Best Puzzle. Comparison

▷ The best puzzle. Comparison

Puzzle – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

Puzzles are games that need no introduction, since everyone at least once in life, we were able to fit between them those little pieces of cardboard to get the image depicted on the packaging. As we will see later, many models available on the market, each with different characteristics designed to satisfy the tastes and needs of children and adults. If you are not fans of the genre you should also read our guide to buying, you may discover a new passion or maybe find an original gift for a friend or lover to a grandchild. Here we have collected a selection of products that currently offer the best quality / price ratio: the first position we find the Ravensburger – Eiffel Tower, a 3D puzzle that reproduces to scale one of the most famous monuments in the world and to follow the Clementoni – Le Magnifique Mont Saint-Michel, composed of 1,000 pieces and ideal for those who love to compose some very striking images, and then incorniciale and hang them at home.

The 8 Best Puzzle – Ranking 2020

All fans will find in this ranking dedicated to the best puzzle of 2020 a great help to locate the best deals put in place by the most famous brands in the industry, including Ravensburger, Clementoni and educates. The reported products are aimed at all ages and each corresponds to a theme and a certain level of difficulty, as explained in the review that accompanies each model.

1. Ravensburger Italy Puzzle 3D Eiffel Tower

▷ The Best Puzzle. Comparison

The winner is the 3D puzzle of the Eiffel Tower proposed by Ravensburger, which is part of a specific line of products that the company has dedicated to the most famous monuments in the world. Apart from the impressive Parisian architectural work, the collection also find the Big Ben, the Statue of Liberty and other Italian monuments, including the Colosseum and the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The puzzles are passionate due to their ability to stimulate the imagination and creativity of children and adults, but the product in question has a plus that has earned him several points the eyes of users: is part of the “Night Edition” by Ravensburger, and this means that building glows in the dark thanks to the LED lights positioned at the base, which change color to provide different effects and fascinating.

The plugs are made of solid and durable plastic, so that they can be joined to perfection also the angles and make the final result stable and absolutely faithful to the original.

Night Edition: With this puzzle you can build a scale model of the Eiffel Tower and decorate the rooms of the house with a touch of originality: the building is in fact equipped with LED lights at the base that make it attractive and pleasant to behold.

Materials: The excellent quality of the plastic material with which they are built pieces and accessories, it allows to realize a stable and robust model, to be assembled without the use of glue or adhesives.

Easy to assemble: The fidelity of the model to the original monument is ensured by a series of accessories included in the package, while the assembly is very practical and intuitive thanks to the numbering of the various plugs and the availability of a detailed instruction manual.

Price: The only flaw of the product, among other things common to all the “Night Edition” versions of Ravensburger, is the fairly high price at which it is sold.

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2. Ravensburger 3D Puzzle Empire State Building-Special Edition

▷ The Best Puzzle. Comparison

If your collection already includes all major European monuments and want then point to an American footprint model, then we recommend 3D puzzle Ravensburger – Empire State Building, which faithfully reproduces the famous skyscraper in the art deco style of the City of New York. Also this product is included in “Night Edition” of the company, so the construction, once installed, it uses an LED lighting system to illuminate the many bright colors.

The tesserae are all numbered, whereby the assembly is also easier for smaller, while the quality of the plastic with which they are made was considered satisfactory by the majority of users who have had the opportunity to enjoy with this exciting pastime.

In the package are 216 pieces, some accessories to make the most stable construction and a manual of clear and comprehensive instructions. As for the price, in comparison with other similar products, it is quite high, but given the options included and the good performance of the model constructive it is an expense worth addressing.

With lights: The New York skyscraper, thanks to a system of lights placed at the base, glows in the dark and changes color intermittently to provide a visual effect that will leave everyone with his mouth open.

Accessories: A puzzle that will engage and excite the whole family, thanks to a range of accessories in the package that will make more pleasant the assembly of the various pieces.

Stable: The good quality of the blocks, combined with the ease of interpretation of the accompanying instruction manual, it allows a stable three-dimensional model and especially durable.

high cost: It is not the cheapest product on our list, but remember that it is still a special edition made by the German firm note.

