Best Washing Slim. Prices And Offers

▷ The best Washing Slim. Prices and offers

Washing Slim – Buying Guide and Comparisons

The slim washing machines are nothing more than appliances with compact dimensions, perfect to be positioned in bathrooms where space is scarce or for users who do not need gigantic devices, because they live alone. If you do not know which machine to purchase, please take a look at the bottom where there is a comparative table Candy GVS34, compact, competitively priced and mostly silent, perfect for all users running wash cycles during the night, followed Samsung WW80K6210RW / ET, by washing more challenging cost but with a lot of technologies that make it more comfortable to use, from the Smart Control all’AddWash.

The 9 Best Washers Slim – Ranking 2020

1. Candy GVS34 125D3 / 2-01 Washer, 5 kg, 1200 rpm / min, A +++

▷ The Best Washing Slim. Prices And Offers

The slim 33 cm Candy washing machine, the product of the best sellers of our list, managed to win the first position due to its size and energy class A +++. For those not aware of the levels of energy classes, the Triple A is the highest level for appliances, a factor that allows significant savings in electricity consumption.

If you want to save money in the bill then the Candy washing machine may be the right product for your needs. Since this is a slim washing machine does not allow an excessive load, we talk about 5 kg, but for those who live alone or perhaps with another person might be more than enough.

Users say it is a very quiet product, thus able to work at night without disturbing your sleep, the only drawback seems to be represented porthole, slightly protruding and therefore increases the maximum size of a washing machine. Bearing in mind the value provided by the manufacturer, 34 cm, you need to add someone to get the actual depth.

Silent: If you have an energy contract that allows you to spend less assuming you use the appliance at night, the Candy washing machine can be more suitable for you since it is silent and therefore can work at night without disturbing others.

Energy rating: A +++ Returning level in the washing machine in question gives you the opportunity to save considerably on energy consumption, thus obtaining lower utility bills at the end of the month.

Economical: The price is not high and stands in a band that we could even define low cost. Good for users on a budget.

Porthole: Although it is a slim product, from a depth of just 34 cm, users report that we must also take into account protruding porthole. Then add a few centimeters to have real depth.

Buy on (€ 330.09)

2. Samsung WW80K6210RW/ET Lavatrice AddWash 8 kg, 1200 rpm

▷ The Best Washing Slim. Prices And Offers

Among the most challenging offered by the price point of view we have the slim washing machine 8 kg of Samsung, however, has an advantage as energy efficiency class A +++, the highest. Investors in a washing machine of this type knows that the initial cost is then amortized over time due to a reduced electricity bill, a factor not to be underestimated, especially in light of advanced technologies, such as ecolavaggio, which allow to have a minimal environmental impact and at the same time get clean clothes even at low temperatures.

Samsung has also developed AddWash technology, which allows you to add in a simple and quick heads or detergent at any time of washing, a detail really useful when you forget some clothes around the house but do not want to make a second load.

For the more smart consumers it is also present the Smart Control, which allows you to monitor and manage the washing of the washing machine remotely, using an app for smartphones.

Smart: The Free Samsung application, available for download on your smartphone gives you the ability to control the washing at any time, even remotely.

Ecolavaggio: To have a reduced environmental impact and make washing at low temperatures without having to give up, however, a deep cleaning. All thanks to the technologies applied by the South Korean.

AddWash: Have you forgotten some clothes around the house but now you have already started the cleaning? The product Samsung accounts for these distractions and thanks to AddWash technology allows you to add leaders or detergent at any time.

Noisy: Some users report a certain noise level of the product, even when the door is closed which emits a very strong shot. This is not the ideal machine to perform night washes.

Buy on (€ 474.95)

Third WTXS 61032 Beko Washing machine W Slim

▷ The Best Washing Slim. Prices And Offers

The washing machine slim 40cm Beko is the cheapest product on our list, ideal for all users who need a compact washing machine at the lowest possible price. With regard to the load capacity speak of about 6 kg, therefore suitable for a couple, with an energy class A +++, the highest and, consequently, able to consume as little as possible. Do not expect a very fast or silent product, users, for example, report that for a wash in the length cotton garments is about 3 hours.

The noise, however, does not allow you to perform night-washes. Who has a contract that allows the energy savings provided using appliances at night could not therefore consider it suits your needs.

Although it is a slim washing machine, the dimensions are quite generous, about 84 x 60 x 42 centimeters, will then invite you to take the measures in painstaking manner before provide for the purchase of the product.

Low prices: While not the best slim washing machine for sale on the market manages to convince users thanks to a fraction of the cost, which is important when you have a limited budget.

