2024 Guide: Understanding the USPS Pre-Hire List Meaning & Hiring Process

Usps Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

USPS hires only those who are qualified.

USPS Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

You may have filled out an application. If you do, your application might say “Pre-hirelist” or something like that. Have you wondered if it means that you’re almost hired.

So, what is the USPS pre-hire list? Here’s the information you want.

How Does The USPS’ Pre-Hire List Work In 2022

The United States Postal Service’s Pre-hirelist is an initial stage in the hiring process. It occurs after applicants have completed their postal exam and submitted their application. These applicants, who have been deemed a suitable fit for the job on paper, are invited in to meet further.

  • The pre-hire procedure is not just about how long it will take, but also the steps involved in USPS’ hiring process. You can find out when USPS will be able to give you an update on your job status. Keep reading to learn all there is to know!
  • USPS Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

    What Is The USPS Pre Hire Process?

    First, fill out an Application and Take Postal Exam 473 to begin the process of hiring with United States Postal Service.

    Although the test is more complicated than people realize, it filters out potential candidates. However, those left standing start the pre-hire process.

    Pre-hires can look professional on paper. The test scores of the applicants were acceptable and resumes matched USPS requirements.

    USPS now wants to know if reality mirrors what applicants portray.

    TrackingAdvice.com suggests that USPS may take several weeks to notify you of your pre-hire status.

  • It might take a while before your branch can get the help it needs.
  • You will be invited to an interview, screen and test by a hiring rep.
  • If your meetings went well and you passed the tests, then you may be invited to attend the pre-employment orientation.

    This gives you a look at the area you would be working. You also have an opportunity to touch some of the equipment.

    This is right! You can work in the orientation.

    This is because hiring personnel want to know if your skills match what you said.

    Are you a mathematician? You can lift 50 lbs. Do you have the strength to lift 50lbs? That’s your chance. Great customer service? Let them know.

    Please don’t put skills on your applications you don’t really have. USPS is not going to believe what you say.

    This is for all prospective employees.

    You have had the opportunity to experience what it’s like. Do you still love it? Is it a great fit for you? Would you give it your best?

    You may decline to proceed with the hiring process if necessary. This saves both you and USPS a lot of effort and financial resources (in the case USPS).

    Pre-hire orientation, which is for applicants before HR offers a job or not, is the final step.

    After this, you will sit tight while the hiring staff looks at the report they have compiled on you and compares it against the reports for other applicants.

  • The pre-hired list will be removed from the person who is the most suitable and the offer given to the one that’s the best!
  • USPS Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

    Are You able to stay for as long as you like on the USPS pre-hire list?

    Postal Service has a very measured approach to hiring people (jobs at USPS are sought after), so pre-hire may take several weeks or even months.

    Sometimes it might end abruptly at one point or another, if the hiring personnel have decided you aren’t going to be a good fit.

    You could still be in for six months if your job search continues if the “next steps are not completed.”

    Some of this time can be used to wait for a reply.

    You might not get a fast hire if that was your goal. Prepare yourself for a wait or, politely ask your hiring personnel if they can give you a rough time frame.

    Are you on the USPS pre-hire list?

    It does not automatically mean your job application was accepted if it is on the Pre-hirelist. This does not mean you will be hired.

    At this point, you can expect to schedule an interview for the position.

    USPS Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)

    How Long Does It Take For The Post Office To Hire You?

    You should not look for work in an emergency.

    It can take between three and six months to go from the time you apply to your job.

    It’s safe to say that your application was declined if it has been longer than six months.

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  • Conclusion
  • The USPS Prehirelist is for qualified applicants who have filled out an application.

    Interviews are conducted with applicants during the pre-hire phase. This allows the hiring staff to evaluate their abilities and determine the most suitable candidate.

    .Usps Pre Hire List (What Does It Mean, Got The Job + More)