Home Depot Loss Prevention & Theft Policy 2024: No Chase Stance Revealed

Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)


Shoplifting is a prevalent issue in retail stores, and various measures are implemented by retail chains to combat and deter such incidents.

When it comes to shoplifting policies, Home Depot, the largest home improvement retailer in the United States, has established its own set of guidelines. In 2022, they introduced a policy that allows Home Depot security to detain shoplifters until law enforcement arrives. Additionally, starting from 2022, shoplifters will face criminal prosecution. Home Depot has implemented a robust security system comprising surveillance cameras and security guards to safeguard its assets.

If you’re interested in learning more about Home Depot’s loss prevention strategies, how they apprehend shoplifters, and what actions are taken, continue reading.

Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

Does Home Depot Have Loss Prevention?

Home Depot implements a range of effective measures to prevent stock loss and safeguard its inventory.

To ensure efficient loss prevention, the company has dedicated asset-protection experts who actively monitor the program and identify potential theft cases. These professionals effectively address shoplifting incidents as they arise.

Furthermore, Home Depot has recently experimented with a novel approach to loss prevention. They have introduced power tools that remain inoperable until activated at the register. This point-of-sale activation technique allows Home Depot to employ effective strategies against theft without disrupting the shopping experience for their valued customers.

Having successfully tested this innovative method, Home Depot plans to implement it across all of its stores in the near future.

Home Depot Watches Security Cameras

Home Depot is committed to combating retail crime through a range of effective loss-prevention methods. As part of this effort, shoplifters are constantly under surveillance via the company’s extensive network of security cameras, which can monitor checkouts, aisles, parking lots, and other key areas.

To further strengthen its commitment to loss prevention, Home Depot has invested $250 million in-store renovations. These upgrades aim to protect their 300,000 employees, reduce losses, and enhance the overall customer experience.

Home Depot also employs the services of Verint, a company that provides remote access to CCTV footage in their stores, allowing loss prevention managers to monitor potential theft and other incidents in real time.

By using surveillance cameras, Home Depot can provide crucial evidence to law enforcement to prosecute criminals. The company also employs various deterrents such as security boxes, spider wraps, and tags to protect its stock and inventory. These tags can be found on products and alert security staff if the product is stolen, thus providing an added layer of security for the store.

Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

Does Home Depot Have Facial Recognition?

Home Depot is committed to employing effective loss prevention techniques to combat stock losses, including the use of security cameras and various other measures. However, despite these efforts, Home Depot has made the decision not to use facial recognition as a form of loss prevention.

According to a report by Axios, Home Depot is a participant in Fight for the Future, a movement aimed at protecting people’s privacy. Despite the potential security benefits facial recognition could offer retailers, Home Depot has chosen to forgo this method of loss prevention in favor of protecting their customers’ privacy.

Does Home Depot Have Security Guards?

Home Depot demonstrates its dedication to loss prevention through a comprehensive range of tactics, including the deployment of security guards in its stores to effectively combat losses and ensure the safety of its assets.

Within Home Depot, a team of security officers known as Asset Protection specialists assume various responsibilities. These highly trained security guards actively monitor security cameras and collaborate closely with local law enforcement agencies.

While these security guards are authorized to track and observe shoplifters within the store, they do not possess the authority to make arrests, as clarified by Home Depot’s policy.

To prioritize the safety of its employees, Home Depot strictly prohibits its staff from making arrests of shoplifters. This measure is implemented to prevent any potential harm or danger to the employees.

Moreover, Home Depot maintains a clear employee policy, stating that any worker caught shoplifting will face termination as a consequence, ensuring the company’s commitment to maintaining a safe and lawful environment for both customers and employees.

Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

What is an Asset Protection Specialist at Home Depot?

Home Depot employs dedicated asset protection professionals who play a vital role in deterring shoplifting incidents.

These asset protection associates are equipped with the necessary skills to effectively identify shoplifting occurrences and carry out essential tasks such as reviewing security camera footage and ensuring the proper functioning of the Electronic Article Surveillance system.

While these specialists are part of the Home Depot team, they are instructed not to jeopardize their personal safety in the process of apprehending shoplifters, aligning with the company’s commitment to employee well-being.

To maintain accountability and ensure a safe working environment, Home Depot’s shoplifting policy mandates that asset protection specialists promptly report any potentially dangerous situations to their supervisor or manager.

Through the implementation of aggressive theft deterrents and the presence of vigilant asset protection professionals, Home Depot actively works to combat theft and uphold accountability in addressing such incidents.

Home Depot can prosecute shoplifters

Home Depot implements a policy of pressing charges against shoplifters who are caught within their stores.