Load: The total is about 6 kg, a bit ‘higher than that of other economic washing machines slim, thus proving to be excellent not only for those who live alone, but also for couples.

Energy Class: Even if it is a cheap product, the Beko washing machine meets high standards with an energy class of A +++, great to write off the cost of use.

Lavaggi long: If you want a quick product, then you may want to look elsewhere because users talk about a certain slowness of the washing machine, about 3 hours, for example, cotton garments.

Buy on (€ 248.28)

4. Candy CS4 1272D3/1-S, Lavatrice Slim Classe A+++

▷ The Best Washing Slim. Prices And Offers

Candy is a brand appreciated by users, as evidenced by the presence of another slim washing machine 7 kg in the standings. By making a comparison we may note that is slightly deeper than the first classified, we are talking here of 40 cm, however it is also a product through the application Simply smart-Fi which can be downloaded free of charge on their smartphone or tablet. Active then you can use your machine remotely, having access to a number of programs that can be activated only via smartphone.

Among the products sold online it is also one of the few with NFC connectivity, thus able to work with smartphone devices supported simply by bringing them closer to the washing machine, even getting tips to exploit the full potential. Users will reveal all very satisfied although not consider it a particularly silent machine.

If you need to perform wash cycles during the night it could not therefore be the product most suited to your needs.

Economical: The price of Candy washing machine is not high and can then be purchased by users that are looking for a product with a cost.

Smart: It can be controlled remotely with the Simply-Fi application, a free download on your smartphone or tablet and as an alternative also from products with NFC module that requires you to bring the device to the washing machine.

Load: Arriva up to 7 kg, higher than the average of the other washing machines slim listed here, therefore suitable also to wash duvets and winter blankets.

Noisy: It is not the quietest washer on the market. It is therefore not recommended to use it at night if you have activated two-tier tariffs with the electricity supplier.

Buy on (€ 285.59)

Lavatrice slim Hoover

5. Hoover VTS710D1-30 Lavatrice 7 KG 1000 Giri Slim

▷ The Best Washing Slim. Prices And Offers

Following are a washing machine slim Hoover, also like the previous product with a maximum flow rate of 7 kg. One of the elements that affects more of the product is its quietness, higher than that of other devices, even if flaw from the energy class point of view that stops to A +, good, but not the best the market has to offer .

According to the opinions expressed by users the main advantage is the maximum flow rate that allows you to also wash blankets and winter very bulky clothing without having to resort to the laundromat. An element that instead did raise some eyebrows is the lack of a display that indicates the remaining time for the end of washing, now standard on most of the products for sale on the market.

The price, in spite of these shortcomings, it is not the lowest, a factor that does not allow us to assign a higher place in the standings at the Hoover product that still manages to get to the efficiency of the washing programs.

Load: 7 kg With available you can load the washing machine to wash even comforters, bulky winter clothing and blankets without the need from time to time at the laundromat.

Programs: The Hoover product allows you to delay washing up to nine hours, ready for the laundry, for example, when you come home from work or in the early morning.

Energy Class: Although not the highest, stopping at A +, it is enough to make you save money on your energy bill with a water consumption of 9,600 liters.

Display: inexplicably lacks a screen that shows the time left for washing, a serious lack especially if we consider that this is not a low-cost machine.

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Lavatrice slim Hotpoint Aristotle

6. Hotpoint-Ariston RSSG 723 IT Lavatrice 7 Kg

The design of Ariston washing machines and appliances are among the most appreciated for aesthetics and elegance. The model which we are concerned in this section is no less: with its 43.5 cm deep and load capacity of 7 kg, white in color with silver door, offers over the aesthetic pleasantness combined with a series of specific characteristics, the result of the advance of technology brand.

We speak of the motor inverter, which has the ability to vary the speed of rotation and also ensures, thanks to the different rotations of the drum, a greater effectiveness in the removal of stains.

This engine is warranted ten years and it is necessary to mention the presence, among the various programs, the anti-allergy cycle, which eliminates the well 99% of allergens. The free installation facilitates the insertion of the washing machine.

To find out where to buy this Hotpoint Ariston model does not have to do is click the link below.

Performance: The technology employed in the production of household appliances, in this case of washing machines, the Ariston brand, guarantees high performance, while maintaining low energy costs and a low annual consumption of water.

Energy Class: A +++ This is what characterizes this product and allows the best savings on your bill.

Ad hoc programs: In addition to the aforementioned anti-allergy program, specifically designed to remove allergens and therefore suitable for people with very sensitive skin, Ariston has in place the Woolmark Green. It is a wash cycle for wool garments labeled hand washable.

