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Royal Sovereign offers large format roll laminators for schools, libraries, government institutions, and the sign and print industry. Our portfolio of roll laminators include hot thermal roll laminators, cold pressure sensitive roll laminators, and heat assist roll laminators.
Royal Sovereign is an accurate business to provide your laminating needs. Product overview This machine is slim and elegant with a wide 9 inch entry feed. The CL-923 features a 2 roller hot shoe system which provides a smooth, even, and clean lamination finish every time. It also can laminate hot or cold pouch film from 3 – 5 mil thickness with a simple switch of a button. Pouch Laminators Protect, Store, and Improve Your Precious Documents and Photographs using Royal Sovereign Pouch Laminators.

Wide Format Roll Laminators

Royal Sovereign Laminator scored 4.5/5 stars on 159 customer reviews and is available on these sellers. You can pick 1 pack, 2 packs, or 3 packs of cigarettes for $32.99, or $75.27 or $115.98.

Royal Sovereign 12″ Desktop Laminating Machine With Jam Release Lever (Cl-1223)

Compressive strength: 11.0 psi per minute. 13 inch for documents used in offices and classrooms. It has two rollers which are managed to provide a high-quality lamination. Preserves records by avoiding wrinkling, bubbling, and hazing. The enex is able to be used in a hot and cold process. May use bags with 3-5 mil. Thick. Convenience: Pick your preferred setting and wait for the warmup to start.

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Product overview The Royal Sovereign CL-1223 12″ Photo and Document Laminator warms up in just 3 minutes, which makes it ideal for home, office, or business usage. It also allows for lamination of hot or cold pouch film from 3 – 5 mil thick with a simple turn of a button. It has a jam release lever, which makes retrieving important documents fast, and a large 12 inch entry feed for documents and more.
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Royal Sovereign provides cash management solutions. Its bill counters eliminate human error and save time with quick, accurate counting and sorting. Its coin sorters include fast, accurate counts and sorting. Its counterfeit detectors detect fake bills and ID cards to keep the company safe from fraud. LAMINATION Royal Sovereign provides a wide line of pouch laminators that range from 4″ to 17.5″ in size to satisfy all of your laminating needs. The company offers a number of films and sizes.
SHREDDERS Royal Sovereign shredders have a range of user friendly features. They can shred a large stack of paper at a time without having to continuously feed the papers in the machine. They are ideal for use in different locations. You can use them at home or at the workplace. Safes from SAFES protect sensitive objects. Digital keypads make opening the safe simple. Safes from SAFES allow secure storage.
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Office Product Line

We provide laminators with different size output. Our tables with less 15 inch high-tabletop and sixty-five inch wide-format thermal and pressure sensitive laminators for occasional users and manufacturing houses. We provide customers with an inexpensive solution that can help improve profitability. Try to find a large format printer that makes what you need or visit a commercial shop that prints on specialty products. Speak to one of our large format experts for support with items.

Royal Sovereign Wide Format Roll Lamination…

This machine was designed to professionally and quickly finish broad format graphics, it is ideal for large format, cold laminating. The machine has robust construction and needs minimal maintenance. This machine is easier to use than a hot laminator. Add to cart the RSC-1402CW is a high quality cold laminator for large format graphics.
This simple to use machine is ideal for mounting and laminating pressure sensitive graphics up to 55” wide. It has a sturdy frame which needs little assembly and limited maintenance. You can automate it by adding a ‘Front Roll Feed Assembly’ to the press. RSC-1402CW is a fine, efficient choice for today’s sign shops.
The compact size and features make it perfect for cold laminating at a Sign Store. Combined this laminator with your printer to have an infinite supply of finishing solutions. With the RSC-1402CW, you can count on years of success and years of service. Features

Royal Sovereign 55″ Cold Roll Laminator Rsc-1402Cw

Fast Notch system for gap adjustment and auto-grip hubs allow for quick film replacement.

Easy To Use Digital Controls

We start out nice, but one side can slowly grow wrinkles. It looks like one side is being fed at an unequal pace. I think this is due to pressure. How can I balance out the pressure from side to side?

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