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3. Clementoni-The Magnificent Mont Saint-Michel High Quality

▷ The Best Puzzle. Comparison

According to the opinions of users this might be the best puzzle of 2020 and we will explain soon why. In addition to being the most economical in its class, it is part of the collection “High Quality” Clementoni, the best brand on the market when it comes to educational toys and board games. The product is characterized, therefore, for the exclusive printing graphics, good finish of the blocks and the intense colors and well defined.

The attention put into the field by the company about the details and the picture quality is truly remarkable, so much so that, once built, the representation of the enchanting French complex of Saint-Michel becomes a real photo to high resolution to frame and hang in your home.

The 1,000 tiles that make up this wonderful puzzle Clementoni seem very durable and have slightly rounded edges to facilitate interlocking.

The details and information relating to the number of pieces and the age recommended, which in this case is 14 years old, are shown on the front of the pack, where it is present also the original image to be used as a guide during assembly.

Quality: Magnifique Le Mont Saint-Michel is one of the most sold and appreciated by the users for the particular printing technique that guarantees an image rich colors and high-quality graphics.

Price: If you are wondering what to buy puzzles, you should carefully weigh the one proposed by Clementoni that not only offers a good overall quality, but is also offered at low prices.

Instructions: Clementoni always provides clear, detailed instructions with which you can get to the heart of the puzzle proposed: in the case of Mont Saint-Michel This aspect has been treated with more attention, since it is an image quite complex to assemble.

Complicated: Although it consists of only 1,000 pieces, you have to be careful not to be fooled by the many shades of the water and the sky, which might make them more complicated construction than other products sold online.

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4. Clementoni 12026 discover Italy

▷ The Best Puzzle. Comparison

The puzzles in addition to the classic game of image reconstruction, they also offer many recreational activities in which children can hone their intellectual abilities. This is the case of Italy puzzle Clementoni, it consists of about 96 pieces and suitable for children aged 7 to rise.

It is a fantastic game 2 in 1, usable on both sides, depicting the physical map and Italy policy with which children can play and learn geography in a simple and fun.

The plugs are very large and with well-defined edges, so as to allow even the smallest of assembling the game without having to ask the help of an adult, and once built measuring 48 x 68 centimeters. The graphics and color quality were much appreciated by parents who were able to teach their children the Italian cities and their regions.

Included in the price is also a fun card game to deepen the knowledge of the small monuments, traditions and everything that has made important Made in Italy.

Two in one: It is not just a puzzle, but a 2 in 1 game which has on one side the physical map of Italy and on the other that policy, so that children can learn by playing.

Optional: In the box there is also a fun card game with lots of interesting information on the monuments and the history of our country.

affordable price: The price at which it is sold is considered affordable by most parents, who were able to do an educational and fun gift to their children on a budget.

Some details to improve: The quality of the various pieces is not flawless and they happen to find someone a bit ‘ruined. On the other hand we are talking still a fairly inexpensive game.

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5. Ravensburger Italy Rav Pzl 1000 Pz London by Night

▷ The Best Puzzle. Comparison

The view offered by the City of London at night, with its twinkling colored lights and Big Ben in the foreground, is a recurring image of the puzzles of all sizes. Modern and ancient at the same time, this representation is among the absolute favorite, is appreciated by those who have already visited the great British capital and was fascinated, both by those who still did not get a chance to see it live.

What Ravensburger called “London by Night” is a 1000 puzzle pieces that probably offers one of the most evocative representation of the city, with a focus color and a graphic quality that makes the difference.

The richness of detail and quality typical of Ravensburger Soft-Click products, not only make the most fascinating subject, but also help in the assembly, although it must be said that the colors of sky and water could make some very dowels similar to each other, thus being not quite easy to reassemble.

Quality: Like most of the Ravensburger brand products, also this beautiful reproduction of the city of London is famous for the rich detail and color, with parts perfectly finished and built with a special anti-glare finish.

Breathtaking scenery: The warm colors of city lights seep Big Ben in the foreground, dominated by a beautiful twilight that marked the start of another night all to live in the beautiful British city.

Price: By clicking on the link below where to buy the product, you will see that one of its main advantages is the ultra competitive cost which is offered online.