Cost: It is not the cheapest on the market but if you are looking for a very efficient washing machine, the price could be adapted to the performance.

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7. LG F2J5WN3W Freestanding Washing Machine Front Loading 6.5kg

Here too are the new technologies used to make the latest generation of appliances so “smart.” The slim LG front-loading washing machine, has the 6 Motion Direct Drive, which takes care of your laundry gently, as if it were a hand-washing and beyond.

The engine Inverter Direct Drive reduces both the noise, both vibration during washing, making it extremely silent. This allows you the freedom to do your laundry even at night.

Sanitizes already at the temperature of 30 ° with the specific steam washing and is also ideal to be positioned in outdoor environments, since very resistant to weathering. Among the innovative programs and smart, designed for modern needs, there is the Sport Speciale, can effectively remove dirt, stains and odors, keeping consumption low.

One of the most interesting features is the Smart Diagnosis that in case of problems, communicates directly with the call center via your phone.

Innovation: LG is meeting the needs of consumers and does so by offering intelligent, specific programs designed solutions for everyday life. Notify alone the diagnosis in case of drawbacks directly to the call center of the company via smartphone.

From outside: If you do not have enough space in your home to install your washing machine, you can place it outside as it can withstand the elements.

Inverter Direct Drive Motor: It has an extraordinary reliability it offers ten year guarantee.

Price: It can represent a high price tag if you are looking for a washing machine slim model simpler and less pretentious. However its A +++ energy class still allows considerable savings on your bill.

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8. Front Load Washer Bosch WLT24427IT 1200rpm 6.5kg A +++

The latest washing our list is a Bosch product free-standing with front loading capacity of 6.5 kg. Regarding the size we are truly to “slim limit of the concept” since we are talking about 59 x 44 x 84 centimeters, then top to what was seen previously. From the technological point of view, however, it turns out to be more than satisfactory thanks to some features such as the TurboPerfect option that allows to save up to 65% of time or even 50% by selecting EcoPerfect.

With the new EcoSilence Drive, inverter whose slim Bosch washing machine motor is equipped, you can have an extremely quiet and efficient device, perfect for all users who do not feel constantly the noise of running washing machine because they prefer to do the night washing save on electricity consumption.

An appliance that seems to have no weaknesses were it not for the price, slightly higher than the average, if you are still undecided about what to buy slim washing machine, the product Bosch might be for you.

Silent: Thank EcoSilence Drive, an inverter motor, the washing machine stands at low noise levels, ensuring silent washes even overnight.

ActiveWater: The automatic adjustment recognizes the load conditions and uses only the amount of water and electricity needed to help you save further.

VarioPerfect: With SpeedPerfect EcoPerfect or you can change the washing speed, reducing the time required up to 50%.

Size may not be for you if you have little space. The users in fact report that in addition to the basic value of 44 cm must also take into account the porthole that protrudes further two centimeters.

Buy on (€ 544.33)

9. Washing machine Haier HW60-1211N 6 KG Antibacterial

The Haier washing machine is offered at a very low price tag that is tempting to many. Of course it lends itself to be used less frequently, perhaps in the second home you use for the holidays. It is an optimal solution for those who have little space but do not want to spend much on buying extremely compact models.

In fact, the relationship between size and load capacity is average and does not reserve big surprises. You load pounds compared with a depth of just 45 cm. So perfect for families who live in small apartments and who can not take too much space to the daily needs.

It has a patented system that limits the proliferation of bacteria, especially in areas at risk. So the formation of mold and unpleasant black patina in the detergent drawer and in the rubber gasket is limited by the action of ABT treatment on exposed surfaces.

Competitive Price: Hard to find a more compact machine so, particularly as regards the final cost which it is proposed. The fact that it belongs to the class A +++ consumption makes it even more economical in the long term.

With self-cleaning system: The surfaces are treated with a special process that limits the formation of deposits of impurities and mold that usually affect the sensitive parts of the detergent drawer and the rubber gasket in the porthole.

Load capacity 6kg: Despite being a first price washing machine, the capacity of the basket does not disappoint and the number of programs is sufficient to meet the diverse needs of washing according to the degree of soiling and the type of fabric.

Noisy: The manufacturer claims 79 dB well being centrifuge that certainly does not settle in the best performance with regard to this delicate function.

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To understand how to choose a good slim washing machine you have to consider some important factors. First, it is good to understand what is precisely meant by “slim” washing machine. The term was created to differentiate these appliances from classical washing machines, usually more bulky but can handle greater loads.

