Best Photo Albums. Comparison

▷ Best photo albums. Comparison

Photo Album – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

Collect the best photos in an album, it’s paper or digital, is the ideal solution to preserve them as best you can and enjoy the flashbacks anytime. If you do not know which to choose, our guide will help you to focus on the main points to consider at time of purchase. But first look at these two models, maybe will convince you as convinced us: POOTACK – Our Adventure Book lets you organize your shots in an original way and to add decorative elements that will enrich his private collection; who, however, has a photo myriad saved on your computer and want to group them all into one device order to be able to look in succession, we recommend NIX Advance – Digital Photo Frame, with a very large display and a handy remote control to customize the sequence images.

The 8 Best Photo Books – Ranking 2020

When it comes to remember the first thing we think are the photographs and the market you can find an infinite number of original solutions to preserve them and share them at any time with friends and family. If you also want to gather your memories in a special album, but do not know which one to choose among the many sold online, you can refer to our Buyer’s Guide, which compares the prices and features of the best deals available in the market. This comparison allowed us to establish a ranking of the best photo books of 2020, taking into account the opinions, positive and negative, expressed by buyers in their reviews.

Photo album DIY

1. POOTACK Photo Album DIY, Our Adventure Book

▷ Best Photo Albums. Comparison

The photo album DIY Pootack is appreciated especially for the ability to customize at will and enrich their memories using the decorative elements in the package. It is, therefore, a creative and original solution with which to give free rein to their artistic inspiration, and for this reason we have no problems to consider it the best photo book for those who want to engage in the hobby of scrapbooking.

The pages, eighty in all, are made of white cardboard and often in order to add a caption with each shot, a phrase or one of the accompanying decorative stickers, with variations nearly infinite.Potete also attach ticket, tickets, tags and labels to enrich binder with elements able to trace the emotions felt in the most significant moments of his life.

Some concern about the overall size of the object, which does not allow you to place an excessive number of photos, but still speak of a product with a very competitive cost.

Attractive price: If you do not know which photo albums to buy, you should evaluate this Pootack, which ranks among the most sold and appreciated the time to cost and overall good quality.

Unique: We can customize according to your taste by adding written, decorations and adhesives capable of making their own original and exclusive souvenirs.

The details: The cardboard pages often allow you to arrange the photographs as you want by creating collages and very particular compositions; hitting us positively were also the details of the cover, which further enhance the originality and good object bill.

Size: According to some users, the size of 29 x 19 cm not offer enough space to place a large number of photos.

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Digital Photo Album

2. Advance NIX 8 Inch Digital Photo Frame

▷ Best Photo Albums. Comparison

The best solution for the most demanding users, in our opinion, is the digital photo album Advance proposed by Nix, the best brand when it comes to digital photo frames. Do not believe us? So check out our review.

But before proceeding, we want to make a small clarification: if you are looking for a product sold at low prices we suggest you consider other offers; but if you are going to spare no expense and are looking for a device performance and quality then you can use the link at the bottom of where to buy this item.

This digital photo frame features a large 15-inch display and allows you to play in the picture sequence in JPEG and MPEG-4 videos: just insert a USB stick or an SD card and the device will automatically start the interactive presentation.

Another distinctive element that characterizes the object is the Hu Motion function that, thanks to a motion sensor, provides the screen turns on when it detects the presence of a person nearby.

Digital: A frame that allows you to watch photo slideshows and video on the 15-inch LCD display with a good resolution.

With motion sensor: This device allows to set the automatic shut-off to save energy and has the innovative function Hu Motion that provides to turn on the screen when a movement is detected nearby.

Remote control: A plus greatly appreciated by users is the supplied remote control, through which you can keep everything under control by sitting comfortably seated.

Price: It’s definitely not the cheapest product on our list, but it must be said that the high price is partly justified by the availability of a memory than 32 GB, allowing you to save and display a large number of photos and videos .

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large photo album

3. Life Arts Flaura Photo Album Made by Hand

▷ Best Photo Albums. Comparison

Look for a great photo albums and different than usual? Then to Life Arts it is the right solution for you, because handmade by artisans in northern Thailand masters and featured a cover of tree bark that will surely make the joy of all who care about the delicate ecology theme.

The design is very attention to detail, and we do not refer only to the elegant floral decoration in relief on the cover, but also the pages that comprise it, of high quality and are separated by a transparent tissue that secures the photographs from dust and from yellowing.

Its dimensions are 30 x 34 cm, more than enough to put a large number of photos in any format, but if you feel that this version is too big for your needs, you can also choose the smaller one 18 x 20 cm or the mini from 20 x 20 centimeters.

The album itself has shown great strength and toughness, although we have seen some complaints about the binding, considered the most fragile, and the sale price, not really accessible to all budgets.

