Best Shower Tray. Prices And Offers

▷ The best shower tray. Prices and offers

Shower Trays – Buying Guide and comparisons

The wide range of models, shapes and materials often makes it difficult to choose the best shower for your bathroom. First, we must consider the space available in the designated room, including the front of the structure. Regarding the design, you may prefer a square pattern, rectangular, corner or semi-circular. Not to mention, then, of the materials from the classic to the robust ceramic resin, there will be spoiled for choice. If more than an “embarrassment” for you to become a real business, do not despair: you can always consider one of our proposals in the standings, chosen according to the users liking. If you prefer a model that can enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom, then the shower tray at floor level Kiamami Valentina might be for you; if you seek savings, as well as the quality, do not hesitate to contact the company Woolen Italian, who with her shower fiberglass SMC has won the highest number of positive feedback on the online store.

The 10 Best Shower Trays – Ranking 2020

Undecided on what to buy shower tray? Tranquilli, thanks to our ranking, which compares the prices and features of the best models on the market, make the right decision will be easy as drinking a glass of water.

Shower tray floor level

1. Kiamami Valentina dish Shower Floor Wire

▷ The Best Shower Tray. Prices And Offers

We start our overview of the best dishes shower of 2020 with a model from the classic and simple lines that will add a touch of style to furnishing the bathroom. With its sleek design, enhanced by an attractive glossy finish, the shower floor level of Kiamami Valentina will surely make a very good figure in any environment you choose to install it, while ensuring excellent performance and a pleasant user experience.

The realization in marble and ultra flat resin grants a high resistance to temperature and corrosive action of the chemical agents contained in the detergent for cleaning, and this prevents that, with time, are formed on the surface stains and unpleasant yellowish patinas who know very old.

In addition, its thickness of only 3 cm, allowing its installation in traditional pose or wire, in order to abolish quell’antiestetico gradient that is created between the shower tray and the floor.

Design: A shower tray made of marble and ultra flat resin that stands out for its essential and refined design, which allows it to be inserted in any context without disfiguring.

Installation: Who is sensitive to aesthetics and does not know, therefore, what dish Shower buy, find interesting the Kiamami model Valentina, which can be installed flush with the floor and with the traditional system, adapting to every need of space and style .

Resistant: Extremely compact and robust, it is equipped with reinforcements at the base that minimize inflections to trampling.

Slippery: To make the surface of the dish less slippery you should use the non-slip mats, so as not to run the risk of falling in the shower.

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Shower resin

2. Laneri Shower Plate Fiberglass SMC

▷ The Best Shower Tray. Prices And Offers

The best shower tray for their needs must meet specific aesthetic and functional requirements, both due to the materials used for its construction. Among the best sellers is certainly the fiberglass, a strong polymer, durable and allows wide customization to match the style of any bathroom decor.

All of these characteristics we find in the shower tray in Laneri resin, available in eighteen measures and four different colors (anthracite, white, gray and taupe) to meet any aesthetic requirements and space.

The honeycomb structure and the surface stone effect give the supplement a very attractive appearance, in addition to giving it a natural stain-resistant and non-slip qualities, which makes it safer and more comfortable use.

In addition, unlike traditional ceramic models, avoid the unpleasant sensation of coldness at the entrance into the shower, as capable of maintaining the warmth without cooling, returning a pleasant feel.

The only drawback is the cost, in comparison to other items sold online, it is much higher; a plausible difference, in fact, having regard to the constructive quality and fine workmanship of the product.

Materials: Entirely made of high quality fiberglass, plate Laneri shower is resistant to thermal shock and wear, ensuring a long-lasting use.

Non-slip: The stone surface effects, as well as offering a good aesthetic impact, it is appreciated for its non-slip nature that makes it safer to use the shower.

Large selection: The company offers different colors and sizes available to choose from, so as to meet the needs of a large proportion of users.

