Electronic test equipment

Frequency Devices – counters / timers, generators, oscillators, calibrators, modulation meters

A broad variety of frequency instruments, like counters/timers, generators, oscillators, calibrators and modulation meters, are calibrated by JM Test Systems. To guarantee that your instrument produces proper frequency measurements and to avoid any expensive errors, it is important to ensure that your frequency devices are measured correctly. JM Test calibrates frequency instruments to our highest laboratory requirements to ensure that the right parameters you need are given by your instrument when on the job.

Process Instrumentation Calibrators – current, voltage, resistance and multifunction
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Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, Network Analyzers, Power Supplies, Video Test Devices, Engines, Meters and More… Latest and Pre-Owned Agilent, Avcom, Fluke, Hewlett Packard, Instek, Iwatsu, Chief, LeCroy, Tektronix,and more…

Cable Testing Equipment – TDR’s / length meters / fault locators

A broad variety of cable measurement instruments, including TDRs, duration meters and fault locators, are calibrated by JM Test Systems. TDR, or time-domain reflectometers, are devices used in the identification and pre-location of cable faults. By sending an incident signal to the cable and listening for the signal reflections, this method of cable testing is done. For deciding duration measurements, length meters are an instrument used. The method of utilizing a fault locator to identify intermittent faults, such as insulation faults in underwater cables and the operation of electrical measuring devices, is the position of cable faults. To ensure that the instruments work properly and have precise measurements, JM Test Systems calibrates TDR’s, duration meters and fault locators, eliminating expensive effects from the usage of uncalibrated devices.

Electrical Electronic Test Equipment – Master Electronics

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The USB Oscilloscope vs. Benchtop Oscilloscope Debate
Test script processors and a channel expansion bus

Loaded with onboard research script processors coupled with a high-speed bus, one of the more newly established test device systems uses instrumentation. In this method, a test script (a small program) is operated by one ‘master’ instrument which controls the activity of the numerous ‘slave’ instruments in the test system to which it is connected through high-speed LAN-based trigger synchronization and inter-unit communication bus. To manage a series of acts, scripting is writing programs in a scripting language.

Electronic Controllers / Control Instrumentation

JM Test Systems were capable of calibrating electronic controls and can do instrumentation for monitoring. Electrical signals and automated algorithms are used by an electronic controller to conduct its responsive, comparative, and correction roles. To maintain the accuracy of your instrument and ensure that it produces precise readings, it is important to calibrate your electronic controller. JM Test systems calibrate the controls that restore the instrument to operating conditions that are accurate.

The Electronics Test Bench: Basic, Better, Best

If you are developing innovative items for a big company, tinkering with technology as a hobby, or operating anywhere in between, it is important to provide the proper research equipment for your needs. Test benches are also seeded with equipment that has been passed on from generation to generation (which is really a testament to such producers) or exchanged in an organization amongst various divisions. That said the best research equipment is not the most costly or the most fully-featured, usually or even sometimes. Rather the proper research equipment depends on the degree of expertise with electronics and research requirements.

electrical & electronic test equipment Products

A range of more than 1,372 electrical & electronic research equipment from over 39 world-class manufacturers is provided by MasterElectronics.com. From suppliers such as Phoenix Communication, Ideal Industries Inc, Eclipse Instruments, Panduit, National Controls and many more, we sell electrical & electronic test equipment. See below for all subcategories of Electrical Research Equipment, Electrical Test Meters, Environmental and Mechanical Test Equipment, and others.

Electronic Test Equipment Calibration Services

For the calibration of electronic research and calculation instruments, JM Test Systems is ISO-17025 certified. It is important that a qualified and licensed service provider like JM Test Systems carry out the calibration of your electronic testing equipment. We provide your broad variety of equipment with comprehensive, reliable and timely electronic calibration facilities. To suit the different requirements, JM Test provides in-lab or on-site calibration facilities through highly qualified technicians. Discover our large range of facilities, software, and devices for electronic calibration by contacting us today….

Recorders / Data loggers – Current & Voltage

A large selection of recorders and data recording devices are measured by JM Test Systems for current and voltage. Recorders and data loggers capture readings and calculations, but to ensure that these readings are accurate, it is important to calibrate these devices. A data logger is an electronic system that utilizes external instruments and sensors to monitor data over a long period of time, or in reference to position usually with a built-in instrument or a sensor. JM Test Systems calibrates recorders and data loggers to restore the instrument to operating conditions that are accurate.

