Best Upside Toilet. Prices And Offers

▷ The best upside toilet. Prices and offers

Performers for toilet – Buying Guide and comparisons

The higher toilet seats is a convenient element designed to facilitate the stability of the elderly and people with limited mobility, ensuring a comfortable seat. These accessories are designed to be easily installed on the toilet, and do not require any hydraulic or masonry intervention. In this guide we try to help you choose the upside toilet for your needs if you do not have time to read all of our item, here’s a little preview. The first model in the standings is the Pharma Care rise higher toilet seats toilet 14 cm, easy to assemble and designed to relieve the pressure of the coccyx. In second place we entered the Pharma Care Duo To Rise In Water Bidet and Eve, which boasts a maximum load of 220 kg and an anatomic seat.

The 8 best toilet hikes – Ranking 2020

We set to work to find the most interesting proposals on the market. If you are wondering what to buy toilet upside, below are some models that stood out for their characteristics. We have included their descriptions and a list with their advantages and disadvantages.

Let us together look at some of the best hikes for WC 2020 we have selected for you.

Raised universal toilet

1. Farma Care upward wc higher toilet seats 14 cm

▷ The Best Upside Toilet. Prices And Offers

Among our offers we could not miss this quality proposal, made by Farma Care, a company that works in the health service since 1958. This is higher toilet seats designed to give security, comfort and stability to the user. The package includes a cover, not always present and that represents an optional appreciated.

It is an upside to the universal toilet, and this is its distinguishing feature. It can in fact be mounted on any toilet thanks to the side brackets of which is provided, to be adjusted with the screws included in the package.

It is a product that also has a great resistance, with its maximum flow rate of 220 kg is in fact suitable for all body types. The seat is anatomical and provided with two openings, one front and one rear, for greater ease of use.

Not cheap, but considering its many positive features, it is a price commensurate with the quality of the product.

Robust: This upside toilet striking for its endurance. Its maximum capacity is 220 kg and is therefore suitable for people of very robust physique.

Stable: To mount it just tighten the two side brackets with screws provided in the package and adapt it to any type of toilet.

Design: Featuring cover, it is a rise of 14 cm with front and rear opening, and an ergonomic chair for proper posture.

Price: It is not the cheapest product on the market, but considering the numerous advantages including its compatibility with all the toilet, you can not be surprised.

Buy on (€ 20.9)

Raised toilet and bidet

2. Farma Care Duo Rise For Water And Bidet In Eve

▷ The Best Upside Toilet. Prices And Offers

By making a comparison with the higher toilet seats on the market, this model stands out for the possibility of using it for the bidet and not just for the toilet. It is an upside to wc product from the famous Farma Care brand and made of EVA plastic, robust and resistant: in fact has a maximum flow rate of 220 kg

It is soft to the touch, absorbs shock and vibration, and provided with a back opening for ease of movement. Although it is not cheap, its dual functionality makes it very useful. He did not stop to adjust it on the toilet and for this reason is not compatible with all toilet.

But thanks is its 1.5 kg weight is put on and is easily removed for use as needed and provides good stability.

For WC and bidet: A versatile model designed to be mounted on a toilet and standard-size bidet. Easy to assemble and disassemble because it does not stop, it is ideal for those looking for a rise as not to leave permanently.

Design: A soft, anatomic seat to ensure comfort during use. In addition, the rear part is provided with an opening to make the use more practical.

Materials: Made of EVA resistant and robust, dampens impacts and shocks and has a maximum capacity of 220 kg.

Compatibility: Being without stopping, the measure can not adapt to toilet of any size. It is therefore necessary to assess the magnitude of the toilet and verify its compatibility with this higher toilet seats.

Buy on (€ 79.9)

Raised toilet with armrests

3. Ridder A0072001 Raised toilet with arm rests

▷ The Best Upside Toilet. Prices And Offers

A higher toilet seats with side handles, which offers full support and greater independence to the user. Its most important feature is its stability, as stated by the opinions expressed by those who chose him. With a rise of 10 cm and a maximum flow rate it is about 110 kg, is a durable and robust product.

To add it is necessary to dismantle the axis of its own toilet and mount this upward securing it with the side brackets, placed in the lower part of the structure, and the screws provided in the package. Also appreciated the presence of the cover, which limits the dispersion of odors.

With arms at the sides for comfort and safety, it is compatible with the majority of toilets: But first you need to verify the measurements.

Stability: A higher toilet seats that points to the safety of the user and provides for additional support of the side handles.