Upon apprehension, Home Depot’s security team will detain shoplifters until the arrival of the authorities.

The severity of the criminal charges faced by shoplifters at Home Depot is determined by the value of the stolen goods.

In instances where the item’s value in Home Depot’s inventory is less than $100, it typically results in a second-level misdemeanor charge. However, if the stolen item exceeds $300 in value, it constitutes a felony charge for grand theft.

It is important to note that shoplifting at Home Depot is considered a criminal offense and can lead to prosecution in various states or locations, depending on the jurisdiction’s laws and regulations.

Home Depot Loses How Much to Shoplifting

Home Depot maintains confidentiality regarding the specific amount it incurs in losses due to shoplifting annually, as part of its asset protection strategy.

However, according to a report by CNBC, it has been estimated that Home Depot’s average annual cost associated with shoplifting and similar crimes amounts to approximately $81 million. This figure is derived from the company’s substantial earnings of $108 billion.

Implementing effective measures to prevent theft and shoplifting is a priority for Home Depot. By proactively addressing these issues, the company aims to mitigate losses and safeguard its assets, ultimately contributing to its overall financial success.

Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

What Are The Most Common Things Stolen From Home Depot?

Online data indicates that power tools rank among the most frequently stolen items from Home Depot.

The allure of power tools for shoplifters lies in their portability and potential resale value, making them an attractive target within Home Depot stores.

To counteract this issue, Home Depot actively collaborates with other retailers and pawnshops in an effort to identify and recover stolen merchandise.

Additionally, shoplifters at Home Depot often target smaller, pocket-sized products that are easily concealable.

Furthermore, shoplifters may specifically target packaged items containing security tags, as they can discard the packaging and abscond with the item unnoticed.

According to reports, some shoplifters at Home Depot participate in a scheme where they steal products and subsequently return them to the store for cash or in-store credit. Home Depot remains vigilant in detecting and addressing such fraudulent activities.

What happens when you steal from Home Depot

If you are caught stealing from Home Depot, it is likely that you will be prosecuted.

Home Depot will have video evidence and often testimonies from security guards that can and will be used against you.

Note that you will likely be given a criminal record for theft from Home Depot, as well as potential jail time.

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Home Depot’s No Chase Policy

Home Depot strictly upholds a No Chase Policy, as part of its loss prevention scheme, prioritizing the safety of its employees and customers above all else. According to Stephen Holmes, a representative from Home Depot’s Corporate Office, the company firmly believes that no merchandise or asset is worth jeopardizing lives.

As a result, Home Depot has implemented a strict policy against pursuing shoplifters in a manner that could potentially compromise safety. This includes refraining from engaging in chase scenarios that could pose risks to anyone involved. By adhering to this policy, Home Depot ensures the well-being of its personnel and maintains a secure environment within its stores.


Home Depot has a variety of strategies and tactics in place to prevent shoplifting and similar retail thefts from occurring within its stores.

Home Depot shoplifting can cause serious financial loss to the retailer, which is what it strives to stop.

Home Depot’s loss prevention strategy to combat shoplifters includes security guards, video cameras and security officers. Home Depot staff are advised not to chase shoplifters, in order to prevent injury and potential danger.

Home Depot tracks shoplifters

Home Depot will prosecute shoplifters who have been caught inside its stores. Home Depot security will hold shoplifters in its stores until the law enforcement arrives. After that, they are transferred to police custody. The value of any attempted thefts at Home Depot can affect the charges.

What is Home Depot Theft Policy and How Does It Work?

Home Depot has a specific theft policy in place to address instances of suspected stealing and ensure the safety of its customers and employees. When an individual is suspected of theft, Home Depot employees generally exercise caution by allowing them to leave the store before taking any action.

Once the individual has left the premises, Home Depot’s security personnel will intervene and detain them while the necessary legal procedures, such as making an arrest, are carried out. This approach prioritizes the well-being of everyone involved and maintains a secure environment within the store

What does Home Depot do with shoplifters?

Home Depot will prosecute shoplifters who have been caught inside its stores. Home Depot security will hold shoplifters in its stores until law enforcement arrives. After that, they are transferred to police custody. The value of any attempted thefts at Home Depot can affect the charges.


Home Depot Shoplifting Policy 2022 (Cameras, Security + More)

Security Measures Description
Security Cameras Monitor CCTV footage remotely
Security Guards Monitor security cameras, work with local law enforcement
Spider Wraps Deterrent sticker to alert security staff if item is stolen
Asset Protection Specialists Identify shoplifting incidents, review security cameras, ensure Electronic Article Surveillance works
Fight for the Future Involved in
Employee Policy Termination for shoplifting
Charges Criminal charges for shoplifting

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