Multimeters / Clamp-On – bench or hand held

An electronic measuring device that incorporates several measurement functions into a single unit is a multimeter. The capacity to calculate current, voltage and resistance is available with a standard multimeter. The opportunity to calibrate your bench or portable multimeter is accessible from JM Test Systems. JM Test Systems also calibrates multimeters for Clamp-on. Electric testers that integrate simple optical multimeters with a current sensor are clamp-on multimeters. To obtain precise and right measurements from these methods, it is important to ensure that your multimeter and/or clamp-on multimeter are correctly adjusted. JM Test Systems is an approved service company that will calibrate and restore your multimeter and/or clamp-on multimeter to ensure correct operating conditions are restored to your instrument.

Watt VAR Calibrators, Watt VAR Transducers

A watt-VAR transducer measures the true electrical power supplied to a load and converts that measurement proportional to the measured power to a DC voltage or current signal. The watt transducer must control both the voltage and the current in a circuit in order to calculate electricity. In order to ensure that these instruments perform accurately and provide precise results, JM Test Systems calibrates Watt VAR Calibrators and Watt VAR Transducers.

Let Keysight Help You Be First and Best

To bind and protect the world, accelerate the inventions. Let us help you simulate your projects, check your prototypes, achieve the best output, and monitor and monitor the power of your datacenter and cloud network.

Electronic Test Equipment, New and Used

Fresh and used research equipment is marketed and bought by Valuetronics. 40 miles west of Chicago, Il., we are centrally situated. We supply more than 8,000 units from companies such as Agilent, Tektronix, Fluke, R&S, and many more.

Why People Rave About USB Oscilloscopes

Historically, as the device of fractured tech students and workshop tinkerers, USB oscilloscopes are regarded. A USB oscilloscope has a front end and an ADC, much like a benchtop oscilloscope. It outsources the processing to a host PC, however.

Panel Meter Repair – analog or digital

Panel meters are instruments which display, in analog or digital form, an input signal. As well as the opportunity to move data to machines, many panel meters often come with warning choices. Your analog or digital panel meter is fixed by JM Test Systems, returning it back to normal operating conditions. To suit the diverse requirements, JM Test Systems provides certified calibration and repair facilities.

Meter Calibrator Calibration Services

JM Test Systems provides testing services for high-quality meter calibrators. The ability of a meter calibrator is to calibrate multiple meters, usually relating to flow meters. A meter calibrator can only accurately calibrate meters if the meter calibrator itself is calibrated correctly. Poorly configured meter calibrators can contribute to costly errors, so it is crucial to ensure that an approved service provider like JM Test Services calibrates your meter calibrator. Your meter calibrator may be adjusted and/or restored by JM, ensuring that it produces precise readings or restores them to appropriate operating conditions.

PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation

PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation, (PXI), is a peripheral bus specializing in real-time control systems and data collection. Introduced in 1997, PXI utilizes the form factors CompactPCI 3U and 6U and incorporates trigger row, a local bus, and other fitting functions for calculation applications. The PXI Devices Partnership establishes and manages PXI hardware and device requirements.

LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation

The communication protocols for instrumentation and data acquisition systems utilizing Ethernet are specified by the LXI (LXI) standard. These systems are based on compact, modular, low-cost, open-standard LAN software (Ethernet). The size and integration benefits of modular instruments without the cost and form factor constraints of card-cage architectures are offered by LXI-compliant instruments. The LXI Protocol enables modular packaging, high-speed I/O, and simplified usage of LAN networking in a large variety of commercial, automotive, aerospace, and military applications via the use of Ethernet communications. To facilitate communication with non-LXI instruments, each LXI-compliant instrument requires an Interchangeable Virtual Instrument (IVI) driver, such that LXI-compliant devices may connect with devices that are not themselves LXI-compliant (i.e., instruments that employ GPIB, VXI, PXI, etc.). This simplifies the design and maintenance of instruments’ hybrid setups.