Design: What distinguishes the product is the cover made entirely by hand using tree bark, a choice which makes it not only environmentally friendly but also very original and refined.

Measurements: The album measuring 30 x 34 centimeters, which makes it possible to place a large number of photos on the inside, but it may also prefer one of the two smaller versions sold at a cheaper price.

Wide choice of colors: The user has the option to choose, besides the size, even the color of the cover, so as to adapt the album to their aesthetic needs.

Binding: From the opinions of those who bought it, it reveals a certain dissatisfaction with the binding of individual pages, executed with little care and attention.

Price: Not a cheap album, said this is still a high-quality, appealing package.

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Photo album Romantic

4. Firbon Photo Album, Scrapbook, Sticker Diary

▷ Best Photo Albums. Comparison

Unlike the usual binders, this Firbon stands as an ideal choice for those who want to keep the best memories of his life in a romantic photo album to customize at will with writing, adhesives and creative decorations.

Refinement and originality are, in fact, the main strengths of this product, which has external dimensions of 27 x 19.5 cm and 60 pages in A4 format, where to insert up to 120 photos. The black cardboard used to manufacture each sheet allows you to add or replace photos as needed and write captions and phrases to make it even more special memories.

The album’s elegant design makes it suitable as a gift to give to friends and family at weddings, parties, anniversaries or just to neatly store their shots, while binding with stainless steel rings allows you to move at will pages or add more if space offered was not enough.

Versatile: The pages are made of black construction paper with A4, a choice that allows you to adjust the photos as you like, with the added ability to customize each memory with inscriptions and decorations.

Binding: The sheets slide on two stainless steel rings, for which it will be possible to remove them or move them at will.

Design: What is most striking about the product especially its romantic and elegant design that, together with the elegant packaging also makes it suitable as a gift idea.

Fragile: Many buyers have deemed the structure a bit fragile and recommend, therefore, to pay more attention when you browse pages.

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Black Photo Album

5. Walther Design, Photo Album Paste From Fun

▷ Best Photo Albums. Comparison

One of the selection criteria when you have to buy a photo album is definitely the object’s ability to preserve the integrity of the picture for longer over the years, ensuring a good resistance to wear and abuse. Well if you are looking for a product like this, Walther Design photo black album might be for you.

The cover is made of pressed cardboard very solid and robust, like the binding that allows you to open and browse the album without problems even years later. It falls among the user preferences for the excellent quality / price ratio, because at an affordable price offers a truly unique manufacturing yield.

On the cover we find a space to enter your favorite photo to personalize the album with a special image. In addition, it is available in different colors and you can choose from four sizes depending on your needs. The available pages are a hundred, all of excellent quality made of white cardboard and separated by a transparent sheet that serves as protection for photos posted.

Spacious: Compared to other products compared to our guide, this model is among the most spacious ever: it has 100 pages of good quality white card where to place pictures of various formats.

Internal pocket: The presence of an inner pocket to store negatives and CDs containing your photos was much appreciated by the users, sure that individual memories will not be lost over time.

quality / price ratio: Photobook Walther Design is appreciated for the good build quality, which is associated with a sale price considered affordable by most buyers.

Design: The aesthetics of the model leaves much to be desired, a flaw that the company has tried to remedy the cover by inserting a space to be filled with a photo on it.

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Leather photo album

6. Leather Kind Maya Photo Album Cover In Italian Leather

For those who love elegance and vintage style, this album leather photo wins on all the good workmanship and the appropriate size to contain either 10 x 15 cm and those from 13 x 18 cm. The classic lines and fine details hand-engraved on the cover by Florentine artisans with fifty years of experience in the industry, they overshadow the high price at which it is sold, the price but down if you opt for the smaller version of the abilities maximum of 100 photos.

The leather cover, embossed and available in two colors, it is very pleasant to the touch and was carried out in an ethical manner, using only recycled leather and natural raw materials in full compliance with environmental sustainability.

Some small complaint about unpleasant smell emanated from the album, but it is still a common feature of all objects made of natural leather.

Materials: Richly decorated and built with materials of excellent quality, especially like this album photo for the cover of natural skin that closes with a stylish strap of the same material.

Refined: The more assessments made by those who chose him concerning the well-kept object design, further enhanced by the fine hand carving on the edges.

Space: There are as many as 50 pages available where you can enter up to 100 photos if you choose the smaller version and 200 but if you buy the bigger 30 x 24 cm.

Packaging: In addition unpleasant smell emanated from the skin, some users also lamented the absence of a container where carefully preserving the album.

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Photo album for baby

7. Tim Hama Photo Frame Album

Hama is definitely among the best companies when it comes to buying a photo album for children, and this is not us to say but most of the parents who for years chooses its products to cherish the memories that accompany the growth of their frugoletti.

