Best Vr Viewers. Comparison

▷ Best VR viewers. Comparison

VR viewer – Opinions, Analysis and Buying Guide

Virtual reality is a fascinating concept that was recently taken to be brought into the world of gaming and film. If you have a good PC, PS4 console or a modern smartphone and want to try this unique experience, then you have to do is buy a good VR viewer. On the market there are different products from many different prices, also compatible only with certain devices, so we have created a guide that will help you select the right product. If you do not have time to read it all, we can now show you the two best-selling products: Playstation VR compatible with Sony PS4 console, and the Oculus Rift + Touch Controllers, with a display controller for arms designed for gaming PCs.

The 8 Best Vision VR – 2020 ranking

1. Sony Playstation 4 VR

▷ Best Vr Viewers. Comparison

If you own a PS4 and want to try the experience of Virtual Reality, here’s the original viewer produced by Sony with which you can play various VR titles available on the store, or you can turn the VR in some games like Resident Evil 7.

The VR viewer for PS4 has 5.7-inch OLED screen that arrives at a resolution of 1080p and 120 fps, which are indispensable in order to appreciate the fluidity of the images and to reduce the ‘motion sickness’. The high quality design allows the viewer to wear comfortably, thanks to the single strip and the quick release button.

The device is also very light, so you can use it for long gaming sessions without fatigue too. If you do not know where to buy the new product click on the link to the online store below.

Original Sony: This is the best VR viewer for PS4 available. You can use it to play exclusive titles and activate the virtual reality in those that support.

Quality: The screen rises to an impressive 120 fps at 1080p resolution, achieving a truly impressive fluidity that allows you to play at the highest level in VR.

Design: The device is ergonomic and comfortable to wear, and extremely lightweight. With its low weight you can play comfortably for hours without fatigue.

Webcam: To operate the helmet is required Webcam purchase separately, which increases the overall purchase price.

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2. Oculus Rift + Touch Controllers

▷ Best Vr Viewers. Comparison

It is not just the cheapest viewer on the square, but if you have a powerful computer with the latest graphics card and you are interested to experience the virtual reality, then this is the ultimate in VR goggles for PC.

Unlike other models, the Oculus Rift allows you to play at 360 degrees, moving the environment and using the two controllers to move his arms. This allows you to grasp objects in video games, simulating the real movement of weapons, tools and more, making the experience even more exciting.

The Oculus Rift playground is really impressive, with a variety of spectacular exclusive titles and games that support the VR function. The only defect of the product lies in not really exhilarating resolution, but this is a very common problem for a technology that has only recently come back into vogue.

Technology: The Oculus Rift VR allows you to play in harnessing the movement of the body and arms, making the experience even more immersive experience.

Controller: The two joypad simulate the movement of hands and allow to hit, hold and express themselves with gestures in various VR titles.

Games: On PC there is a wide range of VR games, some of which are considered true masterpieces like Arizona Sunshine and Gorn.

Price: This is the most expensive VR viewer for PC in circulation, not really suitable if you want to save.

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3. Samsung Gear VR Virtual Reality device

▷ Best Vr Viewers. Comparison

The Samsung Galaxy latest generation make use of VR function can be activated via this handy viewer that allows you to play games, use apps and watch movies with virtual reality support.

The ergonomic design is one of the strengths of Samsung VR viewer, as it allows you to connect your smartphone and to wear it without any hassle. Weighing only 310 grams avoids strain on the neck and head, so you can use it for long uninterrupted sessions.

The very wide viewing angle and accurate head tracking are suitable for enjoying movies in VR for both games, while the resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels allows you to view HD content. For a comparison of the pros and cons of the product, we refer to the table below.

Visual quality: With a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels you can enjoy content in VR at a high level, be it movies or video games.

Design: The device comes with an ergonomic design that is designed to ensure maximum comfort to the user during use.

Viewing angle: Very large, it allows you to immerse yourself even more in films and video games, watching carefully the virtual world in all its details.

