Best Window Fan for Cooling

best window fan

Best Window Fan for Cooling

Feature Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan (White)

Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window…

Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan (White)

Feature Optimus F-5280 7-Inch Twin 2-Speed Window Fan

Optimus F-5280 7-Inch Twin…

Optimus F-5280 7-Inch Twin 2-Speed Window Fan

Feature Bionaire BWF0522E-BU Thin Window Fan with Comfort Control Thermostat

Bionaire BWF0522E-BU Thin…

Bionaire BWF0522E-BU Thin Window Fan with Comfort Control Thermostat

What is a Window Fan?

An electrical window fan is a fan that’s designed that one may be set in the frame of a window. They can either act as regular fans for ventilating cool air into a room or as an exhaust fan then suck out hot air from a room. It’s a preferred ventilating item at home because the operating cost’s way cheaper than maintaining a central air conditioning system.

Most window fan fit into window frames: still other window fan have expandable panels then cover entire window openings. It’s a must for window fan for covering the entire space of the window in order for maximizing the cooling effect of the window fan. Otherwise, if the window fan’s upon be mounted on a wall, the wall cavity should be very exact in order for accommodating the size of the window fan.


Types of Window Fans

Most window fan have one large fan but there are others which have two fans mounted side-by-side. They have either of 2 or 3 speeds and some models are electrically reversible so the same unit can be used either for intake or exhaust.

Newer models of window fan have built-in thermostats. With a thermostat, you’ll have also set the temperature range you want for the window fan then automatically shut-off. Based on your selected temperature range, if the ambient air near the window fan falls within the temperature range you selected, then the window fan will shut-off.


How to Choose the Best Window Fan

With the varied designs and brands available, it could be quite hard determining which window fan would work best for your needs. So we listed here the things that you’ll be needing keeping in mind when choosing your window fan.

  • Air Rotator

Fan blades suck out the air from a room horizontally. Air rotators (as opposed from a fixed fan cover) help direct the sucking function of the air blades from almost all areas of the room, helping the room cool easier.

  • Room Area

Before you pick a specific type of window fan, consider first the area you would want thus getting cooled. If it’s a big space with no walls, then consider buying a full-house window fan. Otherwise, for a house with smaller rooms, you might want considering smaller window-fans installed on the rooms where you want cool air circulating.

  • Durability

Window fan is supposed must be working for long periods of time so you would not want your window fan conking on you after just a short time. Therefore, you would want choosing a trusted brand who uses quality materials so you’ll have longer use for your window fan.

  • Safety Features

It would be best if your window fan has a cover in front for keeping from having your hands injured when the window fan is in use. It will also be good having horizontal blades at the back of your window fan so you can shut-close when the fan is not in use for protecting your fan motor from getting wet.

  • Exact Mounting

Make sure your window fan fits exactly on the size of your window for maximize window fan use. Otherwise, the ability of your window fan sucking out hot air (in case of an exhaust) or pull in cold air (in case of a regular window fan) will be compromised.

  • Blade Material

Again, since you would expect your window fan operating for extended periods of time, material parts of the fan heats up fast should be checked. Nowadays, most blade fans are made of plastic. So choose one that’s made of sturdy, high grade plastic. There are window fans that are quiet, convenient, and with reversible airflow.

Having discussed in detail what you have to take note of when choosing the best window fan, let us take a look at 5 of the top window fan models available in the market.


Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan (White)

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Our first best window fan, the Holmes window fan has 2 fans mounted side-by-side and would work best for large rooms. This top best window fan will fit windows 10 inches wide and 36 inches high and may be installed on double hung or slider windows. The Holmes window fan has adjustable panels at the side so you will not have worrying if the window’s wide. It has two speed-settings and may be manually reversed to control air flow (intake or exhaust). It has 6-inch plastic blades so you would not have to worry about noise when the fans are in use. This window fan has water resistant motors so you will not have to worry about motors getting wet when it rains. Also, the slim design enables you install a screen so you can keep insects from coming into the house.

Pros: The noise-free operation of this top window fans, Holmes twin-blade window fan makes it ideal for use in living rooms and bedrooms. The expandable panel also eliminates extra work of installation as the panel can be adjusted for fitting large windows. In addition, it uses 60% less energy cooling and standard room as opposed from using air conditioning. The Holmes fan motor does not get hot even with extended use.

Cons: There’s no automatic button for reverse fan air movement. You must take out the fan and reverse its setting on the window for it working as an exhaust. Maximum panel adjustment’s 31 inches so if you have a wider window, this is not advisable. A number of those who purchased the Holmes fan also reported the fan just stopped working after a few months’ use. You can return the unit but they charge you 10 dollars for the return. The Holmes fan does not have instructions for maintenance.


Optimus F-5280 7-Inch Twin 2-Speed Window Fan

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This is another double fan window fan. The fans run on 2 speeds (high and low). The fan can act as an air cooler or an exhaust (although you would have it manually take out and reverse the fan setting). The fan has controls on either side. It has a 66-inch cord so you will not have to worry about having it set high on your window. Fan motor is water resistant so no need worrying about it getting drenched in the rain. The fan has built in extenders on both sides and feet for free standing.

Pros: The fan has accordion panels on both sides that can extend upon 6.5 inches on each side. This window fan also has feet to make it stand on its own (a bit weird though because it’s supposed to be installed on a window). This fan has 7-inch blades which can move air better than the smaller blades.

