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Best Portable Scanner for 2020 - Updated Review

Feature Best Overall for Brother DS-620 Mobile Color Page Scanner
ratings for Brother DS-620 Mobile Color Page Scanner

Brother DS-620 Mobile Color Page Scanner


Feature Premium Choice for Epson Workforce DS-30 Portable Document & Image Scanner
ratings for Epson Workforce DS-30 Portable Document & Image Scanner

Epson Workforce DS-30 Portable Document & I...


Feature Great Value for MSRM Color Mobile Document Scanner
ratings for MSRM Color Mobile Document Scanner

MSRM Color Mobile Document Scanner


Updated on Jan 08, 2020

Top 5 Portable Scanner Review and Buying Guide

The advent of portable scanners has brought new and exciting prospects in the business world. Thanks for this great innovation you no longer need going around town looking for the best flat-bed scanner to get some much-needed information on a hard copy sent somewhere remote. Whether you are a business person who is constantly on the move, or someone home-based but needs a lot of scanning, this best gadget can literally be the difference between getting things done or not.

There are different types of scanners in the market ranging from a document camera scanner to a portable scanner and duplex document scanner. Scanners help us to do some tough work and some of them even allow users to export files to google spreadsheets and excel to make an edit.

Even with this, the best portable scanners for you will be dependent on your needs and personal preference. However, as some of these machines can scan photographs, papers, and receipts with or without the use of a computer the same cannot be said on others. Also, the portable scanner comes with two different connectivity, wireless and USB compatible.

Below are the best portable scanners in 2020 :

Brother DS-620 Mobile Color Page Scanner Feature

  Brother DS-620 Mobile Color Page Scanner

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Our expedition begins with the Brother DS-620 portable scanner as one of the most best familiar and leading brands on the market today. High review rates backed up by a promising feature set demands a few moments of consideration in this review. Let’s get started and see if it’s worth our time.


The overall design of the Brother portable document scanner presents a pleasing site for any keen eye that cares about looks and sleekness. It comes in white as a principle color with a dimensional profile that lives up into the adjective; portable. The length, width and height combination of the portable scanner is 2.1×11.4×1.4 inches. The weight shouldn’t bring any worries associated with carpal tunnel syndrome as it comes with a modest 14.1 ounces/400 grams. The resolution shouldn’t disappoint at all as the figures show 1200×1200 dpi for interpolated and 600×600 dpi for optical scanning. The portable scanner is capable of handling 8 pages per minute which should come in handy when you have volumes of documents turning into soft copies. Perhaps you might be wondering about USB function of the Brother document scanner, well, this best portable scanner provides a conveniently placed USB port at the back for easy transfer of files. When it comes for operating systems, the Brother portable scanner shows quite a level of versatility as it can function with both Windows, mac OS and Linux operating systems. Additionally, the portable scanner comes with Presto Software which allows you sending images through other devices.


This is by all means that the Brother document scanner is a top of the range scanner that provides a great portable option without sacrificing quality and performance. The resolution of this portable scanner is quite impressive, the speed is definitely above average and the build provides quite a reliable option that can stand the test of time. There may be a few downsides of the product such as absent two-sided function which is provided by similar products like the DS-720D and the DS-920W. These may represent potential negativities but they are nothing more than a few blips in an otherwise impressive feature profile.


This portable document scanners seems living up for its expectation as evidenced by an Amazon customer rating of 4 stars out of 5 based on 839 reviews. Considering the sample size that was used in the survey, this is quite an impressive fit, achieving thus warranting a high degree of confidence and trust.


From our point of view, the Brother document scanner is a 4. product based on the value it promises and the overall positive response from current customers. A few dollars splashed on this machine wouldn’t really be considered a reckless venture.

Epson Workforce DS-30 Portable Document & Image Scanner Feature

  Epson Workforce DS-30 Portable Document & Image Scanner

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Our second best scanner pick on the list is the Epson DS-30 portable scanner which dares enough for displaying features that stand out from the crowd. If you are someone who is often around computers and their peripherals, you should recognize the Epson brand as it’s one of the best established brands that have led the peripherals industry for decades. This portable scanner seems to be another masterpiece of their craft as it promises a lot of value for the pennies spent. Let’s put it under the magnifying glass.


