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The die cutter is a very useful object for those who want to have fun with scrapbooking or customization of sandals and belts. Not only because this product, when chosen in the professional version, can create different shapes even on very thick materials. How to find the right one? If you have no clear ideas, you can consult our guide below and compare the features of the models that we have chosen from those online. You have little time? Take a look at Sizzix Big Shot Plus Departure Kit, a complete set of everything you need to venture out in the art of cutting. It is also one of the models most frequently purchased by the public, given its good quality / price ratio. He did not disappoint even Vaessen Creative Circle Punch for Projects DIY, ideal for scrapbooking and works to decorate greeting cards.

The 8 Best Offices – 2020 ranking

Here you can read our opinions about some of the best punching sold online. Take a look at their characteristics and make a comparison to identify the most suitable model for your needs.

Fustellatrice Big Shot

1. Sizzix Big Shot Plus Starting Kit

▷ The Best Offices. Comparison

Doubts about which are many die-cutting to buy? Take a look at one of Sizzix, Big Shot, one of the most sold for the good quality / price ratio and the presence of a kit that will allow you to get right to work.

Ideal for beginners as for experts, the product includes the machine, a platform, two cutting mats, a bit ‘of sheets, a piece of cloth made of cotton and different punches. You can also use Plus, which allow you to cut larger items, or even to model those in 3D.

The dimensions of the machine are contained, whereby it will occupy only the space needed. Although it has steel parts are plastic ones to worry about some users, who fear is not so tough, especially with materials a little ‘harder as leather. The price, however, appears affordable given the endowment of the box.

Kit: By purchasing this item you will not get only the die-cutting machine, but also a range of accessories that allow you to use it immediately without having to make additional expenses.

Use: Very simple to use, can go so well for beginners as well as experts, although there are always the instructions attached to the aid.

Price / quality: It is one of the most popular models, since the cost is competitive in relation to accessories and the quality of the obtained objects.

Material: Although it has the steel parts, plastic ones create some doubt as to the actual strength of this equipment when it comes to cut thicker materials such as leather.

Buy on (€ 148,73)

Punching card

2. Vaessen Creative Circle Punch for DIY Projects

▷ The Best Offices. Comparison

It convinces especially those looking for a product at low prices for the punching of Vaessen Creative card, a small model and practical to keep with it. Although, in fact, the available sizes are several, is not an object that creates clutter, for which also goes well in purse or backpack.

Indicated for the realization of scrapbooking, greeting cards, etc, can act on paper up to 160 g / m². Made of plastic, but also with steel parts, is one of the best punching of 2020 in circulation, given the good quality / price ratio.

Wear-resistant, like it for its modern form and the ability to exploit it for different types of achievements. Be careful, however, not to use it with cardboard or harder material, as different users claim that can break or fail to pierce these types.

Size: There are several available, from S to XXXXL are all comfortable to hold with them and useful for different types of creations.

Price / quality: It is one of the cheapest products on the market, so to everyone and welcome to those who are going to spend very little.

Resistance: The plastic and steel body is able to drill paper up to 160 g / m², for scrapbooking jobs or to create a very original birthday card.

Material on which to act: Better not intervene on cardboard or leather, as the resistance of this product does not go well with elements of the genre and is therefore likely to break.

Buy on (€ 10,13)

3. Workpro pliers Punch in Tine for Leather and Belts

▷ The Best Offices. Comparison

A product very useful and interesting also appears this punching forceps Workpro, both for the quality of their bill, both for the convenience of the offer. It is in fact a hardened steel model, equipped with a head in free rotation and six interchangeable pipes, which allow you to create holes 3.5 mm onwards.

The highlight, however, is certainly the handle with an ergonomic, non-slip, allowing you to work even more safely. The link uniting the two handles also guarantees not to feririsi accidentally.

Good cost, especially for the quality of the materials composing the gripper and which allow it to act not only on paper, but also on more robust elements such as leather. Too bad that hoses are not available to create smaller holes: there are those who would have liked to act on those sandals with 2.5 mm, what in fact impossible.

Structure: This clamp is made of solid steel hardened and has the grip-coated, non-slip and ergonomic.

Tubing: There are six, all interchangeable, allowing you to create different types of hole, depending on the work you want to accomplish.