What would be the advantage, therefore, in choosing the slim washing machine? Who has little room in the house and does not want to clutter up the whole laundry area and a bathroom with an over-bloated device will rely on these washers slightly more compact, designed for couples or people living alone. The cost of products sold on the market varies according to the main characteristics such as maximum load, the energy class, applied technologies and so on.

Starting with the load, we can say that a slim washing machine with a load of 5 kg is not meant to handle a large amount of clothes to be washed, so if you do not live alone you may find yourself making several weekly washings to be able to cope with the demands of the whole family, thus also increasing the cost of ownership. In this specific case should still buy a classic washing machine, can reduce the number of weekly washing to a minimum.

Slightly different matter when we talk instead of slim washing machines with a maximum load of 7 kg. If two kilograms may seem few, they are actually a lot more than enough for two people, often able to wash even winter clothing such as duvets, mattress covers and jackets of a certain thickness. As you can see, therefore, the choice of the load is extremely important and should not be taken lightly.

Electricity and water

The washing machines, as all appliances, have a specific energy absorption that is classified for years now in classes ranging from D to A +++. The lowest value, D, indicates a higher energy absorption while the A +++ value represents the best the market has to offer, with energy consumption, both electrical and water, very low.

Choose a washing machine that meets the energy class AAA may initially have a higher cost, however it is important to understand that the amount paid will be fully recovered by the energy savings that will result, with much less savory monthly bills. Generally it is better to invest in products of this type rather than thinking about the immediate savings that is negligible compared to the potential.

The modern washing machines use different types of devices that make it much more simple and immediate as well as comfortable use. These have led to tariff plans for energy consumption that require the use of appliances during the night in order to save as much as possible.

It is obvious, however, that a noisy washing machine can not possibly be used at night unless you want to infuriate all its neighbors or to stay awake until the completion of the wash. To reduce the noise of such devices are applied to different techniques, one among many is that of realizing the motor connected directly to the basket to reduce vibration when the washing machine is in operation.

Among the most sought after innovations there is also the smart connectivity. Like the TV, even the washing machines can be controlled and managed through their smartphone, all you have to do is download the relevant application – different for each manufacturer – and begin to control and activate the wash cycles according to your needs. These latter, however, are generally more expensive when compared to washing machines without any smart functionality, you will then consider your needs and understand whether it is an indispensable feature or less.

Generally, the most useful are the technologies that make it possible to further reduce power consumption with the eco-washes. However, in this case you should consider a larger investment that only intensive use could justify.

What does a washing machine slim?

For washing machine slim is meant a type of appliance with reduced dimensions compared to conventional devices intended to washing of the garments. In addition to size, however, also they have a reduced flow rate, with maximum loads ranging from 5 to 7 kg. These washing machines are usually taken into account by users who live alone or couples without children who do not therefore need to handle load intensive weekly washes. They also reveal very useful in case you have not much space in your apartment.

How heavy a slim washing machine?

The washing machines slim may have a variable weight that can go from a minimum of 50 to more than 60 kg, it is therefore not simple or comfortable washing machines to carry despite the name have included the words “slim”. Note that if you purchase one of these devices, we generally recommend ask the seller to deliver and install in order to avoid problems that could see you forced to transport the appliance into his house and provide for themselves in the assembly of the same.

The slim washing machines are quieter?

A slim washing machine is generally quieter than a traditional washing machine. It, however, there are models that are giving first priority to the comfort of use, paying particular attention to the noise level. The slim washing machines with engine connected to the basket are those that generate less vibration and therefore, consequently, they also offer a quieter, perfect use for all consumers who wash their clothes at night to save energy and avoid too salty electric bills.

The slim washing machines are smart?

With the advent of smart technology that now rages on all appliances it is almost obvious to ask whether the slim washing machines are able to connect to the smartphone and tablet via the use of specific applications. Most of the newer models can do that, of course the necessary exclusions.

Before buying, always check that the technical data sheet is clearly identified the connection possibilities via application or, failing that, via NFC – technology acronym which stands for Near Field Communication – that connects the smartphone by simply washing approaching the first relative to the icon on the appliance.

This connection may have different purposes, the most useful is of course the remote control to start the washing machine even while you are not in the immediate vicinity while the milder use is to record program times for the personal stats and understand what programs you use most, during which days of the week and more frequent schedule.

If you have chosen one of the best slim washing machines of 2020 we have introduced in our ranking, it might be time to figure out how to use it, so please carefully follow our guide who will help you understand how to position and use the most of your new washing machine.

