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Ticktalk 4 Unlocked 4G Lte Kids Smart Watch Phone With Gps Tracker, Combines Video, Voice And Wi-Fi Calling, Messaging, 2X Cameras & Free Streaming Music

TickTalk 4 Unlocked 4G LTE Kids Smart Watch Phone with GPS Tracker, Combines Video, Voice and Wi-Fi Calling, Messaging, 2X Cameras & Free Streaming Music
The TickTalk 4 Unlocked 4G LTE Kids Smart Watch Phone with GPS Tracker, Combines Video, Voice and Wi-Fi Calling, Messaging, 2X Cameras & Free Streaming Music has been designed with safety in mind. The watch has accurate GPS location tracking, emergency SOS, and 20+ parental controls to keep your child safe and connected. Parents can also approve all watch contacts and block unknown numbers in our parental control app. The watch also has 2x 5-megapixel cameras with photo and video capabilities and Messaging Center with Secure Messaging. The Activity Tracker lets you set daily step goals to encourage a healthy lifestyle and the Reminders and Do Not Disturb Class Mode to help your child build better habits. The TickTalk 4 also offers free, unlimited streaming music powered by iHeartRadio Family.
  • Stay Connected With Video Calling Voice Calling Wi-Fi Calling Talk-To-Text And Preset Text Responses Voice Messages Photos Emojis And Gifs Your Child Never Runs Out Of Ways To Stay Connected With Their Favorite People.
  • Stay Safe With Accurate Gps Location Tracking Emergency Sos And 20+ Parental Controls Ticktalk 4 Is A Great Gift For Boys And Girls Between The Ages Of 5-12 Years Old. Parents Can Also Approve All Watch Contacts Block Unknown Numbers And More In Our Parental Control App.
  • Stay Expressive With 2X 5-Megapixel Cameras With Photo And Video Share Double The Selfies And Snapshots. Choose Between Individual And Group Messages And Chats To Send Talk-To-Text Messages Preset Responses Gifs Emojis And Voice Recordings In Our Secure Messaging Center.
  • Stay On Task Set Daily Step Goals With Our Activity Tracker To Encourage A Healthy Lifestyle. Keep Your Child Focused With Reminders And Do Not Disturb Class Mode To Build Better Habits At An Early Age.
  • Stay On Beat The First Kid’S Smartwatch Phone To Offer Free Unlimited Streaming Music Powered By Iheartradio Family. Access Thousands Of The Most Popular Kid-Friendly Songs Podcasts Stories At No Extra Cost. Only Available For U.S. Customers.

Introducing TickTalk 4, the perfect device for kids who want to stay connected with their loved ones. With video calling, voice calling, Wi-Fi calling, Talk-To-Text and preset text responses, voice messages, photos, emojis, and GIFs, your child never has to be without communication. And with accurate GPS location tracking, emergency SOS, and 20+ parental controls, you can be sure they’re always safe and sound.

Best Kids Phone Watch

best kids phone watch

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Verizon GizmoWatch 2: A reliable, affordable smartwatch suitable for children. You can use voice commands and limitless texting to make calls. Your child’s location is also tracked by the smartwatch.

TickTalk 4 Bigger and more durable, with a camera

The TickTalk 4 includes a camera for photos and video calls, and it allows for up to 50 contacts. It is sturdy, but it’s also large and heavy.

Amazon $190* Additional $10 discount with TickTalk Coupon $190

Best performing, most expensive

Apple Watch SE, the most flexible and easy-to use smartwatch we tried, is expensive and only available for iPhone users.

This product may be out of stock. Buy it from Apple

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I interviewed more than twelve parents to find out their views on cell phones and smartwatches. A few friends of mine, aged between 10 and 11, were also invited to give their opinion. Additionally, I interviewed representatives of several manufacturers and a technology analyst in order to understand the market. To see what’s available to the brick-and-mortar shopper, I visited my neighborhood AT&T, Verizon, Best Buy, and Target stores. Online reviews and blog posts as well as reports about basic and smartwatches for kids were all available.

My experience as a technology journalist has allowed me to report on the latest mobile trends at and San Francisco Chronicle. Wirecutter’s Guide to Best Apps to Manage a Kid’s Smartphone and Advice on Setting up Tablets for Kids is also my book. A parent of an 11 year old boy and her 13-year girl, I am able to help them pick a device that isn’t too distracting and allows them to be more independent.

best kids phone watch

These Smartwatches are Cheaper than a Phone for Kids

So you always know where they are, without being weird about it.