Size: According to some buyers, the final dimensions of the puzzle do not correspond to those indicated on the data sheet; nothing serious in fact, since the difference is only a few centimeters, but if you’re going to hang you’ll have to take this into account before buying a special frame.

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6. Italy Ravensburger Puzzle Cardboard Underwater World

He slips to sixth puzzle of 5,000 pieces Ravensburger “Underwater World” that will certainly make you smile the more experienced players but not the little ones, they may face some difficulties in finding the right match of various pieces. No coincidence that the recommended age is from 12 years to rise, so if your intention is to compose the puzzle along with a small child we suggest you opt for something simpler.

Each piece is made with the utmost precision in such a way that it engages only to perfection with the respective “near”, while the image, which reproduces a lovely underwater landscape with its fauna, it is so smooth and defined that the eye will focus only on the subject as a whole and not on individual pieces.

The special anti-reflective finish that covers the entire surface is able to cushion the impact of image light without producing any reflex, exponentially increasing the color sharpness even in case you want to hang it on the wall.

The plugs: The 5,000 pieces that make up the puzzle “Underwater World” by Ravensburger are made with the utmost precision to speed the search for pieces to use and ensure that they fit perfectly only with the adjacent tile.

Finish: The cards are built with sturdy and durable plastic materials, while the anti-glare finish makes detail and color even more realistic.

The subject: The most exciting in mending this enchanting underwater landscape, is certainly the experiment with countless shades of colors, faithfully reproduced in high-definition image.

Expensive: Since this is a puzzle made up of 5,000 pieces, the price could be quite higher than the average.

Not suitable for children is not a game designed for children under the age of 12 years because of the particular difficulty of construction.

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7. Educa Puzzle, Color Various, 16775

In addition to Ravensburger and Clementoni, another company worthy of consideration is Educa, a Spanish brand that has over forty years of experience in the field of puzzle and board game. Among its most interesting proposals we want to point this puzzle 2,000 pieces portraying breathtaking view of Mount Fuji in Japan.

Our criterion was based on the beauty of the image that appears sharp and well defined, and the sales price deemed affordable by most buyers.

Once completed, you can use the supplied adhesive to prevent the pieces come off if you want to place it in a frame to hang, although, according to many, the glue provided is not of the best quality.

This line of products is characterized Educa, in fact, because of the peculiarity of the subjects that lend themselves to become the wonderful paintings to frame and hang in your home. The colors, in this case, are very vivid and can reproduce faithfully this beautiful Levantine landscape.

Quality / money: certainly is one of the cheapest puzzle of the range but it is also one of the best in terms of quality.

To hang: If you do not know which product to choose, perhaps because they are looking for one to use as a picture to hang at home, the subject portrayed in this puzzle will enrich any empty wall and fascinate anyone will rest the eyes.

Complete: Included in the price is given a special glue to attach the pieces together and prevent them coming off once the job.

irregular cards: According to buyers, some tiles are cut loosely, but just a little ‘patience and attention to be able to lock into place perfectly.

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8. Clementoni The Alps High Quality Collection Puzzle

Clementoni puzzles, in our opinion, are the best for children and teenagers, thanks especially to a good selection of images ranging from fantasy themes, art and landscapes. With 3,000 puzzle pieces “The Alps”, aimed at children aged 14 to rise, you can admire one of the most charming views of the Alps, the largest mountain range in Europe.

It is in the High Quality Collection of Clementoni, a special designed puzzle line specifically for those who love the details and images in high definition. The high print quality, the accuracy of the joints and the strength of the pieces have made this product-selling on the web, particularly in light of a very attractive selling price.

Unlike other similar models, this Clementoni presents a very large size, and once completed, measuring 120 x 85 centimeters. In addition, the pieces fit together perfectly, which is important since it is a puzzle made up of 3,000 pieces, though some have stated that some colors of the tiles are not perfectly match those of the leading figure on the box.

High Quality Collection: The product is part of the “high-quality collection” of Clementoni: the image, in fact, seems a real high-resolution photos that will impress all nature lovers.

safe materials: Always attentive to the delicate ecology problem, the company to achieve this and all other games in the “High Quality” line uses only recycled materials and sustainable production techniques to reduce environmental impact.