Cons: Most of those who purchased this window fan complained of the noise that this fan produces. Also, even with the screens, there have been reports of insects entering the house. There’s also the issue of having taking out the fan if you want it operating in the reverse (as an exhaust). The fan is also bulky which makes it hard firmly fix it on the windows. The fan also does not blow in air that much even if set at high speeds.


Bionaire BWF0522E-BU Thin Window Fan with Comfort Control Thermostat

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The Bionaire twin window fan is a slim, 6-inch triple blade fan (27 x 4.5 x 9 in). You have to manually reverse the Bionaire window fan if you want to have the fan suck out hot air from the room (exhaust). Both sides have LED controls. The Bionaire Window Fan has 3-speed settings. The Bionaire window fan has a manual thermostat that you can set so the window fan will automatically shut-off when the ambient air in the room reaches your set temperature range. This window fan has built-in adjustable extenders thus firmly secure the fan on the window frames (33.7 – 35.7 inches). The Bionaire fan is covered by a 5-year limited warranty.

Pros: The extender panel has a lock-in feature thus securing the window fan firmly. Each of the fans has a separate control so you may choose between operating from 1 – 3 fans. The fans have great velocity so the room gets cooled in just a few minutes.

Cons: A number of purchasers have reported the window fan just stop moving. The Bionaire fan motor’s also not water-proof so make sure it doesn’t get wet on rainy days. The 3 settings are a bit confusing because what happens’ the low setting has only the center fan working, the medium-the left and right fans, and the high setting-all three fans.


Holmes HAWF2043 Dual Blade Twin Window fan with One Touch Thermostat

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The Holmes Window Fan has two 8.5-inch blades and runs at two speeds. The window fan has electronically reversible motors allowing for air intake, exhaust or air exchange. This best window fan has extenders for enabling a custom fit and designed to fit most double hung and slider windows. Unlike other window fans where double bladed fans can only do one thing at a time (either exhaust or air intake), each of the two fans in this window fan model can be set independently where one fan can take in cool air and the other can take out hot air from the room. The fan has a thermostat turning the fan off to maintain a selected temperature.

Pros: The Holmes Dual  Blade Window Fan has 8.5-inch blades and this makes it a more powerful fan as the blades can move more air. These best window fans operates very quietly though so it would not be a bother even if you have this installed in your bedroom. Also, this fan is electronically reversible operation makes for easier cooling of the room without having to pull out the window fan in case you want to do exhaust. Each of the fans can operate separately so you can do air intake and exhaust at the same time. The window fan motor’s water resistant so you do not have to worry about the rain. For bigger windows, there are extenders that you can buy so you need not put wood to seal-off the extra window cavity. The fan is covered by a 3-year warranty.

Cons: The Holmes Window Fan does not come with a remote control so it would be quite a bother if you have to install the window fan at higher places. Also, cleaning the fan could be quite a task as you have to unscrew 9 bolts at the back. Most purchasers find the extender clips very frail and most have reported breaking the extender clips when trying to clean the fan.


Holmes HAWF2041-N Twin Window Fan with Comfort Control Thermostat

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This 9-inch twin blade fan can run independently so you can move warm air out of the room and simultaneously pull cold air from outside. It runs on 3 speeds and is equipped with a water-proof motor so you will not have to worry about rainy days. It has a built in thermostat that automatically shuts off the fan as soon as your desired room temperature range’s achieved. It can be installed on either double hung or sliding windows and has extenders so you can fit in the fan even on wide windows.

Pros: This window fan operates very quietly so you can have this installed even in your bedroom. It can run for hours on end and you will not have problems on it conking out on you. The thermostat allows you further pre-set a desired temperature range so you need not turn off the fans when the desired temperature range’s reached. The motor’s also encased so you need not worry about the rains getting it wet.

Cons: The extenders of this window fan are not as sturdy and would more often break when the window fan is dismantled for cleaning. The control doesn’t indicate temperature but only dots, either increases or decreases the thermostat temperature so you would not know at what temperature you are setting the thermostat.


Bionaire BW2300-N Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan with Remote Control

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Another good window fan is the Bionaire Twin Blade’s Electrically Reversible Airflow where the two fans can be operated electronically (and independently). This fan has 3 speeds. The Bionaire Twin Blade’s Electrically Reversible Airflow has a digital LED remote control allowing for easier operation. It has built in adjustable extenders allowing easy installation for windows as wide as 37 inches. The fan carries a 5-year warranty on defects.

Pros: The Bionaire Twin Window Fan has twin electronically reversible airflow fans operating independently so you need not bother about taking out the fans and turning it over exhaust. It also has an LED remote control enabling you for operating the fan from afar without much hassle. Its 9-inch blades enable the fans move in more air so it can cool the room faster. It also allows for more options on speeds (3 speeds-low, medium, and high) unlike most window fans which have only 2 speeds.

Cons: The holes in the window fan when it’s turned off enables insects coming in through the holes. Also, for those who would want really cool temperatures, it might be better taking the thermostat off as the lowest temperature range which can be set’s not cool enough for most people who like the cold.

What then is the Best Window Fan?

With the review of the 6 best window fans which are most often used in the market, we can see the Bionaire BW2300-N Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan with Remote Control’s the best.

Those who have bought the window fan attested its durability even for prolonged use. Its ability to be reversed electronically (intake or exhaust) makes it easy to operate. Furthermore, this are the 9-inch blades, the comfort thermostat (allowing you to set the desired temperature range for your room which not only takes the hassle of manually turning off the window fan but also makes you save on electric bills), the 3 speeds, and the LED remote control.

Even if this window fan has the highest price among the 6, you’re assured the fact you’re getting your money’s worth, and not be left with a window fan which will not meet your requirements.