Price: The cost of this product is very beneficial for those looking for items built to last.

hole diameter: Unfortunately it is not possible praticarne 2.5 mm, since the holes start at 3.5 mm, and is not suitable for items such as leather sandals.

Buy on (€ 12.99)

small die cutter

4. Vaessen Creative Punch Snowflake Small

▷ The Best Offices. Comparison

Do you need a model that allows to do special designs, but it is also comfortable to carry in your bag? The small fustellatrice of Vaessen Creative is ideal for this purpose, having regard to its very small size.

Available with various types of designs, such as the snowflake, it is suitable both for experts and novices alike, as it is easy to use. In addition, being a certain subject, it can also be used by children, who may want to enjoy creating original shapes on sheets of paper.

It convinces because of the beauty of the result, so it can be expected to become a very good gift for fans. Too bad, though, that is not able to act well on thick materials like cardboard.

If you have no idea where to buy this product, but you convinced, please click on the link below.

Small: This mini punching like it for its compact dimensions, which allow you to carry it in your bag or backpack, for fun outside the home.

Forms: There are several available, to choose from, as well as to create all the tickets you want, using the form that you prefer, such as snowflake.

For everyone: Okay so much for beginners as for experts and even children can use it safely.

Materials: It can easily puncture the paper, but it can not be said of the card, so do not be shown to work a little ‘more challenging, on very resistant or thick objects.

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Die cutter at heart

5. Wedo 168201 Drilling Heart

▷ The Best Offices. Comparison

If you want to make a welcome gift to a child or you need an item that I enjoy particular holes, but do not know how to choose a good die-cutting machine, you can opt for the model proposed by Wedo.

This product in fact has a heart blade, which then gives this form to the holes it creates. In plastic and metal, it is a model available in many sizes and which can also be selected with a different finish, when present.

The use is very simple, so the children will not need help to give life to their creations. Who, though, wants to use for other reasons, it complains that the device is a bit ‘too small, although so resistant to puncture paper up to 220 g / sqm.

Really like even the price, low and affordable for everyone.

A heart: One of the available forms, and among the most popular is certainly that to heart, to give to a child or thought for those who want to create romantic creations.

Resistant: Despite the very compact dimensions, the plastic and metal structure is so robust to be able to pierce paper up to 220 g / sqm.

Cost: The expense to be addressed is negligible in front of an object for the whole family and can be carried in your bag without difficulty.

Dimensions: Those who expected a larger die-cutting, will be disappointed by the size of this structure amounted to a mini stapler, but has the advantage of portability.

Buy on (€ 5.94)

Die cutting butterfly

6. Wiler CPP407 Tine for Paper Butterfly Shape

Wiler has devised a new model, able to create throttle holes: its fustellatrice has a compact size but gives life to 50 mm silhouettes. The drilling system is also safe: simply press the upper lever after inserting the sheet below.

The mechanism is thought of as not to overstrain both hands, so you just use one to get the desired result. In addition to subjects like the butterfly, you can choose the one you want from the available: reindeer, star, bear, daisy, are just some examples of what you can achieve with this product.

However, although the company claims that it can pierce paper up to 220 g, some have found some difficulty in drilling the thicker. The cost is not the lowest, but it is still in line with the robustness of its structure.

Silhouettes: Those created by this punching are available in various forms, from butterfly to reindeer, all of magnitude equal to 50 mm.

Mechanism: What of this product is very simple to use, in fact, just press the button located on the top to get the desired shape.

Not for all types of paper: Although the company says that the product goes well with all types of paper, up to 220 g, is not tough enough to pierce the thickest.

Cost: If you are looking to save money, this is not the model that suits your needs.

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Die Cutter flower

7. Wedo 168 242 boring machine of Margherita Shape

Another model proposed by Wedo is the die cutter in flower, an object designed to make it more eye-catching greeting cards or the art education tasks. This model is very practical to use, because it has compact dimensions and a place at the top button, you just push to get the desired shape.

What convinces users is the magnitude of daisy obtained by using it, allowing you to customize the sheets in a very original way. Of course, even in this case, you can opt for one of the other proposed solutions, as well as not having to restrict the imagination.