Limited: Applications of VR viewer for smartphones are not many, so consideratene purchase only if you have a good budget and want to satisfy your curiosity.

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VR viewer for smartphones

4. VR goggles Shinecon VR Compatible Smartphone from 4.7 to 6.0 inches

▷ Best Vr Viewers. Comparison

If you do not know what to buy VR viewer and do not want to spend too much, you can focus on this economic model. One of the main advantages of this smartphone VR viewer is its high compatibility, in fact you can use it with Samsung devices, Apple and Huawei.

Although it is not up to more expensive viewers, the device has a 120 degree viewing angle that lets you watch videos and play with a good dose of involvement. The ergonomic design with a T-shaped roof allows you to adjust the strap and remove the viewer without losing too much time.

The problem of the product lies in its focus that will force you to constantly adjust the camera lens, tiring the eyes more than they should. Nevertheless, it remains one of the best of 2020 VR goggles for value for money and can be purchased by clicking the link below.

Economic: It is sold at a very affordable price than other VR viewers for smartphones.

Compatibility: Can be used with Android and iOS devices like Samsung, Apple and Huawei.

Viewing Angle: With 120-degree field of view, you can immerse yourself in movies and video games.

Design: The display has a T-shaped cover that allows you to quickly remove it and wear it, also the slight skin makes it breathable.

Focus: Not really precise, forces you to adjust the camera lens to obtain the best result and not cause discomfort to the eyes.

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5. I Am Cardboard V2-CCB-Kraft VR Cardboard

▷ Best Vr Viewers. Comparison

Intrigued by the VR, but frightened by the excessive prices of viewers? Do not worry, here you are a device created by Google that costs very little. The cute cartoon design makes it very nice to see, and extremely lightweight.

The product is as ingenious as it is simple, to the point that if you have a little ‘patience you can even download the instructions from the web and create it yourself. Basically how it works it is based on the eye-tracking app for your smartphone VR system, then simply apply the cell phone to the cardboard box and keep it close to the eyes to take advantage of virtual reality.

The resolution of the VR viewer cardboard is not very high and does not have any ‘strap’ to be able to apply to the head, but it works just like other more expensive models.

Price: This is the least expensive VR viewer in circulation, ideal for those who want to experience a virtual reality with their smartphone, but does not want to spend too much.

Design: Simple and brilliant at the same time, this viewer uses the basic principles to ensure VR authentic experience.

Practical: This is a cardboard box, so light and little heavy to use.

Components: Do not expect high-quality lenses, the cartoon can also very easily damaged in a short time.

Limited: Games and VR video for smartphones are few, so after a while ‘to use you might get tired of the viewer.

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6. Trust GXT 720 Virtual Reality 3D Glasses for Smartphone

Trust is a good brand manufacturer of PC peripherals, devices capable of creating good quality selling them at a very affordable price. This is the case of this Trust VR viewer for smartphone designed for gaming, with which you can play different titles available for Android and iOS.

It is compatible with devices of dimensions up to 80 x 150 mm and is sold with a practical pad thanks to which you can control games and augmented reality app. The ergonomic and compact design allows you to use it for long sessions without tiring too, although according to the opinions of the users viewer tends to overheat the phone after half an hour of continuous use. The materials are not exactly the best, but at this price you can not ask too much.

Value for Money: How many products Trust, this reality viewer that comes with an affordable price without leaving something to be desired in terms of quality. The images you can see clearly and is also very comfortable to wear.

Compatibility: Works with all phones in size up to 80 x 150 mm is running Android or iOS.

Comfortable: The design of a carefully designed and good quality material make it comfortable and practical to wear.

Materials: The members leave something ‘to be desired and does not give the idea of ​​being able to last much over time.

Overheating: After half an hour of use the viewer could warm up the smartphone.

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7. Google Daydream VIEW VR

Manufactured by Google, this viewer is the most handsome brother of the Cardboard, yet also more expensive. The elegant and compact design allows you to use it without getting tired too and at the same time to store it without taking up space once you are finished using.

