Does Costco Have A One Day Pass

Does Costco Have A One Day Pass In 2022? (Try This Instead)

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Costco is one of America’s most cost-effective retail chains. This is due to the fact that Costco members can only shop in its warehouse locations at a modest annual fee.

  • If you’re looking to buy a few things in bulk at Costco, but aren’t willing to spend the entire membership fee you might be curious if Costco has a one-day pass. Here is what I’ve found out about this!
  • Costco membership not required.

    Costco offers a variety of ways that you can shop at Costco, even though they do not offer an official one day pass.

    This route will enable you to shop at or warehouse locations, and also fill your vehicle with gasoline from Costco gas stations.

  • 1) Buy From
  • Shopping online at is the most direct way for non-members to access exclusive items, but there are a few restrictions that you must keep in mind:

    Non-members are required to pay an additional 5.5% surcharge on each item purchased in the cart. Prescription drugs will not be exempted.

    Costco Warehouses stocks many products that are popular, but you can not order them online.

    Costco’s famed discounts cannot be applied to non-members. They are available only for members.

  • 2) Use A Costco Shop Card
  • Costco shop card can be loaded in quantities up to $2,000 per day to allow you to purchase products from the store.

    These can only be purchased by members but can be used by anyone in-store or on

    To acquire a Costco shop card, consider asking a family member or friend who is a Costco member to purchase one with your money.

    A third option to buying one is from Amazon or eBay. The card will not allow access to Costco warehouses, however, so be aware that it might not have sufficient funds.

    Costco Wholesale allows nonmembers to use a loaded shopping card in America, Canada, Puerto Rico and online at

    You can purchase Kirkland Signature fuel at any Costco station by using these shop card.

    It is important to note that your card has no expiry date. However, you may ask any member for a reload whenever you are running out of funds.

    A membership will allow you to access amazing discount offers year round, even if your monthly bill is high.

  • Costco: Return a Gift
  • Visitors receive a temporary membership when they return a gift purchased by a Costco member, with the value of the item refunded to a Costco shop card that can be used right away.

    In order to get a return on a gift you need the original receipt, dated within a specified time frame and information about the gift giving party.

  • 4) Refund An Existing Membership
  • Costco offers a risk-free, 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can cancel your regular membership at any point and get all of the fees refunded.

    You can use this technique to give yourself a quick trial so you know if Costco is right for you. If Costco offers you discounts, keep your membership in place.

  • You can get a screening for your health
  • Costco opens its doors to non-members who wish to receive a health screening for several concerns such as cardiac assessment, diabetes, and osteoporosis.

    Select Costco stores also permit non-members access to Costco’s pharmacy.

    All health screenings available at no charge and are offered in most warehouse locations. (Use the online store locater to find Costco near you).

    Online, you can find out if any appointments are available in your vicinity or contact the store to inquire.

  • Costco Membership Members – Shop for Your Products
  • Costco is also available to members who shop with them.

    Any Costco membership card holder can allow up to 2 adults to use the facility. But, Costco members cannot make any purchases.

    If you do plan to make a purchase, you might consider giving your member the amount of cash you will likely spend ahead.

  • 7) Alcohol Is Available For Non-Members
  • Costco has to be able to sell alcohol in certain states by law.

    Costco can sell alcohol to anyone who lives in any of these states.

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Hawaii
  • Indiana
  • Kentucky
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • Minnesota
  • New York
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • Does Costco Have A One Day Pass In 2022? (Try This Instead)

    How Much Does A Costco Membership Cost?

    Costco offers three different membership options to fit the needs of different shoppers.

    The Executive Membership is available for an annual fee of $120 and consists of a free household card for every worldwide location.

    Additionally, this membership offers a 2% reward for select Costco purchases each year, as well as additional savings and travel deals.

    For $60 per annum, Business Members receive a Household Card valid at Costco worldwide locations. They also get the possibility to purchase goods from resale.

    This membership also includes the option to include affiliate cardholders at $60 per person.

    You can purchase the $60 Gold Star membership to get basic benefits like the card and access into all Costco locations worldwide.

    You can find out more information about Costco shopping by visiting our posts related to the best times to shop and whether Costco membership automatically renews.

  • Conclusion
  • Costco has no locations that offer a one day pass. A 5% surcharge applies to all online purchases made by non-members. Costco cards are valid for entry into any Costco retail location. To purchase alcohol in some states, however, you don’t have to join a Costco membership.

    .Does Costco Have A One Day Pass In 2022? (Try This Instead)