Bug A Salt Review

Bug A Salt Review

bug a salt review

Bug-A-Salt: Is It Better Than A Fly Swatter Or A Bug Zapper?

My kids have a bug problem. I am often asked by them to exterminate the flies, spiders and other insects in their house. Although I dislike the insects, I do not enjoy killing them. For the kids, we bought an old-fashioned fly sweeper. The fly swatter is a familiar tool for most people. A fly swatter is a device that swats bugs onto a smooth surface. With just a few flicks of the wrist, it whips up and kills them. The bug will die if it’s done correctly. However, many bugs are killed by the swatter. Additionally, it can be difficult to get spiders off the ceiling by using a sweeper.

Next was the bug zapper. It has two buttons located at the handle. Press them and the circuit is completed. A current of electricity flows through the wire mesh. Flying insects can be expelled from the air with just a few swings. The bug zapper worked well for the bees in my house. However, it does not work with other flying bugs. I started to search the internet for the best pest control. This led to me finding the Bug-As-Salt gun, and this review. After reading several Bug-A-Salt reviews, I wasn’t certain if it was worth buying. So I decided to write this review.

Main Features of Bug-A-Salt 2.0:

It’s air powered.

It shoots table salt granulated.

It has a single pump action that loads and compresses the air in the gun’s chamber.

Each pump switches the gun’s safety off automatically.

bug a salt review

Bug A Salt Shred-Er Review

Since years, we have loved the Bug A salt Air asSALT gun (see video below). Although we like the idea, millions of other people love it too. We needed more power so that the larger insects could be eliminated. Bug A Salt was able to hear this cry, and made a salt gun that is more powerful. This salt gun is powered with CO2. Now let’s get into the Bug A Salt Shred-Er Review. Our HR department …..has a message for us before we go to our blog.

Keep in mind that REAL guns cannot be used as toys. Be respectful and don’t shoot at anyone. Avoid pointing guns at children. We try to make this product fun and not deadly for bugs. Except for the pesky flies we’re not advocating gun violence.

We don’t have a HR department. However, this message is approved. Here’s the good stuff.

bug a salt review


The PROS include a high-quality product, a great weight and good quality, and a lot of power. However, the CONS are that you cannot use regular table salt any longer and will need to purchase the Bug A Salt Rounds (and CO2 cartridges) instead. We love Bug A Salt’s original Bug A Salt but fell more in love their new Shred Er salt pistols. The best way to eliminate those pesky insects is to shred them.

You can learn more at Bug A Sal.

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Written By: Luke Lorick 9/21/21

.Bug A Salt Review