Best Shower Box. Prices And Offers

▷ The Best Shower Box. Prices and Offers

Shower Box – Buyer’s Guide and Comparisons

Due to its convenience, the shower has become an element already present in most Italian homes, enough to replace almost entirely traditional tanks. If it can find every size, shape and with various accessories supplied, but choose one that is well suited to the characteristics of its own bathroom it is not easy, especially if you have a shower tray by their large dimensions or particular structure. If you do not know where to start and you are undecided on the purchase, we offer some practical tips that will guide you in choosing the ideal product, but if you want to go straight to the point here is a preview of our preferences: Idralite – Ready is a rectangular model it is proposed to optimize the available space with a linear structure and two sliding doors which also allow installation adjacent to a door or a mobile without preventing the opening. Strong BKP100001, however, focuses all his cards on the good build quality, which is combined with a price of very profitable sale.

The 7 Best Box shower – Standings 2020

The following is a ranking of the best shower of 2020, we selected among the ones available on the market taking into account the opinions expressed by users. By making a comparison of their features will certainly be easier to identify the best brand for your needs.

▷ The Best Shower Box. Prices And Offers

Among the best sellers of shower time to hit the most, both for the convincing quality / price ratio for both the attractive design and well cared for in detail, was the model sold by Ready Idralite company. It is a shower cubicle 70 × 90 rectangular in shape, consists of two fixed and two sliding doors equipped with nylon wheels with ball bearings.

The frame is made entirely of anodized aluminum with a chrome finish and is structured so as to make easier the assembly and disassembly of the doors, the opening of which can also be reversed to open them in the opposite direction.

The height of the box, once mounted, it is 185 cm, while the walls are all made of tempered glass 6 mm; Moreover, the company offers its customers the option to choose the version with clear or the cheapest model with molded glass, perfect for those who want to enjoy more privacy during their moments of relaxation.

Materials: The main point of strength of the Ready shower Idralite box is definitely the high quality of materials of construction, and we are not referring only to the toughened safety glass with a thickness of 6 mm, but also to the aluminum structure, which provides greater sealing and resistance over time.

The doors: They are sliding and it is possible to invert the opening direction according to the needs, although we must still consider some tolerance centimeter order not to hinder access to the shower compartment.

Glass: You can choose the version with molded glass, to ensure more privacy when showering, or the one with transparent crystal that charming bride with modern furnishings; but look at the price as it may vary depending on the type chosen.

Open door: The only problem is that the maximum aperture of each leaf is 45 cm, which forces the most robust physique users to open them both to access the box.

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2. Kiamami Valentina shower cubicle Angular Jade

▷ The Best Shower Box. Prices And Offers

Who is looking for a product that will enhance the minimalist and contemporary style of your bathroom, you will find it interesting Jade model Kiamami Valentina, who earned second place on our list for a number of structural and really interesting qualitative characteristics.

This shower 70 × 90, in addition to having an attractive design and great attention to detail, has been very solid and robust thanks to a chromed aluminum structure able to resist the corrosive action of limestone and moisture, ensuring good also made in different years.

In our opinion, it is the best shower to be taken into consideration by virtue of a very competitive price of sale that does not sacrifice certainly good build quality, considering that the doors are all made of shatter-proof tempered glass 6 mm. If you think that this is precisely the model that can be for you, at the end of review we propose a link to buy the product at the best price.

Design: The chrome details and the elegant transparency of the glass makes this shower 70 × 90 a design object that will be enriched with a touch of sophistication style of any bathroom, especially the more modern ones.

Structure: The company’s choice to use the chromed aluminum for the structure is rewarded with a greater tightness over time, since it is inert to the corrosive action of limestone and moisture.

Large selection: In addition to the standard size of 70 × 90 centimeters, it is also possible to choose one of the larger versions, so as to easily find that suits their shower tray.

Measurements: Some buyers advise to pay attention to the size indicated on the product data sheet, since they seem not exactly match the real ones, although the difference is actually only a few centimeters.

