Best Washer Dryer. Prices And Offers

▷ The Best Washer Dryer. Prices and offers

Washer dryer – Buying Guide and Comparisons

A washer dryer is the perfect solution for those who have limited space at home, but still want the convenience of having a perfectly clean, dry laundry in no time at all. Currently the market offers different models to choose from and if you are undecided about which product to buy, take a look at our guide to find the ones recommended by us, starting with the first two in the standings: the Samsung WD8XK5A03OW / EG winks at those who do not have very familiar with this kind of appliances by virtue of an extremely intuitive operation which is associated with a practical display with integrated controls; Bosch Series 6 WVG30422IT guarantees a considerable reduction of the electrical management thanks to the innovative “ActiveWater” technology costs, which regulates the water and energy consumption according to the type of fabric and the quantity of garments to be treated.

To be considered

The model, while retaining a fairly classic design, has no shortage of programs and practical functions, such as the handy LCD display with which to manage the various settings and the ability to choose between eighteen wash options.

On the basis of what has emerged from the opinions of the buyers, the noise level of the machine, especially when it comes into operation the centrifuge of the washing machine, it is a defect to be taken into account in its assessment.

Excellent quality / price ratio for a washer dryer that one of its main strengths, can boast a remarkable load capacity, equivalent to eight kilograms, and a good energy saving due to efficiency class A +.

The 8 Best Washing machines Dryers – Ranking 2020

Afterwards we compared the best washing machines dryers 2020, so you can easily find the model that best suits your needs.

Samsung Washer dryer

1. Samsung WD8XK5A03OW / EG Front Loading Washer

▷ The Best Washer Dryer. Prices And Offers

Among the best offers of the moment, according to advice from users, ranks the washing machine dryer Samsung WD8XK5A03OW / EG, which is one of the most compact in its class without sacrificing load capacity. In this regard, the values ​​are really interesting: eight kilograms and six for washing to dry, which makes it suitable to meet the needs of a large family.

The energy class settles in both cases on the A that although it is not the most powerful, and offers an ideal savings on the annual energy consumption. In addition, it is very silent and offers the possibility to program the delayed start and the spin speed, which can reach a maximum of 1,400 revolutions per minute.

On the upper part of the door there is a small porthole useful to insert other garments while the appliance is in operation and, thanks to the “Ecolavaggio” mode, it will be possible to wash the laundry in cold water obtaining the same results of washing in hot water, so as to preserve the colors and the natural beauty of the leaders with significant energy savings.

Capacity: Samsung offers a washer dryer with excellent performance, both on the good variety of programs available is the ability to handle larger quantities of laundry at a time.

Ecolavaggio: With this program you can wash your laundry efficiently even in cold water, so as to maintain colors and fabrics will not break your fuel bill.

Porthole: It is very large and easy to open; moreover, it has a second opening, smaller, to add other garments during the various stages of washing.

Energy Class: The A is of good level but also includes enough of the high consumption compared to other similar models proposed for the same price but with a better class.

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Bosch Washer Dryer

2. Bosch Series 6 WVG30422IT Front Loading Washer A

▷ The Best Washer Dryer. Prices And Offers

The washer dryer Bosch WVG30422IT, despite the high cost, is one of the best selling models and appreciated by consumers because it allows significant savings in energy consumption. The appliance, although belonging to the class A, has a motor Inverter Drive EcoSilence that, in addition to being very quiet, offers excellent performance both during washing and during the drying cycle.

Moreover, thanks to the “Active Water” technology is able to automatically adjust water consumption depending on the tissue type and the quantity of clothing to be treated, thus ensuring maximum energy savings. It has a load capacity of seven kilograms and different wash options, including the “Hygiene Care” function that uses a powerful stream of hot air to sanitize the laundry before washing.

Very valid, according to the buyers, the presence of “Allergy Care” mode designed to reduce the concentration of allergens between the fibers of the garments and minimize the risk of respiratory and / or skin allergies. Despite the goodness of the specifications, however, many users have deemed insufficient the load capacity of the drum during the drying phase, since it allows to insert a maximum load of only five kilograms.

