2024 Insider’s Guide: USPS Background Check Explained & Disqualifications

2024 Insider’s Guide: USPS Background Check Explained & Disqualifications

2024 Insider’s Guide: USPS Background Check Explained & Disqualifications

2024 Insider’s Guide to USPS Background Checks: Everything You Need to Know

The United States Postal Service (USPS) prioritizes safety and accountability in its hiring practices. As such, it conducts comprehensive background checks on potential employees. Understanding the specifics of this process can help candidates prepare effectively and increase their chances of successful employment.

Types of Background Checks

The USPS employs multiple background check methods, including:

  • Criminal History: Checks for convictions, arrests, and warrants
  • Motor Vehicle Record: Reviews driving history for disqualifying violations
  • Credit History: Assesses financial responsibility (not applicable for all positions)
  • Employment History: Verifies work experience and references


Certain factors can result in disqualification from employment with the USPS:

  • Felony Convictions: Most felony convictions are immediate disqualifiers
  • Driving Record: Serious traffic offenses, such as DUI or reckless driving
  • Criminal Activity: Recent or repeated involvement in criminal behavior
  • Credit Issues: Significant unpaid debts or bankruptcy

USPS Background Check Process

The background check process typically follows these steps:

  • Fingerprinting: Applicants are fingerprinted electronically for criminal history verification.
  • Reference Check: Employers and references are contacted to confirm your work experience and character.
  • Motor Vehicle Record Retrieval: Your driving record is obtained and reviewed.
  • Credit Check (if applicable): Your credit history is assessed to evaluate financial responsibility.


The USPS background check time frame varies, but it generally takes:

  • 1-2 weeks: For initial processing
  • 30-45 days: For complete results

Special Considerations

Felony Convictions:

While most felony convictions disqualify applicants, the USPS may consider exceptions for non-violent offenses with substantial mitigating factors.

GIS Background Checks:

GIS (Government Information Systems) background checks involve fingerprinting and a more comprehensive search of criminal records. These may be required for positions that involve handling sensitive information or access to secure facilities.

Driving Record Disqualifications:

The USPS has strict driving record requirements. Certain violations, such as DUI or reckless driving, can result in disqualification.

Usps Background Check Policy 2022 (Your Full Guide)

A few jobs offer as much potential to grow, security, and other benefits than a career with the United States Postal Service. That’s why they have such strict hiring procedures.

You might be wondering, though, if any mistakes you made in your past could come back to haunt you as you seek employment with USPS.

To be even more concise, what exactly is the USPS background checking policy? Below is a brief explanation.

  • USPS Background Check Policy 2022
  • Each potential hire must be thoroughly background checked by The United States Postal Service as of 2022. It includes checking the applicant’s criminal records for the past five years as well as driving records for any positions that may require them to operate a motor car. USPS does not automatically disqualify candidates with a criminal record.

  • Keep reading for more information about USPS background checks, the possible reasons you might be disqualified from the Postal Service, and whether you could have a criminal record but still get hired.
  • What Kind Of Background Check Does USPS Do?

    The United States Postal Service, an unrelated agency of the Federal Government’s Executive Branch, performs various background checks.

    They are: The criminal background check (or driver’s record check) are both easily recognizable.

  • This criminal background check examines, according to the USPS website “…where the individual resides, works, or goes to school in the United States or one of its territories.”
  • This stretches back only five years, so unfortunately if the applicant lived abroad at any point in the last five years, a thorough check cannot be completed.

    The candidate may be denied employment.

    The background check must be started by providing your name and addresses over the last five year, along with your driver’s licensing number (for driving position).

    Your date of birth, social security number and other details will be verified.

    However, before USPS investigates any of this, we will ask for your permission for the agency perform these checks.

    USPS can also check your employment record, such as whether or not it has been terminated.

    Honesty is key – the applicant’s application will not be fed to a computer that would disqualify you for being fired.

    Rather, there is a real person reading your application. They (as well as any other hiring staff) can evaluate the circumstances with an open mind. It isn’t always necessary to fire an employee.