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3. Strong BKP100001 shower cubicle Angular Shrink

▷ The Best Shower Box. Prices And Offers

If you are not sure which shower to buy because they look for a good quality but offered at low prices, the Fort BKP100001 is among the products that have won the greatest number of positive comments from the users for the excellent compromise between overall quality and cost .

The main advantage of the model is the perfect adaptability to the majority of shower trays in circulation, acting as an excellent space-saving solution that limits external dimensions at the opening and allows to exploit the entire width of the niche.

The panel, in fact, is thought to be installed on all the shower trays with sizes ranging between 60 and 80 centimeters in width on each side, and is made entirely of softener resin and polyvinyl chloride which, in addition to ensuring a high resistance to limestone, have a good durability over the years. Let’s look back in detail all the pros and cons of this shower 80 × 80 brand Strength to have a more complete picture of the situation.

quality / price ratio: Who compare prices and features of online selling models has no doubts: the shower BKP100001 Forte wins on all the favorable cost and good quality of the materials used.

Adaptability: The bellows opening and the ease with which the doors extend and retract, making it suitable for all shower trays with sizes ranging between 60 and 80 centimeters, without having to make considerable changes.

Aesthetics: Being a low-end product, the appearance leaves something ‘to be desired, which is why many users choose to install it in the bathroom or in that of a second home.

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4. Rollplast Pinto Box Shower PVC MOD. aquarium

▷ The Best Shower Box. Prices And Offers

The shower cubicle 70 × 70 Rollplast Pinto stands out for the very competitive price and good quality construction, typical of products made in Italy. Her measurements are equal to 70 × 70 cm at the base and 185 inches in height, with a central opening and double folding doors that, once open, do not occupy more than 23 cm on each side.

Depending on requirements, it is possible to cut the panels up to 10 centimeters, so that they can easily adapt to their shower tray, and being reversible can be assembled both with opening towards the right and towards the left. Frame, handles and walls are made of PVC, a very lightweight material and easy to clean, that does not fear comparison, in terms of resistance, with steel or satin nickel.

One of the things that struck most buyers is the ease with which you install, although someone has complained about a lack of clarity of the instruction manual supplied.

PVC: This is a box made entirely of PVC shower, a very durable and long-lasting but also low cost, so that you can buy at very competitive prices.

Cleaning: The goodness of building materials also translates into a greater practicality during cleaning operations, given that there will be no excessive accumulations of dirt and limestone in correspondence of the track and on the surfaces of the panels.

Reversible: The model is fitted with folding doors and the user during the installation phase will be able to choose whether to mount them with opening from right to left or from left to right, so as to facilitate access to and exit from the shower stall.

Instructions: According to some users, although the box is not particularly difficult to install, the instructions for installation given in the manual of instructions are not very clear and may to confound those who do not have much experience with DIY.

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Shower tub

5. Kiamami Valentina CABIN Whirlpool Iris Right

▷ The Best Shower Box. Prices And Offers

If you have special requirements, you can consider purchasing a cabin multifunctional shower medium-high. We recommend the shower tub iris KV, which differs from other models in our guide for the high cost, but still in line with the quality of materials and the many features offered.

First, it is complete with shower tray and drain, and has an inner panel in pearly white color fiberglass and sliding doors in tempered glass thickness of 5 mm. Measure exactly 70 × 100 cm and has a frame with chromed anodized aluminum profile which, in addition to granting the object a very attractive appearance, has proved to be very solid and resistant.

Not to mention, then, the efficient whirlpool system of which it is provided: presents sixteen vertical jets, the two foot, a showerhead and a pull-out spray; also included in the price will also find a mirror, a seat, a storage shelf, a stereo system with integrated speakers and a control panel with LCD display.

With Jacuzzi: What makes this really interesting is definitely the hot shower function, made up of sixteen sixteen and two dorsal plantar jets to enjoy long moments of well-deserved relaxation.