Functions: The Bosch washer dryer affects mainly the rich set of features that allows you to select the program that best suits their needs among the many available.

Silent: The engine EcoSilence Inverter Drive becomes stronger than a technology capable of optimizing the maximum consumption during washing, while also maintaining a very low noise threshold.

Active Water: The innovative technology brings to impeccable results by exploiting only the amount of water needed. This is possible thanks to the built-in sensors that automatically adjust the water consumption according to the type of fabric and the amount of loaded laundry.

Capacity: Although the scrubber is able to wash up to seven kilograms of laundry, during the drying phase the load capacity is reduced to just five kilograms.

Buy on (€ 649.99)

Integrated washing machine dryer

3. Flush Front Loading Washer Beko HITV8733B0 A

▷ The Best Washer Dryer. Prices And Offers

Look for a washer dryer as proposed collection at low prices? No problem, because our ranking compare prices, advantages and disadvantages of online selling appliances that offer the best overall compromise between quality and cost.

This is the case of the proposal scrubber from Beko, which differs from those seen so far, not only for the affordable price, but also for the extremely compact dimensions: its measurements of 60 x 54 x 82 centimeters, in fact, allow the ‘installation inside a piece of furniture or a special compartment, and for the same reason it will be possible to place it in the bathroom or in a corner any useful laundry without occupying too much space.

Addentrandoci into technical details, we have a front display, very big and bright, offering the user the ability to select sixteen wash programs, besides being able to adjust at will the spin speed up to 1400 rpm.

If you think it’s the built-in model that can be for you, at the end of the review you will find a link that will direct you to the online store where to buy the appliance at the best price.

Dimensions: Unlike other scrubber, this Beko has extremely compact dimensions that allow it to be installed in any corner of the house without being excessive clutter.

Program: It has a large number of functions and programs to treat all kinds of tissue appropriately and without running the risk of ruining your clothes.

Price / quality: Although not have advanced technology like the previous models, the appliance has proven to know how to do that for which it was designed; more has an excellent quality / price ratio, which never hurts.

Noisy: The noise that creates the spin when in operation could be quite annoying, so you should not turn it in sensitive times.

Buy on (€ 705.17)

LG Washer Dryer

4. LG Front Loading Washer F4J8FH2W

▷ The Best Washer Dryer. Prices And Offers

Where comparison of various deals we have selected for you are not yet managed to understand how to choose a good washer dryer, try to take a look at the LG model, characterized by an excellent total capacity to which combines a competitive cost It facilitates the purchase even for those who do not have a big budget.

The appliance is provided with the “TrueSteam” mode that aims to dry clothes in just twenty minutes using a powerful jet of steam: this function is particularly useful to treat in a manner that respects the most delicate fabrics, while reducing the formation of those hateful folds that make subsequent operations of the hardest irons and complicated.

The LG washer dryer also has a centrifuge capable of reaching 1,400 rpm, while the technology can build on the innovative technology “6 Motion Direct Drive” which, as the term suggests, offers six different movements tube for an even more effective washing and loaded the custom clothing.

Programs: The LG washer dryer offers many features to choose from, in order to obtain impeccable washing and drying is perfect for delicate fabrics either of coloreds.

Functional: The technology “6 Motion Direct Drive” and the engine Inverter Control make the practical appliance and especially silent, optimizing the best job in the washing stage, with the additional possibility of maintaining the low temperature during the subsequent drying cycle .

Design: Even from the aesthetic, the product has nothing to envy to the more expensive and advanced models, thanks to a large central porthole with a futuristic design that enhances the soft and clean lines.

Card: Some buyers recommend that you periodically check the correct functioning of the electronic board, since many have encountered some problems after some time of use.

