2024 Safeway Employee Dress Code: Uniforms, Nail Polish & More

Dress Code 2023 (Shorts, Leggings, Hair Dye + More)

Safeway stands apart from numerous grocery and retail stores by not implementing a standard uniform for its grocery store staff and pharmacy. Instead, Safeway emphasizes a professional dress code for its employees.

Safeway’s dress code mandates that all staff members adhere to specific guidelines, including wearing muted colors, dress pants and tops, simple accessories, and maintaining conservatively colored hair. Moreover, facial piercings are not permitted, and tattoos must remain concealed, with the exception of mustaches and facial hair, which are allowed.

What Are the Safeway Dress Code Standards for Every Department?

Safeway has specific dress code requirements for each department, but all departments are expected to adhere to Safeway’s General Grooming Standards.

For Male Employees:

  • Hair: Neatly-combed and clean hair is required to maintain a professional appearance. Employees should avoid temporary dyes that could potentially contaminate food.
  • Hands and Nails: Hands must always be kept clean. Facial hair must be kept neat and clean, with the exception of beards, beatees, and handlebar mustaches, which are not allowed. Regular mustaches are permissible. Personal hygiene is highly valued, including preventing unpleasant breath or body odors, refraining from nail biting, and covering coughs.
  • Jewelry: Simple and professional-looking jewelry is permitted. Neck chains should not be worn inside shirt collars. Facial piercings are not allowed.
  • Clothing: Clothes should be well-pressed, properly fitted, and in good condition.

For Female Employees:

  • Hair: Hair should be conservatively colored. Long hair should not obstruct vision or come into contact with food.
  • Hands and Nails: Clear or soft nail polish should be used. Fingernail length should not interfere with job function. Personal hygiene, including refraining from nail biting and unsanitary behavior, is expected.
  • Jewelry: Facial piercings are prohibited. Earrings should be small to minimize safety risks. Long necklaces should not be worn above the collar.

It is important for prospective Safeway employees to note that the dress code has not changed since 2008, although some stores may allow for more personal expression.

Employees are advised to consult with their managers before deviating from the dress code, such as regarding piercings or multi-colored hair.

Are employees allowed to wear leggings at Safeway?

Safeway Employee Conduct strictly outlines the appropriate attire for employees, including the guidelines for pants and skirts.

Employees are required to wear dark-colored slacks, which can also include dress pants as an alternative option.

In terms of skirts, they are permissible as long as the fabric maintains a professional appearance, excluding denim or cotton skirts.

It is important to note that the Standard Dress Code strictly prohibits the use of denim, corduroy, and casual cotton attire for all departments.

These guidelines for employees’ attire aim to maintain a consistent and professional appearance throughout the Safeway workforce. By adhering to these standards, Safeway ensures a cohesive and polished look across the company.

<strong>Safeway Dress Code 2022 (Shorts, Leggings, Hair Dye + More)</strong>

Is Safeway allowing employees to wear shorts?

To comply with the Standard Dress Code, pants must exceed the maximum height allowed for work shoes, thereby ensuring a proper fit and appearance.

Furthermore, it is important to note that wearing shorts is strictly prohibited for all Safeway employees.

What policy does Safeway have for hair dye?

For safety reasons and to maintain a clean appearance, Safeway personnel are required to adhere to a conservative hairstyle policy. This policy strictly prohibits the use of unnatural hair colors such as blue, pink, and orange, as they are deemed inappropriate.

It is worth noting that Safeway’s dress code has not been revised since 2008, which means that there might be some managers who are more lenient towards non-conservative hair colors.

However, if Safeway employees are genuinely interested in incorporating colored hair dye, they can initiate a conversation with their respective managers to discuss the feasibility of such a change. Safeway recognizes the importance of maintaining a decent level of personal grooming while considering the comfort and expectations of both employees and customers. Thus, any requests related to modifying hair color will be carefully evaluated to ensure it aligns with the company’s standards of cleanliness and professionalism.

Ultimately, Safeway strives to create a pleasant shopping environment for customers, which includes promoting a clean and well-groomed appearance among its employees. By adhering to these guidelines, Safeway aims to avoid any unclean habits or unpleasant smells that may arise from hair dye or other unconventional hair styling choices.

<strong>Safeway Dress Code 2022 (Shorts, Leggings, Hair Dye + More)</strong>

What is Safeway’s Tattoo Policy?

Safeway enforces a policy that prohibits employees from having tattoos. Specifically, facial tattoos are strictly prohibited. For other tattoos, employees must ensure they are covered by appropriate long-sleeved clothing or shirts.

It is important to note that different Safeway stores may have varying policies regarding neck and facial tattoos. Prospective staff members are encouraged to engage in a conversation with their respective manager to obtain clarification and guidance regarding the specific store’s policies.

What is Safeway’s dress code for pharmacy staff?

Safeway enforces a standardized dress code that applies to both female and male staff members. This dress code requires them to wear clothing that is meant to be worn underneath pharmacy attire, ensuring adherence to the professional standards.

To maintain a clean and presentable appearance, Safeway brand pharmacy jackets should be regularly cleaned, and pharmacy staff members are encouraged to wear their sweaters beneath the jackets.

In addition to promoting cost-saving tips and providing information for delivery personnel, Safeway upholds a business-like dress code. Employees are expected to dress in muted dark colors and have a choice of dresses, pants, skirts, dress shirts, and sweaters, while prioritizing good hygiene.

To maintain a professional and conservative appearance, Safeway requires employees to have a natural hair color and prohibits facial hair. Facial piercings and tattoos on the face are also not allowed for business-related purposes.

While Safeway’s dress codes have not been updated since 2008, it is possible that some store managers may allow customers to express themselves more creatively within certain limits, while still adhering to the overall dress code and maintaining a professional image.

Frequent Asked Questions

Are Safeway employees allowed to dye their hair?

Safeway follows a business-like dress code. The company requires staff to dress in dark, muted colours, wear dress pants, skirts and dress shirts, as well as maintain good hygiene. The hair color must be conservative and no facial hair allowed.

Apron, polo, black slacks and sneakers. All black, black Polo shirt with black slacks. Some departments require an apron or a hat.

If working a food department, your nails cannot be painted nor can you have acrylics. 

If it isn’t infuriating, then yes.

Safeway Dress Code 2022 (Shorts, Leggings, Hair Dye + More)

Category Requirement
Colors Muted colors
Clothing Dress pants and tops, simple accessories
Facial piercings Not allowed
Tattoos Must not be visible
Grooming Standards High standard of personal hygiene
Clothing for Men and Women Same clothing

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