The first step is just to figure out where to place it. Usually washing machines, either slim or classic, are placed in the bathroom or in the laundry area, more rarely in the kitchen for those who have few connections available in the other rooms. Fortunately slim washing machines ensure easy installation even in tight spaces thanks to their compact size.

Once the product is installed we recommend that you begin to read the instruction manual since each device is different, and although the steps to take to start a wash are basically always the same for all the washing machines, could change the programs and mode activation.

Taking into account the maximum load of the washing machine, and performing a proper separation of the garments according to the color and to the tissues, the basket loaded with all the heads that you are going to wash. If you enter trousers, jackets or clothing with pockets, remember to remove any object is inside.

The paper handkerchiefs that are often forgotten is chopped into the washing machine then making necessary a manual cleaning not only of the drum but also of freshly washed clothes while coins and keys may scratch and damage the internal components of the washing machine.

Once you completed the passage close the door and take a look at the control panel, usually located in the upper right corner of the washing machine. You can choose the type of washing by means of a button or a knob, for selecting washing delicate garments, colored, for mixed, synthetic fabrics, wool or even delicate washes in some cases for garments that have imprinted on the label of the request ” handwash”.

After choosing the program you must select the washing temperature. A low value, such as 30 degrees, is considered cold wash. This, in addition to consuming less energy, however, is even more bland and can only be given to leaders not overly dirty or stained.

Increasing the temperature to 40 degrees or above 60 will ensure a systematic stain removal and also a sanitizing best of clothing, however it is not recommended to wash too hot on garments such as jeans, which should be washed at 30 degrees or 40 if particularly dirty, thus avoiding that the fabric lose color during washing for the excessive heat. Now we have to start the process by pressing the “start” button, the display will show the remaining time and you have to do is wait for the end of the wash.

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These products are among the most recommended, but at the moment are not available

Hotpoint Ariston AQS73D29-78546 1200G 7KG A+++

Hotpoint Ariston is a brand that produces quality appliances, therefore could not miss in this list a brand washing machine. The energy class, as would be expected, is equal to A +++, to allow a considerable saving on energy consumption. From the point of view of design the washing machine manages to stand out with an imitation metal finish for the upper and the door that return a futuristic look.

Among the main features we find the Woolmark, or gentle action for washing wool garments approved by The Woolmark Company for use with all clothing that have the “hand wash” label, and anti-allergy program which thoroughly washed garments without damaging them, while removing most of the allergens that cause irritation to the skin.

The only drawback could be represented by the price that, despite everything, is consistent with what the product has to offer. To find out where to buy the slim Hotpoint Ariston washing machine you have to do is click the link below.

Design: The washing machine Hotpoint Ariston, before being an appliance is a design object, ideal for those with a certain care of the environment in which they live and want a product that reflects the style of the house.

Programs: With specific ones as Woolmark and Anti-Allergy, washing machine allows to achieve remarkable results in the wash wool garments also removing all allergens from clothing.

Energy Efficiency: You would not expect anything less than the class A +++, the one able to save more on your monthly energy bill.

Price: The washing machine can not be considered cheap, it has a price that could be defined in line with what the product has to offer, revealing a good choice for those looking for an efficient washing machine.

LG Washing Machine 6.5 Kg F2J6WN0W

The slim LG washing machine with a load capacity of 6.5 kg is a very compact product with a depth of about 33 centimeters, ideal to be positioned in confined spaces where there is very little space. Equipped with LG Inverter Direct Drive technology where the motor is connected directly to the drum, ensuring high performance and a consequent reduction of vibrations and noise, and then to use it even at night without the risk of waking up from too much noise.

Features also confirmed by users who have got to try it. Noteworthy is also the presence of the sleep mode, to stop washing and after only three seconds to open the door and add garments that you may have forgotten around the house.

Like most technology products, including the LG washing machine is equipped with NFC technology, so you can just bring the smartphone supported relative to the icon for downloading updated programs and customized according to your needs.

Silent: The motor Inverter Direct Drive, being directly connected to the basket, allows to reduce not only the vibrations but also the noise of the device in the washing step and centrifuge.

Pause & Add: Stopping temporarily washing with the appropriate button will open the door to add more clothing you might have forgotten. A comfort to be reckoned with and can reduce the number of weekly washes.

Energy Efficiency: Since this is a machine that is part of the A +++ class, the product LG is able to offer high performance without consuming too much electricity.

Smart: While it is for some an advantage, you still need to have a smartphone compatible with NFC technology to make the most of the washing machine.

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