Bidirectional Scan Tool

Bidirectional Scan Tool

Bidirectional Scan Tool

The Best Auto Scan Tools for Home

Some people don’t need the best scan tools. These scan tools are ideal for DIY mechanics or those who want to fix a few cars to earn a little extra.

The Autel MK808 scanner is a versatile tool. It works with 85 different car makes and models. Not only will it read all engine, PCM, TCM, ABS codes, and more, but it has multiple other functions that display live data as you troubleshoot.

This scanner also provides detailed reports which will help you determine the root cause of your problem. It also has more than 25 maintenance buttons, making it much easier to fix vehicles.

These features include ABS bleeding, battery registration, oil resets, injector coding, and so much more. While the price for this Autel scanner is on the higher side for an at-home scan tool, the extra features that it comes with more than makes up for the added cost.

The Autel MaxiCOM MK808 also comes with a 1-year warranty and 24/7 customer support. The yearly updates for adding new vehicles or downloading the most recent troubleshooting guides costs less than $125. However, you don’t need to purchase these updates to continue to use all of the same features you’ve been using all year!

If you’re looking for an all-in-one scan tool that will put everything else in your garage to shame, this is what you want.

It’s a more affordable version of the Autel scanner that we looked at above. It doesn’t support as many cars, but it does have many of the same features. That’s not to say it’s lacking, though. It works with more than 57 car brands and over 10,000 different vehicle types.

It also offers live data monitoring for up to 10 data streams at once. It also includes multiple maintenance options, including oil resets and TPMS resets as well as battery voltage tests, steering angles calibration tools, and other testing.

The Launch CRP129E supports nine different languages and has free lifetime updates! When you buy this scanner, you won’t have to spend another penny to keep it working with the newest vehicles coming into the shop.

This scanner can read the TCM, ABS, ABS, engine codes and any other information your vehicle might throw at it.

The scanner’s comprehensive features and free lifetime updates are all great. But what sets it apart from the rest is its 5-year comprehensive warranty. Make this the last scan tool you need to spend a dime on.

Although we have focused our attention on OBD2 scanners in these reviews, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t aware that some older cars also have codes. Standardized OBD2 codes didn’t become mandatory until 1996 before that OBD1 was the standard.

The scanner can read OBD1 codes from GM, Ford and Chrysler. It can also read codes from all OBD2 cars.

While this scanner looks simple, don’t let that fool you about what it can do. This scanner can show live data from more than 300 sensors and inputs in your car, just like other scan tools.

Furthermore, you can freeze frame data to take the extra time to pull all the information you need to troubleshoot a vehicle properly. Actron CP9690 is simple to use and does all you need.
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This scanner can scan older cars as well as newer vehicles.

The Autel scanner comes in a lower price range than our first review. While it comes with a much lower price tag, it also comes with far fewer features.

It works with any OBD2 vehicle, and it can pull codes and data in just a few seconds. Whether you’re looking for your current emissions or you’re troubleshooting a pesky ABS or SRS light, this scan tool can help you get the job done.

Despite its limited functionality beyond code reading, the Autel ML629 scanner does give you the ability to live stream from select input options. Although it isn’t as extensive as the top-of-the-line model, at half the cost, this scanner still offers great value. The best part is that the ML629 scanner has lifetime free updates, which is a huge advantage over their flagship model.
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Finally, this scan tool comes with a 1-year warranty giving you a little extra peace of mind that you’re getting a quality product.

Mobile devices have revolutionized the world. Why shouldn’t you use your mobile device to scan vehicles? While this OBD2 scanner doesn’t look like much on the surface, when you pair it with their mobile app, you get a comprehensive vehicle diagnostic tool that can help you fix any vehicle.

It works great with both Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, but if you have an older phone that can’t handle the app, you’re out of luck.

Not only does this comprehensive scan tool give you your engine code, but it also connects you to an extensive database that automatically generates repair reports to help you fix your vehicle.

BlueDriver gives you free updates and allows you to save and screenshot data. You can also interact with data graphs in real time to solve the problem.

The best part about this forward-thinking scan tool is that it’s significantly cheaper than some other models out there.

The OBDeleven PRO should be on your top list if you own an Audi or VW vehicle. The Bluetooth-enabled scanner is simple to use, despite its advanced features.

The OBDeleven scan tool works with Android phones and offers a comprehensive list of functions. The OBDeleven is capable of accessing a wide array of vehicle DTCs and offers the ability to perform a number of diagnostic tests.

Technically adept users will find the OBDeleven Pro to be quite useful when attempting to validate repairs and relearn certain automated vehicle functions. The OBDeleven Pro also gives you access to many dealer-specific menus that allow you to customize the default settings of your vehicle (which isn’t possible using other diagnostic scanners).