With the length, width and height combination of 276x50x37 mm and a weight of 330g, this portable document scanner definitely lives up til its portability standards. When it comes for overall build and design, it falls on the average range, having a basic, solid, all-black build that shouldn’t bother the looks of your workstation overall. To get into the specifics relating to features, this portable handheld scanner has a resolution of 300 dpi which is a default scale mode. Upon testing, the portable scanner seems to go as far as 600 dpi in terms of maximum resolution. When it comes for the maximum paper dimensions. the portable scanner can go as far as 216x356mm with a minimum range of 52×73.7mm. The speed seems edge our previous scanners with an estimated range of 13 second/page rate. The portable scanner also includes an installation disc in the package purposed to breeze you through the installation process. Other functional features of the Epson Workforce include an auto de-skeew, automatic B/W color original detection, text enhancement, edge fill, auto sizing and descreening. Additionally, the scanner also features a punch holes removal mechanism, predefined scan settings and USB functionality.


When compared from the first portable scanner and most of other scanners on the market, it’s easy seeing that this scanner has a best and impressive array of features at your disposal. Firstly, the resolution and the speed set the bar quite high for most scanners. Secondly, the dimensions and the weight provide quite a really portable option and might be exactly what you need if you’re looking for something you can carry on those business adventures. Thirdly, a fully packed set of auto features should make your life with using the printer considerably simplified allowing you focusing on other important aspects of the work rather than the technicalities that come with handling a portable scanner producing the best possible images. Lastly, the overall best build and design is durable enough to let the scanner make it through the physicalities that come with frequent travelling and movement. On the negative side, the most prominent shortfall that most people notice about the scanner, it’s not an easy installment. The average time the scanner needs for proper installation is 13 minutes and it seems that you may need to install it on any new device. This gets rid of a few points on portability as you would expect it kicking start upon being connected through any device.


The experience so far demonstrates an encouraging record. Based on 574 reviews, the scanner managed coming up with an average of 3.5 out of 5 stars. This is great testament of the difference the portable scanner has made in real people’s lives. A careful scrutiny of the customers comments show a constant pattern of themes of durability, efficiency and a relatively affordable price tag.


All in all, though there’s a few installation issues with the device, it is a remarkably well designed and high performance scanner with an impressive pack of features edging most of its competitors. Definitely one of the best scanning innovations on the market today!

MSRM Color Mobile Document Scanner Feature

  MSRM Color Mobile Document Scanner

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Our third best scanners under the magnifying glass is one of the most stubborn scanners when it comes for resolution and versatility, the MSRM Color Mobile Scanner. Having a total of 925 customer reviews on Amazon tells us a lot about its popularity among consumers. Let’s walk through its features and other associated issues and see if the hype has a solid and sensible background to it.


This portable scanner comes in a beautifully designed silver colored and wand shaped body that offers conveniently placed functional buttons with a LED screen on the top surface. The modest size of the portable scanner is backed up by 12.1×4.1×2 inches of length, width and height respectively. The scanner only weighs 10.4 ounces, keeping you within your comfort zone when moving around. While most scanners can hardly go beyond 600dpi in terms of resolution, this scanner can be adjusted among 600dpi, 900dpi and 300 dpi. The associated memory is also way beyond average as the scanner is capable of supporting a 32G Micro SD card. The storage capabilities are also augmented by the inclusion of a USB port for easy transfer of files across devices. When it comes before power supply, the scanner needs 2pcs AA batteries operating to near perfect efficiency. Another great feature that gives it an edge over Epson is that it incorporates a plug in and play feature that eliminates any need of drivers to function with any device.


The first and most noticeable feature of this product is its incredible resolution range. Going as far as 900 dpi isn’t as easy for most portable scanner manufacturers and this device seems defying expectation and offers little more. Secondly, the storage features of the device provide a suitable option for those who get a little more hectic with taking image files, especially those involved in a lot of research. Thirdly, the ultra slim and lightweight design makes it one of the most practical scanners for those who are constantly on the move. The last positive aspect of this scanner is the highly affordable price tag. If you compare with most best and high end portable scanners, you will realize that this is one of the most affordable portable scanners which offer a lot of value that could justify any price hike. On a negative note, the blip in the sea of excellence constitutes the lack of some of the auto features that can be pretty useful. The portable scanner does not support some features like the auto crop feature which can go along way influencing the image of the image.


This portable scanner scores the highest user rating on our list. Amazon reveals a 55 star rating according through 75 reviews from customers. In simple terms, it is evident that all of the current users are more than satisfied with the device in a real world setting.


Well, the users and the features say it all. At a price range of less than 60 dollars, the device gives a lot of value for the price tag. Lots of credit for the manufacturers for bringing this specimen of crafty design and efficiency on the technological landscape.


  Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Portable Color Duplex Document Scanner

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Fujitsu portable scanner is another familiar and best trusted brand in the technology world at large, and this seems to be one of their other high quality products standing up through the fierce competition on the market. This portable scanner is an improvement of the previous Fujitsu 300, which in itself is quite a great portable scanner. Let’s crossover the design and features and see if it’s worth our time.


