Best Shower Radio. Ranking And Reviews

▷ The best shower radio. Ranking and Reviews

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Singing in the shower is a habit of many people, as well as listen to music while brushing. Unless you do not already have a music system in the bathroom, you could buy a good waterproof radio to brighten your relaxing moments. This guide offers advice very helpful to choose the model that matches your requirements fully. In fact we have selected for you the best shower radios on the market, but if you do not have time to read our reviews, then take a look at these two products that might catch your attention. Lexon LA42 is a friendly and efficient model, designed by French Marc Berthier and realized with a single rubber mold. The radio is completely waterproof and functional and can also be used in the pool or in the garden. VicTsing VBS1B-vit is a truly portable speaker, equipped with Bluetooth technology, which allows you to listen to music from other devices, such as smartphones and tablets that are not waterproof.

If you can not do without music in the shower but all your devices are not waterproof, you need an ad hoc radio. This page guides you to find the model that best suits your needs, before analyzing the characteristics to be assessed and then, in the ranking at the bottom, presenting the review of the most appreciated on the market radios in the relationship between quality and price.

▷ The Best Shower Radio. Ranking And Reviews

The best brand from the shower radios are characterized by a wider range of features that provide the user with. One of the most popular is the use of Bluetooth technology: the models that have this feature become real speakers for smartphones, tablets and any other enabled device that can not be worn in the shower. This way you can continue to listen to your favorite playlist even if the phone is several meters away.

But this is not the only advantage: because the radios that support Bluetooth are generally equipped with a built-in microphone, also allow you to receive an incoming call particularly important or unexpected to which you can not help but respond. It is noted that the latest versions of Bluetooth, for example, the 4.0, provide a link with your device easier, immediate and stable.

Another popular feature is the alarm by users. In this case you can use the radio not only in the shower but also on the bedside table; the advantage is waking up in the morning in the least traumatic way to their favorite program sound, useful to many people even fall asleep more pleasant at night. In this case you must choose a model equipped with a timer that will ensure automatic shutdown at the time you specify.

When you are under the shower you must place the radio somewhere, that’s why the rubber base ensures that it does not slip away from the surface where it is placed. One solution, probably more convenient is the integrated strap that allows you to hook it, for example, the shower head, the mixer or other protrusions. Other models predict, however, a suction cup that allows you to attach the radio even more comfortably on any horizontal or vertical surface such as tile, glass and more.

Very convenient and practical because it could turn the display shows various information to the user as, for example, time is essential especially in the morning when there is never enough time to prepare before going to work. The screen is useful because it also signals the frequency and, therefore, allows you to quickly find your favorite station or, if you’re listening to streaming music, indicates the track number. You should never miss the keys to adjust the volume, select the track and pause.

▷ The Best Shower Radio. Ranking And Reviews

Compare prices and features, but another aspect that could prove decisive is the design. Some manufacturers link their sull’appeal forms to attract the interest of potential customers: a radio as intriguing shower from an aesthetic point of view can arouse the admiration of friends and relatives when it is brought to the beach or poolside. Some models are available in different colors to suit the tastes of everyone.

In other cases we find integrated LED lights that make the spectacular especially at night radio. Devices with a built-in mirror are not only original but also functional because they allow, for example, to shave more effectively in the shower.

The 5 Best of Shower Radio – Ranking 2020

After providing some guidance on how to choose a good shower radio, now we do a comparison between our purchasing tips. It is the most appreciated models by consumers this year and that, in our opinion, have excelled in the relationship between the services offered and the selling price.

1. LA42 from Lexon Shower Radio

If you are a lover of design the best radio shower of 2020 could be for you this Lexon which has its own originality of the construction strength. It is a model built with a single rubber mold, including loudspeaker and commands for switching on / off and adjusting the volume. It is a radio design by the well known designer and architect Marc Berthier and is exposed even at the MOMA in New York and the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris.

▷ The Best Shower Radio. Ranking And Reviews

The rubber with which it was made also makes it very convenient and pleasant to the touch. Lightweight and easy to use, it can be kept in the shower or brought to the garden and the pool and easily adjusted with wet hands.

The stations are picked up rolling the small antenna placed on top and, as evidenced by the majority of users, is receiving that audio are top-notch. Available in different colors, it comes with the batteries needed to power.

Here in our guide to choosing the best shower radio you will find so many products, from cheapest to that for those who have no budget limitations. Conquest so many users Lexon the model, which we are going to review the merits and defects.

Original: This product is dedicated to the design lovers. It is in fact an object made of a single rubber mold, the original to be exhibited at the MOMA in New York and the Center Georges Pompidou in Paris.

Waterproof: Can be put in the shower or, in general, in contact with water because it does not fatigue if you want to adjust it with wet hands.

