Heated roll laminator

What is the difference between roll laminators with heat shoes and roll laminators with heat rollers?

Heat shoes are “shoes” in cylinder form with an electrical heating element within them; the film is drawn through the heated shoes and friction is exerted by the rollers, triggering the adhesive on the film and allowing it to stick to the paper. On the other side, heated rollers have an embedded heating element; when the film passes over the rollers, the adhesive on the film is triggered by the heat and caused to stick to the paper. While heat and pressure are applied by rollers, thereby providing a marginally stronger bond than heat shoes, heat shoes have less moving pieces, so heat shoes are usually used for higher volume commercial operations because they provide the advantage of being able to laminate more products quicker.

Roll Laminators from Lamination Heated Roll Laminator

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Heated roll laminator

Heated rollers are used for melting adhesive extruded onto lamination film by a heated roll laminator. In exchange, this film is applied using pressure rollers to a substrate like paper or card. The main aim of laminating using such a machine is to embellish written documents or photographs or secure them. From office-based pouch laminators to industrial-sized devices, heated roll laminators may differ in scale. This industrial machines are mostly used for printers or print finishers for high volume/quality production.

Hot Roll Laminator

The Hot Roll Laminator will reliably replicate hot laminate product samples that are ready for research or small-scale production that are lightweight enough for a laboratory bench top, but robust enough for distribution. The Hot Roll Laminator allows for a broad variety of products to be laminated, including papers, films, foils and many other materials, with adjustable controls. The heated laminating device is built to be very flexible and a number of variations can be changed.