a Nintendo Wii console cost?

Currently, the Wii costs about 100 € with accessories, but if you just want to buy the console you will find the 70 €. Versions with games included can cost around 150 €, in general, however, it’s very low figures. Please note that the Wii console is one of two generations ago, so the market can be found at very affordable prices.

Where to buy the Nintendo console?

You can buy Nintendo consoles in various online shops, store specializing in the sale of video games or go into an electronics megastore and try the game department. Wii, Wii U and Switch can be found easily and in different versions, as well as retro NES console Mini and Mini Super NES, although these may have limited stocks for short periods of time.

If you look for original consoles like GameCube, Nintendo 64 and even older Nintendo and Super Nintendo Entertainment System then you’ll have to try some game store with a good department retrogaming, or search online among the products used.

How powerful is the Nintendo Switch?

Is there a more comfortable pad for Nintendo Switch?

It’s called Pro Controller and is currently regarded by many as the best gamer joypad available. It costs around 60 €, if you play a lot sitting on the couch watching TV you should do this expense, as this gamepad is comfortable and at the same time very precise. Count also that buying it will save you having to dismount and attack with joy-every time you change the docked mode to laptop, which in the long run can ruin the console components.

The Nintendo Switch is backwards?

Although many expected it, the Nintendo Switch for its technology and the special design is not backwards compatible with Wii and Wii games and accessories U. This means that if you have one of these old console you should not sell them, especially if you want to replay some old title. Nintendo often features remastered versions of hit titles released on Wii and Wii U that you can buy on the store or in a specialty store.

How to download online games on Nintendo Switch

Connect the console

Like other recent console from Nintendo, also via Switch you can be accessed at the Nintendo Store to buy and download digital games directly on your console. First of all you must have an internet connection, preferably wireless as Switch does not support the connection cable unless you are using a particular accessory sold separately.

Select auto and select the right network search by entering the password. At this point, the Switch should automatically connect to the network, both in docked mode both in the handset. Now you can selezionre the Nintendo Store and look at the catalog.

Buy or download a game

With a shot a little ‘hunchback for the community of gamers, Nintendo has chosen to put its paid online service, a little’ as with Sony PS4. This is a handy little appreciated, but it can give its advantages. In the case of the annual subscription Nintendo has a fairly affordable cost and provides access to a library of old games for the NES and Super NES.