While it’s an excellent tool if you have an Android powered device, those with iPhones or other Apple products are out of luck if they want to be able to use all features. An alternative is to buy a cheaper Android tablet. OBDeleven offers a basic edition that is more feature-rich, but at a cheaper price.

The scan tool offers tons of amazing features at a fraction the price of other scan tools. It doesn’t scan as many cars, but that is the tradeoff.

It covers all vehicles made after 1996, but only those manufactured in the EU or 2005 by Asian countries. It does support eight different languages, and if you’re only using it on newer vehicles, it will do everything you could want and more.

The device reads the engine, ABS and SRS codes, as well as PCM codes, and streams data for each of these symptoms. This will help you to troubleshoot any problems. It can also run emissions tests to ensure your car passes smog and emission tests.

You get great deals on your scan tool, and lifetime updates are free.

Although the Ancel FX2000 is not compatible with all vehicles, it can still identify basic engine codes on any vehicle equipped with an OBD2 scanner. Live data streaming and other advanced features will not work with the Ancel FX2000.

If you’re looking for a low-end scan tool that can read your engine codes and freeze frame limited data, this might be what you’re looking for. It’s a 10th of the price of the top Autel scanner we looked at, but it also has a 10th of the features.

It only reads check engine codes and won’t give you any troubleshooting advice beyond the code name and description. But if you’re a competent mechanic and don’t mind scrubbing a few forums for more complex issues, then this OBD2 scanner will be more than enough to get you started.

This scan tool works with all vehicles made in the United States after 1996. For European vehicles, it works with vehicles produced after 2000. This scan tool can read codes from vehicles with an OBD2 scanner.

Finally, the Autel AL319 scanner comes with a 1-year warranty, but most simple scan tools like this last much longer.

Bidirectional Scan Tool

The Best Obd2 Scanner Overall

The CarScan Pro delivers pro-grade functionality at a consumer price. The dedicated OBD2 scanner tool is compatible with nearly every American, Japanese, and German-made car made after 1996. It can decipher virtually every diagnostic trouble code, or DTC, that a car can generate. It can scan virtually every individual control module in the car, including more recent developments like tire-pressure monitors in newer vehicles, and not just basic universal systems like the engine and emissions controls. The device can perform a simulation of smog testing, assess the alternator and display live data regarding engine operation, antilock brake, and other system functions during road tests. It ranks faults based on importance and shows “Freeze Frame” data, or a snapshot of exactly what was going on in the car when its control electronics triggered the trouble code to begin with. The car diagnostic tool is able to predict DTCs that are likely to occur in the future.

Bidirectional control, sometimes called active testing and still distinguishing the CarScan Pro OBD2 scanner is what makes it stand out from other OBD2 scan tools. The CarScan Pro allows you to send commands to your vehicle to test the functionality of a given system, just like a tech at a dealership. You can adjust the control software of your car, such as a small change in idle speed or disable specific modules before you need to make repairs. Car lovers who love the 1990s will be pleased to know that CarScan Pro can scan OBD1 diagnostics on many vehicles built prior 1996.

The car scanner features a bright, clear color screen and intuitive interface. It also has quick-read LEDs to help you quickly classify problems. Hot keys reduce the amount of options and menus needed to get to where you need to be. The OBD2 Bluetooth scanner is fully contained in a durable plastic case. It also includes a detailed manual, full-time US phone support and full-time web support. This OBD2 Bluetooth scaner can connect to Android and Apple smartphones via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The connection allows this OBD2 Bluetooth scanner to access a wide range of information online, such as repair instructions, maintenance tips, and links to parts.

The Innova Car Scan Pro OBD2 Tool offers exceptional features and a strong foundation of support. It’s everything a car hobbyist is likely to need at a price thousands of dollars below professional, dealership-style OBD2 scan tools. You can get it for only $376, although the list price is around $400.

Bidirectional Scan Tool

11 Best Bi Directional Scan Tool (+ Some Affordable Bidirectional Scan Tool)

The Launch X431 is one of the best bidirectional scan tools for cars and comes with sophisticated workings. This bi directional scan tool lets you test the output fundamentals which enable you to detect if any gear or system is working accurately or malfunctioning. This is a unique feature that’s not available in standard code readers.

The best bidirectional scanner tool supports brands from China, America, Europe, the United States, and Asia.