VME eXtensions for Instrumentation

The bus design of VME eXtensions for Instrumentation (VXI) is an open standard VMEbus-based automated testing framework. Launched in 1987, VXI utilizes all Eurocard shape variables and incorporates trigger lines, a local bus, and other functionality appropriate for calculation applications. The VXI systems are based on a mainframe or chassis of up to 13 slots in which it is possible to mount different VXI instrument modules. Both the power supply and cooling needs for the chassis and the instruments it holds are also provided by the chassis. Usually, VXI bus modules are 6U in height.

Time Domain Reflectometers – TDR’s

An electronic device that uses time-domain reflectometry to characterize and locate faults in metallic cables is a time domain reflectometer. These methods are often used in a socket, printed circuit board or some other electrical direction for identifying discontinuities. JM Test Systems calibrates the Time Domain Reflectometer to our highest laboratory specifications, returns the device to the correct operating conditions and guarantees reliable readings are given by the instrument.

Power Supplies, UPS / UPS Systems

A large array of power supplies are calibrated by JM Test Systems. A UPS, an uninterruptible power supply or an uninterruptible power source, is an electrical system which when the input power source or mains power fails, provides emergency power to a load. The JM Test Method calibrates our high laboratory requirements for power supplies, UPS, and UPS systems, ensuring that your instruments are restored to proper working conditions. In one of our facilities, calibration of your instruments ensures that your UPS and/or UPS device can have emergency control when you need it.

Electronic Test Equipment Rental

One of our services at Axiom Test Equipment includes renting electronic test equipment. This offers our clients the best choice to satisfy their specifications for testing equipment by using an appropriate and cost-effective approach for their company or project needs. Enforcement testing: EMC, ESD, EMI, RFI; Component Analyzers: LCR, Semiconductor, Electrical Evaluation and Power Analyzers, Electronic Loads, Meters, Network Analyzers, Oscilloscopes, Signal Generators, Telecommunication & Wireless and many more. We rent devices such as RF and Microwave Amplifiers, Analyzers,

Capacitance Meters / Simulators

JM Measurement Systems calibrates meters and simulators for capacitance. A capacitance meter is a piece of electronic testing equipment used to calculate the capacitance or the energy collecting and storage capability of a part or circuit in the context of an electric charge. Only if the device itself is adjusted properly will a capacitance meter/simulator have reliable readings. We will guarantee that your capacitance meter/simulator is correctly adjusted and performs under the same new situation at the JM Evaluation. Periodic calibration by an approved service provider including JM Test Systems of the capacitance meters/simulators ensures reliable measurements for the first time.

Selected companies & products

Pico Technologies (PicoScopes, PicoLoggers, etc.) Emphasis on R&S testing Red Pitaya STEMLab In any field of electronics, an awareness of testing and testing equipment is important. During all phases of development, produce, field service and repair, testing is needed. It can only be known if the item is operating correctly, and if not what it is not by properly checking electronic devices. A range of research equipment is accessible these days in order to be able to test electronic circuits, from simple meters, to analog and digital multimeters, to oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and several other products.

Oscilloscopes / Scope Meters

An oscilloscope is an automated measurement device that is used on the panel of a cathode ray tube to display oscillations, electrical voltage or present. A scope meter is a variant of an oscilloscope that is compact. JM Test Systems calibrates our strong laboratory standards for oscilloscopes and scope meters, ensuring that the devices work correctly and have consistent readings. Single channel, multi-channel, benchtop, and handhelds are part of our optical and analog oscilloscope tuning facilities. Almost all oscilloscopes with a bandwidth of up to 3.2 GHz can be measured by JM test systems. Confirm that your oscilloscopes and scope meters work reliably by calibration services from JM Test Systems.

Decade Resistance Simulators

A ten-year resistance simulator is an instrument which can be used to substitute a single variable output for the exchange of various values of some passive components. It is crucial to ensure that the resistance simulator of your decade is correctly configured, since mistakes resulting from the use of uncalibrated or faulty equipment may have expensive effects or may even contribute to injuries whilst on the job. The testing of your ten-year resistance simulator tests and/or improves the equipment’s performance back to the correct operating conditions. Periodic calibration of the resistance simulator every 10 years preserves the integrity of the readings of the instrument and maintains accurate measurements.

