Best Frog Lures For Bass Fishing

Frog lures are among the most effective tools of fishing. The best thing with these lures is that they can mimic the movements of a real frog. Their color is also similar to that of a real frog which makes them easier to attract fish. However, there are so many models of frog lures which makes it hard for anglers to determine the best. You also need to know how to use them. If you have been searching for the best topwater frog lures, we’ve got you covered. This article will reveal the best four frog lures you should consider today. We shall also cover some of the factors you are supposed to consider when buying these baits. If you have never used them before, you will learn some useful tips on how they work. Are you ready to learn? Check out the article.

Topwater Frog Fishing Tips

  • Skimming across weeds – This method is one of the most common techniques and also the most challenging. It is very easy for the fish to miss the bait. The bass normally blows up the frog when you move it across the matted vegetation using a steady twitch of the rod. For you to do this successfully, skim the bait over the mat using a solid hook set and allow it to settle in the openings of the mat.
  • Gear – The frog rod should be 7’3 or 7’6 and should have a good backbone. It should also have a limber tip to enable you to throw the bait further. You can also pair it with a baitcast reel. You only need to ensures that it has a heavy braided line.
  • The frog – There are different frogs baits in the market. These frogs should have life-like features and the hook should be well set to catch the bass when it strikes.
  • Location – The best place to use frog baits is in lily pads which is usually the natural habitat for frogs. After casting it in the lily pads, you should keep the rod tip up in such a way that the nose of the frog moves more efficiently over the lily pads.

After this, move the rod in a zigzag motion to enable the frog to walk over the water and lily pads in a classic motion. You should give it sometime before setting the hook once the bass strikes. This enables the fish to turn back with the bait in its mouth. Ensure that the hook is properly connected.

  • Switch baits – Even if they have stopped blowing the buzz bait, it does not mean that the topwater bite is over. It is good to keep changing the bait. You can use a popper in the morning, frog or walking bait during the day.
  • Keep trying – Many anglers find topwater fishing to be a bit challenging. Do not give up even if you will miss some fish. Try to be keen when timing and ensure that you are using the correct rod.

How to Use a Top Water Frog

This one is a very challenging task and not everyone can master this art. If you want to be successful in this, the most important thing is to know the angle you should place the topwater frog and how to connect it to the fish rod. You also need to know how to cast the frog on the water and how to throw them. For this technique to work, you need to ensure that the frog is appropriately connected to the fishing rod.

After you have connected it successfully, you can now deep them in the middle of the vegetation and start pulling it slowly it from the top. This technique helps in moving the frog to give it a realistic look.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Topwater Frog

  • Size  Frog baits come in different sizes and shapes. There are those which works well in thick vegetation while others show some resistance. Whichever the case, ensure that the frog bait you choose will provide a lifelike impression.
  • Colour  This is another important thing you must consider. Choose a color which resembles a real frog. The frog lure should have true like colors which can attract the fish.

Types of Frog Bait

Frog baits are designed using different materials. They also come in different designs which enables them to attract big fish. Some of the designs are as follows;

  • Hollow Body Frog – This one has a hollow and a flexible body. It also features a double hook that is designed in an upturned manner. The body is very soft and collapses easily to catch the fish. It is mainly used in areas with thick grass of mats and a surface with a lot of vegetation.
  • Propping Frog – These are available in a soft and hard-bodied frog. The most outstanding feature of this frog bait is that it splits water when it is placed on it. The propping movements give it a realistic look and this enables it to attract more fish. It is ideal for use in open water.
  • Hard Plastic Frog – These frogs have a hard plastic body and contain an exposed hook. They have a color pattern and shape which gives them a realistic look. You can use the rod to create zigzag back and fro movements. This makes it ideal for open water which does not have a lot of vegetation.
  • Soft Plastic Frog – these look like the hollowed body frogs but instead of floating on water, they sink. They kick and swim in water just like real frogs. When you move the rod, the frog swims across the surface but it sinks when you slow down. It is suitable for areas which have a lot of moss.

