Fridays Possessive

Fridays Possessive

Fridays Possessive

Understanding Fridays, Friday’s, and Fridays’: A Guide to Using the Correct Possessive Form

When it comes to days of the week, understanding how to use the possessive form can be a bit confusing. Particularly with “Friday,” it’s important to know when to use “Fridays,” “Friday’s,” or “Fridays’.” This guide will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of these forms so you can use them correctly in your writing.

What is the Possessive Form?

Fridays Possessive

Before we dive into the specifics of “Friday,” it’s helpful to have a clear understanding of what a possessive form is. In English, the possessive form is used to indicate ownership or a close relationship. This is typically done by adding an apostrophe and an “s” to the noun that is “possessing” something else.

When to Use “Friday’s”

Single Occurrence or Ownership

Use “Friday’s” when referring to a single Friday or something that belongs to or is associated with a specific Friday.

Fridays Possessive


  • Friday’s Meeting: Refers to the meeting that will occur on a specific Friday.
  • Friday’s Schedule: Indicates the schedule that is set for a particular Friday.


“Friday’s” can also be used as a contraction for “Friday is” or “Friday has.”

Fridays Possessive


  • Friday’s been wonderful so far: Here, “Friday’s” stands for “Friday has.”

Fridays Possessive

When to Use “Fridays”

Plural Form for Recurring Events

“Fridays” is the plural form of “Friday,” used when talking about more than one Friday or when referring to recurring events that happen on Fridays.

Fridays Possessive


  • Classes on Fridays: Talks about classes that recur every Friday.
  • Store hours on Fridays: Lists the hours a store is open each Friday.

When to Use “Fridays'”

Plural Possessive Form

“Fridays'” is the plural possessive form and is used far less often. This denotes something related to multiple Fridays.

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  • End-of-Sale as of Fridays’ numbers: Talks about sales figures from several Fridays.
  • The deadlines for the project were on the Fridays’ dates: Here, “on the Fridays’ dates” suggests specific dates that were all Fridays.

Usage Tips and Best Practices

  1. Do not use apostrophes to make weekdays plural. “Mondays,” “Tuesdays,” and so forth are correct, while “Monday’s,” “Tuesday’s,” etc., are incorrect unless showing possession.

  2. When in doubt, rephrase the sentence. If you’re unsure of the possessive form, try rephrasing the sentence to avoid it.

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Example Table for Quick Reference

Form When to Use Example
Friday’s Singular possessive or contraction Friday’s event is canceled.
Fridays Plural, multiple or recurring Fridays I work late on Fridays.
Fridays’ Plural possessive, rare usage Fridays’ profits were up.

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Now you’re equipped with the knowledge to use “Fridays,” “Friday’s,” and “Fridays'” correctly in your writing. Remember, “Friday’s” indicates possession or a contraction for a single Friday, “Fridays” is for the plural or recurring events, and “Fridays'” is for the plural possessive form. With this guide, you can confidently maneuver through the intricacies of these possessive forms.

Incorporate these guidelines into your writing to improve your grammar and enhance the clarity of your communication. Whether you’re drafting an email, composing a story, or crafting an essay, using the correct form of “Friday” is crucial for successful written communication.

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