It should be noted that this is fine for punching sheets of paper, not too thick, but unfortunately can not be used with materials such as fleece or felt, as it fails to pierce the plot of these elements.

A flower: The beauty of this object is in the form that is able to obtain, that of a large enough daisy satisfy those who chose him.

Dimensions: The die-cutting machine is compact enough to ensure great portability, so you can keep it with you even in the stock market, given the size and meager weight.

Materials: The product can act validly on paper but not on the carton too often or on fabrics such as fleece or felt, which have a texture that does not allow the passage to its blade.

Buy on (€ 5.95)

Punching for labels

8. Fireworks Gift Tag for Punching in 3 sizes

The die cutter for Unknown label is a product designed for those who need to create holes on different types of papers. This model is in fact able to punch the labels of widths equal to 3.8 cm, 5.1 cm and 6.3 cm.

I like to users as it is also able to drill more sheets at a time, provided that the weight does not exceed 220 g / m². It is also a product very robust, so that will not be replaced so soon.

The price is not among the lowest in circulation, but this aspect is more than logical, since the characteristics of the die cutter. It is not so great as to create space and can be used for different purposes, such as creating bookmarks, labels, etc.

Who has tried to achieve the corners, however, he found the sudden not very accurate.

For labels: Thanks to this punching can pierce labels in three different sizes, namely a width of 3.8 cm, 5.1 cm and 6.3 cm.

Robust: This model is built with very solid plastic, so it will not break with use.

Dimensions: Despite the validity of his action, the product is not so great as to cause clutter in your home or on the table.

Cost: There is a suitable choice for those in search of punching cheapest available.

Corners: is not able to create very precise angles, so it is preferable not to use it for this purpose.

Buy on (€ 22,67)

Finding the best product for you is to make the case to some features, from the outset of the analysis model on which to navigate. For this reason we wanted to create a summary of what may be the fundamental elements to get value for your money.

Choose according to the material to be treated

In the market there are different types of die cutter: big, small, more or less strong, which is best to choose? Certainly the first thing to consider is the type of job you want them to do: you have to create forms on paper or on other materials?

It goes without saying that, for a thin sheet, it will not be necessary to spend some kind of figure, as will be well a punching mini, which does not require too much force to be actuated and which is able to derive the hole in a very simple manner.

The speech changes instead with the cardboard, fleece, leather, and then with fabrics and materials much more rigid or thick. In this case it will be important to check that the machine is strong enough to be able to drill the hole and then also do not break in a moment.

The general rule is that, if the material can be cut with scissors, then it can be used with the punching: then take this test to check what kind of machinery is what you need.

The shape to be imparted

Another aspect to consider is the shape that you want to impart to the fabric or to the paper: want it to be only one or several? If the use should be limited to personalize greeting cards or bookmarks, just buy the one with the preset shape.

Instead, if you intend to drill holes of different sizes, you will have to opt for a professional model, which can be changed if required.

The work to be performed

What can you accomplish by using a cutting machine like that? One of the most popular hobby is scrapbooking: it is a decorating technique, designed to edit the pages of a book, a diary or some pictures, you want to make it original.

We must also consider what you intend to do: you want to create a hole with the chosen form or make it stand out, putting in relief? The die-cutter can do that too, operation called embossatura, so make sure that the chosen one has the characteristics of which you need to fulfill your desires.

If we talk about professional models, a very important aspect to cover it dies. These elements are precisely the framers of the shape of the cut or dell’embossatura: there are of different types, each with specific characteristics for specific jobs.

The Sizzixlits, the framelits and thinlits are all very thin, so it can not be used for anything else but for the paper or cardboard. The Bigz, however, are much thicker and, since they are made of steel, are very resistant. For this reason you can be used to drill 5 mm paper, cardboard and even felt.

For thicker materials in general, those preferred are the Original, which have higher resistance and therefore would be wasted for simple sheets of paper.

Proof beginner

Choosing the right die cutter also depends greatly on the degree of those who want to use experience. Based on this fact, you can opt for a more or less complex model, so you do not have trouble maneuvering the machine even alone.

So if you are a beginner, best to select a simple machine that can help you enter the world of punching without much effort. Otherwise, you can instead choose a more complex product, which also allows to perform complex work.