Audio: Although this is a product that seems to be unpretentious, users who have chosen the claim that it is receiving both audio are of good quality. Nothing better to listen to music!

Batteries: They are included in the package, so you can immediately start using the radio.

Price: Its cost is among the lowest, so you’ll be prepared to spend a little ‘more in order to take advantage of all the features.

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2. VicTsing Relaxer Speaker Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker from Shower

VicTsing has created one of the most sold online models and appreciated by the users for the benefits it provides. First, it supports Bluetooth technology and, therefore, is a real portable speaker that can be used in the shower to listen to your music on their devices such as smartphones and tablets that are not waterproof.

▷ The Best Shower Radio. Ranking And Reviews

Thanks to the built-in microphone will also be possible to answer an important incoming call; music, in fact, it is automatically deactivated and reactivated after the end of the call. Modern Bluetooth 4.0 technology enables fast and stable association with your device.

Another strong point of this radio / speaker is the presence of the suction cup supplied which allows to fasten it on any smooth surface without having to seek support and move every time shampoo and shower gel to be able to fix stably.

It is a complete model because it has built-in display on which you can view at any time the selected station, the track number and other information; besides being able to select the desired FM station, you can choose the music track, adjust the volume and pause.

That of VicTsing is a radio that has met with favorable opinions of many users who appreciated the qualities. If you are interested and do not know where to buy this model at low prices, the link after the pros and cons can direct you to a convenient store.

Bluetooth: The strength of this model is that it supports Bluetooth technology, allowing you to listen to your music on your smartphone and tablet, even in the shower.

Built-in microphone: If you receive a call, you can answer through this device with the built-in microphone. The music will in fact be deactivated and reactivated at the end of the call.

Sucker: This element helps to fix the product on any smooth surface, where it can be left in a stable plant or easily removed.

Functions: Some users would prefer to be present to read the RDS radio station or that there was a chance to save it manually.

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3. Moosen Speaker Bluetooth, Case for Portable Shower

▷ The Best Shower Radio. Ranking And Reviews

There are those who can not live without music even in the shower. They do, but not all, targets the Moosen. It is a device that has an integrated radio (for better reception just move the antenna) but also the bluetooth so, those who prefer, can use the Moosen as a simple speaker to listen to music from your smartphone.

It has a suction cup that guarantees maximum grip, even if you were to vapor form: attach it to the wall of the shower and on. Clearly the radio can also be heard anywhere else, you can always take it with you and thanks to portable lanyards you can tie it to the bicycle or maybe the backpack; In short, the possibilities are many.

Thanks to the LED display so you have to monitor the battery status, but what is the degree of water resistance? Well, maybe you do not do diving but be assured that if it were to fall into it in the tub, do not happen anything. There was a little ‘disappointed with the sound quality.

Under water: The radio has a good water resistance which allows it to be heard in the shower with no damage due to water.

Wireless: The radio has bluetooth so it can be coupled with the smartphone and serve as speaker. The coupling is immediate.

LED: Lights are burning from the battery status indicator in addition to giving an optical nice effect.

Sound: One thing that we were not entirely convinced it is the sound quality which we believe is modest, but after all it was clear from the beginning that it was not an audiophile device.

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4. King Electronic HAV-SR42 Radioregistratore

Which radio shower buy it really cheap? A suggestion that you might find interesting is that the Konig Electronic model. The price accessible to all budgets is an advantage especially for those who are seeking the maximum savings, but there are other very interesting features. Unlike most similar models, this radio has a circular mirror in the middle, a handy tip, for example, to shave in the shower and do not go blind.

The small display shows the preset station or the time and, in particular, can also be used as an alarm clock to get up in the morning in a less traumatic listening to your favorite program.

Another advantage of this radio is integrated suction cup that allows you to place it anywhere without problems.

If you are saving research: the right model for you. To help you better understand its characteristics, we do a recap of its pros and cons.

Price: The cost of this radio is to be preferred if you do not want to spend too much and have a useful product to brighten the moments in the shower.

Mirror: The innovation of this model is also being equipped with a central circular mirror, which can, for example, help to shave in the shower.

Display: Although it is small, it displays the selected station and the time, to have everything under control.

Clock Radio: Another positive aspect is to use it as an alarm clock for the morning, if you want to listen to music on their own awakening.

Sucker: The quality of the suction cup does not satisfy everyone, because it seems that tends to come off and drop the device.

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5. Philips AE2330 for Shower Radio, Portable

Another model that we believe deserves attention, among the top sellers on the market, is made by Philips. Compact, lightweight, has an integrated handle that allows you to hook it, for example, the shower head or towel. The outer surface is non-slip and ensures a good grip; the base is made of rubber and holds the radio stops in position when the buttons are pressed.