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Washer-dryer Indesit

5. Indesit washer dryer XWDE 861280X WKKK GB 1200 rpm

▷ The Best Washer Dryer. Prices And Offers

When it comes to choosing a washer dryer it is important to assess the technical specifications of the appliance, but must also consider the space available in the house. The Indesit washer dryer is a free standing model that boasts quite compact size to allow placement even in more confined spaces, with an easy installation that could make comfortable at more than one user.

At the top we find a display used to manage the different pre-set programs, choosing the right one among the twelve available. This way, you can customize the machine to your needs and those of the tissue to be treated, through the classic programs to the more specific cycles, such as anti-odor or the ad hoc washing for wool and silk.

Very pleasing users with quick drying option, which reduces the working time to 45 minutes, and the “Airfresh” mode, ideal for all those articles that require low temperatures to minimize creasing and facilitate subsequent ironing.

Basket: Indesit model, during the wash cycle, it relies on a basket with a capacity of eight kilograms to meet the needs of those who always has a lot ‘of clothes to wash. Obviously, the capacity is reduced during the drying phase, but is still appreciable.

Push & Wash + Dry: Several users, especially those who are not very familiar with this kind of appliances, appreciated the presence of a button that lets you start the washing mode and drying automatically, without having to adjust their parameters.

Self-cleaning: The model has a practical mode of self-cleaning that takes care to remove odors and residues from the drum through a high-temperature cycle, thus ensuring optimal results during the entire period of use.

Consumption: Unfortunately, the energy class loses its efficiency during the drying phase.

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Washer Dryer Candy

6. Candy GVSW 496THC Scrubbers, 9 + 6 kg, 1400 rpm

Candy, a leader in the sector, offers us a washer dryer with the best performance in relation to a price of really good sale. Faced with an energy efficiency of Class A, the load capacity is as high as 9 kilograms for washing and 6 kg for drying, thus placing itself as an ideal choice for those who have always huge amounts of laundry, but still want to optimize consumption in the bill.

Not only that, by downloading the application on your smartphone “Simply-Fi” you can monitor the operation of the appliance remotely and easily locate a suitable cycle for your needs. But the surprises do not end there, because thanks to the “Smart Check-up” you will always be updated on any failures or malfunctions of your washer dryer Candy, being able to rely on the practice Smart Guides to quickly resolve the problem.

The appliance should be noted, finally, also for its remarkable noise both during washing both in drying mode, reaching about 51 dB in the first case and 67 dB once put into operation the centrifuge.

Intuitive: The many features offered by Candy scrubbers are designed to be utilized in a quick and user clear. There are also special programs to deal with particular delicate fabrics and garments.

Smart Check-up: This function constantly monitors the operation of the appliance and, in case of problems or failures, find the right solution independently.

Remote Control: The app “Simply-Fi” will help you choose the program suited to your needs, offering you the added ability to set and customize the available programs at a distance.

attractive price: Practical and easy to clean, is offered at a very advantageous price compared with an enviable build quality.

Half Load: Although it is a cutting-edge model, both in terms of performance both in terms of functions, it does not offer the possibility of reducing the washing time when the basket is not fully charged.

Buy on (€ 426.57)

7. AEG Scrubbers L7WEE961 Front Loading

One of the most important features to consider when purchasing a new scrubber is its load capacity, to be assessed based on the number of the members of their family and the available space in the house.

Among the most balanced options under this aspect it emerges strongly the model AEG L7WEE961, since it offers a capacity of nine kilograms for washing and six in drying mode, while managing to reduce the overall dimensions.

On the front there is a large display, as well as make its practical and intuitive to use even for beginners, allows you to manage the twelve programs available with a level of customization that goes from traditional cycles to the more specific.

The appliance build quality is remarkable, as confirmed by the majority of users who have chosen, but the real product highlight is definitely innovative “Pro Sense” which uses special load sensors to automatically adjust duration of the wash cycle and drying according to the quantity of laundry inserted in the drum, so as to obtain a greater saving on energy consumption.

Compact: While presenting a considerable load capacity, the AEG L7WEE961 is appreciated for its extremely reduced dimensions which allow the positioning even in fairly confined spaces.