Stagnation: The slope of the plate leaves something ‘to be desired, so it causes the formation of annoying waterlogging difficult to remove.

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3. Idralite Shower Plate Slim 70 × 90 Mod. Flower

▷ The Best Shower Tray. Prices And Offers

The Flower of Idralite is a shower tray 70 × 90 that is appreciated for two features in particular: the competitive cost, which makes it accessible for all budgets, and the modern and linear design which allows its placement either in a secondary bath and in the main, without fear of tune with the rest.

Despite being the cheapest product on our list, the company did not skimp on build quality, and the opinions expressed online by users confirm this. For its realization we were chosen acrylic and ABS reinforced to ensure strength and durability over time, while the thickness of only 4 cm offers the possibility to install it flush with the floor or with the traditional system.

Excluding the smooth surface, which requires the use of appropriate non-slip accessories to avoid the risk of injury, the only defect of the product is that the price is not including the drain, so you will need to buy it separately before proceed with the installation.

Dimensions: The Flower of Idralite presents contained dimensions, equal to 70 × 90 cm, making it ideal for those who do not have a particularly large bathroom; those, however, does not have space problems can opt for one of the many other available measures.

Price / quality: It has an excellent build quality, thanks to the implementation of acrylic and ABS reinforced, but despite this can be purchased at low prices.

Aesthetics: If you want a shower that, in addition to being cheap and durable, it is also aesthetically pleasing, the product of Idralite is a worthy choice.

Slippery: The completely smooth surface forces you to pay more attention to avoid the risk of slipping in the shower.

Drain-hole: it is not included in the package, so it will be purchased separately.

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4. Ducha.Es Shower Plate in marble effect Slate

▷ The Best Shower Tray. Prices And Offers

Those who love the details and is looking for a shower tray 70 × 100 which winks to the contemporary design, are sure to appreciate the Ducha.Es model. Built in marmoresina and coated in “gelcoat” antibacterial and anti-scratch health, it is durable and resistant even after repeated uses, so perfect for those who focuses on the quality without compromises.

For this reason, the price at which it is sold appears higher than average, but if it scares you, we can not guarantee that it will be a purchase of which you are unlikely to regret.

As already mentioned, the size of the product are remarkable, a feature that makes it suitable for those with a decent sized bathroom, and a choice of seven different colors enables him to adapt to any aesthetic canon.

In the package it is included with the drain, so you can proceed with the installation – classical, flush with the floor or recessed – shipped in manner and without having to pass first from the hardware.

Design: If you are wondering where to buy a plate of shower design, you can rely without hesitation to Ducha.Es product, characterized by a charming stone effect that can make unique atmosphere of any bathroom.

Durable: It will also be an expensive product, but the expenses incurred will be repaid over time with greater resistance to scratches and wear.

Installation: The dish measuring 70 x 100 cm and has a thickness of only 3 cm, so it can be installed recessed, flush with the floor or with the classic method.

Eye measures: It is a generous size product and may therefore not meet the needs of those who have a few square meters bathroom.

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5. Georgy Shower Plate Reduced Abs

▷ The Best Shower Tray. Prices And Offers

Our fifth review aims to highlight strengths and weaknesses of the shower base 70 × 120 Georgy, thought for those without much expectation in terms of aesthetics and look for a product that is as practical and functional as possible.

As we said, the design is definitely not the strong point of the model, which makes it suitable for installation in a secondary bath, but still offers the advantage of being able to choose the shape (square, rectangular or semicircular) and the corresponding extent to their needs.

It is made of ABS solid obtained on a mold in acrylic and reinforced with vertical and horizontal bars to prevent that there are annoying bending to trampling. The smooth surface has a glossy finish that makes it very similar to the glazed ceramics, but beware: if you do not want to run into dangerous accidents in the home and well place a silicone pad, or other non-slip material on the bottom to avoid the risk of falling while using the shower.

Shapes and sizes: Although it is not the maximum under the aesthetic profile, the shower tray 70 × 120 Giorgy is available in different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of all.