Functions: In addition to the whirlpool, the model has a shower head to be mounted to the ceiling and a hand shower; in addition, the price includes a mirror, a lighting system and a radio with built-in speakers.

Complete: The product comes complete with shower tray, drain valve and all the accessories needed to make the corner shower complete and functional in every respect.

Expensive: The price is definitely high but justified by the quality of the materials used and the many functions offered.

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6. Idralite Semicircular Shower Box H185 Printed

The box semicircular shower Idralite measure exactly 80 x 80 cm and is composed of two fixed panels and two sliding doors in tempered glass by six millimeters, it is provided with a transparent finish with both matte effect to enjoy a greater intimacy during the shower. The frame is constructed of anodized aluminum with a chrome finish which makes the model, not only solid and robust, but also aesthetically pleasing.

However, because of its particular form, you may encounter many problems during assembly if during the purchase you have not taken the measures of your shower tray correctly. To avoid any possible inconvenience, in addition to the length of the linear sides, we must also consider the exact size of the radius of curvature, which in this case is 55 centimeters.

The doors slide on the track by means of sixteen nylon wheels and in their maximum opening grant a space of 47 cm to enter easily into the compartment, and once closed adhere perfectly to one another by means of a powerful magnet.

Ports: The fixed panels and sliding doors are made of tempered glass, with 5 mm thick, and are equipped with a magnetic closure able to isolate perfectly the rest of the room from splashing water.

Opening: Once opened, the doors offer a space of 47 cm for an easy access to the box, and flows in a fluid way along the entire curve of the shower tray thanks to sixteen robust nylon wheels.

Measurements: The bending radius is 55 centimeters, then slightly larger than traditional shower trays of this type, while its maximum height of two meters, ideal for very tall people and for those who want to enjoy more freedom of movement when showering.

Eye size: as stated, they do not match those standards, so before you decide you should take good measures of the shower in your possession.

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7. Idralite Box Shower Transparent Mod. Junior Trio

The product that closes our ranking is the shower three sides Trio Junior Idralite, not the cheapest on the list but still appreciated by most of the users who decided to buy it despite the high price. The exposed sliding system is very practical and above all efficient, since none of the buyers encountered problems when opening the doors, especially about the quality seals and solid wheels with ball bearings.

The cleaning of the doors is easy and quick with the convenient “Click & Clean” system, which makes it easy to unlatch the doors to access even the most difficult areas to clean.

The model object of our review each of the three sides measure exactly 75 centimeters, but the company offers the possibility to choose between twelve steps to meet the needs of all its customers.

As regards, instead, the installation have not been reported any problems and for fixing to the wall it is possible to use the concealed screws included in the package.

Refined: The chrome structure and design simplicity make it an object which can embellish any bathroom, turning it into a very refined and elegant.

Many measures: In addition to the version with three sides by 75 cm each, you can also choose another measure of the twelve available, so as to easily adapt the space to the size of your shower tray.

High Price: Unlike other similar models, this shower is sold at a fairly high price, which could be a severe limitation for those on a tight budget.

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Seals for shower

You finally picked the right model for your needs, but in the package have not found everything necessary to ensure the correct installation? If you look for the best seals for shower take a look at those proposed by Sealis, which are compatible with the thick glass between 5 and 8 mm.

They are made from high-quality transparent PVC to ensure not only the utmost discretion as not to compromise the aesthetics of the shower, but also a good resistance to wear and limestone, avoiding at the same time that there is leakage of water.

Even the price / quality ratio was the satisfaction of the majority of buyers who say they have encountered no problems during installation.

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The commodity sector dedicated to the shower stall is very large and offers various solutions to meet all needs. But perhaps it is precisely for this reason that, when choosing the shower to be installed in your bathroom, begin to make their way thousands of doubts and questions about what is the best, the materials to be preferred, and consistency of the product, obviously without neglecting the selling price. Through this guide we want to help you make the right choice, AdminGroup aspects to be considered in view of a possible purchase.