The length, width and height combination of 11.2×3.9×3 inches proves its ultra-portability. The weight is a modest 4 pounds, making it one of the most easy -to-carry scanners on the market today. This portable scanner comes in a silver and white durable build and has a maximum resolution of 600dpi. The speed challenges most scanners with figures soaring til 12 double sided pages/minute. In case you are not aware, the portable scanners are a duplex, which means that it is capable of scanning both sides of the document. Like most high end scanners, the 300i comes with a software, auto color corrections, auto deskew, and the blank pages removal. The package also features the best OCR technology which allows users creating PDF’s which can be sorted and be organized in relevant folders.


A number of great features are worth noting in this product and these include, the above average resolution by portable scanners standards, double side scanning capability, high efficiency, user friendly software, high level of portability and a good supply of auto features that should make your experience as hassle free as possible. Additionally, the overall design is a delightfully neat addition over your mobile business inventory. When it comes for the negatives, the price tag issue comes up. At a price range that is well over 200 dollars, this can be a bit out of reach for the budget buyer who is looking for something that offers a lot more than just the basic properties.


The reviews show an encouraging pattern as well. A 4.1 star rate shows the best, highest rate so far which speaks volumes concerning the high regard it enjoys in the consumer community. Not only that, it’s also important noting that this isn’t from 1 or 2 people. These results were based on 1738 customer reviews, thus justifying any move giving it a try.


This is by all means a remarkable gadget that not only parades an impressive array of features but demonstrates its practicability in the real world. Our careful examination on what it brings on the table and how it performs leaves us with no choice but give it a 4. star rating.


  Doxie Go SE

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The best intuitive portable scanner, our last review moments will be spent on the Doxie Go SE portable scanner. This scanner takes it all the way and combines great looks and high performance buying a place among the elite. Let’s leap forward and see if there is any truth in this.


The doxie portable scanner takes the concept of portability and versatility very seriously. A dimension profile of 12.2×2.2×1.8 inches and an accompanying weight of 1.18 pounds should be convenient enough to provide for your scanning needs especially when on the move. One other standout feature is the rechargeable Lithium battery that can support 400 scans post full charge. The memory of the scanners rival that of a digital camera with the capability of handling about 4000 scans before any engagement in image offloading. The doxie portable scanner also features ABBYY OCR which equips the portable scanner with the ability upon turn the available text into PDF documents. When it comes upon maximum resolution, it doesn’t fall short of the elite standards as it can get as far as 600dpi with a staggering speed of 8 seconds per page.


The highly portable scanner and simplistic design, combined with the high resolution and speed is definitely a classic example of a combination of effectiveness and efficiency. It’s also exciting seeing the designers took an extra mile and extended the ultra-efficiency upon a pleasing and aesthetic look. Additionally, the installation process and the software shouldn’t cost you too much time trying to find your way out of a labyrinth. On the negative side, just like the Fujitsu, the price can be a bit of a stain in a beautiful device. An Amazon price tag of 178 dollars can put off some consumers who don’t really have much to spare for a portable scanner.


This is a good scanner with a 4.3 score user rating based on 925 reviews isn’t a joke by any means. This is a good statement on the confidence that customers have in the product. An endless number of positive adjectives adorn this gadget thus warranting any decision to join the bandwagon a welcome development to any critical mind.


Overall, doxie is one of the portable scanner gracing the market today. It is neat, beautiful, smart, fast, efficient, ultra-portable, and highly regarded. Fault finding is a futile effort and this device leaves us with a score of 4. to our amazement.

With the current technological advancement, most of the smartphones are now incorporated with a powerful and high-resolution camera. These cameras and with the help of a document scanner application from your mobile phone have even made the scanning of documents an easy process. With this application, you can achieve a high quality document as well as print it out via wireless or USB connection from your phone to the printer.

Being aware of your need for one of these gadgets isn’t exactly enough as you will soon realize that behind the decision is the momentous task of choosing the best one for your needs. The market has a mammoth number of models with different features, advantages, and disadvantages. Being someone who doesn’t spend a lot of time exploring peculiarities associated with tech gadgets, choosing the best machine for your needs can easily pile up another share of stress on the already complicated business schedule.

We understand you and that’s why in our capacity we have hugely invested our time, energy and resources in order to provide you with a step by step guide for the top 5 portable scanner on the market. Also, this comprehensive review is geared for making the work easier for you through compiling what you need to know for making those minutes spent in the stationery shop worthwhile. Scroll down for more information.