The display also shows the time, a device that can reveal valuable especially in the morning when the available time is always short. It is a model quite complete because it can also be used as a clock radio and is equipped with timer that assures the automatic shutdown, for example, at night when you fall asleep listening to your favorite program. Battery operated, not included, and a practical indicator shows when the battery is running low.

Let us go back to observe the merits and defects of the latter product.

integrated handle: Thanks to the presence of a handle can be hung on the towel rack or shower head with extra security.

Display: The display allows you to view the time, if you always want to have everything under control.

Auto Power Off: When it is used to fall asleep to the sound of music, you can use the timer to make it turn off automatically after a certain period of time.

Audio quality: not all users are satisfied with the sound quality, which appears quite poor.

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Listen to breaking news or your favorite station while you’re washing. Fortunately, technology has developed systems and methods that allow a radio listening in these moments. Here we understand together what to look more carefully and do not neglect.

Take advantage of the capabilities

The choice of a shower radio model can also count on optional accessories, functional to use even next to the bedside, as an alarm clock or kitchen while you are eating breakfast. In devices with Bluetooth microphone and you can take advantage of all incoming calls only once in the bathroom.

Check battery life

A preliminary check of the autonomy offer, puts you away from unpleasant surprises once inside and turned on the water. The choice of a pair of rechargeable batteries is then to be preferred so as to compensate and reduce over time the replacement with new batteries.

Aim to a well-protected design

The water protection and the perfect insulation are two essential specifications in a shower radio. Rubber and silicone must cover the entire surface of the device. We suggest you not to lift or remove this cover for any reason.

Choose a comfortable position

Some models offer the opportunity to be able to be attached to a vertical surface. Our advice is to choose a model that can be positioned even on a solid foundation or on the ground.

Do not immerse the radio

Being waterproof does not allow the user to carry the radio under water for long periods. To test the tightness of the object could ruin it definitively.

Use the strap

Some models are equipped with a handy strap which is positioned around the radio to a knob for the shower or tied to a wrist while you’re washing. Be careful not to knock the object against the walls, it is still a radio.

Do not cover the speaker area

The rubber coating or soft material ensures a resistance side without sacrificing audio quality. Do not place objects in front of the radio or you could receive a noisy signal and a muffled sound.

Memorizes stations

If there is between the functions, it is advisable to store the position of your favorite stations. This gives you the opportunity to immediately listen to your favorite program without having to waste time on tuning.

Carefully read the user manual

Before starting the test and turn on the radio, you should take the time to calmly read the different specifications and what you can offer the item. It is a wonderful opportunity that will allow you use of careful and respectful of the product’s functionality.

Verify the presence of commands for the volume

The tuning and the volume of output are two strong points of any radio. Check that the buttons or the scroll wheel to increase or decrease the sound to work properly and are practical and intuitive.

»Check items of yesteryear

These products are among the most recommended, but at the moment are not available

Dland v4.0 Bluetooth Speaker Doccia con Radio FM

In the ranking of the best shower radio he could not miss this Dland because it has an affordable price and is very complete. Its versatility depends primarily on Bluetooth technology that allows you to also use it as a speaker for streaming music from your smartphone, tablet or other enabled device. The version 4.0, also ensures remarkable stability and speed of the link.

Thanks to the built-in microphone will also be possible to answer an important incoming call even if the phone is 10 meters away.

It affects also the originality of the design: the radio / speaker is very compact, has a circular shape and LED lights that turn on and off randomly while listening to make it even more enjoyable, especially in the evening.

Among the major advantages is the presence of the suction cup which, as pointed out by many users, is big and strong and allows you to attach almost anywhere.

Resistant not only to water but also to shock, scratches and dust. The buttons allow different functions like the ability to change tracks and pause.

Not bad for a model with low price, which has become one of the preferred by buyers. Let’s summarize its advantages and disadvantages, as the conclusion of our review.

quality / price ratio: The various functions of this radio make her be very affordable cost and accessible to all those who do not want to compromise on quality while saving.

Bluetooth 4.0: The Bluetooth technology allows you to use it to stream music from your smartphone or tablet. Version 4.0 also ensures the stability of the connection.

Built-in microphone: If you receive an important call, it will be possible to respond using this device, thanks to the presence of the microphone.

Design: It has a very original circular shape and is equipped with LED lights that turn on and off randomly, making suggestive shower, especially in the evening.

Sucker: The presence of very large suction cup to fix this radio anywhere you want and without running the risk of becoming detached.

Keys: The only flaw of this model seems to be the buttons, quite small and therefore difficult to maneuver to adjust the various functions.

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