The first factor to be taken into account to determine how to choose a good shower is definitely the product functionality. It’s easy to get groped by a multi-purpose model, perhaps with Jacuzzi and stereo, but if you have limited space in your bathroom is just runs the risk of breaking her slender balance and creating an excessive clutter.

How to Choose, therefore, a shower the right size? Obviously, we can not speak of measures in a generic sense, since each environment has very specific characteristics, and each user’s preferences. Fortunately, the best brands offer different models to choose from, both for what concerns the measures both on the form, which can be rectangular, square or circular, so as to adapt it to the context in which it will be placed.

In this regard, we want to give you some tips that will be of great help if your bathroom is very small, we should prefer an essential and compact size box, perhaps with sliding opening or inward to make the most of the space available; if, instead, it is very long and narrow you can opt for a reduced corner shower box, to keep open when not used to not overwhelm the room too much; in case the problem is the lack of light, it is better to turn towards a model with transparent glass doors so as not to make the corner dedicated to the shower too dark.

Functionality, however, is not just about optimizing space, but also efficiency in opening mechanisms: the shower are more prone to wear and limestone, to which to base its decision only on the convenience of the price could be counterproductive if after a few uses the its components begin to do “dud”.

Doors that do not close properly, the wheels lock and continuous seals yellowing drawbacks are always around the corner and, as the time of the shower must be above all a pleasure, we always worth spending a little more for ensure a quality product that will last a long time.

Of course, a shower must be functional and above all constructed with materials of good quality, but do not overlook even the aesthetic factor, as it will be always in plain view in your bathroom. When it comes to design it is clear that guide the selection will mostly our personal tastes, but often so you end up neglecting the fact that beauty comes not only on the shape and design of the model, but also on the preciousness of the materials used and the stability of the box itself.

The harmony and elegance of a commodity product such as shower fact, depends also on how tough its integrity over time: well-made components translate into increased strength use after use while the presence of a glass in conferring an unalterable beauty even after years of cleaning.

Better then prefer products made with quality materials, choosing the crystal instead of plastic, steel or anodized aluminum instead of the painted metal and a simple and straightforward design, which ensures a faster and easier cleaning, since not everyone can enjoy the luxury of having a maid who deal with it.

Square or semicircular?

When you have enough large spaces it is clear that the choice will be easier and you can easily create the shower of your dreams. In these cases, you may prefer a rectangular box with generous dimensions, perhaps with different options such as a storage shelf, a seat and – why not – a whirlpool system to make their special moments of relaxation.

Fortunately, on the market you can find solutions of any kind, so even if you have a very small bathroom should not encounter great difficulties in finding the right product. In this regard, it is always better to prefer a corner shower that minimizes clutter and allows to gain even more space in rooms specially thickened.

If you decide to buy a semicircular booth, however, we must pay more attention to measures of his shower base, especially with regard to the radius of curvature, a figure that you can easily find in the data sheet of the product.

How to clean the shower transparent glass?

Clean the transparent glass of your shower stall is essential to make them neat and shiny as new. The first thing to do is to always have at hand a screen wiper blade, if necessary by use to remove splashes of water that eventually could leave troublesome lime stains.

However, this little ploy to delay helps ensure the cleanliness of the box but not to replace it: after a week of showers, in fact, dirt and limescale will form anyway, and to remove them simply use one of many detergents designed for this purpose; but if the situation is not so dire you can also resort to a remedy “green”, creating a solution of water, vinegar and baking soda.

How to mount the shower?

If you have a bit of manual work can, with a few simple steps, install autonomously your shower and cut costs for a professional; but if you do it yourself for you is a “dark science”, then better to hire an expert. To assemble yourself the box, the first thing to do is to carefully wash the shower to remove any dust and dirt, after which resting on the wall profiles of the cab to figure out where to drill the holes with the drill.

Once completed this step, you have to do no more than fix the panels to the wall with the appropriate bolts, insert the sliding doors (if present) in the respective rails and seal the frame with silicone. After that you will be perfectly dried, you can finally enjoy a nice refreshing shower.