The type of operation

Last but not least, also evaluate the operation of the die cutter is important: the principle on which it is based is the pressing of the blade, which performs the cut. This operation takes place by the action of a lever, which will be the user’s duty press.

In the case of more powerful machines, of course the force to be imparted will be greater, especially if the material on which action has a consistent thickness. In this case there will be the need for extra help to exert the right pressure, and consider if you need to make the cut by yourself or with friends.

Where to Buy the punching pliers?

Finding a die cutter pliers is not very difficult: simply consult one of the many online sites or go to physical stores, such as Brico, Obi and so on. The choice depends on how you plan to spend: if you intend to save it is preferable to opt for a web shop, which offers often winning solutions.

If you need to check first hand the product, for special needs, it is better to go in person at one of the store or the hardware store, which usually has available any such products.

What is the die cutter?

The die cutter is a very useful object to create holes with particular shapes on paper or fabrics and also to give life to images in relief. It can be used both for business purposes, so felt creations, fleece or leather, as for recreational purposes, to decorate greeting cards, customize bookmarks and more.

Depending on why you want to buy it, you’ll have to choose the right model, then a small model will be fine for work to be performed at home or for special occasions, one a bit ‘more complex creations like bags or original mesh.

How does the punching?

One must first of all make a distinction between the various models available on the market, to understand how they work. Those pressure, which are also defined with the punch name, is in fact operate in this way: simply press the upper lever to pierce the previously inserted sheet.

Of course the imprinted shape will be that of the blade, so it will be possible to choose the desired one or opt for a model that has several available. A variant of this model is the punching crank, which has as the difference to be actuated by means of a crank, in fact, that goes to compress the blade.

That power is designed for a more professional use: the drawing to be executed is processed by computer and subsequently the punching him back to the desired material. There are also industrial models, which have more or less the same operation, with the advantage of being able to act on particularly hard materials.

What kind of punches you can buy?

They come in two types: with steel threads and chemical etching. The first are able to cut different types of materials, so it is good not only for the construction of home decor but also for bags, clothing and so on.

Those in chemical etching may instead cut paper, cardboard and metal foils.

Where to buy a die cutter used?

If you want to save a little more and you do not need to buy a brand new die cutter, opt for a model used but held up well it is a viable solution. You can easily find this machine on one of the many online sites like Ebay or doing a search on the web through the shops that deal with used products like that.

After dealing exhaustively all the features may have a good die-cutting, we see how to act when you are not in possession of this valuable machinery. So, how to cut, for example, felt no die-cutter?

Here are some methods that can be convenient!

The first object that you could use to cut are just scissors, an element that will definitely have at home. If you have to shape the felt, provided it is thin and does not drive, they’re fine, except when it comes to coarser felt.

Of course you will not get the perfect forms, mainly because it is very easy that there are filaments at the end or some imperfection, so we can say that this item is suitable for emergency situations.

In any case, the scissors are also the tool that can let you know if the punching machine that you want to buy is suitable to work with felt: the general rule is that if the scissors can cut it, even the die cutter can.

For tough jobs it is preferable to instead use the cutter or a cutter roller, which is very sharp, so you can dissect even more layers of felt at a time, making you earn a lot ‘of time.

But we must be careful to make sure that the blade is sharpened, as it may stop cutting after a while ‘to use. That is why many opt for the electric type, which also allows you to make less effort and therefore not to be the calluses on his fingers from too much pressure.

If you need not only to cut but also to drill the felt, use pyrography can be another winner. Its tip heated, in fact, is able to let you quickly get a good result, especially if the felt is very often or if you want to cut off several pieces at a time.

Another advantage is being able to perform this operation is freehand, both with the aid of molds, which will allow you to give life to the desired decorations in a short time. The pyrograph, in essence, is what is more like a punching and therefore it is the right way to create shapes with great precision.

They entered lately in vogue laser systems can cut different types of materials, such as felt, polyester and silk. Thanks to this method it is possible to avoid ravel tissues and also to obtain a very accurate finish.

Very useful, for example, if you want to create pillows with no seams or handmade creations in synthetic fabrics, the edges of which will be merged, ensuring a flawless success. It will also be possible to act on different materials, including cotton, linen, fleece, microfiber, denim and even vinyl