Economic: In spite of the good yield constructive, is offered at a very attractive price that surely will delight those who want to save money without sacrificing quality.

Reinforcements: Built in solid ABS and glass fibers, has four reinforcing bars at the base which increase its stability and safety.

Accessories: Included in price, in addition to a detailed instruction manual, it is also included a drain from the 90 mm diameter which ensures a continuous and regular discharge, avoiding the formation of annoying stagnation.

Surface: It is good to have the non-slip mats on the smooth surface of the plate, so as to prevent any possible accident.

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6. Pdm Shower Plate in marmoresina Effect Stone

Among the most valid outstanding offers are also places to PDM, which proposes a shower tray 80 × 120 is available in six different colors and made entirely in marble.

Compared to the ceramics, this material offers a greater resistance to thermal shock and staining agents, while the non-slip surface Class C3 aims to minimize accidents.

Despite appearances, it has a positive slope, which guarantees a continuous and abundant exhaust flow, preventing the formation of annoying stagnant water. The product also offers a pleasing aesthetic impact thanks to the fascinating stone effect of the surface, while the installation can be done in classical pose, flush with the floor or bulkhead according to the needs.

Of course, to take home a beautiful and quality product like this, you will need your wallet, but at least it is good that in the scope includes the drain, a stainless steel grill and all the accessories needed for the ‘installation.

Materials: The high cost which is sold plate PDM shower comes from the use of the best materials for its construction, which makes it durable and resistant over time.

Details: You can choose to install it in a built-in classic pose, or at floor level, and thanks all’accattivante finish “stone effect” will give charm and harmony to bathroom.

Safety: Certified in class C3, has a non-slip surface and a coating of “gelcoat” antibacterial and scratch health that provide good guarantees of security and functionality.

Price: We only notice that we can move to the product is the cost, which does not make it accessible for anyone.

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7. Marinelli Group Plate Euclid Shower Ultra Slim

The shower tray 80 × 100 Marinelli Group presents many interesting features that have made the great sales success, beginning with his well refined design and attention to detail down to practicality.

In fact, the benefits related to its purchase does not end here, because the best thing about it, according to advice from users who have purchased it, is the excellent quality / price ratio; hardly, in fact, you will find on the market a product similar to such a competitive cost.

The effect stone Euclid, available in three different shades, is made glasstone, a last generation material, resulting from the union of polyester resins and glass fibers, among the most currently lighter and stronger in circulation. Its most interesting quality is the predisposition to the cut, for which it will be possible to cut the shower tray tailored according to the needs and the type of installation.

Its reversible nature, moreover, it allows placement in any area of ​​the bathroom: adjacent to the walls, to the center of the room or flush with the floor, in order to make the shower area is also accessible to the elderly or people with mobility problems.

Beauty: Just looking at him immediately evident the careful design and eye-catching product, which surely will make a very good figure in both a modern bathroom is in a more classical imprint environment.

Versatile: One of the most appreciated features of the model is its reversible nature, which allows it to be installed at the center of the room if space provided allows this option.

Price: In addition to aesthetics and functionality, the product has a very balanced quality / price ratio, making it a great choice for those on a budget, but without compromising on the goodness of the invoice.

Editing: Although the product provides a large margin of choice on the installation, it is fitting its main weakness, as it is quite complex and difficult to perform.

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Ceramic plate shower

8. Kiamami Valentina Shower Plate Ceramic Mod. Topaz

A must for those who want to stay on the classic, focusing more on the strength and practicality than aesthetics, is the shower in Kiamami Valentina ceramics, with UNI EN ISO 9001 which certifies compliance with quality and functional standards for this type of product.

Unfortunately, the model is available in one size 70 x 90 cm, so it is critical to have adequate space where we can fix, while the thickness of 11 cm allows for a single mode of installation, that in traditional pose.