How to replace the shower seals?

First you must remove the old seal: it should not be difficult but it is always advisable to proceed with caution to avoid damaging the glass or panels.

Before assembling the new gasket, keep in mind that the procedure may vary according to the characteristics of the shower stall and the acquired type of gasket: in some cases just plug in the relevant joint and the game is done, while in others it may be necessary to l ‘ use of a screwdriver or another tool to make pressure and to obtain a snug fit.

To remove the silicone from the shower first need to thoroughly clean the area with a special cleanser and, when finished, thoroughly dry the surface.

At this point, you can proceed to the removal using a spatula or a scraper (avoid knives and cutters if you do not want to scratch the floor or the box glass), and if the sealant is particularly hard and difficult to remove, can soften it with dell ‘ hot water or with a heat gun to a minimum temperature.

As silicone to the shower?

To seal the box in a workmanlike manner shower is important to use silicone suitable and have a hand quite firm and precise, otherwise you can also place the paper tape strips along the edges to apply the sealant in a uniform and regular.

After placing the silicone tube for sealing in the gun, press the trigger gently moving gradually the spout along the joint to be fixed and, in the case of burrs, simply remove them promptly with a damp cloth.

When it comes time to choose the best shower for your needs, it will always be influenced by the design and aesthetics of the products seen in catalogs or on the web. In fact, it has not often the knowledge necessary to understand that certain solutions are incompatible with their lifestyle and features its own bathroom.

Surely protect the environment from splashing water is among the main reasons that lead users to buy a dedicated box shower, but if you want to manage and use these media the best, we offer some tips that will be of great use.

The first element to consider is the material used for the panels, which can be acrylic or tempered glass. In the past, the choice fell on Acrylic predominantly, which was considered to be more secure and robust than glass. However, in recent times its sales have fallen dramatically, especially since the so-called tempered glass were introduced.

The latter are more resistant than traditional glass, since subjected to a special process called “tempering”, which allows in case of shocks shatter into small pieces chamfered and rounded. Also, unlike acrylic, it is easier to clean and does not tend to turn yellow, as well as give the shower a very pleasing to the eye.

Surely, the main advantage of a model acrylic is the low cost, but have a limited budget does not necessarily mean giving up low cost solutions, since it is also possible to purchase products with reduced thickness panels (on 3 mm approximately) for bring the price of the glass-enclosed ones in acrylic.

Another factor that affects the functionality of the product is the type of opening of the doors. Dominating the market are undoubtedly the shower with sliding doors, which are certainly the most viable solutions both from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of cleanliness.

Those who have space problems, however, should focus on a model with folding doors, but there are also special versions designed to meet specific needs, such as pivoting doors, that is, a hinged door that reduces clutter in the process opening, or the one with the central pivot of glass provided that rotates 180 ° to allow easy access to the shower compartment.

These, of course, are just some of the solutions proposed by specialized companies, but if you do not want to encounter problems during installation you should choose a model that allows to reverse the direction of opening of one or both doors.

Finishes and limescale

With regard to finishes, today the box Bestsellers shower and appreciated are those clear glass or satin: the former is more attractive from the aesthetic, as can enhance the style of any bathroom revealing the inside of the shower, often enriched with decorations and coatings important; the second, however, gives the user more privacy and allows more people to use the bathroom at the same time.

If you do not know which to choose you can cut the head of the bull opting for a transparent glass fitted with one or more satin bands at strategic heights. With regard to cleanliness changes very little, because in both cases, just use specific products to remove effortlessly all traces of dirt and limestone from surfaces.

If, then, you do not care about the price and you are also willing to spend a little more to enjoy the ultimate convenience, you can ask the company produces subject the crystal to a special anti-scale treatment that renders the water repellent glass surface. This, however, does not mean it will not form water stains, but rather that it will be easier to remove even by simply using a damp cloth.