Also, this bi directional scan tool for cars is wireless. This tablet allows you to inspect your vehicle for faults. It is compactible with Smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Bidirectional Scan Tool

Getting Down To Diagnostics

Bidirectional component and system testing can greatly reduce diagnostic time if used correctly. Consider a no-start situation. You’ve connected a fuel pressure gauge, cycled the key and cranked the engine, but no fuel pressure was measured. At this point you don’t know if the problem is a component, a circuit or command-related. You can use the fuel pump command in your scan tool. Use the scanner to turn on the fuel pump. You can verify that the fuel pressure gauge is showing proper fuel pressure.

The command side should be your diagnostic focus. The PCM may not be receiving the necessary enabling criteria to active the fuel pump circuit. Low oil pressure, a bad input sensor or other factors could cause this. The process described above took less than five minutes. If you had to manually test the fuel pump circuit, it would likely take three times as long.

As another example, a Honda Civic recently rolled into my shop with the malfunction indicator light (MIL) illuminated. After retrieving the DTCs, I found that the EGR was stuck closed (P1404). This was the time I needed to establish if there was a problem or not.

I also recently serviced a 1995 Dodge Stratus with an illuminated MIL. The DTC was a P0443 (Evap Purge Solenoid Circuit). The diagnostic information shows the DRB III factory scan tool is capable of commanding the purge solenoid open and closed. The Vetronix Mastertech and Snap-on Scanner also can perform this test.

Fig. 3 on page 42 shows screen captures from the Vetronix Mastertech 3100. The F6: Purge test option is shown in Box 1. Box 2 provides the option of blocking or permitting purge flow. We need to choose F1: Flow in this instance. Box 3 offers a hint: A visual inspection of the vacuum lines or hoses could reveal potential problems. It is important to note that visual inspections can quickly reveal many issues. Box 4 explains that the up and down arrows on the scan tool control the purge solenoid. Box 5 displays the initial Long Term Adaptive Fuel Trim values for Banks 1 and 2.

We expect that the fuel trim values will change depending on the contents of the tank once the purge valve has been commanded to open. If there’s a high concentration of fuel vapors present, the fuel trim will decrease to compensate for the rich air/fuel mixture condition. If there’s a high concentration of oxygen, the fuel trim will increase to compensate for the lean air/fuel mixture condition. In Box 6, the purge valve was commanded on. The upper box shows the initial test: no change in fuel trim. This was when I realized that the purge solenoid might be stuck. I cycled the purge valve on and off several times and on the third try, the fuel trim levels increased, indicating the solenoid opened. The results indicate that the purge solenoid needs to be replaced.

Figs. Screen captures of the Mastertech are shown in Figs. In Fig. 4 Box 2 lists the options available for controlling this vehicle’s controllers. After properly connecting the sensor, we should check the sensor data (Box 3). All sensors have been connected and checked (Box 3). The sensor data ranges from 5.50 to 6.60 pounds. After replacing a seat, the diagnostic chart suggested performing a zero calibration.

Fig. 5. Screen captures of Zero Calibration. Box 1 Zero Calibration is option 5. You will need to know the specific steps for preparation. Box 2 and 3 give detailed instructions. Box 4 indicates that Zero Calibration is complete and recommends performing a Sensitivity Check.

Fig. 6 shows the screen captures related to the Sensitivity Check. Option 6 is Box 1. Box 2 provides instructions to begin the test. The first measurement of the sensor is in Box 3. The reading of the sensor is 0.00 lbs. This passes the 7- to 7 lbs. test. test. Box 4 indicates that 66 lbs. Box 4 indicates that 66 lbs. must be placed on the chair. Box 5 shows three weights–50 lbs., 10 lbs. Box 5 shows three weights–50 lbs., 10 lbs. and 5, respectively. These are placed on the seat. The sensor readings are shown in Box 6. The reading is 66.00 lbs., which agrees with the weight we applied and falls within the 59 to 73 lbs. recommended. This repair wouldn’t have been possible without proper equipment, as you can see. In addition to an enhanced scan tool with bidirectional controls and OEM software, a weight set is needed to properly perform this test.
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Bidirectional Scan Tool

Foxwell Nt650 Automotive Abs Seniors Bidirectional Scantool With Special Services Functions

The Foxwell NT650 is the most affordable bidirectional scan tool available on the market. The scanner can perform 13 resets, including ABS, EPB and TPMS system, as well as oil, ABS, RRS, SRS, and many other functions. The NT650 scanner tool performs the basic functions of an auto bidirectional scan tool.

This is one of the best bidirectional scan tools designed for durability. It features a screen protector and extra padding to protect it from wear and tear.

This best OBD2 bidirectional scanner is compatible with 58 car models that function with ABS/SRS. It works with 49 models, while the oil reset can be used for 32 cars.