Many parents find it too much to consider strapping a child’s smartwatch on their wrist. After all, a typical kid needs less screen time, not more. Smartwatches that are best for kids allow you to remove or forgo devices previously considered essential, such as smartphones and tablets not related to school. A kids smartwatch for phones lets you reduce the clutter and static of childhood. It also provides digital training wheels as kids gain independence , make their own choices , and build confidence . You can quickly respond if something happens. If all that benefit is ushered in by a small piece of tech like a kids phone watch (and its military-grade GPS), then it’s a compromise many parents, including us, would make in a heartbeat.

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A dad interested in purchasing his child his or her first kids smart watch should rest assured, knowing that unlike smartphones , with their unfettered access to the internet and social media, data charges, and susceptibility to getting lost, wrist-mounted phone watches are more optimized for younger children, as they provide all the communication features while eschewing browsers and strapping directly to tiny bodies. You can also track your child’s location, call, text, and even have a list of preapproved contacts. Some models also come with an emergency button that you can press to give extra assurance. Granted, some do include activities, but when a child gets a taste for an iPhone or iPad, little else satisfies. Bonus: All smartwatches come at a lower price than smartphones. Also, upkeep is much easier with cheaper data plans. These watches have easy-to-use touchscreens, so that both adults and kids can stay connected. This is what the whole point of watches.

You can find the Vivofit Jr. III in many kid-themed cartoons like Marvel and Disney (shown here). The Vivofit Jr. III tracks your daily steps, sleep and other activities. Although the battery of this device is not as durable as its adult cousin, it can still be used year after year. Your child will no longer have to keep it on (or risk losing it). Rewards can be based on grades, chores or any other measure you select.

3 Activity Counter for Kids by fitbit

The Ace 3 offers parental control, an app designed for children, as well as accessories such as Minions themed options. This is the perfect coach to help kids get more exercise and still have fun. They can take care of their bumps without any problems thanks to its water and ding resistance. With up to eight days’ worth of juice, the won’t have to take it off.

The Contents

Watches for Kids with Smart Features You Must Pay Attention to

GPS Tracking

SOS Alerts Two-way Calling


Waterproof Technology Specs High-Quality Brands Gadgets Watches Below $50 SmartWatches With Camera Waterproof Watches Watch Roundup

Our comprehensive guide to the top smartphone watches and features that you need to consider when buying a watch for children has made it easier. It’s a common rite of passage to get a smartwatch for children in today’s digital age. Check out our 2021 reviews for the best GPS watches to purchase for your kids!

GPS Tracking

best kids phone watch

Gadgets of High Quality Manufacturers

Best: Find My Kids Smartwatches Overview – The FindMyKids product range offers both 2G or 4G compatible smartwatches. It also includes a variety of premium and basic features. Every FindMyKids smartwatch is simple and sophisticated, and entertains kids while providing parents with peace of mind.

These waterproof watches offer features like SOS, video, geofencing, vital signs measurement and geofencing depending on the model. Each purchase includes a family license plan that allows for seamless integration with FindMyKids, meaning parents can keep full control over their child.

FindMyKids has the highest battery life of any smartphone watch on our list, reaching 680 mAh in some cases.

Alters 3-12 Years



longest-lasting battery;


MeritSoar Kids’ Smart Watch For Boys and Girls is very similar to an adult smartwatch. It can take photographs and has games. The GPS tracker can help you locate your child and make it a phone.

Toys that make it fun for role play are the perfect toys for your child if they’re interested in technologically advanced toys.

Funntech Smart Watch for Kids stands apart with its unique style and high performance. It is possible to install a 2G GSM SIM and make phone calls using it. It can also receive and send short messages – seven of which come prewritten. The Phone Watch Mode is very popular with parents. However, Funntech can still be used without a SIM card or the SmartPhone Companion Mode.

Funntech Smart Watch has a pedometer that counts steps and tracks the level of activity for your child. It has a calculator, a sleep monitor for tracking sleep quality, an alarm clock, and a sedentary reminder. Your older child can also have access to Facebook, Twitter and a web browser, which will allow them to conduct research on homework or other school-related projects. The touchscreen’s 1.54-inch touch screen makes it easy to load these apps.

Funntech Smart Watch is tough because of the silicone thick used to create its faces and waterproof clasps. You will find it soft, comfortable, and not irritating.

54-inch touchscreen

Multiple applications

best kids phone watch


The YENISEY Kids Smartwatch, a smart watch that is perfect for young children who enjoy technology, can be worn as a starting watch. It comes preloaded with fun games and an easy-to-use camera. The perfect gift for someone who is looking for something affordable.

The Kids Music Game Smart Watch will allow you to keep track of time and take, store, and make calls. You can use the camera to take photos or videos, and it also has an adjustable silicone strap. This makes it easy for everyone. To store your videos and photos, you can use a 1GB microSD card.