Dimensions: Once assembled, the puzzle measuring 120 x 85 centimeters, ideal if you want to fill an empty wall with an image suggestive of the Alps.

Colors: According to some users, the colors of some pieces do not match the picture on the packaging, which may cause some difficulty in quickly find the right pieces.

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All of us, at least once in life, we got to play with puzzles, an addictive pastime, to do alone or in company, able to give truly overwhelming emotions. Build one is not difficult, simply fit together the pieces of small, medium or large size, to obtain the image printed on the package.

But if adult puzzles are a fun hobby to fill their free time, for children they represent a real educational moment that helps to promote growth and intellectual autonomy.

If you do not know which one to choose among the many available on the market read our guide will help you identify the main features to consider before purchasing.

The puzzle is a game that has very ancient origins and, judging by the many versions that still depopulated in the market today, it has never gone out of fashion. Compose an image looking for the right match between the various pieces is a relaxing activity that helps adults keep the trained mind and small to acquire cognitive skills, interpersonal and concentration.

The first puzzle makes its appearance in 1760, when the British cartographer John Spilsbury it created a first example by cutting national boundaries drawn on a sheet of wood. The idea was so popular with Brits who really put us just to go around the world and to capture the attention of craftsmen specialized in the production of maps, so that they began to paint different geographical representations on wooden boards which were then cut into many small pieces to be reassembled.

Since they were painted by hand on fine wood, the first models were quite expensive and were often used, not as a game, but to teach geography to children in schools.

We must, in fact, waiting for the end of 1800 to get the first puzzle in boxes with different subjects from simple maps, although the “highlight” moment of the production of these games was the decade between 1920 and 1930, a period when many British companies began to compete to produce increasingly innovative puzzle with new and original images.

A puzzle game for all ages

Compared to the past, now you can find different types of puzzles and navigate the choice may not be as easy as you might think. To ensure you make the right purchase must proceed with caution, taking into account aspects that could make the difference between one product and another.

Each puzzle is designed for a specific age and has a difficulty level varies depending on the type of player that is targeted. In fact, many parents, eager to stimulate intellectual abilities of their children at an early age, they look on the web and in puzzle toy stores, child of two years, a search that – we regret to say – will be fruitless. This is because it is a game of skill and patience to do after three years because young children have not yet developed the dexterity and logic required to solve the “puzzle”.

However, children under the age of three may start to become familiar with this type of game through so-called book-puzzle, that is of particular books hardbacks with pages made of large pieces that will create cute animals or funny characters cartoon characters, including those targati Disney that are all the rage. If, then, the baby has not yet learned to walk, you can also buy a puzzle mat placed on the floor and made up of many large pieces depicted with the numbers 0 through 9 or letters of the alphabet.

The puzzles for the great start, however, from a minimum of 1,000 pieces up to even 10,000 pieces, and they also are larger mainly designed for enthusiasts and professionals.

If you are tired of the usual puzzle you can opt for the 3D versions consist of curved, articulated pieces that allow you to create a three-dimensional subject to be placed, once assembled, on any flat surface, perhaps as a decorative element.

Again types available are so many, from the classic puzzle that phosphorescent glow in the dark ones with LED lighting effects that give nothing short of amazing.

Very original idea are the puzzle lamps for small, also called puzzleball, ie the particular spheres that once constructed become sympathetic to ignite the lamps with a simple hand-clapping.

But the real innovation are the 4D puzzle in that, in addition to exploiting the three dimensions like those in 3D (width, length and height), they also have a fourth, which is the temporal one. This means that the pieces will be added following a precise chronological order, so are ideal for educational purposes to teach children the historical and cultural changes of a given civilization.

How to mount a puzzle?

About compare prices and features of the puzzles offered by the best companies on the market, you know that at the same cost you can choose products with different subjects and with a different number of pieces. It happens rarely, in fact, to buy such a beautiful puzzle and eye for detail, the urge to frame it and turn it into a charming picture to hang in your home.

To do that you can buy a special frame, taking good measures of the image that you will go there to enter, or make one with yourself. But before you proceed, it is essential glue together the pieces, a topic which will be discussed in the following section.