Cover: With a large, anatomic seat and lid to prevent the spread of odor, is a practical and comprehensive model.

Compatibility: Thanks to the presence of two lateral brackets, the rise easily adapts to toilet of any size.

Mounting: To install this rise for wc is necessary to dismantle the axis of the toilet, and insert the block, to be adhered to the structure using the side latches which is fitted.

Buy on (€ 75.58)

4. Mopedia Performers for toilet with lid

▷ The Best Upside Toilet. Prices And Offers

A new toilet upside, featuring an ergonomic design to offer greater convenience to the user. The anatomic seat reduces pressure on the coccyx and promotes proper posture. Appreciated the presence of the two openings, front and rear, and the cover which completes this model.

It is available in different heights, 6 cm, 10 cm or 14 cm, to respond to every need. The lower part houses the side brackets, which have the task of fixing the upside to the structure of the toilet. This detail makes the universal model and therefore easily adaptable to all toilet, but someone reports that the screws tend to loosen.

This is the only product flaw, which overall is among the best from the point of view of quality / price.

Design: A higher toilet seats designed to ensure correct posture and alleviating the pressure of the coccyx. Handy for those who use it, thanks to the two openings which is fitted.

Adaptable: With two side brackets and screws for fixing, this rise can be adapted to almost all the toilets on the market.

quality / price ratio: An upside toilet with lid that stands out for its attractive price, considering the complete design and its compatibility with the majority of water.

Stability: The side latches to secure it to the structure of housewife toilet is easily loosen, and it is therefore necessary to tighten them occasionally.

Buy on (€ 32,86)

Raised adjustable toilet

5. Nottingham Rehab Supplies M66613 Rialzo per WC Mowbray Lite

▷ The Best Upside Toilet. Prices And Offers

An upside to adjustable toilet, designed by NRS Healthcare and developed to provide assistance and support to people with mobility difficulties. The design is different from the majority of the higher toilet seats on the market, and aims for maximum independence of those who need it.

The stable support of the rise is not the toilet but four legs and two seats armrests at the sides, which can be adjusted in width for maximum customization. Another advantage is the design of the seat, ergonomic and able to cushion any shocks.

The presence of the front opening and the rear, in addition, facilitate the accessibility for the personal hygiene. Unfortunately, however, the shape restricts the size of the cup of the housewife toilet, a detail that for someone is the product flaw.

To fit enough to read the instructions, an easy and fast. Once installed, it can be removed easily, considering that there are no screws to undo and restart every time. It does not wonder, then, that is among the best selling models online.

Adjustable: A higher toilet seats boasting an adjustable frame with legs and side handles for greater independence during use.

Ergonomic: The booster shape follows that of the body, to ensure comfort, and is also made of a material that absorbs shocks.

Stability: The presence of the four side legs makes it much more stable than the majority of toilet boosters on the market.

Size of cup: Compared to other models, this upward for toilet tends to reduce the magnitude of the cup; a detail that does not make it right just to all.

Buy on (€ 48,09)

6. Drive Medical 12066 Raised toilet seat 15 cm

A higher toilet seats characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio, which is installed on the existing toilet without any tool. The locking system with two rear attacks makes it compatible with most standard-sized toilet, and this is another big advantage.

With an ergonomic chair, which facilitates proper posture and relieves pressure during stance, and the provision of two openings for easy access to personal hygiene, is designed to provide comfort to the user.

Unfortunately there has cover and once installed you can not use that of the existing toilet; But this is the only downside of this model is simple but functional. To purchase this higher toilet seats online at low prices, click on the link you found below.

Installation: A model designed to be installed without screws but by means of two attacks that block it firmly to the toilet structure, to impart extreme stability.

Design: A comfortable seat with two openings for additional convenience and to facilitate personal hygiene.

Compatibility: This upward by 15 cm can be adapted to the majority of toilet standard size, thanks to the locking system with attacks.

Cover: This model is not expected to cover, and once installed you can not close the water using one of the existing toilet.

Buy on (€ 31,55)

7. GIMA 27759 Convenient toilet shower Raised toilet Height Adjustable

This is an upside to toilet Gima product, Made in Italy brand with extensive experience in the medical device industry. Not the usual higher toilet seats, but a medical device Class 1 made according to precise specifications.

The aluminum structure, resistant but also very light, rests on four sides, with two armrests and a backrest, because the product can also be used as a chair. Capacity is not the best and reaches 100 kg, according to the manufacturer: this particular does not make it suitable for people too stocky build.