Despite the economic cost, the company has placed great emphasis on the details, starting with the non-slip pads on the surface up to the lower reinforcements in glass and polyester fibers, which make it stable and non-deformable structure.

If you think this is precisely the product that might apply to you, before you proceed with the purchase, check out our summary table below to make sure you make the right decision.

Details: The non-slip pads is unaffected by any possible risk, allowing safe use of the shower also for elderly and children.

Cleaning: The ceramic with which it is made the Topaz model Kiamami Valentina, in addition to being particularly robust and durable, makes it very practical cleaning operations, without fear that the use of aggressive detergents involves a progressive yellowing of the surface.

Economic: Among the most interesting features of the product is also part of the economic cost, which surely will appeal to those who are mainly aimed at savings without sacrificing quality.

Options: It comes in one color, white, and in one size (70 x 30 cm).

Aesthetics: Its simple design does not make it suitable for those looking for a modern flat shower that knows how to give a touch of style to the bathroom area.

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Corner shower

9. AICA Italy Shower Plate Reinforced Extra with Dial Semicircular

Produced in acrylic and ABS reinforced, this corner shower tray, marketed by the Italian company AICA Italy, he is appreciated for its minimalist design and well-finished. This allows you to add in a contemporary setting in line with modern trends, but is also suitable for installation in a bath of classical style.

It is available in different sizes and has a thickness of only 4 cm in order to satisfy any requirement of space and style, although the price is not included the discharge pipette, which will therefore purchased separately.

Unlike other products belonging to the same qualitative end and price, it has been subjected to a special treatment resistant and non-yellowing which ensures a greater cleaning convenience, in addition to slow the deleterious wear action.

The maximum flow rate of the product is 500 kg, and this means that it can also be safely used by anyone who is overweight, without fear that the dish dances or disposes for too much weight.

Shape: The shower trays have, in general, quite standardized forms but it is not the case with the product of AICA Italy, since it is provided with both a semicircular quadrant in both traditional square or rectangular versions.

Practical: Thanks to the special treatment resistant and non-yellowing, you no longer have to spend hours cleaning the shower area, make sure that the surface after years remain bright and its original color.

Capacity: Can withstand a maximum load of 500 kilograms, so that it is stable and safe even in case of being used by people who are overweight.

Endowment: We must be purchased separately all accessories for assembly – including drain – because you will not get included.

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Shower Novellini

10. Novellini Shower Plate Rectangular Olympic Plus

Our buying tips end with the review of the shower Novellini Olympic Plus, a guarantee in terms of quality and convenience. To begin with, it is a product made entirely in Italy in full compliance with the standards of excellence of Made in Italy, and from the aesthetic hardly disappoint your expectations. Secondly, it is made of solid acrylic and has a sturdy reinforcement in stainless steel which gives a good stability to the structure, complemented by an attractive glossy finish which enhances the clean and elegant lines.

It has a rectangular shape and is available in a wide range of sizes to allow placement in both small areas both in an impressive bathroom.

In the package, in addition, also it includes a drain 90 mm in diameter, so you will not need to purchase separately. The only real drawback encountered by users is the formation of annoying standing water, due to the absence of adequate slope.

Stable: Unlike other similar products, the Olympic Plus Novellini is equipped with solid stainless steel reinforcements at the base which makes it stable and safe.

Dimensions: It is available in one version, the rectangular, but in different sizes to allow positioning in any environment, large or small it is.

Made in Italy: The excellence of Italian manufacturing does not pass by unnoticed, thanks to a well cared design in detail and the attractive glossy finish that will add a touch of style to the bathroom area.

Gradient: The inclination of the dish is not the best and annoying stagnation may occur due to a bad water drainage.

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Hard to imagine a home without a shower: practical, fast and convenient, it does not occupy much space, unlike traditional bath tub, and manages to preserve the aesthetic and functional quality of the bathroom area.