Pasting a puzzle?

Many puzzle, once constructed, become real works of art, rather than dismantle them, you can place them in a frame to beautify a specific dwelling room.

To glue together the pieces you can use a transparent glue to be applied on the front to hold together all the pieces, and to make it more stable, you can repeat the operation also on the back side.

The puzzles of the best brand in the package include the glue to be used, and if not, you can purchase one of the many online store or at home improvement stores.

How to put together a puzzle?

Assemble a puzzle is a fun pastime that helps to keep the trained mind. To be a composed easily and quickly just follow some simple steps: after emptying the contents of the package, divide the pieces into color groups according to drawing and its complexity. Once completed this step, begin to assemble the edges are then fitted inside them the color sections following the image printed on the packaging.

How to Make a DIY Puzzle?

Make a puzzle DIY is quite simple: the first thing to do is choose a support on which to paste the selection diagram, and in this regard you can use a common cardboard or plywood. Once printed the subject, you have to do no more than paste on the base with the glue spray or vinyl time using a roller or a rolling pin to eliminate any air bubbles.

As soon as the glue has dried, made a grid on the backside of the image with a ruler and a pencil, so as to create the squares that serve as a basis for the pieces of the puzzle. Once designed the pieces, you can just cut them with a hacksaw and erase the signs to residues pencil with an eraser.

The puzzles are not only simple pastime to spend pleasant afternoons, but they represent an educational moment for small and addictive hobby for adults. As we have seen, there are many products available on the market, each of which has different characteristics that can meet the needs and personal tastes of every fan.

There are no precise rules to build one, since each person has his own technique and a specific skill level, but we still want to give you some helpful advice on how to choose a good puzzle and how to solve in a practical and fun this exciting puzzle.

The choice of subject

The less experienced who compete for the first time in this exciting hobby should first choose a basic technique that allows to complete the puzzle without taking too much time and effort, otherwise more than a pastime in danger of becoming a real torture.

The first thing to do, especially if you are starting out, is to shift your choice on a simple puzzles and features a number of pieces to allow easy assembly of the image printed on the packaging.

Regardless of preference and personal taste, the subjects of a puzzle fall into three main categories, which are best suited to the age and needs of players: children’s products are characterized generally by large dowels render the building easier, and have as subjects Disney characters, cartoons, animals and so on and so forth; those for adults, however, have a higher level of difficulty and, once completed, can become real furnishing accessories to hang or to be used to beautify a specific room; Finally, there are puzzles designed for professionals and enthusiasts who clearly need some skill to be able to complete.

The difficulty of a puzzle is linked, not only to the subject depicted, but also the number of pieces that composes: a large number of blocks corresponds to a greater level of difficulty, so also in this case the choice will be dictated by the degree of skill and player experience.

It is clear that the quantity of pieces will also depend on the time required to complete the assembly, so another factor on which to base your decision is the number of hours you plan to dedicate every day to play. There are, then, companies that offer the ability to customize the puzzle that you want to build: just upload the photo or favorite picture, choose the number of pieces and complete the online order.

In general, the amount of pieces in the box will also be considered based on the age and ability of the player: puzzles for children are usually composed of 24 or 100 pieces of generous dimensions in order to be easier to grab and trap while those designed for adults and teenagers aged 12 to rise start at a minimum of 1,000 pieces, for models of medium difficulty, up to 5,000 pieces, with a much higher level of complexity.

Finally, there are also puzzle composed of 6,000 pieces or more (some even with 32,000 anchors) which are clearly more complicated and time consuming to resolve, in addition to being larger in size than the “minor brothers.”

Prepare the work plan

Once you choose your template, you need to find a quiet and bright place to work. In this regard, it is important to have a table or in any case of a smooth surface where to place the pieces of the puzzle, you will need to arrange face up to track fast ones to use, making sure that the support surface is large enough to accommodate them all . Once prepared the working area, pick up a base of cardboard or plywood where to attach the various pieces between them once finished the assembly, especially if your intention is to frame the realized image. Now that everything is ready, you can start having fun with your new hobby: good job!