It is only compatible with Android smartphones and can be used with different content such as movies and video games. In comparison with other VR visors, this product is very satisfactory in visual field level and image quality especially with regard to movies or augmented reality.

Moreover, the California-based company has produced this viewer just for this type of application. If you are interested in Google VR viewer, click on the shop link below, or you continue to look at other offers this year.

Design: Ergonomic and compact, can be used for long sessions without any effort and then place it comfortably wherever you want with a small footprint.

Quality: Designed specifically for watching videos and augmented reality app VR, this viewer will make you have a truly breathtaking experience.

Price: Despite the high quality, the price of this viewer is quite affordable.

Remote control: Some people did not like the remote control included in the package, considering it impractical.

Games: You can not say that gives the best of himself with video games …

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8. HTC Lives 2.0 Tracker Tracking System Virtual Reality

The one proposed by Taiwan’s house is an advanced tracking system for virtual reality for use with a display of the same brand. With this device you can enhance its VR experience to be able to create videos and program experiences in virtual reality, adding various objects or contexts to amaze users.

The majority of users bought him to participate in virtual chat, since the product is able to track the movement of the feet and pelvis for complete immersion of the body. Not many, however, the games that support this type of technology, so when it fits more programming than the real fun.

The high price also can discourage, but if you have the availability to purchase it and you have a HTC VR viewer can bring forward, looking forward to interesting future applications of the device.

Innovative: The device expands the possibilities of use of virtual reality, with a complete tracking of the body that allows total immersion in some applications such as the VR Chat.

Professional: VR programmers can use to create videos, games and content in augmented reality.

Limited: There are very few games that exploit the advanced technology offered by the device.

Compatibility: It can only be used with expensive HTC Lives viewers.

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If you’ve read our opinions, but not know how to choose a good VR viewer including those sold online, then you will find very useful this section where we will help you understand what are the main features to look for in a product. In general, VR viewers Bestsellers fall into two categories: those for gaming on PC or console, and those for Smartphone. The latter are most common, as they are easier to produce and easier to use. If you are interested in gaming, we suggest you see some gameplay video on youtube of VR titles for consoles and PC, so you can understand your real interest in virtual reality.

Viewers smartphone

Recent advances in computing have allowed large handset manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple and Huawei to create vision for virtual reality compatible with smartphones. If you are intrigued by virtual reality and want to try it, then buy a VR viewer is usually the cheapest and quickest way to do it.

You just have to make sure your smartphone is compatible with the product you want and understand what apps or games that support virtual reality. When the reality is closely linked to the world of gaming, with some application in augmented reality and watching movies, so expect to ‘eat’ the whole repertoire in no time.

For this reason we should not spend too much on a smartphone VR viewer, because you can find cheaper models that you still perform very well to visual detail.

Viewers for consoles and PC

Here we enter the field of the more expensive VR viewers on the market that we recommend solely if you have a good budget in hand and a powerful PC with a graphics card can handle full HD graphics with good fluidity at the frame level for the second .

The PC viewers as the HTC Lives and the Oculus Rift have some really exorbitant prices, a sign that the VR has not yet taken of all players. The HTC Lives is the most innovative, in that it has the Lives Tracker (sold separately) able to increase the virtual experience, although the applications that are able to take full advantage of this technology are reduced enough.

The Oculus Rift is a rather more ‘classic viewer’ that has two controllers that emulates the movement of the arms and hands of the player. On Windows PC, you can find an extensive library of VR games purchased on various online stores such as Steam or Epic Games, with some very fun titles.

With regard to the console, which is currently the only ones that support the VR is the Playstation 4, although the games with which it is possible to exploit the Sony viewer are few. Unlike HTC Lives and Oculus Rift, Sony viewer has no specific controller, then the games will need to use the joypad to move or perform different actions. Whether on PC and PS4 recommend that you purchase a display only if you have a good budget available, because for gaming, virtual reality is in a situation of stalemate and it is said that breakouts.

