Does Walmart Sell Live Bait

Does Walmart Sell Live Bait In 2022? (Worms, Crickets + More)

The ability to draw a range of fish along long distances makes live bait a popular choice for fishing enthusiasts.

  • Walmart offers many fishing-related items and is easy to access. Here is what I’ve found out!
  • Does Walmart Sell Live Bait In 2022? (Worms, Crickets + More)

    Is Walmart Selling Live Bait in 2022?

    Walmart currently sells live bait such as red and green bugs, nightcrawlers/nightcrawlers, dillies, and crickets. They are available in sizes 12, 24, 30, and 50 as well as 250, 250 and 500. The prices range between $26 and $46, and most can be ordered in-store.

  • Keep reading to learn about live bait products sold at Walmart and how they are purchased.
  • Walmart sells which types of live bait?

    Walmart stocks many varieties of live dillies. We have more information about each of these categories.

  • Live Dillies also know as Baby Crawlers
  • These usually come in 24-count cartons (packaged DMF Bait Co.

    You can use them to freshwater fish for pike, walleye and large-sized catfish.

    Additionally, the worms are chemical free and safe for feeding to pets so don’t worry if your pet decide to gobble down some of these.

  • Red Worms – Live Red
  • These Red Worms are also known by the names Euro worms and Belgian worms. They can be purchased in store in standard-size boxes that contain 30 counts at $2.74.

    They can be used for catching freshwater fish like trout and panfish because they are a good choice. their wriggling attracts the attention of nearby fish.

    The pouches can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six months.

  • Live Crickets
  • The best choice for live bait is crickets. This can be doubled as pet food. Walmart offers live cricket bait, packaged by DMF Bait Co. and available in 50-count boxes that retail for $2.96.

    These are high in vitamins and protein and make excellent baits to catch freshwater fish, including trout. They can also be used to feed reptiles and amphibians as well as birds and other pets.

    These items do not need to be refrigerated after purchase.

    For best usage, remove these from the box after you receive the package.

  • Nightcrawlers
  • Walmart’s Nightcrawlers come packaged by DMF Bait Co. They are packaged in a reusable cooler that holds 250 counts live bait. It costs $46.

    These are suitable for all ages and great for catching most freshwater fish including bass, walleye, trout, and catfish.

    Because these can be used on multiple trips you’ll also get a Styrofoam cooler for them to keep fresh longer.

  • Green worms
  • These greenworms work well for fishing walleye and bass.

    They can be used to capture fish or as bait.

    Keep them refrigerated between 38 and 50 degrees F for freshness.

    Does Walmart Sell Live Bait In 2022? (Worms, Crickets + More)

    Walmart: What are the Best Places to Buy Live Bait?

    Live bait can be purchased at any Walmart location.

    You should contact Walmart to confirm the availability of the live bait you are interested in.

    What other places can you buy live bait?

    The following stores sell quality live-bait products.
    Does Walmart Sell Live Bait In 2022? (Worms, Crickets + More)