Energy Savings: Thanks to the sensors “Pro Sense”, the appliance is able to automatically adjust the duration of the program based on the weight of the laundry, in order to ensure efficiency and cost savings in each cycle.

Practice: The control panel with digital display is designed to be as intuitive as possible, and this makes it easy and efficient to use even for those who are not very familiar with this kind of equipment.

Price: The flip side is represented by a sales price that you can not really define low, but other than that there are no other faults to report.

Buy on (€ 629.1)

8. Electrolux washer-dryer RWW1683HFW free-standing

That Electrolux is a washer-dryer that, in the face of a fairly low price, it offers a good washing and drying capacity, respectively, 8 and 6 kilograms. These features will add efficiency class A +++ which ensures a good saving on the consumption of water and electricity, although in the drying phase the value abuts on the A.

The main difference with the other models Ranked regards the drying cycle of operation technology that, in this case, is to expulsion: the moisture is removed from the tissues through the steam which, in turn, will be discharged to the outside through fan.

This means you will not have to empty the capacitor at the end of each cycle, and thanks to the front control panel complete with a digital display, identify the relationship between load and program it becomes simple and intuitive for anyone.

Great attention was also paid to the treatment of delicate items, because there are five special mode that automatically ensure regular washing and drying times depending on the type of fabric, in order to respect the plot and to facilitate the subsequent stretching.

Functional: thirteen programs, are available for different duration and intensity, which allow a high degree of customization to treat all kinds of fabric, even those special or particularly delicate.

Practical: The washer dryer RWW1683HFW Electrolux, in our view, is the ideal choice for those who must handle large amounts of laundry, but also wants to wash and dry discrete loads in a short time.

Price / quality: Despite being the cheapest model on our list, is second to none in terms of performance and efficiency, thanks to the energy classes A +++, as far as only washing and A for drying.

Positioning: Since we are talking about a scrubber to deportation, you must place it in a reasonably ventilated room so as not to create moisture problems.

Buy on (€ 552)

Kit washer dryer column

Who does not have a wide area where to place the washing machine and the dryer, can place them on top of each other via a universal kit.

In the market there are many, but if you try one able to mitigate effectively the vibrations of the centrifuge to prevent one of the two appliances from moving or falling, we recommend using the washer dryer column kit Wpro SKS101, boasting a quality / price ratio deemed beneficial by most buyers.

The product is appreciated especially for the efficient “safe-in-lock” system that keeps firmly anchored the two machines, without the need for screws or dowels.

Especially like the ease with which you install, although some would have liked a manual of clear and comprehensive instructions.

Buy on (€ 43,15)

Mobile for washer dryer

If, instead, prefer to interpose between the two appliances a structure able, not only to absorb vibrations during operation, but also to enhance the aesthetics of the surrounding environment, we recommend the cabinet for washing machine dryer brand VE.CA. , it made entirely of pine wood and available in ten different colors.

The allocation of two comfortable branches makes it perfect for hide appliances, and once closed the doors of the cabinet nobody will notice of their presence.

Despite the high price, is among the best-selling models because of the good quality of the invoice and the presence of holes in the back where to route the cables of the machines, although more than one user has found a certain difficulty in the assembly of some components mobile.

Buy on (€ 650)

Managing household chores is not always an easy task, especially when it comes to laundry. A gesture served as a wash and dry your laundry at times could become a difficult task to perform, especially during the winter or when you have the misfortune to live in a very wet area.

Who is looking for a practical solution can rely on the best washer dryer on the market, commonly known as a scrubber. It is, in practice, an appliance that allows you to wash your laundry and set an additional drying program, after which it will be possible to extract their clothes perfectly clean, dry and ready to be ironed.

This Buyer’s Guide we want to help you make a careful comparison of the many models on the market, in order to identify the best brand which can fully meet your expectations.

The load capacity

As noted, the washer-dryer is the perfect solution for those who need to maximize space and little time to provide for their own laundry.