The hardcover has shown great resistance to wear and has a place to insert a photo to be chosen small. The pages are equipped with pockets to insert up to two 10 x 15 cm without using next to each, glue or adhesives and are custom labels to write phrases and dates to remember.

On the front cover there are some nice themed designs, while the availability of two colors, pink and blue, making it suitable both for boys and for the girls and for the same reason, could become a beautiful gift idea at a birth, a baptism or a birthday.

Dimensions: The album holds up to 200 10 x 15 cm, which is why we recommend buying who has many shots to keep.

The cover: It is made of pressed cardboard very solid and durable, and is available in pink or blue to match as much to children as to children.

Pages: In Inside are 50 pages in the white card equipped with special pockets to store your pictures without having to fiddle with glue or adhesive, and a space to write phrases and dates.

Photo size: According to some users, the presence of special sections does not allow you to insert photos or images larger or smaller than 10 x 15 cm.

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Traditional Photo Album

8. ZEP CMG313120 Photo Album Traditional Communion

The product that closes our ranking is a traditional photo album to use to cherish the memories of a special event like the First Communion of a child.

On the cover, in fact, there is an image that recalls precisely this particular religious moment, enriched by subtle shades in white and beige color that will further enhance the elegant and refined design.

The pages are forty in all, and are made of laminated paper with transparent dividers practical to preserve the integrity of the picture for a long time. It must be said, however, that the weight of the sheets was considered too thin by most buyers, but they still turned a blind eye on this small flaw under a very advantageous price sale.

It can hold photos from 20 x 30 cm and back of the cover there is a useful pocket CD holder to store the negatives and videos shot during the ceremony.

Resistant: The binding was performed in a workmanlike manner, and the same goes for the cover, which has been very strong and especially durable over the years.

Internal pocket: At the last page we find a practical pocket to be used to store CDs and media containing photos and videos made for the occasion.

Quality / Price: Despite being built with good quality materials, the selling price is definitely beneficial and allows the purchase also to those who have a limited budget.

pages Thickness: The weight of the pages seems rather thin than average, although no one has found evident signs of slowing down as a result of repeated use.

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Over the years technology has provided us with more and more advanced devices and equipment to capture our memories, so much so that photography has taken some time now an essential role in our daily lives.

On special occasions or during an important event, like a wedding or a birth, it is the prerogative of many taking pictures of the event, to be shared later on social networks and with loved ones.

It is also true, however, that the mere stop online sharing of images might make the ephemeral memories like snow in the sun and the only way to make it eternal is to print photos on paper and store them in a paper or digital albums .

In what follows we will explain how to choose a good photo book that will help you prevent your memories are lost in time.

The characteristics and the materials

You have so many digital photos stored on your computer and look for a good solution to preserve them in the best possible way? Then what you need is a good photo album, to be chosen according to your needs and the kind of images that will contain. It is clear that the photographs will be first printed on good quality paper, and then put them all in a book to read at any time or to show to friends and family.

The first thing to watch out for are therefore the materials used in the construction of the cover and pages, which should be of good quality and especially resistant to fulfill in the best possible way its task, which is to preserve as long in time beauty and integrity of printed images.

The best photo albums brands pay close attention to product graphics, but if one side base their choice of special effects and decorations is a good tactic to make a comparison between the many products sold online, on the other hand, however, leaves the time that is unless you consider the quality and the object held.

Is there still someone who preserves homemade historians family album without wear and pages and cover intact, and this shows that prefer a model made by hand with good quality materials will be repaid over time with greater strength and a perfect preservation of contained photos.

Finally, try to choose – as far as possible – a model with spaces and special sections where to put the images, because the use of adhesive or adhesive is likely to irreparably ruin your precious photographs.

Classic albums or photo book?

Modern technologies have allowed companies to produce different types of photo albums that can satisfy all needs. Although still the preference of buyers falls mostly on traditional paper formats where individually paste your favorite photos, there are more innovative versions, commonly known as photo books, you can print images directly on the pages, which are then bound as with the real books.

They are also allowed to write a short text, or drawings, and the user can dial to your liking the album using a dedicated page layout program with pre-set templates and graphics. Once the work can proceed to printing completed at a specialized company or a photographer.

The pages are typically made with stiff photographic paper and can be opened at 180 degrees to allow a better view of the images on the two adjacent parts.

The new digital format

The spread of digital cameras and good resolution offered by those built into modern smartphones has led lovers of photography to prefer digital frames in classic wooden ones and the paper albums. The reason for their success is mainly due to the presence of a display – often equipped with LCD technology – which allows you to display your memories in sequence with the convenient mode of presentation in slideshow.

