Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners

Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

Carpet cleaning is a complex job that requires special equipment like floor scrubbers or carpet cleaners. It’s better to rent these equipment at hardware stores for the once-off use.

  • Home Depot is one of the most popular U.S. hardware retailers. You may wonder if Home Depot could rent you a carpet cleaning machine? What I found through research about the matter is this:
  • How do I rent a cleaner for my carpet from Home Depot

    It is easiest to view all available carpet cleaners online before you rent one from Home Depot.

    Once the website has been opened, type your address in the upper left corner and you will be able to see the list of carpet cleaners near your home.

    You can then click on “check availability” and select the carpet cleaner of your choice to determine how many are currently in stock as well as the overall price.

    Alternatively, you may visit an eligible store and place your rental reservation at a time and date that suits you. You must bring proof of photo identification, such as your passport or state ID.

    Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

    What is the Average Cost of Carpet Cleaning Rentals at Home Depot?

    The carpet cleaner rental bill at Home Depot may vary depending on the machine you select, how long you require it, and your local area.

    To get an idea about the price we looked at the Rug Doctor’s online cost for a regular carpet clean.

  • $29 for 4 Hours
  • $32 per day
  • $128 per week
  • $284 per 4 weeks
  • Home Depot charges $50 for a security deposit. The credit card payment is not required.

    The Best Place to Collect a Rented Carpet Cleaner at Home Depot

    You may place a rental reservation from one of the 1,200 store locations participating in Home Depot’s rental program.

    Since large carpet cleaners are relatively hard to carry, Home Depot may deliver the machine straight to your home or cleaning site.

    The carpet cleaner may be brought along by you if you are able to transport it.

    It is possible to check if your carpet cleaner qualifies for direct delivery by looking at the section “How To Get It” on the product’s webpage.

    Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

    Are there late fees charged by Home Depot for carpet cleaner rental?

    Home Depot has a late charge for customers who bring their carpet cleaners back to them after the time agreed upon.

    The amount of the fee charged may change depending on when you return the carpet cleaner.

    You will be charged the normal rate for an extra 4 hours if your arrival is more than four hours late.

    Also, the exact same rule applies when you are less than 24 hours late.

    Are Home Depot Carpet Cleaners Compatible with Cleaning Products?

    Customers typically receive one bottle of carpet cleaner solution with their rental.

    You can also purchase solution and carpet shampoo if the rental includes no solution.

    Check the manual for your carpet cleaner to ensure that you are using safe cleaning solutions before you make your choice.

    Home Depot has solutions for 22-oz and 116-oz quantities, with prices starting at $8 to $30.

    Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

    Are You Considering Renting or Buying a Carpet Cleaner from Home Depot

    Experts recommend that your carpets be deep cleaned every 12-18 months with a professional carpet cleaning service.

    Because of the longer duration, renting a Home Depot Carpet Cleaner can result in significant savings.

    Home Depot sells low-maintenance carpet cleaning products for $133.89 to $1149.00, while industrial cleaners can be purchased at $1049 to $1,905.

    Since carpet cleaners can clean the carpets of a regular home within 20 minutes, you may prefer to pay $22-$30 for 4 hours of hire.

    Other than that, saving on additional home storage is another benefit of carpet cleaner rental.

    Carpet cleaners may be preferred by customers who have to clean carpets more often.

    Home Depot provides 6-monthly payment plans for customers who are willing to pay monthly on items that cost a lot, such as carpet cleaning products.

    Where Else Can I Rent Carpet Cleaners From?

    You might consider looking elsewhere if the Home Depot near you does not stock enough. The following retailers also offer carpet cleaners for rental:

  • Lowe’s
  • Bissell Rent
  • PetSmart
  • Giant Eagle
  • Find out more at our Related Page on Kroger renting carpet cleaners. Target rents them. Walmart rents.

  • Conclusion
  • Home Depot can provide carpet cleaning services for as little as 4 hours or as long as they are available. You will pay the initial rental price plus $50 for damage.

    You may have to pay late fees if you do not return your carpet cleaner within the time frame. Rental services can take place at over 1,200 stores or online.

    .Does Home Depot Rent Carpet Cleaners In 2022? (Prices, Types + More)

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