What Is Code 3 At Lowe’S + Other Intercom Meanings

What Is Code 3 At Lowe’S + Other Intercom Meanings (Guide)

Lowe’s uses the same codes as other retail outlets and announces them to employees through an intercom. They can also be confusing for customers.

  • You may have wondered what the codes meant if you’ve heard them say ‘Code 3’ and ‘Code 50’ at Lowe’s. I was curious too, so here’s what I found out in my research!
  • What Is Code 3 At Lowe's + Other Intercom Meanings (Guide)

    What Does Code 3 Mean At Lowe’s In 2022?

    Lowe’s can tell you when you’re there that an area requires more staff. Lowe’s uses Code 3 often by employees when three or more people are waiting to cash in at the cash registers. The store also needs more cashiers.

  • If you hear Code 3, don’t be worried. It doesn’t mean that there is an emergency. However, if you have more questions about the codes at Lowe’s, keep reading!
  • What’s code 50 at Lowe’s?

    Code 50, another commonly heard code over Lowe’s’ intercom is also available.

    The loading area should be notified if you hear code 50. Any employees that aren’t helping customers or the loading dock area must notify them.

    However, Lowe’s uses Code 50 to load large deliveries when there isn’t enough staff available at the loading docks to quickly unload them.

    What Is Code 3 At Lowe's + Other Intercom Meanings (Guide)

    What is Code 75 at Lowe’s?

    Lowe’s stores use Code 75 for more people to park in the lot and put their carts away. Like Code 3 and Code 50, this code is for all employees not busy helping a customer.

    What’s code 99 at Lowe’s exactly?

    Code 99 is another Lowe’s code, which can be used to assist customers in need in Lowe’s stores.

    You must, however, wait for additional instructions if you are a customer or employee and you receive this code from the overhead.

    What Is Code 3 At Lowe's + Other Intercom Meanings (Guide)

    What Intercom Codes Does Every Lowe’s Store Use?

    Lowe’s’s official intercom codes only are Code 3 or Code 50. These are also the only codes in Lowe’s intercom systems.

    Additionally, other intercom codes can differ between stores and districts, but you can find more common codes in many Lowe’s locations, such as Code 75 and 99.

    Lowe’s Stores have the same Intercom Codes that other stores

    No, every company will have its own intercom codes. There may be common themes, but codes for Lowe’s and Walmart will be completely different.

    The only universal code for intercom is Code Adam, which can be used to locate a missing child in the shop.

    That said, this isn’t only universal to every Lowe’s store, but many stores and malls across America.

    What Is Code 3 At Lowe's + Other Intercom Meanings (Guide)

    Lowe’s What is ‘Code Adam’?

    Lowe’s stores will, as with many others, announce Code Adam over the intercom. This is to let customers know that a child went missing.

    Once that is done, “Code Adam”, the child’s description will probably be used to launch a search.

    Workers who hear Code Adam should immediately quit their job and assist in finding the missing child. Designated employees are responsible for monitoring the entrances and exits to the store.

    Lowe’s can then call the police if staff cannot locate the child within ten mins.

    Also, it’s not just for Lowe’s. This code originated at Walmart.

    Many departmental stores, grocery stores, supermarkets, and amusement park stores have been using the code since it was first introduced.

    Is Lowe’s’ Intercom code for shoplifters the right one?

    For security reasons, Lowe’s employees are not allowed to disclose what sensitive codes are used for, including the code for shoplifting or potential shoplifting.

    That said, the shoplifting intercom code is confidential in most stores.

    It’s also more common for employees and others to talk about shoplifters via radios so that they don’t notify the suspect.

    Lowe’s employees cannot pursue shoplifters.

    They instead take the description of each suspect along with their license plates (if they are possible) in order to make a case.

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  • Conclusion
  • Lowe’s overhead is home to Code 3. It’s one of the most frequently heard codes. This code indicates that there are more workers needed in an area other than the cash registers.

    Other codes may differ among Lowe’s locations and regions. However, “Code 3”, which isn’t an emergency signal, can be relied upon.

    What is code 3?

    Code 3 should be used when there’s a missing kid.

    What’s a code blue at Lowe’S?

    Merchandising Service Team (MST), those blue shirts represent Lowe’s Associates serving customers in a completely different manner. MST associates’ main responsibility is to maintain the visual appearance of the store.

    .What Is Code 3 At Lowe’S + Other Intercom Meanings (Guide)