Of course, those who already own a washing machine can also choose to buy only the dryer, which surely will ensure greater efficiency compared to a combined household appliance, but must deal with any problems of space.

Here, then, because when you have limited space is preferable to a single machine that, once started, will do virtually all the “dirty work” in your place. In shops and on the web you can find lots of models with different features and capabilities, but certainly the size and load capacity are two discriminant to evaluate when choosing carefully.

Regardless of your needs, before deciding it is good to consider that the carrying capacity of the washing machine does not match that of the dryer. In fact, in order to obtain a perfect drying it is crucial that the jet of hot air may radiate the heads in a uniform manner, otherwise it will become still damp once the cycle has ended.

Taking as an example a scrubber of standard size, capable of satisfying the needs of a family of about four people, we might say that the load capacity during the washing phase is eight kilograms, while that of the dryer is six kilograms at most .

The capacity of the drum also affects the size of the appliance. In this regard, we can divide the scrubber into three subcategories: the standard ones, which usually have a width of 60 centimeters and a depth ranging from 50 to 60 centimeters; the slim, as the term suggests, are more compact and often equipped with top loading of the practical system which allows to solve any possible problem of space; and the “oversize” models, however, have a greater depth of the canonical 60 cm, making them ideal to meet the needs of a large family.

Finally, there are also more innovative appliances that have even two separate baskets for drying and washing, although characterized by a footprint and a higher cost.

To affect the final price of the product is also the presence of specific features and options that will clearly assessed according to your needs and budget. To be assured of investing well your money is, therefore, important to determine in advance of what features you really need and which are the ones that you can do without, for example, you can opt for a model with special programs, like the one for wool or silk, if you need to wash and / or dry with some frequency this type of tissue.

Just like the washing machine, the dryer may also have several programs that contribute to improving the efficiency and practicality of use, thereby guaranteeing a greater level of customization. This is the case of the easy ironing function, thanks to which it can reduce the formation of folds and creases, or the automatic adjustment of the drying level.

Okay, the washer-dryer provides many advantages, resolves all potential problems of space and allows you to have more free time to devote to other activities. But it consumes an appliance that? It is clear that the domestic consumption of water and electricity are not to be underestimated when it comes to choosing an appliance of this kind, but also depends greatly on the frequency of use and the energy efficiency class of the model.

Our advice is, therefore, preferred class of products or better and, even better if equipped with ECO programs, which provide additional savings in electricity bills.

It must, then, consider that the energy expenditure is higher during the drying phase, while the wash cycle has a bigger impact on water consumption. This is because the dryer uses an electric resistance that must maintain a constant power during the entire drying cycle, generally between 1,500 and 2,000 watts.

Obviously, this is only indicative values, given that each appliance has a different wattage which corresponds to a specific energy consumption.

How to put a washing machine and dryer on top of each other?

Place the washer and the dryer on top of each other is a good solution when you do not have a combined model, but you want to use both appliances.

In modern apartments, where the lack of space becomes increasingly being felt, it could become very problematic alongside the two machines, especially if it has to deal with a bath or a very small laundry.

To resolve this problem, therefore, it is possible to stack the two column appliances, however, making sure to place the dryer at the top, given that its weight is significantly lower than that of a traditional washing machine.

To avoid that the vibrations of the centrifuge are likely to injure or cause the appliance to fall, it is essential to interpose between the machines a special structure. On the market, fortunately, it is not difficult to find universal or mobile kits designed just for this specific function, and if you are comfortable with yourself you can also build one to fit your needs.

Hiding washer and dryer in the bathroom?

No doubt the washing machine and the dryer have dramatically improved the way we think the housework, but it is also true that their austere design could spoil the aesthetics of the environment in which they are positioned.

To get around this problem you can opt for a towel coprilavatrice equipped with a front opening to ensure easy access to the porthole and the control panel or, alternatively, for a mobile coprilavatrice, more aesthetically pleasing but also more expensive.