But if the older and cheaper devices only have a reader for the memory card, it is not hard to find on the market next-generation products that, in addition to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module, offer many interesting features, like a player to listen your favorite music, an e-book to read books in digital format, and alarm function.

Needless to say, to take home such a complete and functional product must invest an amount not indifferent, but are still of digital photo most basic frames that are available to everyone, both in terms of price both as regards the ease of use .

Many devices also allow you to choose or change the sequence of images through a convenient remote control and turn on Auto Display the touch of a button.

Remember, finally, that before purchasing you will have to consider several factors, including the screen size, resolution, technology used for data transfer and, not least, the sales price, which must comply with the features offered and build quality of the model.

How to create a photo album in hand?

To create a photo album home made you can use the common A4 sheets, such as those that use usually in the office or at home to print documents or make photocopies. In this way the album will have the typical size of a school notebook (21 x 29 centimeters), and for creating one of different sizes simply use other types of format.

On the edge of each four holes practiced page with a drilling machine, making sure to take good measures to ensure that the sheets fit perfectly in a common binder with rings, but you can also use a personal measure if you prefer to make binding in a traditional way, using the cord or of colored ribbons.

Once built the structure you can decorate the album according to their personal tastes and give us your best memories.

How to decorate a paper photo album?

The art of decorating a paper photo album is called scrapbooking, or more commonly “scrap”, a hobby that allows you to keep their memories in the form of photographs in a binder decorated in a unique and original.

The only limit is your imagination: you can use decorations of any kind and add special items such as tickets, tickets, newspaper clippings, dried flowers, adhesives and so on.

Many photo books available on the market often already include everything needed for the scrap, but nothing prevents you to use the decorations that you like.

How to create a digital photo album?

The digital photo albums are the ideal solution for storing your memories and watch them in sequence on the display. In the market there are different types, but you can also use online programs and services designed specifically for this purpose.

When you find the right program, you can just upload the images you want to include in the album, customize the graphical elements to make it as original as possible, and that’s it.

As captioning a photo album?

Once you create your photo album, you just need to give it an original name that is able to tell in a few words your memories. In addition to common shares, to be written both in Italian and in another language, you can use famous quotes or song titles, and add a short caption containing a brief description of the proposed shots.

How to arrange the pictures in a photo album?

Arrange your photos neatly in a photo album allows you to share your best memories with friends and family as often as you want.

In this regard it is important to divide the shots by category, for example by collecting family photos in one section and those with friends in another, so as to make the history of their more fluent and engaging life. You can also split them in chronological order and write next to each date and place where it was taken.

Photo albums are the best way to preserve and store in an orderly fashion their own photographs. In each shot, in fact, it is linked to a memory, a loved one or an event to remember, such as a birth, a birthday party or the day of their wedding. So, in that they represent the photographs are something to be preserved and guarded with care, and that’s why it is important to buy a good photo album and learn to use it well.

Making an album of memories does not mean simply paste their photographs haphazardly on a book, but to create a history of the most beautiful moments of life lived.

It is always best to choose a simple and consistent product with their own memories, maybe buy one too big and expensive that, at best, only half will fill.

In this regard, it is important to pay attention to the theme of the album, which should conform to that shown in the photographs that will contain. As an example, if you look for an article where to put the photos taken at sea during the last holiday, you should prefer a nautical theme or template that calls giustappunto the summer holidays.

On sale you can find different types of photo albums, from the classic ones from the typical shape of a book, to the more details that often include in the price decorative accessories and colored markers to customize the binder according to their tastes. You can decorate your album as you like and add written and phrases that help to make it even more special memories imprinted on the photograph.

Always Staying on the theme of customization, those who want to try their hand at scrapbooking should prefer a model with sheets of paper sliding on the rings, so you can decorate the pages without setting any limits and move – or remove – according to your desire.

Surely to have its relevance is also the cover, which should be carried out with the pressed cardboard or other solid and robust material to ensure a good resistance to wear and deterioration. The same also applies to the pages, often separated by a transparent tissue that prevents the yellowing photographs and stick together with the passage of time.

Another piece of advice that we feel we can give you is to make sure that the sheets have special pockets of where to put the photos, otherwise you’ll have to resort to the old trick of glue or adhesive tape which, however, likely with years of compromising the integrity of photo.

The possibilities of use are endless

The albums with ring binder are the most popular by far because they offer the ability to move and compose pages as you want, so you change the intended use if necessary.

A trend that is becoming increasingly popular these days is to buy albums with cover and blank pages to realize, through scrapbooking, real works of art where to store their memories. In this way you can combine business with pleasure, in the sense that it will be possible to protect and preserve the photographs and, at the same time, express their artistic creativity.

Another trend in vogue in recent times are the guestbook used during ceremonies: the guests can write sentences and dedications on the book that will host photos of the event, thereby making it even more special memories of that wonderful day.