Whether ceramic or resin, white or colored, the choice of shower tray must never be taken lightly, but you have to take into account certain technical features that can make the purchase valid from every point of view, starting with the size, which must fit the available space, up to the materials and cleaning practicality.

To answer your questions on how to choose a good shower, we picked up a bit ‘of information that will help you make the right decision.

The importance of materials

Choose the best brand on the market is not always a guarantee of quality and convenience, but in the case of shower trays definitely is! The best-known and trusted brands such as Pozzi Ginori, Idralite and Novellini – just to name a few – put great care in selecting materials to provide its customers with efficient and durable products.

From here it is clear that the first guideline to follow to choose the shower tray suits their needs concerns precisely the materials of construction: dall’acrilico to fiberglass, ceramics from slate, each has characteristics, qualities and very precise defects.

The ceramic, for example, is the undisputed queen of bathroom furniture, as characterized by a good resistance in time while keeping costs low. However, it tends to stain and to easily turn yellow if does not lend itself due attention during cleaning, as well as being more prone to cracks and chipping.

Precisely for this reason, in recent years have been introduced on the market increasingly innovative materials and functional, such as the resin and acrylic: the first, in addition to be particularly durable and aesthetically pleasing, allows a wide margin of customization, since it can be also cut during construction to fit any space requirements.

The acrylic shower trays, however, are cheaper but equally robust and strong. They have, in general, a reduced thickness that allows it to be installed in classic pose, or at floor level to create an attractive visual impact. Both types are practical to clean and maintain, since subjected to special treatments scratch-resistant and non-yellowing thanks to which they do not fear the corrosive action of chemical detergents and wear.

Alternatively, you can opt for porcelain stoneware, steel or natural stone, but we must pay greater care during maintenance to maintain unchanged the qualitative and aesthetic characteristics.

Square, rectangular or semi-circular?

Depending on the space available in your bathroom, you have to also take into account the shape of the shower tray. The choice, in this case, promises quite simple, since most of the models available on the market presents fairly standardized forms.

The most popular is definitely the one rectangular and the square one that, in addition to being cheaper, are easily customizable. If, however, the space reserved for the shower area is restricted, it should veer towards an angular or semi-circular pattern, in order to gain a few meters and give your bathroom a more comfortable uncluttered.

Keep in mind, however, that the cost difference is not given only of the shape and materials of construction of the complement, but also by its size. This consideration leads us to the last aspect to consider at time of purchase: the size.

And here we are, finally, the element most important to consider when you are going to buy a new shower tray, ie the size. Assuming that not everyone is lucky enough to own a decent sized bathroom and spacious to accommodate a shower from the spa, it is critical that the product is perfectly suited to interior design of the chosen room, in order to make the environment more usable and functional.

Obviously, we must also consider the area that surrounds the structure, taking care to leave a few meters between the perimeter of the plate and the rest of the furniture so as not to cause problems in the passage.

Fortunately, the market there are dozens of solutions designed to meet the varied needs: those who have a large and widely used bath, you can opt for a shower tray 80 × 100 cm, or even larger if the shape of the room permits; If, however, you are looking for a model to be installed in a small area, it is better to opt for a smaller base and firm, about 70 × 90 cm maybe.

Finally, if for structural reasons or for some personal necessities you need a product oversize, there are numerous companies that offer solutions tailored to the demands and expectations of the customer.

How to clean the shower tray?

Cleaning the house is very important, especially in the bathroom area, which is the most subject to dirt, odor and bacterial contamination. The first care to follow to keep the pot shining shower and sanitized is to clean it regularly.

On the market there are many cleansers designed for just this purpose, but before you dive head first of these, why not try some remedies do it yourself cheaper and less invasive?

For example, you can achieve a bicarbonate-based mixture, vinegar and lemon to be spread directly on the surface of the plate, especially in areas where limestone and water have left obvious signs, and allow to act for about ten minutes. Before rinsing, rub stubborn dirt with an abrasive sponge or brush not too stiff.