To mount it does not need extra screws, because it’s all interlocking. The height of the seat and backrest are adjustable, respectively, from 45 cm up to a maximum of 55 cm the first, and from 78 to 88 centimeters second.

In addition, the toilet made to sanitary use plastic, it is extracted with ease to simplify cleaning. If you think you have found the right solution for your need and want to know where to buy this functional upside, click on the link that follows our description.

Materials: The structure is made of aluminum, lightweight and durable, while the toilet is extractable in a sanitary use plastic.

Editing: This upward mounting interlocking, choosing the height and width as needed.

quality / price ratio: This product is a medical device Class 1 made of very important details and good quality materials. Therefore its cost is among the most competitive on the market.

Dimensions: It is not a suitable model for people too stocky build, considering the extent and range of up to 100 kg.

Buy on (€ 32.99)

Raised toilet economic

8. AnteaMED Raised toilet with higher toilet seats Anatomical Fastening System

If you are looking for an upside to the economic toilet and good quality, complete with cover and screws for fastening, this proposed AnteaMED deserves attention. Made of polypropylene for a longer duration, it has a maximum capacity of 225 kg, with an anatomic seat which relieves the contact pressure, is slightly inclined to favor a correct posture.

Two openings, one front and one rear, to simplify the personal hygiene and a beautiful cover to finish the product. Adaptable to most standard toilets, is among the top sellers due to its ruggedness, and affordability is another detail that has certainly contributed to its success.

Too bad for the fastening system, which can only rely on plastic screws, which then easily loosen, creating quite a few problems.

Capacity: A model made of polypropylene, which gives it high strength. With a maximum capacity of 225 kg suits very strong people.

Design: With a good rise of 10 cm and an ergonomic chair with a double opening to facilitate personal hygiene, is a functional model and convenient to use.

Cover: Included and easy to assemble, complete the product and makes its use more hygienic, limiting the dispersion of odors.

Fixing: Leave a little ‘to be desired, because the locking system and the screws are made of plastic and loosen easily.

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The higher toilet seats is an important tool developed to meet the needs of those who have poor motor skills, and want privacy and independence when he has to go to the bathroom. The majority of models is available at reasonable prices and their cost depends not only on the brand, but also on the material and structure dell’alzawater.

That said, it is not easy to choose the best upside toilet: the market is full of proposals and, given the great importance of this product, you should carefully evaluate the most important elements that distinguish the various models.

This guide has the intent to clarify the main features to consider in order to understand how to choose a good upside toilet. Before buying is the structure to be analyzed, in such a way to choose a suitable model to their home toilet, and that at the same time meets the needs of those who will use it.

The first consideration to the scope of the product that must be sufficient to support the weight of the user. This is among the most important features for an increase of WC, it is always good to consider the body of the future user.

Reading the specifications of higher toilet seats, in fact, this parameter is always reported and it is appropriate to take this into consideration. The majority of the models has a high-capacity, which in some cases can reach up to 225 kg.

This does not mean that those who use it must necessarily weigh that amount, but of course the ability affects the strength and durability of the product. In these terms it is important to assess the level of independence of the person’s motor skills, choosing a product that absorbs vibrations and shocks.

Therefore, apart from ensuring a safe and resistant to help those in need, the second component to consider carefully is the dell’alzawater height. A key feature of importance, because the market models are available in different sizes and it is no coincidence, since the rise must be suitable for the height of the person using it.

It is also not always possible to adjust the extent of the rise, but there are higher toilet seats with this peculiarity, valued for their high level of customization. The toilet seat increases, which offer the possibility to change the height, are useful in the case where the user is in the process of post-operative rehabilitation, for example, or if it is very young and still needs to grow.

In this case it is a decision that depends only on the future operator and it is appropriate to test and take the steps to choose the correct height of the rise.

Adaptability to the toilet

A third element to consider carefully is the upward compatibility with homemade toilet, and you should also evaluate this component because the risk is to make a mistake and buy a product that they can not use.

It is another feature found in the specifications of each model and that you need to consider to make the best use of the upside. A product suitable to their toilet ensures stability and safety to those who use it.

In this regard, the market there are universal models, developed to be compatible with the majority of standard-sized toilet. Not only that, you can purchase higher toilet seats suitable for even the bidet, to facilitate accessibility to personal hygiene.

The design and materials

Finally, the rise in design and materials, other important features to consider carefully.

In this case, you should consider the shape of the seat, the presence of a lid and a chance to take it off when not needed, they are all items to consider when making a choice that provides comfort to the user.