Why should you use frog bait?

There are many advantages of using frog bait. Here are some of the benefits:

  • They mimic the movement of real frogs which are found in water. This enables them to attract fish which feed on these frogs.
  • Apart from floating on water, these frog baits are also able to sink depending on how you move the rod. This one enables the bait to be useful in different water bodies ranging from deep to narrow.
  • They come in different colors and sizes which gives them a realistic appearance. The hooks are also strong and do not release the fish easily.
  • They are versatile which means they can be used in open water surface or thick surface vegetation.

Best Frog Lures on the Market

RUNCL Fishing Baits Tackle

This one has a lifelike design and is made in such a way that it imitates the natural swimming movements of a fish. The design enables anglers to catch bigger fish. The best thing is that it is very friendly to the environment since it is made of TCR which is a biodegradable material. This enables you to fish safely without any effect on the environment. The material is soft and flexible which enables it to attract the fish. Another thing is that it features different lures such as metal spinning lures, spinnerbaits, worms, and crankbaits which makes it ideal for all fishing groups.

Additionally, it comes with different hook sizes, weighted sinkers and colored jig heads. This enables you to choose the best lure for your preferred catch. If you are searching for the best set that you can use to catch any fish, this one might be what you are searching for. It measures 8.46 X4.33 X 1.77 Inches. To make your work easier, the set includes a doubled layer box which is very convenient for carrying.

TROUTBOY Frog Fishing Lure

This one has a soft and hollow body design which enables the frog lures to work smoothly without sinking. This also increases the Hook-up percentage. Apart from this, it has a life-like design with a high-resolution body detail. It also imitates the life-like swimming actions. You will also realize that it resembles a minor or a real frog which enables it to attract big fish. Another thing is that it is made up of a high quality PVC material which makes it soft and flexible. This materials also make it bite resistant and also durable.

In addition, it has a rugged double hook which prevents the hook from being spit. The 10 pieces come in a tackle box which fits perfectly in a pocket backpack. This set is also resistant to snag since it has a weedless design which allows snag-free fishing.

Croch Hollow Body Frog Lure Weedless Topwater Kit (18 PCS)

This one is made using a soft and elastic material. The material is very strong and it also contains very sharp hooks. It also features a double hook design which enables it to provide an effective hook mechanism. This design increases the chances of catching the fish. The hooks are long lasting and are placed perfectly which enables them to be 100% weedless. This enables it ideal for use in lily pads or weed-choked areas without hanging.

Apart from that, it has a realistic and hollow body which enables the frog walking action on water to be smooth and more irresistible. The interior weighting system and the flow-through design prevents it from snagging or sinking. These frogs are also very effective in heavy aquatic or areas with a lot of fallen timber. When using these frog lures, you should be very keen on your fingers. You should also keep them away from children.

TECKEL Sprinker Topwater Frog

This one has a slender nose which gives it a mouse like a resemblance. It’s shape and the downward tilted nose is designed in a way that prevents it from rolling. It features a rotating boot tail at the back instead of the traditional rubber frog legs. It is placed on a corkscrew keeper and a heavy-duty swivel which enables it to displace water as it moves. It uses both the traditional moving action of hollowed frogs and the agitation of a buzzbait.

It is ideal for close quarters or heavy cover fishing. Its unique design enables it to move smoothly in open water. You have to move it slowly for it to displace water. Its narrow body enables it to move straight and gurgle as it moves around and over cover. You can move it just like a traditional hollow like a frog. The best thing with the body is that it is very soft and collapses well.

Final Words

We hope that the article will help you identify a good frog lure which will help you when fishing. The best thing with the above frog lures is that they have been tested and are very effective. You will realize that they have all the features you would expect from quality frog bait. This brings us to the end of this informative article.

It is also our hope that you have learned a lot about topwater fishing, have you?

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