Points to Consider Before Buying a Scanner


The quality of the product you are about to purchase is an important factor to consider. Make sure the portable scanner you are going for is made of top quality material that can withstand the test of time. Again, ensure that the device you are about to choose ships with high-resolution scanning ability. This will go a long way to allow for a clear and high quality document. In addition, make sure you choose a scanner that is made with durable and top quality materials so it will remain in good condition for a long period.

The Purpose

It is extremely important for properly defining what you will be scanning on a regular basis. If there’s a high chance you will be scanning nothing but texts or documents with no pictures or colored pictures, then it is logical considering something on the lower range in terms of resolution. In this case, a portable scanner with 300 dots per inch (dpi) would be the most appropriate choice. On the other hand, if you are up for documents with color or pictures, something within the range of 600-1200 dpi would be ideal for great quality.

The Frequency of Work

Portable scanners, though portable, come in different sizes in terms of the weight. If you are a paper-worm with dozens of documents be imaged on a daily basis but still want to settle for a portable scanner, then it is prudent to pay special attention to the associated pounds or grams. In this case, it is best making sure you settle for a scanner that combines efficiency and portability. In order for doing this, you will need comparing the overall size and weight of the portable scanner with its direct competitors. This will efficiently enable the device to serve you even better.

The Features

This cannot be overemphasized as it is virtually connected to the other factors in some way. It is always a great leap towards getting a satisfactory gadget when you take time understanding the associated terms and features. The resolution, OCR, file formats, appropriate paper sizes, dimensions, and other compatibility issues need to be cleared, making sure the portable scanner is of maximum benefit. Our product review will look into these features as they are associated with a number of a portable scanner on the market today. With our listed reviews of the best portable scanner, you should be able to make a wise choice.

Always Check If It’s Compatible With Your Operating System

Another important factor to consider when buying a portable scanner is the operating system that comes with it. This is definitely an impossible point upon overlook. Some portable scanner can be very picky when it comes to the associated OS. If you are using the Windows operating system, make sure the portable scanner of your choice is compatible, and the same applies to the mac OS. It is also advisable to go for a portable scanner that is compatible with most operating systems such as Android, IOS, and Mac.

Look at What Other People Are Saying About the Product

An impressive feature set isn’t enough to warrant any decision as in some cases it can only be a set of promises that a product may fail to live up. Upon choosing what looks like the best fit for you, never forget spending a few minutes looking at various customer reviews from authority sites like Amazon. These reviews can reveal some unknown truths concealed by the manufacturer that can only be exposed by real-life experiences. Take a closer look and if there seems something to be a crucial and consistent complaint, ignoring the product does save you from the impending frustration.

Now, upon having the necessary knowledge relating to what you need to look at before delving into the models and their features, let’s proceed with some of the portable

scanner available on the market today.


Another important factor to consider is the cost of the product you are about to buy. This is especially important if you are on a budget. Such as other products on the market, portable scanners are available at different prices. As some brands are expensive others with similar features can be found at lower prices. Check different products carefully and compare their features, quality, and prices, this will help you to go for the one that perfectly matches your available budget. Consider buying a product that offers good value for money.

In order to ensure the quality of the product you are about to purchase, it is important to go for a portable scanner that comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. This will enable you to get a refund or replacement if the product fails to satisfy your needs within the warranty valid period.

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In a nutshell, the portable scanner can be a great resource as far as sharing information and getting things done is concerned. The best choice comes down for getting the first principles right, applying those principles upon the authentic products and choosing the best product that suits your budget.

We hope this review has furnished you with the relevant information to help you make the most out of the hard-earned dollars.



Traditional image scanners such as the Flat-bed scanners function in sync with a computer which is basically a control center and storage area for the scanned images. In principle, portable scanners are small sized, hand-operated scanners with the ability to function independent from the computer and have storage space used for storing the scanned images for later use. The words portable and mobile are used interchangeably for denoting the enhanced hand operability of the scanners whereas compact scanners bear a slightly different meaning. The best compact scanners are basically somewhere in the middle, in the sense that they are designed for smaller workstations. In other words, they are not as huge as traditional scanners, they are not the kind of gadgets you can be carrying around on business trips but are perfect for a small – medium sized office or room.


According from some expert opinions on, this type of a portable scanner is a handheld scanner that may be designed for reading barcodes or RFID tags. This is what is mostly seen in shopping mall counters and it allows access from the stock goods with enhanced efficiency during operations.


The name definitely speaks volumes. It is an optical scanner which is adapted thus providing high resolution scanned images of photographs. The standout feature of this type is that it provides high resolution images when compared from general scanners.