Fellowes Cosmic 2 Laminator Review

Overview: Cosmic2 125 Laminator The Advanced temperature control ensures consistent results, and a release lever makes removing stalled pouches easy! It heats up in five minutes so your wait is minimal with this quick-heating machine. Laminates come out looking great after just one minute of operation time too–making for an even easier experience overall!. The… Continue reading Fellowes Cosmic 2 Laminator Review

Swingline Inspire Plus Thermal Pouch Laminator Review

Throughout all this turmoil with office supplies, we see something special happen: not only does Milton lose control because these are high-quality items meant to improve efficiency at work but also because many other people feel similarly aggrieved as well! The humor behind Office Space isn’t just seen through its protagonist’s Milton is a character… Continue reading Swingline Inspire Plus Thermal Pouch Laminator Review

GBC Foton 30 Automated Pouch-Free Laminator Review

OverviewFilm cartridges are self-threading so just place them inside the machine when finished or load 50 ft of film in Auto Feeder before starting the process (included). Three mode options let you laminate letter-size pages, oversize documents, and odd shapes. It can load up to 230 pieces at one time from this multifunctional unit. Foton… Continue reading GBC Foton 30 Automated Pouch-Free Laminator Review

Xyron Cold Laminator Review

Product DescriptionThe Xyron Cold Laminator is a cold laminator that requires no electricity, batteries, or warm-up time. The easy drop-in cartridges allow for quick changes between projects and the high-quality laminate guarantees not to peel off from your project. The Xyron laminator has many features including: The Xyron Ezlaminator is a cold laminator that requires… Continue reading Xyron Cold Laminator Review

Royal Sovereign CL-1223 Review

Product DescriptionThe two-roller hot-shoe system ensures even lamination without bubbles or air pockets while the wide entry handles any size of the document. A jam release lever means you never have to worry about accidental misfeed mistakes that can ruin all your work. Protect your important documents with the Royal Sovereign CL-1223 Laminator. This machine… Continue reading Royal Sovereign CL-1223 Review

GBC Fusion Laminator Review

Features The machine comes with an industry-best 3-year warranty and 10-letter size EZUse Pouches; these pouches have been specially developed to be easy on the hands by ensuring proper document alignment when loading. With this system, you can easily release jammed pouches at one touch using an automated button. Cold processing keeps your items tight… Continue reading GBC Fusion Laminator Review

AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator Machine Review

Amazonbasics Thermal LaminatorWith their own line of office supplies and home goods, it was only natural for Amazon to also offer an affordable laminator! Since we’re always looking out for new products from reputable brands (like this site!), when we had heard about the release date on November 13th, our fingers were crossed they would… Continue reading AmazonBasics Thermal Laminator Machine Review