As for viewers to smartphone, we suggest you focus on ergonomic models, light and easy to wear. This is because it is still quite bulky devices, so better to focus on practicality. Keep in mind that the less expensive models may have some trouble with the focus of the lens and therefore give more eye discomfort, dizziness and vertigo. In general it is always good to use the VR wisely, do not overdo it and limiting the sessions to long breaks every half hour.

How many inches has the VR viewer?

It depends on the viewer, usually those for smartphones arrive to 6 inches, while those for consoles or PC can be up to 7 inches. In general, manufacturers are maintained on these measures so as not to be too large and heavy device for the head, while ensuring a good viewing angle to the user who will be able to clearly see all the graphic details of the game or movie VR.

What is the VR viewer?

The VR viewer is used to play games, applications and movies created specifically for the virtual reality. Without a viewer it is not possible to start them, so if you are intrigued by this technology, such a device is currently the only way to be able to experiment. There are some games for which virtual reality VR is only an option, then you can play it on your TV is on the display.

There are many virtual reality games?

At the moment the securities park is quite limited, as there are not many developers who engage with this technology because of the high cost of VR viewers and the difficulty of creating entertaining stories that entertain the user do not tire out. The first-person virtual reality limits the scope only to the shooter genre games, fighting and driving simulators or flight.

The use of VR viewer can give problems?

Although there has been considerable progress in recent visors to reduce the feeling of nausea and dizziness caused by virtual reality, this technology has not yet reached the point that it can be used for hours without altering the user’s health. Obviously we do not speak of serious problems, the more passengers hassles. It is always advisable to use the VR viewers with a certain criterion, pausing every half hour. In the end it is still a screen that transmits images to keep a few centimeters from the eyes, something that is not good.

How much does a VR viewer?

The vision for smartphones have some pretty affordable prices, with the highest quality coming to € 60. Cheaper products can cost from 14 to 40 €, so it is not an intractable spending. The music changes when talking about VR viewers for PCs or PS4 that are sold at very high prices. The HTC Lives and the Oculus Rift cost around 600 €, while the viewer for Sony PS4 original reaches nearly 300 €.

How does the viewer VR

Virtual reality is a technology recently ‘reborn’ thanks to new technologies that have allowed the creation of console and PC gaming for the very powerful, able then to exploit its potential. The concept of virtual reality has not changed over the years, which is the complete user’s immersion in an alternative world. Although it is used for military training or to flight simulators, the VR commercially sees its major application in the field of video games.

The purpose of the VR viewers is to alter our perception through sight, putting before us the setting of video games and allowing us to observe our surroundings. This involves a detachment from actually greater than simple video games, because moving the head there seem to be really in an alternate world and we will be mesmerized to believe to be experiencing an attack by zombies, to fly or to pilot a spaceship.

The VR viewer is nothing more than a device equipped with a motion sensor capable of responding to the movements of our head, transmitting the virtual game images on the integrated display lenses. This technology can really impress, although it has not yet managed to overcome and replace the classic concept of ‘video game’, as its vision for ‘first’ virtual reality limits the kinds of games where you can use it.

How to use the viewer VR

To use a VR viewer’ll just have to connect it to a PC or console using the appropriate cable. Once connected you will have to launch a game or an application (a movie, etc.) that supports virtual reality. Then you have to wear their video, trying to adjust it to stay as comfortable as possible.

If you own a viewer with controller for the movement of the hands, then make sure to have a good grip so that you do not escape in the most excited game moments. To play you need a little ‘space, so do not stand too close to furniture or shelves. The vision for smartphones are even simpler to use, because you can just download the app and connect the VR cell in the space provided on the display to be able to immediately begin to watch movies or play in VR.

Please note that you do not overdo it with the hours of play, making an average length break every half an hour in order to avoid dizziness, nausea and vision problems.