Electronic Test Instruments

For the construction, troubleshooting and maintenance of goods and computers, we provide all forms of electronic test equipment. Virtually any electronic research program encompasses our handheld, bench, fixed and portable devices. With oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, decade boxes, bridges and other equipment, you can collect samples, review output and conduct research. Measure the inductance, capacitance and resistance with one LCR meter. Professional RF test equipment output is given by our frequency counters and feature generators. Within our electronic instrument group, manufacturers such as Fluke Keysight Technologies Rigol and B&K Precision have validated technologies and advancement.

Electronic test equipment

It is used to produce signals and collect feedback from test-based electronic devices (DUTs). In this way it is possible to prove the proper functioning of the DUT or to trace faults in the unit. For some serious work on computer devices, the use of electronic test equipment is important.

Testing & Test Equipment

Testing and testing tools are essential to any operation in the design, growth, manufacturing and maintenance of electronics. Learn about research instruments with our online guides, from optical multimeters and logic analyzers to oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and many more.

Test equipment switching

Adding a high-speed switching system to the setup of a test system enables several systems to be checked more easily, more cost-effectively, and is intended to minimize all test failures and costs. Designing the switching configuration of a test device needs a knowledge of the signals to be switched and the experiments to be administered, as well as the available switching hardware form factors.

Mid-Range Test Benches

Teachers, advanced students and hobbyists, as well as maintenance and repair specialists who create, troubleshoot, and fix devices, may be intermediate consumers. In general, further inputs/outputs, higher power/wattage, extra functions, and products that are simple to set up, use and track but are durable enough to take care of the most challenging measurement needs are needed for their test bench specifications. Equipment that is unique to an application or technology field can often involve mid-range research benches.

Test Equipment Rental

Rental Sales Maintenance Trade-In Axiom Research Equipment has been delivering high-quality facilities and inexpensive options since 2005, such as rental of test equipment, sales of test equipment, and repair of test equipment. We are happy to give our clients the best of innovations for research equipment. To support you maintain your market strategies and ambitions, we provide affordable solutions.

Digital Multi Meters

A wireless multimeter is an instrument that is used to calculate two or more electrical values, usually resistance and voltage current. In order to certify that the measurements the instrument gives are correct and consistent, optical multimeters need to be adjusted in a timely manner. Digital multi-meter calibration tests the instrument’s precision and/or restores it back to normal operating conditions. Periodic adjustment of the optical multi-meter maintains the accuracy of the readings of the device and provides accurate measurements. At our numerous lab locations around the world, JM Test Systems calibrates and restores optical multimeters.

Video Test Equipment

A broad variety of testing facilities for video research equipment are offered by JM Test Systems. You must have the equipment calibrated by an approved service provider such as JM Test Systems to ensure good quality performance and readings from your video testing equipment. JM Test Solutions offers a large range of camera test equipment calibration services from a variety of suppliers. Video test equipment is adjusted by JM Test Systems to restore the instrument to correct operating conditions.

Why does my digital oscilloscope have more noise then my analog oscilloscope?

Most users believe that the optical oscilloscope has a greater degree of vertical noise when compared modern oscilloscopes with traditional oscilloscopes. The trace will look fat” with digital oscilloscopes relative to its analog oscilloscope counterpart.

Tektronix Analog Oscilloscope Oscilloscopes & Vectorscopes for saleDoes Anyone Still Use An Analog Oscilloscope?

Today, these tools are genuinely awesome because they not only render all the simple measurements accessible, but also conduct all kinds of other helpful monitoring, troubleshooting, and measuring tasks, mostly due to the amazing analysis apps.

Does Anyone Still Use An Analog Oscilloscope?

Today, these tools are genuinely awesome because they not only render all the simple measurements accessible, but also conduct all kinds of other helpful monitoring, troubleshooting, and measuring tasks, mostly due to the amazing analysis apps.

Refurbished: Lowest price

The lowest-priced item that has been refurbished by the retailer or a manufacturer-licensed provider (‘certified refurbished condition’) or by an eBay vendor or a third party not approved by the manufacturer (‘seller refurbished condition’). This indicates that the item has been tested, washed, and restored in complete operating order and is in outstanding condition. For the complete definition, see the details.
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