Some boxes have a structure that develops in height to be able to stack the appliances one above the other, thus acting as a valid space-saving solution, while others are full of shelves, doors and sometimes even a practical wash.

How does the washer dryer?

The washer-dryer is a machine that combines the wash cycle to the drying, for which the operation is more or less the same of the two appliances which integrates the functions.

However, if on the one hand its use brings with it a high convenience of use and an obvious saving of time and space, on the other hand also it involves a considerable constructive complexity, due to the presence of many components and features.

If used correctly, however, this appliance can give great satisfaction, especially with the availability of more and more advanced sensors and technologies that will produce good results both in terms of drying and during the wash cycle.

How to Clean a washer dryer?

Although at the end of the wash cycle and drying your clothes come out clean and dry, that does not mean that the appliance does not need a periodic maintenance. First, once every three months is critical clean the drum: to do this you can just make a mixture based on water and vinegar (or sodium bicarbonate) and thoroughly wash the walls and seals with the help of a microfibre cloth.

Given, then, that the tumble dryer has a special filter, which has the function of capturing dust, dirt and fluff, it is important to periodically clean it, and the same also applies to the washing machine tank, where typically accumulate residues dirt and detergent.

As a clothes dryer washing machine cost?

Price is certainly one aspect to be evaluated carefully at time of purchase, because the market there are so many models that you are spoiled for choice.

Typically, a high cost is an indication of a higher quality construction, and is often also tied to a good energy efficiency and a greater load capacity.

If, then, you do not need a very large and large appliance, you may also prefer a cheaper model, equipped with basic functions and with a capacity typically between 5 and 6 kilograms.

Having established which washer dryer buy, to get good results you will have to learn to use it efficiently and correctly set all the programs provided. Fear not, this we thought us and in the following lines we will explain step by step how to exploit the full potential of your new appliance.

Before putting the machine into operation it is fundamental divide garments according to fabric, taking into account also the label sewn disclosure generally within individual heads. Most of the models in circulation, in fact, it has specific programs dedicated to cotton, wool, synthetic and delicate fabrics to those, but it must also remember to separate the dark garments from clear ones, may discolor or otherwise damaged.

Again care should be taken is to not overdo it either with the centrifuge, especially if you have to treat very delicate fabrics such as silk, or with the amount of clothes to put in the basket. In this regard it will come to your aid with the instruction manual which, in addition to explain in detail the functions and programs of the appliance, it also indicates the maximum load that the drum is able to endure.

Set the temperature

Depending on the type of fabric, it is important to set the right temperature. Each garment should be treated specifically, then, after reading the label carefully, you will have to set out what are the temperatures suitable.

The synthetic garments shall be dried to a maximum of 70 ° C, while for the most delicate fabrics that are affected by the excessive heat must remain within a range between 30 and 50 ° C at maximum.

The speech, however, is different when it comes to cotton, because it requires a service temperature of from 70 to 90 ° C, with only the foresight to reduce the drying time in the case of treated fibers.

Tips for a perfect drying

Once the wash cycle and before starting the drying phase it is advisable to empty the drum in half, since the load capacity in the washing step does not correspond to that of the drying cycle.

To make an example: if you have loaded the washing machine with eight kilograms of laundry, for drying the load must not exceed four kilograms. This is because the leaders will be emitted by the hot air evenly, otherwise the water will fail to evaporate completely and clothes will be damp. Not only that, reducing the load, your dryer will work better and drying will be faster and more efficient.

One of the thorniest problems of using a washer dryer is the formation of those hateful folds that are likely to make the next stiraggio more difficult and tiring. To solve the problem, or at least reduce it, you can take some small measures: in addition to not overdo the laundered amount, once the wash finished it is advisable to take out the garments and whisk lightly, so they do not come all crumpled at the end drying.

If, then, you want to stretch them immediately after you want to set a low temperature cycle, so as to maintain a residual moisture between the fibers that will facilitate the next step of the iron.