    What Disqualifies You From Working For USPS?

    An ex-job or conviction of a felony are not disqualifying factors for working with the USPS. However, a poor driving history might.

    A clean driving record is essential for any position that involves driving, like rural mail carrier.

    Some automatic disqualifiers include:

  • A driving record less than 2 years old
  • A driving permit must be suspended no less than once every three and no more than twice each five years.
  • Revocation of driving permit at most once every five years
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs at least three times in three years. At least two in five
  • DUI (drugs, alcohol, etc.) at any point
  • Traffic violations that are more than three times per year, or five out of five
  • Afault-related accidents must not be more than two times per year or in any case that leads to a fatality.
  • Any hit-and-run offense
  • Is it possible to get hired even though you have poor driving records for non-driving positions? It is possible since your driving record won’t influence how you finish your job.

    Unfortunately, though, if you have any of these offenses on your driving record, you will not be qualifying for some of the positions at USPS.

    Do You Have to Be a Felony To Work at the USPS?

    In its treatment of felons convicted and their employment, the United States Postal Service is extremely fair and balanced.

    Their background check statement

    Postal Service understands that there are many people who have had criminal records and have shown success in their rehabilitation. They can be able to do the job of postal workers. This group of applicants is eligible to submit their applications for employment on their own merits.

    As such, even convicted felons should be allowed to apply. You can expect your application to be reviewed with an open and fair mind.

    Yes, it’s important that the victim show signs of rehabilitation from their criminal convictions.

    It could include a clean record of any criminal activity since conviction, or an employment track after imprisonment.

    In this same vein, candidates who have been convicted of misdemeanors must be reported. Candidates will also need to be evaluated for suitability following such convictions.

    Additionally, there might be a gray zone in which you were not convicted or charged; sentenced but the ruling was overturned; or, perhaps, of a non-criminal (civil), offense.

    Perhaps you had a juvenile criminal record that was extinguished when you were able to vote.

    USPS won’t ask for you to make a report in all of these cases.

    Can a background check by USPS go further?

    Your past history can be examined by the Postal Service for up to 5 years.

    If I were to guess, their reasoning behind this time frame is the same as their willingness to hire people convicted for felonies.

    This means that you must be able to prove your ability to rehabilitate or maintain a principled existence for five years before you will consider being a candidate.

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  • Conclusion
  • The United States Postal Service engages a background check of every potential employee on their pre-hire list.

    Although applicants won’t be automatically disqualified for felony offences, potential candidates must demonstrate that they have been properly rehabilitated in order to receive a second chance.

    Can The Usps Background Exam Go as Far back As Possible?

    How deep can a background check by USPS go? The Postal Service can review your past up to 5 years.

    What is the biggest obstacle to you working for Usps

    Disqualified are applicants or potential drivers who have had at least one violation in the past three years and two in the recent five years for offences such as careless driving, reckless driving, negligent driving, and trying to evade or avoid a police officer.

    Is it possible to do a background check for usps in a matter of hours?

    How long does a USPS background check take? The average background check takes between 7 and 10 days.28 January 2022

    How long does it take for an Usps GIS Background check?

    8 Nov 2018.

    .Usps Background Check Policy 2022 (Your Full Guide)

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    USPS Criminal Background Check Understand the specifics of the criminal background check conducted by USPS Felony convictions may disqualify individuals from certain USPS positions
    USPS Driving Record Check Explore the driving record check requirements for USPS employees Certain driving infractions can lead to disqualification from USPS positions
    USPS Disqualifications Discover the common reasons for disqualification during the USPS background check process Factors such as drug convictions or previous employment issues may result in disqualification
    USPS Background Check Time Find out how long the USPS background check process typically takes The duration of the background check can vary based on multiple factors
    Felons Working at USPS Learn about the policies regarding felons working for the United States Postal Service USPS may consider individuals with felony records for employment on a case-by-case basis
    GIS in USPS Background Checks Explore the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in USPS background checks GIS technology may be utilized to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the background check process
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