Is your child a music lover? Kids Music Game Smart Watch comes with a music player. It’s easy to get started by simply loading music from a Micro SD card. Then, you can play the songs using the music app that is available via your touch display.

The digital clock of this watch is accurate and easy to read, which makes it ideal for school. You can set 24/12 hour clock modes or set the alarm to help your child get an early start on those school mornings. Its fun games with play time limits of 15/30/60/90 minutes and its comfy design are two other notable features. The entire day it is worn, there are no irritations.

Fun puzzle games

Comfortable design

High definition cam

Best Kids Smartwatch With Long Battery Life: Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3

Shop Now Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3 isn’t just your average fitness tracker. You can use it as a social studies/P.E. tool. It’s a class-mixed experience right at your child’s fingertips. After they complete their daily activities, the kids will be able to unlock new games and activities. These can help teach the children about the world around them as well as allow them to go on exciting adventures all over the globe. My son loved the ability to visit famous locations and was captivated by the Egyptian pyramids.

Vivofit gives parents the ability to send reminders via their smartphone for chores, and other tasks. Although my son wasn’t thrilled when I looked down at him to see that it was time for the dishwasher to be unloaded, I was able to remind him that there was still work ahead.

Technical Specifications: This battery is? It will last for at least one year. Yes. Yes. One year. There’s no misplacing chargers or tangles. You never run out of juice. Vivofit Jr. 3 has a removable battery. It works just like all watches in the universe. This activity tracker does not have messaging capability and connects to the parent’s phone (Andriod or iOS) via Bluetooth.

7 out of 7 Image Credits by Walmart

best kids phone watch

1. Xplora Go

The reason we love it: This waterproof, pleasant-looking watch has a camera and includes a stopwatch, a pedometer as well as an alarm clock, a timer, and an alarm clock. It can make and send calls straight from the watch, which really makes it stand out.

That should be of interest to the parent who doesn’t want their child to have a mobile, but who does feel the need to be able to stay in touch. The watch’s contacts can be managed from an adult’s smartphone’s app. Tamantha will not have to constantly remind one parent to give grandma her number. You can add contacts, but you won’t allow them to be added to anyone that you aren’t comfortable with.

The call quality is actually really good; the watch has a crystal clear microphone and speaker. There isn’t a headset port so you can’t have private conversations. However, this may be the right thing depending on how your view of things.

Parental controls are not limited to this. You can also set school hours from the smartphone app. The watch only displays the time, but you can make emergency calls.

The watch also features an encrypted GPS tracker that updates constantly with your child’s location. If they’re in danger, they can hold the button on the watch down for a few seconds and you’ll get an SOS alert. Trust me when I say you won’t fail to notice. Your phone light up, volume turns full blast and sirens sound. It is possible to set safety zones, which can include a distance of 500m from the school. You will get an alert if your child departs from one of the safety zones.

Sony collaborated with children to make it possible for them to connect the XPLORA GO to their PlayStation. They can also win rewards within-game when they achieve fitness goals.

I criticised the previous model, the XPLORA 3S for a weak battery life of only 36 hours, suggesting that children might forget to charge it. The GO was comfortable for almost a week and did not need to be recharged, which is clearly an investment by XPLORA.

Here are some things to look for in a smartwatch for kids

Smartwatches that track kids’ schedules will have GPS as the top deciding factor. Verizon Gizmosos, which are true smartwatches, act like cell phones. They allow parents to see a live map of their children’s locations and can text or phone them. Wearables focused more on fitness tracking (like the Fitbit Ace 2) may skip location services altogether, as well as the option for any two-way communication. You don’t want to mess with any app. There are smartwatches available that can run on their own without the need for an app.

While watches that are focused on activity may have some benefits, they do offer their own advantages. Parent who are concerned about how much screen time their kids spend will love the fact that smart trackers can not only be less mobile-based than a phone, but they also encourage them to get moving. Kids can check their step count for the day or get a reminder to stand up for a few minutes, but the most fun part is easily the on-screen celebration when a daily activity or sleep goal is met. The settings can be adjusted in the parental app. But, allowing kids to choose their alarms and their activities rules is a way for them to be responsible.

A smartwatch might be replacing the need for a whole phone or tablet, but that doesn’t mean entertainment is completely off the table. Watches geared to younger children might include games like math and numbers puzzles and augmented reality mysteries. Some models also have funny filter options and cameras. The resolution of this small screen is amazing and will keep children busy at the counter, waiting in the room or inside the car.

It will help things to go more smoothly when you have your child on board. Even if you end up choosing a GPS watch or watch that tracks your location, sharing this information with them can encourage mutual respect.

The best smartwatches to buy for children in 2021 are

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2

.Best Kids Phone Watch