The seat should be ergonomic and equipped with front and rear opening to facilitate cleaning, and better if it is provided with a cover to prevent the dispersion of odors. Even the toilet of their form is to be evaluated carefully, especially if it is not standard and modern designs rectangular or oval.

The materials play an important role in terms of strength and comfort, for that very reason it is also crucial to evaluate this component. For ease of use it is good to aim for stain-resistant materials and designed to absorb vibrations.

The upside to a toilet is a valuable aid for people with limited mobility. The market offers different types and to make the right choice is appropriate to evaluate robustness, height and compatibility with the home toilet, together with the shape and the materials used to make it.

As fitting a booster water?

Mount a higher toilet seats is very easy in most cases, but of course depends on the type you buy. The majority of the models is equipped with screws and side ports to be fixed to the existing toilet, in such a way as to ensure stability to those who are using the product. Those that provide a locking system in the inner part of the toilet balances are more than those that are fixed externally.

There are models with four legs and others with side handles, designed precisely to provide better support to those with walking difficulties.

What are the advantages of an upside to a toilet?

Those who can not bend your knees well or suffer from muscle stiffness, a higher toilet seats will have more freedom to go to the bathroom on their own. Autonomy is a matter of very important life limited if the person suffers from limited mobility.

Thanks to the ergonomic shape, the increases for toilet perform the function of supporting the user and allow total independence in the bathroom. Not all models are also designed to be placed permanently, and then opt for those removable if the bathroom is not intended for a user’s exclusive use, but also by the other members of the family.

How does the electrical models?

The most technological versions of higher toilet seats are mechanical ones, or running through an electrical system, consisting of springs which vary its inclination according to necessity. They are boosters useful for those who struggle to rise or fall, and requires an aid to accompany him in complete safety during these movements. Generally equipped with armrests for a full backup, they are activated by pressing a button.

They are more expensive than other types on the market, but also more sophisticated.

How much is an upside to a toilet?

The price of an upside to a toilet varies according to the type and, as we said above, the mechanics models are by no means cheap but they are the ones that offer the best support. There are cheaper alternatives, of course, no electrical system, which cost a few tens of euro. The price varies depending on the brand and to the structure, materials and design.

In our guide, we have included several models to meet every need, even with regard to the budget.

It is a deductible expense?

The good news is that the upside toilet is within the deductible expenses and being an aid needed to assist an elder or a person with limited mobility, enjoys the 4% tax relief.

The increase, along with armchairs and orthopedic mattresses, fall into the category of products that enjoy tax deduction. To qualify for this relief the prescription and a certificate produced by ASL competent territory is required.

The upside to toilet is only equipped with a system to fix it to the existing toilet by means of attacks or of the lateral brackets. This valuable support is made of polypropylene in most cases: you can opt for fixed or mobile version.

There are also the versatile models, developed to be mounted on the bidet. Then there are universal versions, that is designed to fit the majority of toilet. It is always wise to take steps before you buy, if the health care do not have standard dimensions.

The type fits your needs

Each type of toilet in upside trade plays a very precise function and is developed to meet different needs. The models fitted with handles are designed to provide a comprehensive support autonomy, supporting the user who no longer needs to seek help.

The same applies to models with legs on all four sides, which are not lacking almost never armrests. If you point to an optimal hygiene evaluated the presence of the two openings in the seat of the rise and the lid, an element which is not always complete the product.

For added convenience and limit efforts is rather better to bet on an electric model, which works via push button or remote control. There are also increases for toilet made from soft materials to ensure maximum comfort during use, and others that can also be used as chairs.

The support of a higher toilet seats varies according to its type, but it is an aid designed to offer support, you need to evaluate the level of personal mobility. So the height of the rise is very important, as the presence of the handles or even better than a structure that rests on four sides.

The user should have complete autonomy to go to the bathroom and easy access to personal hygiene. To ensure a comfortable and practical use to the elderly or disabled person, it is essential to assess its condition and to choose the type of upside that best suits its needs.

Law 104 provides a number of tax deductions for people with limited motor skills disabilities and older people with subsidized 4% VAT. To access this discount is necessary to have a certificate issued by the ASL and a doctor’s prescription.

The average cost of a non-mechanical higher toilet seats is almost always available, but these aids are not the only ones to enjoy this tax benefit. In fact, along with the toilet seat increases, even orthopedic mattresses, networks and chairs can be included in the aforementioned deductions required by law.