Does Walmart Replace Brake Pads

Does Walmart Replace Brake Pads In 2022? (Do This Instead)

Does Walmart Replace Brake Pads In 2022? (Do This Instead)

Your brakes are starting to sound squeaky? Maybe your car has been sitting for too long and the brakes seem worn out.

  • If you are wondering if Walmart will replace brake pads at their Auto Service Centers, then this is the place for you. Here is what I discovered!
  • Walmart will replace brake pads by 2022

    As of 2022, Walmart Auto Service Center has stopped replacing brake pads in-store. Walmart has an in-store brake replacement service called Wrench Mobile Mechanic Service. It costs $160. Walmart has brake pads and tool kits available for the sedan as well 4X4 model.

  • For more information on how to change your brakes at Walmart or other locations, read the following!
  • Does Walmart Replace Brake Pads In 2022? (Do This Instead)

    Walmart has Brake Pads and Other Parts.

    While you won’t be able to get your brakes checked at Walmart Auto Centers, Walmart stores can help you find the right parts for you repair. Walmart sells brake pads and brake rotors in its stores.

    Please note, that purchasing your brake parts at Walmart can be difficult if you don’t have the necessary skills to repair them.

    If you’re up to the challenge, this video will walk you through it step by step.

    How can I get my brakes replaced?

    The following places can help you get your brakes serviced professionally if you don’t feel confident picking out parts and hiring a maintenance expert.

    The most popular places to get brakes serviced on a budget are Midas and Pep Boys. A dealership can still service your car, but they will also be happy to assist.

    Does Walmart Replace Brake Pads In 2022? (Do This Instead)

    Walmart: What Does Brake Parts Price?

    Prices of different brake parts vary widely depending on what brand they are. Generally, brake pads are sold in sets of 4 (you need 8 for the entire vehicle) and cost between $20-$30 at Walmart.

    Brake rotors can be purchased individually for between $20 and $80. Brakecalipers may also be sold separately and are available in a range of $40 to $120. allows you to search for exact brake parts that are available at the most current prices.

    How many hours are Walmarts Auto Centers open?

    Walmart’s Auto Centers functions as an independent building, which means that their hours of operation are different from regular store hours.

    While hours may vary by area, in general the Auto Service Center remains open Monday through Friday between 9:00 am and 9:00 pm. You can visit it from 9:00 to 7:00 on Saturdays. The hours of operation are 10:00 am to 6:00pm on Sundays.

    To find out the exact hours of your Walmart Auto Service Center before going to drive your car there, it’s best to contact them.

  • There are signs that your brakes may need attention
  • There are several signs you might need new brakes, or that you don’t have any. These signs include any grinding or squeaking noise while braking.

    Or if your foot goes all the way to the floor, or vibrates, on the pedal as you brake, this is also an indicator that your brakes need immediate attention. The brake pedal can sometimes feel “mushy”. This is another indicator that your brakes might not be functioning properly.

    The dashboard may have additional indicators. The dashboard may also have a “check brakes”, or “check fluid” warning indicator. It is important to get your brakes examined immediately.

  • Walmart unfortunately does not offer brake pad replacements. But they provide many automotive services, including car key copying, vehicle stereo installation and coolant flushes.
  • How Much Does It Cost To Get All 4 Brake Pads Replaced?

    How much will it cost to replace 4 brake pads? To replace all four brake pads, including parts and labor the cost ranges between $230 and $600 for all four wheels. This material ranges in quality, from inferior to superior.

    How Much Does a Complete Brake Job Cost?

    On average, you can spend between $300 and 800 on a full brake repair. It includes replacement of the caliper and pads. The cost of a full brake job will vary depending on how your vehicle was made.

    .Does Walmart Replace Brake Pads In 2022? (Do This Instead)