How to fit a shower without breaking the floor?

If you do not want to break the floor during the installation of the shower tray it is essential that the new model is the same size as the previous one, so you do not have to make any masonry. After removing the old base and carefully clean any residual dirt and limestone, you can proceed with the installation without causing damage to the tiles.

What if the shower tray is ruined?

The best solution to bring back as a new shower tray particularly ruined consists in applying on the surface, or only on the area of ​​interest, a compound based on salt and turpentine oil. Again we must let the solution soak for about ten minutes and then remove it with water and a damp cloth.

If with remedies “do it yourself” you can not fix it, then it will be necessary to use a specific detergent, to be shown for the material it is made of your shower tray.

How to mount the drain of the shower?

Install or replace the drain of the shower tray is simple and within everyone’s reach; are very easy to install and the only care needed is to match well the seals to have no annoying water leaks. Here’s how: after assembling the drain, insert it into the housing and completed the job realizing the necessary hydraulic connections.

How to remove limescale from the shower tray?

In the shower tray limescale it tends to accumulate especially in correspondence of the corners of the inlets and the outlet hole. To prevent the formation can adopt two strategies: dry the surface after each use and to install a water softener that will reduce hardness. Anyway, to effectively remove water stains from the dish without using harsh cleansers you can use vinegar, which will be left to work for at least five hours and rinsed with plenty of demineralized water.

In modern houses, where living spaces are reduced more and more, the bathrooms are often very small and risicate therefore becomes difficult to insert all the necessary elements to make the functional environment. For ease of set-up, the first thing to do is to give up the bath in favor of the shower, which is definitely more practical in terms of space both on the cleaning.

In addition, it must consider that the installation of the shower is also cheaper and its use results in less water consumption. At this point, the question to ask is: which shower to buy? The market offers a wide range of models to choose from, but the decision must be weighed carefully on the basis of their needs and budgets. So, here are some helpful tips to find the right product and use it correctly.

Having established that the shower is better than a bath, especially when you have to deal with reduced sizes, it is important to understand which type can make your case, so as not to make mistakes.

The angular models are certainly popular, as they allow you to install a shower in any corner of the room and helpful to minimize the overall dimensions. The same is true for the square versions from 70 × 90 centimeters, perfect for small bathrooms where it is necessary to preserve as much as possible the space available.

If you buy the plate separately from the shower, it is preferable to opt for a standard shape, such as rectangular, so as not to encounter problems during assembly. Anyway, after identifying the suitable type, it is important to take good measures of the product, which must adapt to those in your bathroom.

Irrespective of the shape and size, the shower tray can be installed in three different ways:

in support: it is the most widespread method and absolute practical. The shower trays belonging to this category are, in practice, resting on the existing pavement and create a small step of a few centimeters which facilitates the discharge position and the water drainage pipe;

at floor level: however, it is the ideal solution for those who care about aesthetics, it creates a continuity between the floor and the shower area which makes it seem larger and harmonious environment, as well as reducing barriers in the case of disabled and Older people. By contrast, however, this type of installation is not always feasible, especially when the thickness of the screed does not allow the correct positioning of the exhaust and the siphon;

Flush: is a middle ground between the above types, since it provides the positioning of the shower tray in the pavement creating, however, a small difference in height, which is still lower than that of versions to support.

How to take care of the shower?

The bathroom is the site of the house where hygiene and protection are absolutely necessary, it is important to take care of each of its components, including shower tray. Perform regular cleaning is the first step to preserve the aesthetic quality of the product and functional: the first thing to do, therefore, is thoroughly dry the surface after each use to prevent water from forming unsightly marks and limescale.

In the cleaning step, however, you can proceed with a specific detergent, of course suitable for the type of material with which it is realized the shower tray, or with a mixture of water and vinegar.

The bleach, however, should always be avoided, and not only because it is a toxic and pollutant, but also because it could lead to a progressive yellowing of the surface.